My friend, the Author

I met my friend Mrs Woog for the first time 5 years ago last weekend. It was the Digital Parents Conference and I was nervous and unsure what was going to happen when I walked into that conference room and met actual other people who wrote blogs, and “got” being online. I’d written to her in emails before then, but that was the first time we actually “met”. She was bold and brassy, a force to be reckoned with. FUNNY and a little intimidating.


We soon became good friends and over the past 5 years have formed such a wonderful friendship, one that has extended to our own families, on holidays, through tough life moments and many, many laughs and the odd hangover. Some of the best moments of my grown up adult “working” life have been alongside this woman. Man we have had some fun.

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Behind that wicked sense of humour and bravado is such a kind person. She loves fiercely and loyally. She’s a great Mum who adores her boys – and they adore her. She is loved by all her family and friends for the woman who can make them laugh, help out in a tricky situation better than anyone I know and  will always be their cheerleader. She’s not the big, loud person that you might think. She’s shy (truly) she gets anxious, she doubts herself all the time, but she continues to be brave and put herself out there for us all to enjoy. Even when she gets abused for this or that along the way.

For many a year she has told me and others how she wanted to write a book. Any time we had professional goals to write down, hers would be to write a book. It’s been a big thing that book, sitting away and itching until it had to be scratched. And for one of the laziest people I know, this meant actually having to pull her finger out and do it.

And you know what? She bloody well did it. Today her book Primary School Confidential is released into the big bad world for all to enjoy. I couldn’t be prouder of my mate today – for actually going and doing something that she has wanted to do for a very long time. For making her own dreams come true….what a thing that is to do, something not all of us are lucky to do. The book is a hilarious insight into the world of Primary Education – some of her own tales as a teacher, some of her own stories as a kid and of course others shared by the wonderful women in her online community who are just as smart and funny as she is – fiercely loyal and supportive of her in the way that blogging communities are.

I’d love you to check out her book (you can order an online copy here) and celebrate her wonderful achievement. I know there will be many other books to come as well…that bandaid has been ripped off and we’ll just have to try and stop her now.


Congratulations my friend. Not that Mrs Woog, but my friend Kayte. The one who always makes me laugh, sometimes drives me crazy, who cares and loves me and has helped me more than she will ever know. Boy am I glad I wrote you that email, met you all those years ago. Look how far you’ve come!


If you were going to write YOUR book, what would it be about?


  1. I’m waiting by the post box for my copy to arrive!
    Was so happy to see you all celebrating together this week. 🙂

  2. Ordered! What a fabulous achievement. A blogger myself, I have loved the friendships that i have formed with people all over Oz. Some of the best people i have “met” have been from online. What a joy to see the pictures of the two of you and friendship that you have formed. Thats what life is all about. oxoxo

  3. Also waiting for mine to arrive in the post – hopefully with Mrs Woog’s signature in the front cover. Clearly the most anticipated book launch EVER! Even more so than Go Set a Watchman!!!!

  4. She is such a FABULOUS woman! I’m really looking forward to getting a copy of her book. And it’s so lovely seeing women like you encourage and support each other #squadgoals xx

  5. Looking forward to reading it! And laughing out loud! Nothing beats achieving something you have always wanted to do!

  6. Julie Harris says

    Love Mrs Woog. Also love you. A little too much I realised today when I accosted your mother going about her business at The Chase. She was there with their with your nephew and I practically jumped on her. Please apologise for me. I said “You’re Baby Mac’s mum. I mean Beth’s mum. And she must have thought I was some sort of stalker. I spoke about her move of house etc. So embarrassed! Tell her if I see her again I will look the other way and act like a normal person.

  7. Beautiful words from one beautiful friend to another x

  8. I bet out of all the wonderful things blogging has brought into your life, I bet the gift of friendship that you’ve given each other is the most wonderful one. There are some things you just can’t put a price on. Gotta love a mutual cheer squad!

  9. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I remember the first conference I went to. I had not been blogging very long and she gave me the warmest hug. I’m so happy that her dream has come true.

  10. Kayte is just the bestest woman I have never met! We have emailed a bit and I know I would just fall apart in a Kayte hug but one day I will get that hug and dumplings! Just for the record you are pretty amazing to Mrs Mac!!

    I have a few alzheimers and what to expect when caring (kind of the opposite end to what to expect when expecting) want to write this with my mum. Another one about my friend and everyone tells me I should write one about me but I feel the last one is way too self indulgent!

  11. It’s a tremendous achievement and we’re all very proud of her. What a lovely friend you are to write such warm words.

  12. Wonderful accomplishment !~! Fantastic support from a woman who knows one cover of a book from another, too.

    Women need to support one another; you and Mrs Woog are a superb model of how those friendships and support nets can form–thank you for that.

  13. Love this so hard! How lucky we are to have such a kind hearted & supportive friend in our lives x

  14. What a beautiful read about a beautiful friendship. My copy arrived today! Squee!

  15. gotta love mrs woog! … and you beth!
    women helping women … wonderful!
    what wonderful friendships have formed through the ether!
    all the best with your book mrs woog! much love m:)X

  16. Oh right, now you’ve gone and done it, now I am doubly jealous of Mrs Woog. Bloody marvellous woman and writer and now she has a mate who bothers writing all this cool stuff about her….Jealous I am

  17. This actually just brought a tear to my eye. So lovely and powerful to see the warmth, support and cheerleading you do for each other. We need more cheering on of each other in the world. Thank you for restoring my faith that was a little broken. ❤️

  18. A gorgeous post from one friend to another. My copy arrived yesterday and I devoured it that same day. I love the way Kayte writes. It really is like sitting down, having a chat with her. Such a special soul. x

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