Salt Therapy

It occurred to me the other day (not that I’m obsessed with time or anything at the moment) that we haven’t really had a good day (you know where we do something fun or nice that everyone enjoys together and everyone is happy and well) since about the 3rd Jan. It also occurs to me when I trawl through Instagram on a weekend that summer is here and that we haven’t yet been to the beach or thrown ourselves into the ocean ONCE this whole time. So last night when I was on the couch and saw the weather forecast for today and saw that I had no deadlines and 2 girls at school for a change I asked Rob if he could spare a few hours in the morning for an old school wag.

These weeks have been stressful and filled with worry and sick and bowls and spew and coughing, dear lord so much coughing, and gasping of breath (still every night) and tears and consoling and just plain shit. Rob has hit the gym to de-stress, I was walking but just haven’t been able to find the time, I’ve certainly cried, so there was just one more area of salt for us to tackle to see if we could cleanse ourselves: the sea.


Girls were dropped at School, coffees were grabbed and Mags put in her car seat for a quick drive to the coast where we both got sand between our toes, our bodies in the water, some sunshine on our back and hopefully our minds cleared for round 45689 of whopping cough, or as it’s affectionaly known around these parts: perfuckuss.

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It’s amazing what just one hour out of your day for YOU will do for, well, YOU.

When was the last time you had some salt therapy?
Got any tips for getting through a rough time mentally, physically?
When was the last time YOU did something for YOU?


  1. I need to do the same Beth – the beach and the ocean makes me a better me!

  2. I live near the beach and while it isn’t some fancy shmancy holiday destination, it definitely does the trick. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I jump on my bike and ride along the waterfront or wander down the road to put my feet in the sand and water. Sometimes just stepping out into the backyard and breathing in that smell of salt and seaweed and fresh ocean dampness is all I need. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m actually secretly a mermaid.

  3. thegingerfox says

    There’s something so healing about being by the ocean it’s magic! Hope your all on the way up, its such a long time to be unwell! Sending you all healing wishes. X

  4. Indeed. I’m lucky enough to live minutes away from great beaches, and if I don’t get in the water or at least toes in sand every week I start getting moody. The ocean cures all mind funks.

  5. We live really close to the beach here in WA & I grew up in the water, but have only just realised now my kids are older, that I’ve been neglecting taking them to the beach. I guess everyone’s got a pool these days. But, that feeling. Just what you described. The sand, the salt, the sun. Learning to dive under a wave, body surfing to shore, jumping the white wash, finding a crab, sandcastles, tasting the salt on your arm while you lie face down on your towel to avoid the scorching glare but feel the sun warming your back. Ah, it’s the best thing.

  6. what a lovely idea beth! … good for the soul!
    “oh! the sea! the sea! the beautiful sea!”
    nothing better for me!
    and some special time for mags too!
    hope you all are better soon!
    love m:)X
    btw your hair is looking ab/fab in that photo in insta! … love the darks coming through!
    very schmick hun, with that lippy too! X

  7. Amanda (Archie Lane) says

    I am also a lover of Vitamin Sea and find great solace in her space and I extremely fortunate to be surrounded by amazing beaches on the Mornington Peninsula where I live. Being a clinical psychologist mental illness is another passion of mine and one, as you know, I have had to draw heavily upon over the past period of time. I have salt therapy every single day – rain, hail or shine – it is my grounding place and my one constant. Everyone needs a grounding place, whether that be the beach, park, bush, bed, home, cafe etc – it is that place that is constant and assists in bringing you back to your core. When life throws a curve ball it is required more often than not. How wonderful is Mother Nature, beautiful and giving in more ways than one.

    I could give many more tips on mental health and getting through a rough patch but I will ramble for days!!

