Accidentally Active

The exercise activity has been on the low to non-existent front since whooping cough arrived in our house a few months ago. It was a valid excuse, but now just appears to be an excuse and with the intake of complex carbs spiralling out of control as we head towards Easter, I really need to get back on board. Again. AGAIN.

I was at boot camp last night (see I did do something) chatting to my friend about the merits of Active wear. You know, active wear? I’ve shared this before apologies if you have seen it a gazillion times already.

You see my mate had decided that enough was enough a few weeks back. She had seen some old photos of herself looking skinny on Facebook, then looked down at herself scoffing another hot cross bun and said ENOUGH. And so she has been a focused zone of exercise and eating well…and donning active wear.


She believes (as do I) that popping some active wear on for the day increases productivity levels. Incidental exercise occurs because you’ve got those sneakers on so you walk faster – maybe even jog to the clothes line – force yourself to get out there with the pram because you’ve got the right clothes on, you’re good to go!

So I tried it last week, and it kind of worked. Except when I was just eating carrot cake in my active wear.


What do you think? Do you don your Lulu Lemons and trot around the place hoping that exercise will come to you? Or do you look at women in their active wear with their fresh hair and faces like the extra Kardashian sister and roll your eyes? If you are going to exercise, do it, and then have a shower and start your day properly!

Does active wear increase productivity?
Should it stop me from eating cake? Because it doesn’t.
Should I just start showering of a morning, putting on some make up and clean clothes (not from the floor) and see if productivity levels increase then?
What say you?


  1. Just be kind to yourself, we all have lulls of inactivity, you’ll find your mojo again soon enough

  2. My activewear doesn’t fit me anymore.

  3. I only wear daggy sports clothes, I’m not sure they’re even classed as active wear, when I’m actually sweating.

  4. I’m one of those irritating parents who drops their kids off to school in their activewear. But I am definitely not a skinny mum. I’m an overweight mum who loves lifting weights and going to the gym, but likes cake a little too much. For me, it’s about routine, and habit, and it’s good for my mental health. I drop the kids off, and then me and my small one go to the gym where I cycle, and jog, and row and lift, and sometimes do a class. Other kids go to the crèche but mine won’t, so he sits next to me with the iPad and I refuse to feel guilty, because it helps me cope better with life. I’m still fat, because I eat too much, but I am getting fitter and stronger, and I feel better about myself. Find something you can enjoy a little Beth, and then it will,become habit, and it could even become your happy place.

  5. omg! I love that active wear you tube beth!
    I don’t own any but i’m getting a rebounder soon!
    leggings will do! … and baby jumps! … hope I don’t fall off!
    mags could be doing it soon too! lol what a treasure she is!
    btw you are looking fab! love m:)X

  6. After bub number two I lived in my lorna jane dance pants. So right now I don’t want to look at active wear let alone wear it. I’m rocking the boom shankar guru pants at the moment. Super comfy and great for crazy dancing and incidental yoga. Not so good for running and the such.
    I miss being fit. I love exercise. But I find it hard convincing myself of that fact.
    How was your boot camp??

  7. I am a strong believer in being accidentally active. I reckon you can think yourself slim just by donning your activewear. And it doesn’t need to be fancy – Michelle Bridges @ BigW does very nicely for me. I agree that you’re more likely to push yourself – walk faster, bend lower, do more cleaning and tidying – if you’re dressed in clothes you associate with getting sweaty. And it gives you an excuse not to wear a scrap of make-up coz you’ve been exercising – right? 😉

  8. I am like your friend I wear activewear to make myself exercise. I sort of have this rule with myself that I can’t change until I have done something that can be reasonably classes as activity.

  9. Active wear active wear , eating a kebab in my active wear! Lol

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Be kind to yourself Beth I reckon the clean clothes and a bit of makeup will make you Feel good! Good on you for going to boot camp Xx

  11. I find activewear kind of uncomfortable…and more painful to shop for than bras, jeans and swimmers, all put together!!! If I’m wearing it, it’s to get sweaty in, which then means I have to take it off because it stinks! I’m not one of those people who can do the kinder drop off in my activewear, take the little one for a brisk walk in the pram, stop for a coffee, then cruise back looking fresh faced and glowing. Because when I get back I’m sweaty and smelly and need a shower…but i have 2 small people in my care, so there is no time to shower. So, yeah…I’m not a fan of activewear!

  12. I ❤️ my active wear. ❤️ it I tells you. For a VERY long time I could not squeeze into anything other than trackies and an over sized old t shirt so now I don that stuff whenever I get the opportunity. I find it super comfy and great for intentional AND accidental exercise ?

  13. I wake up & force myself to put my active wear in because that means I’m heading to the gym before anything else. I do not like wearing active wear anywhere else except the gym because I don’t like showing my cracks in public,so one forces the other.

  14. Ah good ol’ Cath and Kel! No one quite rocks it like those two. Oh god, remember parachute material “active wear” if you could call it that. Times have changed, more choices of clothes and anything goes when it comes to wearing it or taking it off. Personally, I’m an daily routine person (or it won’t happen) get the kit on straight away do ma gym thing (it’s a 40 year plan, bone density being my target, haha!) but when it’s done I can’t wait to scrape that stinky stuff off!! Get me a shower and into fresh clothes for work or if I’m not going to work, just jeans or whatevs, cos I know I can forget about having to sweat for the mo. If cake or a few bevvies float my way who am I to deny life’s simple pleasures?! Cheers Liz X

    • That’s me Liz – I try and exercise so I can eat and drink what I want. I’ve been doing more eating than the other lately though!

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