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She’s hot! Man, is she hot out there. I think we have just a few more hours of it before a storm and a change blows through. Bring that ON! I don’t think I have ever washed as much as I have over the past week (and that’s saying something) after all that rain and then going away after Christmas I had quite the pile to get through and didn’t I just! It’s been a very busy week and I plan on spending tomorrow (as it’s due to pour down all day) on the couch doing NOTHING. I say that now…


My new subscription arrived for Delicious this week (a Chrissy present from Rob’s Mum). Had a look through it the other night and there seemed to be a lot of healthy stuff in it. Sprouted salad leaves and all that kind of thing which I get with the start of a new year and all that, but still, I don’t want to activate my almonds just yet.

Even though we have been trotting out one of these every day…


There has still be a good balance of this. Because: SUMMER HOLIDAYS.


Speaking of summer holidays, you know how I usually power through books when I’m on holidays? Well it seems to have stalled completely the minute that I came home. In fact the Kate Morton book I was loving sits still on my table. And it seems all I’m reading is stuff like this.



It was such sad news to hear this week that David Bowie had died. Such a shock and such a loss for this family and friends and of course all of course that now live in a world without him in it. What an amazing catalogue of work he gave us all. A true genius living creatively and giving us all so much. I hope that there are lots of others artists that push the boundaries in his honour. Thank you Mr Bowie *tips hat*

I wanted to share with you some pickings from the garden this week. Clock the roses would ya?

IMG_5069 IMG_5065

I was chatting with my friends Mum down the road (Diane of pickled cucumbers fame) who says her roses are suffering the same black spot that mine are. My climbing icebergs are especially bad…all this rain and mist and then heat I think. Lucky I have been out picking what I can before the weather turns.

Yesterday I got to hang out with these birds for work.


We’re working on a project for Bupa about the first 1000 days of parenting. I tell you something for nothing: I have the best bloody job in the world somedays, hanging round inspirational people, people that I would have never have met if it wasn’t for the internet. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you over the next month.

You know what else I have been doing? Walking! Frank and I have been hitting the road most days and I have really been enjoying it again. Rob is up at the gym first thing in the morning so it’s usually in the evening but Frank and I are back into it, let’s hope we can make it last!


So tell me how your week has been?
Been washing?
Been walking?
Been sprouting your own salad leaves or adding extra salt to your chips?


  1. Look at your got your walking groove on! It’s hot here today too, probably have to cave and put AC on. We’ve got some yummy peas growing and the kids love searching for the big fat pods and eating up the peas inside! What a lovely photo of you three. Enjoy the day on the couch, you deserve it!

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Good on you Beth for walking and I’ve been trotting out fruit a lot this summer..love it! Your roses are gorgeous and yes it is HOT it’s 41 degrees here thank goodness for ducted air con I tell ya.
    I hope you get to have a rest tomorrow..enjoy it and I love the pic of you Nikki and Kayte Xx

  3. Yes ma’am. It sure is hot! Even up here in the mountains it was still 30 at 7pm.
    So much laundry. Especially after last night! Some horrid vomiting bug made my poor 2 year old vomit every hour through the night. Poor little thing. Thank goodness we had a lot of sheets and pjs! My gorgeous husband washed them all, brave man.

  4. mmm well peace reigns here at last! … she sighs!
    omg your roses are sublime hun! … those colours!
    cheers to 3 lovely women working together!
    washing is coming out of my ears!
    a good windy day though! love that freshness of natural drying!
    every type of food has been going down here! but tonight comfort food
    tuna and bean smash love!
    happy days! love m:)X

  5. The lovely photo of you 3 bloggers (and I suspect champagne guzzlers) are the only 3 blogs I read.
    You are my favourite of course!!

  6. I am lucky enough to live 2 streets back from the Brisbane river so Shovey and I walk every morning together. He is a lovely retired greyhound and loves his morning walk. He starts rooing and singing as soon as he hears my alarm so I have no choice but to get up and walk him!

  7. Yippee the rain has come in and cooled things down this evening! SO nice to have it cooker after days of 33 in the highlands. Enjoy your down time! Sam

  8. Hot hot hot here every day. I’d give just about anything for a cool change. Your roses are gorgeous and so is that photo of you three gals. Such an inspiration all of you xxx

  9. Man that’s a great shot. You look so cheeky, very like maggie does too! Can I just say that I love these photos, esp the flowers, the road too… a pleasure to view.

  10. Best job in the world! x

  11. This is about the first time in MONTHS that I have read your blog on my computer and so have been able to comment!
    You would think I would have something profound to say…but sadly, no…just that I still read all of your posts and still enjoy all of your posts!
    And you look about 16 in that photo with Mrs Woog and Nikki…so fresh faced!

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