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Last night Rob, Mags and I hightailed it up to the big smoke for a few hours. It was a whirlwind trip, leaving home just before 4 and getting home just after 10pm. We were heading up to an event at Bank of America Merrill Lynch of all places for a collection of work by Australian artist Guy Maestri that is on loan to the fancy 34th floor of the bank for a few months. I got to catch up with my brother as well, and visit his office a little further up George Street, including his glassy corner office with amazing views. I felt like a little kid visiting her Dad’s office as an end of year Christmas treat.

Who knew all those buildings had such amazing views?


There were plenty of suits, well to do business people, artists and then us. Completely out of place, but there nonetheless to meet Guy thanks to our mate Andre from Gallery Ecosse and see some more of Guy’s work that I adore.

1423544078806-1 Thrown+112x97cm

I tell you what, if I could buy art as my full-time job I would happy. I just need some more money. Lots of money. Or other peoples money. That would work too. There were superior nibbles being handed around, Mags was particularly keen on the sous-vide lamb with salsa verde. I had to feed her so I went into the boardroom and sat down. My brother said that he was pretty sure that no one has ever breastfed at that table before. He may just be right.

Go Mags breaking glass ceilings and all that.

I was just happy that I made friends with the waiter who was bringing me ALL THE FOOD and didn’t seem to care that Mags needed to eat too and my boob was hanging out.


I got to see Laura Jones again as well and meet her flatmate Mirra Whale. Do you know their work? Laura’s stuff is AMAZING, a modern day Margaret Olley if you will. And I also met Robbie Buck who was little pixie!


If you love artwork here are some good artists to follow on Instagram (well I reckon anyway)…so your feed is filled with painty goodness!

Guido Maestri @guy_maestri
Mirra Whale @mirra_whale
Laura Jones @_laura_jones_
Ben Quilty @benquilty
Jasper Knight @jasper_knight
Julian Meagher @julianmeagher
Luke Scibbo @luke_scibbo
Craig Waddell @craigwaddellartist
Tamara Dean @tamaradean
Paul Ryan @paulryan88
Alan Jones @alan_jones
Reg Mombassa @regmombassaofficial
Noah Taylor @noahtaylorart

Towards the end of the night I was talking to Andre about a concert he played at the Opera House a little while ago and we got talking about how to Entertainment Centre is being knocked down in a few months. I think Elton John is doing the last concert there? Or maybe it’s Chisel? In any case, we all discussed some of the concerts we had seen at that venue in our lives.

For us growing up, we were always lucky to get tickets to go to some seriously amazing concerts. My Mum’s uncle was on of the founders/Chairman/somethings to do with it, which meant we got tickets cheaply through him. So many amazing concerts over the years…falling asleep in the car as we drove home, or pumped up with the music playing of who we had seen on 2 day FM afterwards. My first ever concert there was when I was in year 1 when I saw Culture Club (dressed up as Boy George obviously), I saw The Eurythmics and when Annie Lennox took of her top and was just in a red bra I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I saw Dire Straits, Paul Simon and his Graceland tour, Simply Red, Kylie Minogue, Elton John, the odd Moscow Circus…so many great moments under the one roof. Heading out to Homebush just doesn’t have the same feeling as that place – some Chinese before or after the concert, walking in and getting your Program Guide and maybe a t-shirt…great memories!

I’d love to hear some of your best Entertainment Centre memories…
Or maybe whether you love art too? Got some artists to share with us?
Ever breastfed at the boardroom table? I hope Maggie knows more of it in her lifetime.


  1. Pet Shop Boys! Was awesome!

  2. Ahh, loved this behind the scenes quirky look at your day with some great memories thrown in. Maybe Maggie will be at the head of that table (or another table with a view) in 20 years in another guise altogether, who knows? Got me thinking about my renegade days following bands around, writing an entertainment column, hanging out with Status Quo and interviewing the likes of Cilla Black. Wild times.

  3. supernashwan says

    I can only talk to the only music gig I went to at the entertainment center and that was last year for the NiN/QoTSA tour. Which was not great because the sound was off (or maybe because we were way up the back!) We ended up leaving half way through QoTSA because the sound was so bad, plus my wife was pregnant! That was officially the last music show we have been to since because babies with no family support is hard to go out anywhere!

