Happy Farm days

It is almost about 12 years ago now when Rob and I got engaged and when we decided on where we would get married, we both knew that the new block of land that Rob’s Dad had bought would be the place. At that stage there was no house, a new stakes in the ground for where things would be, but it had the beautiful Macleay River to look over and grand visions for a rammed earth homestead and a place for some cattle maybe, one day.

Rob and I were married in front of our closest friends and family on the front lawn just over 2 years later, we discovered that I was pregnant with Daisy one weekend we were staying here, we conceived Harper on the weekend that Rob’s dad and Step Mum were married here a little after that and we have enjoyed so many wonderful times here ever since.

There’s something special about having a “place” to go for your holidays. The same place during the same time of year, every year. We have been coming up here for New Years for the past 10 years I think, missing just one year, and year in, year out we have had about 10 days to completely unwind, enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, look at cows, go for drives in the truck, see the garden grow. They have put in the most extraordinary lot of hard work to make this place the glorious vision it is now. So much garden lovingly tended to, paddocks restored, bush regenerated, weeds removed, natives planted. It’s a credit to them and the rewards are everywhere you look.

It was Maggie’s first trip up here this visit for us. I always love to see my girls here as they are truly happy. They just adore it. Harper sleeps (a Christmas miracle!) Daisy is at her happiest. Ever. And Maggie, well she took to it like a duck to water. I can’t wait to see the new generation of memories be made here for her too.

Ah summer holidays at your special place, there’s just nothing like it is there?

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Do you have a holiday at the same place every year?
Where’s your special place?
Or did you have one as a kid?


  1. What glorious photos of your special place Beth. They make me smile.
    My grandparents had a house at Rosebud West on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.
    I have some great memories of time spent there, the beach only a couple of minutes walk away, the smell of pine trees, sandy feet, strolling to the shops unaccompanied to buy a Barney Banana and play Come On Eileen on the juke box at the pinball parlour. Cousins, drives to the back beach… thank Yu for reminding me of my special place.
    Your girls will always remember.

  2. Far out that place is just next level gorgeous!!! All that green & the river….it’s the stuff of dreams.
    And seriously, how big is Daisy now?! She’s a proper big kid isn’t she?

  3. That is certainly a place to be happy at. Looks like a lot of great memories being made.

  4. Your special place reminds me of mine. Every year over the Christmas period my family and my brother’s family go to my parents house on the Hawkesbury River. Next door is my aunts house where my cousins all go as well. It is my favourite time of year and the only place I completely unwind and relax. We keep a journal that we write in every year recording what we got up to. I love re-reading it each year, and now that we have sadly lost a few family members it brings back so many happy memories of them.

  5. Vanessa Porter says

    Looks absolutely beautiful! I would love to create something like this one day for when my 5 kids can bring their families every chance they get.

  6. Wow what a lovely spot! My Dad’s house in Yamba is like that for the kids and me. Nothing fancy but very relaxing!

  7. It really does look like the most beautiful place! Your pics of the pool always sell it to me!
    We go camping at the same place every year down south (WA). It’s wonderful. Did it when my brother and I were kids and now we’re continuing with the Little Mister. It’s fantastic. I love that sense of tradition and familiarity, yet we never stop exploring or trying new things – so fun and yet so relaxing! I can’t wait to get there later this month! πŸ™‚

  8. I love the captured memories Beth, your girls are just beautiful.

  9. What glorious experiences you have Ms Beth. Soak them all up for those of us who will never know what this is like. I’ve been to my parents place no more than 5 times in 25 years and it takes something pretty serious to get me there. No joy, no fun and I do not want to share that with my children. I hope that I can be that parent for my children though and give them a place they will cherish and want to come visit when they are proper big people.

    It looks so divine and yes, if anyone is asking, I’m willing to be adopted πŸ™‚

  10. Trish Symons says

    These are such glorious photos Beth – you are a family blessed. Margie is growing too quickly – she is beautiful xx

  11. Oh Beth, I just love tagging along with you to the farm…. thanks for sharing a little bit more about this special place. How STUNNING!!!! I LOVE IT. What a place to retire!!! Yes please. You are so lucky to be able to go there each year.

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