2 iPhone tricks I’ve been using

I’ve been meaning to share these two little things for a while now and this morning while making the bed it came to me again…so quick! Before I forget! (I tell you what that baby brain business is showing NO signs of going away anytime soon…will it ever end?!)

My post 7pm self-imposed phone ban is going a treat. Except for the last few nights when I was home alone and so I found myself using it for company. But before I was doing that my sister told me about this little trick on my iPhone that I didn’t know about that you might find handy too if you use your phone at night.

Night Shift setting

Anyone heard of this? I hadn’t! What it is a setting in the Display & Brightness section of your phone where you can set the hours for your “Night Shift” where you change the colour temperature of your display.


Click on SETTINGS – DISPLAY & BRIGHTNESS – NIGHT SHIFT and set your hours and the temperature that you want. This not only helps your eyes at night when looking at your phone (especially those of you have it in your rooms to look at during hours of insomnia etc) but for me the main reason is that when I see the phone looking that darker/warmer colour it’s a reminder to me to think “do I need to be on this now?” It’s between the hours I want to stay off it, and even though I tell myself to stay away, if I SEE it, it’s a further reminder to PUT IT AWAY. Not for everyone I’m sure, but it’s been handy for me.

Family iCloud Sharing Albums

Our family is a close and big one. We are always texting each other with various photos or silliness, and while some of us are on social media, some are not. A good way that we can ALL stay in touch with each other (kids included who we don’t want on SM yet) is through the iCloud album. My girls think of this as “family Instagram”. It’s private. It’s just for the family BUT it includes our WHOLE family. I absolutely love that my brother who might be travelling in Japan for work can upload a photo and share something with us and ANYONE can comment (including Harper) on it. I especially love that it involves my Dad and Step Mum…all the cousins…anyone who may not be on social media.

I’m sure you guys are across it, but here’s how we did it. Or should I say, my sister did it.

1. Go into PHOTOS and at the bottom of the screen is SHARED – click on that

2. Hit the + button at the top left hand side to create your album. This can be between friends, family, kids, whoever!


3. Name your album and then invite who you would like to be a part of it. Once invited and accepted they can post to the album and you can all comment away!


My girls both have iPod touch’s that they can access the album through my Apple ID…this just means that when they update or comment it says BETH MACDONALD but they have gotten into the habit of adding their own names to comments. I always have a laugh when I see what they come up…perhaps a good drawing or puzzle gets updated that everyone can comment on.


It mostly looks like photos of when someone is doing something fun or somewhere interesting (my Dad is about to go to the US so I’m looking forward to following along with that). It’s safe and secure and private which I know is important for lots of people, especially when kids are involved. It’s our family instagram and it works a treat for us – keeping us all connected.

To add in photos you simply go into your camera roll and click on the icon at the bottom left (box with an arrow out of it) then ICLOUD PHOTO SHARING and add your comment & load or photo. Simple!

Anyone got any tricks that they have found they would like to share?
Use the nightshift or photo sharing with people too?


  1. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Thank you the night shift setting I think we could all use Xx

  2. The night shift setting is a great idea!

  3. I’m going to use both of these – thanks! x


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