  4. The first concert I ever went to was Culture Club at the Entertainment Centre but I was about 14. My mum was not impressed when I came home & told her I had tickets for me & a friend. We then had to convince my friends mum to let her go. Mum ended up getting my Dad to drive us in & then hang around to take us home.

  5. I performed at the Sydney Entertainment Centre three times as a part of the Rock Eisteddfod grand finals. The ever result we got was my first year competing where we came second. Something I’ll never forget. Performing in front of a packed crowd of around 10000 people. Bloody awesome 🙂 Sad to see it go but change just keeps on happening!

  6. Bon Jovi in the 80’s. I talked my older neighbour into taking me and she talked her friends into coming along. They were in their early 20’s and sat the entire concert very unimpressed while wearing their big shoulder padded power suits. I had a ball.
    Another favourite was an Aussie artists concert with Midnight Oil, INXS and the like.
    A great place to go and right of passage to independence.

  7. I saw Dolly Parton there last year- I tagged along for my aunts birthday, and she was truly amazing! So glad I got to see her live, such a big voice for a tiny woman, and a great talker too- I love when they chat between songs.

  8. I saw lots of basketball at the Entertainment Centre as my Dad was involved with the Wollongong Hawks. I think I saw a Dirty Dancing Concert and maybe Disney on Ice? I remember seeing U2 at the SCG and various concerts at the Hordern Pavillion – does that still exist?

    Have breastfed in some weird places. During our first 4-5 months in Hanoi, my husband would bring our youngest to the office so I could breastfeed each day, and then if I was out for a work lunch, we’d find somewhere I could quickly feed. Pumping at my desk and hoping no-one tried to open my door (we usually never closed them) was always a bit special

  9. Amanda (Archie Lane) says

    How wonderful!

    I am fortunate enough to have a piece by Guy that I absolutely adore! Like yourself I am an avid art collector and admirer, unfortunately my purse strings don’t stretch as far as my choices. I am currently strongly considering adding a piece by Anh Do to my collection as I have also been a long time admirer.

    There are just to many choices in the art world and such wonderful emerging talent!

  10. My first one was Culture Club too ! Also saw Dire Straits, Kylie and Torvill and Dean at the Ent Cent ! Not bad for a teenager from the country ?

  11. My first ever concert was Oz4Africa at the Ent Cent which was just phenomenal, followed by couple of Billy Joels, a couple of Elton Johns, a disappointing Robert Palmer, Riverdance, Torvill and Dean and probably a few others, but I think I’ve shown my daggy side enough here….

  12. My daughter performed at the School Spectacular last week. Just won’t be the same out at Homebush, with no China Town to hop into for dinner time dumplings and mango pancakes. I grew up in London, so don’t have early memories of the Entertainment Centre. I did go to see Riverdance about 18 years ago while pregnant with my son, and two years later took him to Snow White on Ice – I love a Disney on Ice.

    Check out Fiona Kate http://fionakate.com.au/ for artwork. She’s my good friend, but I believe I am not just biased. She is a fountain of creativity and marvelous stuff.


  13. Hugh jackman last night at the ent.cent!
    I still call Australia home was a highlight – first sung by peter allan there at the ent.cent!! So good.

    Inxs, kylie minogue x 3, torvell and dean!
    British tattoo, moscow circus, rick astley.

  14. thanks for a view that not everyone gets beth!
    i’m sure mags loved it too! she will be so socialized by the time she is walking!
    I love the art and I actually am an artist! … i majored in painting and drawing!
    … and I have sold many of my works!
    but I don’t put my work out there that much, as I hate the pressure of putting myself out there!
    currently i have some pieces in red poles gallery at McLaren Vale s.a.
    thanks to nikki i have learnt a bit of shameless self promotion! … lol m:)X

  15. Thanks Beth! Looking up those painters now. Laura has a beautiful use of light doesn’t she?


  16. Tom Jones! I bought tix for my mum and wrapped them up with a black lacy g-string to throw onto the stage! Of course she MADE ME do it! (Thinking back on it, it’s a pretty weird thing to do!!)
    Anyway, Tom grabbed the frilly knickers and used them to wipe the sweat of his glistening brow.
    It was a fab concert – full of senior citz rockin’ out and Tom Jones strutting his stuff. I’ll never forget it!

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