Beth & the very good pre-Christmas eve day

Today I had quite the to-do list in front of me. My sister and her 3 kids were staying overnight last night and heading off early this morning to get back to Melbourne, Rob was maybe going to have to go up to Sydney for a quick round trip and I had to head into town to get a whole lot of little last minute presents that I still needed to get. Sheesh.

Because my sister was here yesterday she looked after the girls for me so I could get to the post office AND run into the butcher to see if they had any small hams on the off chance as I had forgotten to order one this year. You know what? They did! A cheeky half ham for me that I grabbed and whacked in the fridge yesterday…christmas miracle #1!

So as soon as the family left this morning and the baby was happily playing I went and carved that ham and enjoyed the very best bit of the Christmas ham – those first few thin slices on toast with an unhealthy amount of butter and pepper. No one disturbed me, I got to eat it at the bench, all by my self-es! I mean REALLY. Look at it! Christmas miracle #2.


So then I got dressed while I found that Rob didn’t have to head to Sydney, Christmas miracle #3 it meant I could get all the shopping done in town without having to take 3 kids with me! I hopped into my new drop crotch pants that arrived in the mail that I picked up yesterday afternoon (Christmas miracle #4) and realised that I was basically in PJ’s for the day that were acceptable for being in public in. Christmas miracle #5.

IMG_8474 IMG_8485

I hightailed into town on what would be the busiest time of the entire year with NO clue of what I was actually going to get but a few hours in which to do it. I drove into the carpark with my usual mantra of “Hail Mary full of Grace, please find me a parking space” and you know what? THERE WAS A CARPARK. A good one. Right next to the disabled parking spot, right where you really want a spot. Christmas miracle #6!

I walked past a shop and I thought I might just walk in and see what I can find, and what do you know? Tick! Present one nailed. Then I walked into another and everything I saw was like the perfect pressie for the people I was looking for. You know that magical kind of shop where it all just CLICKS? I had that shop after shop all in about 20 minutes and I was DONE. Dead set! Christmas miracle #7, 8, 9 & 10.

I then walked down the road and ran into a fellow bloggers Mum and I told her all about my miracle shopping and she said to me “well there’s your next article!” And I was like I don’t have a blog post for today….you’re right. Thanks Sarah’s Mum! Christmas miracle #11!

As I was heading back to the car I walked past a shop and saw prawns on special so I grabbed a lazy half a kilo and headed home all within an hour of getting there! On the 23rd December! When I got home I got to enjoy a prawn sambo on fresh Baker’s Delight thick sliced white bread with a little mayo and tabasco. STOP! Christmas miracle #12.


So I’ve just wrapped the presents that I got (which I must say are really just SO good), I’ve written a blog post and popped the kettle on for a cuppa and another mince tart. It doesn’t matter what else happens today, it’s been a very good day.


How’s your day been?
Any Christmas miracles to be seen?
All the shopping done?

I’ve got ALL the food shopping to do later on…when I was at Harris Farm the other night I was chatting to the lady serving me who gave me the hot tip to come tonight between 7.30-8.30pm when it’s dead. I’m going to get those kids to bed and get shopping and then? Then I’ll be ready for Christmas. I might even be able to jag another Christmas miracle.

Can you believe we’re here already?


  1. I’m living vicariously through you, because, ughhh, myself and two kids have the worst flu (thank god, not hubby yet). I’ve been in bed for 5 days! It’s going to be a very low key Christmas, I think – but I like your tip of grocery shopping tonight!

  2. Wendy Pearson says

    What Beth? No Lurpak with the prawns?

  3. My Christmas miracle? You mentioning me and Mum! LOL!! We went to a Chrissy party last night where our host had a huge ham laid out on the table. I think I ate at least half of it. It really feels like Chrissy the moment you start tucking into ham. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year xoxo

  4. Beth, well done, love when things just fall into place!!
    Did you get your awesome pants from bohemian traders?
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh stop it!

    I’m so jealous of your ham and prawn situation! We still have to do a big grocery shop for when the in-laws come for the weekend (hoping hubby will do it tonight -Yay midnight trading!), booked the cat in at the vet tomorrow because she’s having rear end problems and I haven’t started wrapping presents. Oh well! Tomorrow is a new day!! I think I’ve got presents sorted ..

  6. YEp – I did all my food shopping last night at about 7:30pm….Woolies was very quiet and were just starting to put out the ‘fresh’ stuff for tomorrow.

  7. good on you beth! … ham and prawns yes!!!
    I love it when things just fall into place!
    I was ticking off the things, then bumped into someone I know who’s going through heaps after that I forgot everything else I had to do!
    but I have finished!
    thanks beth for always entertaining us!
    much love m:)X

  8. Well done Beth my only day off and I had to be at appointment in Mittagong at 8.30am – Boom then off to the shops in in before the mad rush. Quick call to my sis and shopping done. Then home to start prep for Xmas day in Gymea and Boxing Day in Canberra. Work tomorrow and present wrapping tomorrow night….. Merry Christmas! xxx

  9. Pew! Pew pew pew!!!
    Awesome! What a day!!

  10. Yay for christmas miracles. I need to start wrapping. Ugh!

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