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As Harps said to me last week “this week has been a quick one Mum” and hasn’t it just? I can wipe out the extra day of the year that we got thanks to the leap year as Rob and I went down a snake Sunday night at EXACTLY the same time with a 24 gastro bug. Never a good thing when the two adults go down, but Daisy managed the fort and no one died. Bonus.

Been watching the US elections?


I haven’t been paying much attention, but am increasingly becoming a little frightened at what seemed like a good joke, maybe becoming a little more serious. Sheesh.

In other lighter news, my roses are doing very well in this heat. Black spot disappearing by the day, blooms blooming and the air heavy with the scent of all different kinds of new buds. There’s nothing like late summer blooms are there? A little moment, if you will humour me?

IMG_5416 IMG_0493 IMG_0419 IMG_0550 IMG_0527

My descent into full Grandma mode is well and truly happening. Plates on walls, roses, white nighties. It’s nice to be comfortable isn’t it?

Speaking of which (comfort that is) I have VERY good news to report on a very good woman Stephanie and her VERY good new company that I have to share with you! Meet Stephanie:


I’ve told you about her company Essential Luxuries for Cancer before – a wonderful one stop shop for anyone going through cancer treatment or who have friends and loved ones with cancer without knowing what is a good practical gift to give them (unfortunately created through necessity by Stephanie when she went through BC herself) but she has a new business that also born out of necessity when going through breast cancer treatment: Bras without Wires. She says it better than I can “As you probably know, the frustration of being unable to find a non-wired bra during BC treatment that wasn’t completely soul destroying led to me finally getting to this point, nearly ten years out.

Although originally born out of necessity on my part, the brand has evolved through love and passion into one for everywoman, her daughter, mother, sister and friends. Anyone who cares about what they put into their body and next to their skin. Our bras are beautiful and meant to be seen, (lots of metallic straps and trims), made from the most beautiful european fabrics and laces, but always lined with Australian made organic cotton for comfort, and to be quietly ‘fit for purpose’ for a woman going through radiotherapy treatment.

It is my aim to revolutionise the way women think about bras! To challenge the myth that only wires can lift and to encourage women to at least apply a 5:2 concept to the wearing of non-wired bras.”
And I mean LOOK AT THEM! So seriously gorgeous!

The support coming from the thick band underneath these are stylish and comfortable and as soon as my girls are done with feeding Mags, I intend to embrace the non wire revolution. You can check out the full range here.

Speaking of Australia, and products, you may have seen my review on Instagram during the week on an ice cream that when I saw in Coles this week, was thrown into the trolley quicker than you can say SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.


I unpacked it after the shopping was done, knowing it was there for me, my secret treat later in the night. I have long been a lover of the peppermint crisp, the shards of crystal reminding me of the Emerald City covered in that delicious milk chocolate. It was almost too good to be true. And then, when the Great British Bake Off was up to the technical bake, I went into the kitchen and attacked that tub with restrained gusto. The first spoonful? Brilliant. Pepperminty. Chocolately. And then the second? Oooh, really pepperminty. I better check again. Spoons 3-8 (I am committed) were almost listerine-y in their strength. It was distracting me from the Hot water crust pastry I was watching, it was a bitter disappointment. Of course I will eat that remaining tub (lucky they are small) and luckily I won’t have to buy more. There are others too, you know.

PicMonkey Collage

If you have encountered these, I’d love to hear your thoughts before I go and waste another $6 and way too many calories. Many thanks.

And how about THIS business that came across my laptop a week or so ago? Me Jane Campout is a glamping tent set up that sets up a tent for you for one hell of a fabulous weekend away or for guests or weddings or festivals. I mean THIS is camping I could do. LOOK AT IT. Quality bed linen, luxury throws, bedside tables!

bare-bell-tents Camp-Out-presentation

I’m trying to work out when I can get one of these set up for a great girls weekend away. Check out the business here.

I’ve been trawling back through Architectural Digest for those Kardashian interiors again. I know, they were months ago now, but the season is over and what can I say? Interiors. Kardashians. Organised pantry systems. I am a sucker.

kardashians-19 kardashians-07 kardashians-13 kardashians-20

And community service announcement: Aura Home have 30% off rugs until Sunday. YES.

So tell me EVERYTHING. Did you survive this week too? Aren’t we clever?
How are your roses looking?
Have you tried any of those ice creams? Disappointed or delighted?
How good are those businesses? Bras! Camping!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I really do. Now just a warning though, they seem to go VERY fast and I would hate for you to miss one moment, so stay on top of it ok?


  1. I have huge issues with bras, under wires and comfort. The bras I have are past their use by date, so, I’ve just ordered a bras without wires set. Perfect timing for me. Will let you know how it goes.

  2. I want to know what people actually keep in all those drawers in a bathroom?! I’ve also learnt that filling your pantry up like that, is that teenagers never ever frickin stop eating! The more you fill it up, the more food they just seem to guzzle at 1-2am (I was mad last night at the noise from the kitchen! Don’t they realise 46 year olds are old and need decent sleep?!!!). But then, of course, no matter how full (or empty) a pantry may be “there is never anything decent to eat”. sigh. (from 3 boys non-stop).

  3. That pantry is the most attractive thing I’ve ever seen

  4. I love peppermint crisps but it sounds like the icecream just doesn’t match up. Those bras look really comfy, I have had broken ribs 3 times & it is really difficult to find a bra that doesn’t hurt around the band. The bands on those look quite wide so they might be more comfy. This week has been a total disaster, too much family stress has made my reflux go wild which causes pain in my chest which gets my anxiety going. Let’s hope the new week is a better one for both of us

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your roses are beautiful and those bras divine and that pantry…want! I haven’t tried any if those ice creams but fruit tingle sounds yum!

  6. Oh man – that pantry. In my next home I am hoping to gain a butler’s pantry *DREAM*

  7. Now come on! Whose pantry looks that amazing???

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