Over the Back Fence Podcast {Season 5 Ep 7}


In what may best be described as the sports edition, Neighbour and I discuss Jarryd Hayne (again), The Matildas, Olympics memories, Thorpie as well as non-sporting things such as: Sex like Ice Cream and other ‘chats’ with your kids, War and Peace, The Martian, Kimmy K and using her power for good and Neighbour’s recent discovery of Pinterininterinterest…

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  1. Catching up on this now. I got goosebumps when you talked about the Sydney Olympics announcement – We are in Brisbane but vividly remember Dad getting us all up to watch on the telly. Love these, especially being home with tinies most days, it helps me feel connected. This week in particular as we’ve been quarantined with the old Hand, Foot and Mouth. It’s disgusting but by God I have gotten some shit done.

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