Monday water cooler catch up

You know the thing I actually miss about working in an office? The social catch up with other, you know, adults. Sure I wouldn’t give up for ANYTHING what I’ve got going on here at home now, but I do miss the old walking to the bathroom, making a cuppa or filling up your water bottle and having someone ask “What’d you get up to on the weekend”.

So I’m starting it now, by asking you a simple hello. How are you? What you up to?


Me? Well thanks for asking!

I’m flat out here today doing the old #maintenancemonday thing while Maggie sleeps and in between trying to get chores done at the post office etc but it’s being proving difficult with Mags being 100 shades of out of sorts, but for no apparent reason other than me DARING to leave her eyesight. Clingy? It’s like a wrap scenario. Adorable and wonderful and at times SUFFOCATING.

So thanks for asking what I got up to on the weekend. Usually I would say, um, we mowed the lawn but this week I actually have something! Friday night I picked up my mate Mrs Munro at 4.30pm and hit that freeway north to Sydney for a talk by author Elizabeth Gilbert for a mini March festival for the Sydney Writer’s Festival. I even had a mini bottle of Prosecco for my passenger (complete with cute paper straw) for our 2 hour journey north. We hadn’t seen each other for AGES so pretty much talked non stop till we parked the car and headed for a pre-show bite to eat and DRINK. In a pub! IN THE CITY. ON A FRIDAY NIGHT.


I caught up with my little sis (who I bought a ticket for as well) and two of her mates who were going. It was SO good to sit, catch up, have lip stick on. You know it was the first time in almost 10 months that Maggie has been in this world that I didn’t put her to bed. FREEDOM. It tasted as good as that ice cold Prosecco and wedges and pizza that we guzzled down.

The talk (for me) was a little disappointing. I wasn’t into the moderator or her questions but Liz Gilbert was hilarious and very entertaining and every thing you would expect her to be. I just wanted to hang out with her and be her friend. I adored the book Big Magic (you can read a post I wrote about it here) and maybe I was expecting something new from her, but it just was over so quickly I didn’t quite get into it fully. But you know what? That’s OK. I was out!


After being trapped in the carpark for waaaaay too long, we hit that freeway and were home by 11.15pm, hot cross bun and hot milo in my paws by 11.18pm. SO good.

So that’s enough about me.

How are you?
What did you get up to on the weekend?
How are you?
Need me to go photocopy something for you?!


  1. Julie Harris says

    Hi Beth, well Friday I walked 30 K for Sydney Coastrek with 2 mates. Supposed to be groups of 4 women, but one friend had whooping cough and couldn’t do it. So proud of myself. Saturday was my birthday. But husband was heading off to my nephews wedding and I had to stay home with my 9 year old daughter who has whooping cough too. I had remind my family it was my 43rd birthday and had a little feel sorry for myself cry. Then a meltdown when my hubby got home on Sunday. He still doesn’t get why I feel like crying after walking 30 K and no-one being around to celebrate my birthday. Sick kids and hospital visits.

    • Bloody whooping cough! Julie that is bloody AMAZING. Well done! The fact that perfuckiss has ruined your birthday is NOT OK. Put it on hold for a few months and revisit it. I would have thrown a tanty too. Hope the kids are OK and on the mend. It’s BULLSHIT. Thiking of you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! x

  2. Hi! Sounds like a great evening of freedom.
    Our weekend involved the purchase of four hermit crabs, which have since been named Blake, Liam, Super-Amart and Bin-Truck. (the last two were named by our two year old who believes super-amart is some kind of super-powered individual – boy is he going to be disappointed one day).
    The kids and i went for our first (and perhaps only) swim for the season at the beach (it’s Hobart, the water is quite brisk!).
    I’m at work today, and all photocopying is in check – thanks!

  3. If it makes you feel any better…our water cooler discussion this morning was trying to establish where the the funky smell in the office was coming from. Turns out someone had UNPLUGGED the fridge on Friday and all of our food/milk/condiments are well and truly OFF. I would rather have a clingy babe any day!

  4. Movie night on Saturday night with all my boys, the first one in AGES. Watched Mad Max Fury Road while eating Smarties and Freckles and drinking (me) prosecco. Can highly recommend it.

  5. Pruned the tree’s and weeded the garden… It was my ‘One Thing’ I managed to get done. Yay me.

  6. Karen Willems says

    Well yesterday hubby went Flyboarding- dislocated his shoulder so ambulance trip to the Alfred hospital- missed out on the musical Georgie girl – now spending 2 days in Melbourne- a bit of shopping helped my disappointment missing the show yesterday

  7. Simone P says

    Public Holiday in WA today so no water cooler discussion for me, instead I’ve just pulled a batch of rosewater mini cupcakes out of the oven and have some bread rising. The highlight of my weekend was watching the OJ Simpson thing on tv last night

    • Oh I started to watch that last night but was too tired to watch the lot – how was it? So bad it was SO good?!

      • Simone P says

        Actually it wasn’t bad, obviously you know how it ends so there’s that spoiler lol, I didn’t look at David Schwimmer and only see Ross from Friends, John Travolta plays Robert Shapiro and it’s a little creepy and they found a couple of ways to mention Kim Kardashian

  8. Long weekend here- yay! So this was me/us-
    Saturday- gym, Kmart, Coles, crochet , gozleme & hot chips for dinner.
    Sunday- whole crew plus the teenagers GF hit the city to check out the new quay, stopped for pizza, pies & ice coffee, more crochet, tv & movie.
    Monday- cooking, driving teens around & some shibori with a mate.

    Have a good week Beth. Talk soon x

  9. I’ve been doing a few nice things today Beth, thanks for asking. I’ve sketched, painted, watched an interesting show about Australian art, and I FINALLY started reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Such a great book – she’s had me guffawing and underlining like crazy. Pretty good for a book about writing!
    Then I had a quite decadent time just snoozing on the couch.
    I mean, I did these things in between my very busy and important job suff obvs (sorry imaginary boss) and I’m contemplating some kind of chorizo and pumpkin situation for din-dins.
    I think Lz Gilbert is a champion, and even if the talk wasn’t all that (moderators can really mess those talks up can’t they?) I’m so glad you had a lovely night out and filled up your “I’m a person” tank!

  10. Hi Beth, a question I have been wanting to ask for ages – which “brand” of Prosecco do you drink or recommend??? I haven’t tried it before, and was wanting to give it a try after reading about it for so long!!! Cheers! Jane x

    • One that is much loved by all members of our family is Torresella – it’s about $13 a bottle and very good. Most of them are all good – I like the Italian ones (Zonin or Santa Margherita) but the Australian ones are also good – Brown Brothers is very good. But my all time fave is the Torresella – can’t beat it! Cheers x

  11. Oh my god, what wouldn’t I do for a water cooler conversation lol!! I work in childcare kitchen and I’m in there alone so yeah, adult conversation would be nice!

    Show weekend here….. 2 words – SHOW FOOD! I only go for the food lol. Ooh! A new one I found this year…wait for it… DEEP FRIED OREOS! I kid you not. And sorry for shouting but that was literally my reaction when I saw the sign. My daughter was performing in the drum band so that was the official reason for going… but it was really the food 😉

  12. I so hear you that little chit chat in the office a quick email from a friend on the other side what did u do on the weekend. Now I have to satisfy myself with the occasional debrief at school drop off, you know what I enjoy that opposed to when I was at home all the time school drop off at least means u get some brief adult company! Sunday nt I went on an actual DATE with my Hubbie for his birthday as my sister in law was staying & could babysit. Melbourne on a Sunday not at a restaurant a real one, whoohoo!!

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