    I am pleased she provided you with calmness Beth, cheers to a more peaceful February xxx

  8. Life sounds like it’s been awful for you Beth but what a great idea just to take off for timeout to the beach & just breath in the salt air.
    We sail & I always feel good moving along with the breeze & just the sound of slipping thru the water. To turn the engine off & enjoy the wind in your hair blowing away the cobwebs & not necessarily having a destination.
    To also escape for a good break in our home away from home yacht & enjoy our beautiful waterways, soaking up the beauty and enjoying the peace & solitude is wonderful.
    I like to go to our Botanical Gardens as I find it to be a great place to wander & have time with ME. I particularly love the Fernery which has a beautiful creek running thru it. The green damp environment with the sound of running water has great healing powers. I”m thinking I should go there more often.
    I love to take our dog to the beach as we love the freedom.
    So Salt Therapy is wonderful & is a great description for timeout for everyone & I really hope your journey today has given you a little lift ?

  9. Good on you!! and Rob and beautiful baby Maggie for just doing it!
    I’m in an office all day dealing with “mostly” lovely people.
    The beach is only 20 minutes away so I often drive out for a walk and a splash and a hello to the local sea eagle. Sand between your toes and salty water and air = calm mind and clear head for me.

  10. The ocean, without doubt, is the best therapy. Clears out the cobwebs and the crap. Washes away all that ails you.
    Good on you for wagging!

  11. Yes. This reminds me that I need the ocean. Ironically, it’s been too hot to hit the beach the last few days!

  12. That’s what I do when I’m in a funk, I’m just fortunate I’m just 15 minutes away. And today I did something for me, finally went to hairdressers and got a colour that I feel is more me! x

  13. We downed tools today on the farm and headed to the beach. Definitely the best therapy!

    I am finding that being on the farm 24/7 with an endless list of chores and projects, we forget to have a weekend. It’s always nice to have a timeout.

  14. We love the beach here, and are lucky to have a very long bay beach just down the road. We all swim on Saturdays when the kids go to Open Water Swim School. It always amazes me how many parents never get in the water. We’re pretty much in rain or shine – and laugh as the husband is Scottish by birth, English nurtured, and even our hopeless summer days walk all over the average summer’s day he experienced for the first 30-odd years of his life.
    He had a couple of extra Fridays off the last two weeks and we snuck down by ourselves and it was like being on a holiday!!
    I’m glad you snuck out too with Rob and Maggie and got some sea, sun and salt therapy!

  15. Hi Beth, I think you should petition the WHO to change pertussis to perfuckuss. It’s perfect!
    I’m not sure whether this will help, but when my daughters were very sick with viral pneumonia (and coughed so much that the youngest tore her oesophagus), a doctor at the children’s hospital told us to go and buy some PainStop from the pharmacy (panadol and codeine). The codeine in it acts as a (cough) relaxant and it really helped and bought us some sleep. I’m not sure whether it would have the same effect with whooping cough, but the principal is the same. Also, and crap I don’t want to scare you, but when this is all done please get the girl’s hearing checked. My uncle ruptured his ear drums coughing when he had whooping cough as a child and he is deaf because of it. Shitty disease. Ps. the beach = bliss. xx

  16. Lisa Aherne says

    Love this. A change of scene is a change of perspective, a life boost. Sometimes we can’t be bothered, but we should nevertheless make the effort. I am often too lazy, you are an inspiration!

  17. Best kind of therapy. I go almost daily.

  18. We are off for some salt therapy this weekend. Callala Bay is calling. It has been too long!
    Currently we are in Bathurst, emergency trip. Things are just crap to be honest.
    Hope your salt therapy worked.

  19. Oh wow Beth… which beach can you get to in such a short amount of time? That is crazy. We haven’t been to the beach for over a year, haven’t actually left the station for 2 months – god help me. ha ha ha. Beth I can’t even imaging what you are going through, bloody hell, you poor thing – all that sickness, I would definitely be in my wardrobe doing the ugly cry. Sending big hugs your way and good work for getting out, you definitely needed it.

  20. Keturah Stock says

    Right – that’s it. I’m taking the family to the beach tomorrow!

  21. I love the sea – even on a cold and wet day. How long does it take you to get to the coast? I think that we need to move closer to the coast – Canberra is too far from a beach!

  22. This post rang so true for me. Last week I was having such a crappy time, and I went to the beach after work – swam in the ocean and watched the sun go down. And it was EXACTLY what I needed 🙂

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