Happy Birthday old Liz!

I wouldn’t call myself a Royalist. In fact, I think we should be a Republic, however I am FASCINATED by the Royal Family. The castles, the pomp and ceremony, the frocks! The history. Everything it all stands for. Amazing stuff I reckon. And you would know my deep love with Kate and Wills and our twin babies (Mags and Charlotte being just a week apart in age). I’m certain we’d be great friends if we met.

Today old Liz turns 90. Isn’t she amazing for her age?


I love everything our elders have to teach us, love spending time with old ladies every chance I get, asking questions, hearing their stories. All that wisdom, all that experience, I truly an in awe of the older generations we are lucky to have especially in our family. The things they have seen! And imagine the things Lilibet (her family name I discovered!) has seen in her lifetime and reign. Imagine what she has seen?

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A remarkable woman, a force to be reckoned with and in such good form for 90. Regardless of your political views you have to take your hat off to the old girl.

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CHARLOTTE!!! AND THE PURSE. I’m not sure who the other kids are in this shot but can we focus on the shoes, socks and PURSE. Heavens.

Happy Birthday your Maj. I hope you have a cracker!


Don’t you think she’s amazing?
I tell you what, if I make it to 90, I hope I look half as good. Help helps no doubts!


  1. The little moppet holding the purse slays me.

  2. Whitney Kingston says

    And the hats, oh my! Im sure gin helps too…

  3. Great photos especially the one with all the great grandchildren. The photo of Liz with Anne reminds me so much do my Granny who lived to be 108! The Snow White hair with the lovely wave in it. What if Liz lives to be 108? I really admire her – pity some of the world’s leaders don’t share her qualities of stability, humility and morality.

  4. I’m with you … Happy Birthday Betty Windsor! I do hope Phil the Greek purchased something nice.

  5. I adore the photo with the children- I think the two older ones are her son Edward’s children and the poppet holding the handbag could be Zara’s daughter so I am guessing the others are Anne’s grandchildren too.

    I also loved the photo published this week of the Queen, Charles, William and George – with George standing on a pile of books. So cute!

  6. What a slashing couple they were when on safari all those years ago!! Then you think of her starting life as a princess a goodly distance from the throne, and her uncle abdicating, and her Dad (aka Colin Firth who is of course Mr Darcy) and everything. What a time she has had!
    The Great Grandchildren and that delicious Mia with the Purse – what a photo! If Lilibet is anything like her dear Mama there are a few good years left in her!
    We are republicans who love the pomp here too. Thanks for sharing those pics from the archives.

  7. My beautiful Aunty Beth would’ve celebrated her 90th birthday this week also. Funnily, as kids we always called her the Queen’s twin sister, just as your Maggie & Charlotte are as she shared many of the same qualities. Sadly she passed away a few years ago but was dignified to the end. Happy Birthday to two amazing ladies who have seen, been & done so much!!

  8. Yes I think she’s incredible, all that she’s seen an done. Those photos are divine.

  9. I love them too Beth, and the Queen is quite incredible. These photos are just beautiful, keep the royal updates coming. Oh yes, help would certainly help x

  10. Have you watched “A Royal Night Out” about when Elizabeth and Margaret hit the town on VE Day after WWII. A bit silly but I loved it! What a life!

  11. We share a birthday, so even though she’s totes stealing my thunder today, I have a bit of an affection for her ?

  12. Happy birthday Your Maj!
    What an astonishing life she’s had.
    I love your love for Wills & your virtual BFF Kate.
    It seems very hard to fathom, and it’s quite a loaded concept being “born to rule”, but geez it sure looks like giving your life in service to your nation keeps you going. And going. And going.
    God save the Queen.

  13. The little girl with the purse is Mia Tindall and Princess Charlotte is sitting on the Queens lap. #justsayin source: http://m.smh.com.au/lifestyle/celebrity/ls-celebrity-news/princess-charlotte-grins-on-the-queens-lap-beside-prince-george-for-90th-20160420-gobh9u.html

  14. I hope she makes it to 100 or past it like her dear mother. She really is an icon! xx

  15. My fav photo is Lizzy walking past the prince dressed as a royal guard. Her giggling, girlish expression just slays me.

  16. Eliza Whalley says

    I love the photos they have released over the past couple of days. HM is just amazing. Could you imagine the kid-wrangling that would have gone on to get that shot!! I find it hard enough to get a decent photo just with our two. Wonder what the bribe was to sit still and look adorable???

  17. Who needs the Women’s Weekly when we have your great photos?! I read today that the queens purse cost £1000 – fair enough I reckon.

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