What I’m wearing this Spring/Summer

I had a few people ask about the clothes that I packed for our recent trip OS. While it was Autumn by the time we got to Italy we really had some hot summery weather for the first 2 weeks with temps in the late twenties and early thirties. When I was planning for the trip I knew that these clothes would be what I would be wearing for Spring and summer.

Living in the Highlands the weather in summer whilst getting hot, still has the occasional cool day and temps at night always seem to dip below 20 so my summer wardrobe might be more like a trans-seasonal version for you guys. My style is pretty boring and monochromatic: lots of black, white, stripes and little colour. Whilst it’s pretty simple it does mean that everything can be matched together…I’m trying my best to learn from Nikki!

So here’s pretty much my entire wardrobe besides jeans which I wear every day. Bring on summer I say!

PicMonkey Collage

1. Bassike Boxy Dress

Nikki got me onto this dress when we were away together last summer. It’s SO comfy. Hides a multitude of sins and can be worn when breastfeeding. I got it on sale at the end of last summer so was a bit cheaper and I think the stripe was a little thinner. You can check it online here.

2. Country Road linen shorts

I grabbed these shorts out shopping with Mrs Woog. They can so basic they work with everything and are loose enough that I can wear them down on my hips. They were great OS. You can check it online here.

3. Bohemian Traders Lucy Lace Blouse

I loved this as soon as Em released it online and was instantly adding it to cart. I love things with a high neck line (not sure if it suits me but I’ve always liked them) and this cute lace pattern made a simple black top a bit more interesting. I’ve dressed this up and down. Only thing that annoyed me about it was the button at the back – impossible to open and close and lucky for me I can pull it on with the button done up. You can check it online here.

4. Sportscraft denim shirt

The local Sportcraft shop in Bowral has the loveliest manager in the world who always helps me out so much and pulls out things that are a little not so old lady. She had this shirt on when I was in there and the way it sat on her, the tencel flowing and not grabbing on anything made me grab it. They had a sale on too so I got a discount and it’s perfect for breastfeeding. You can check it online here.

5. Bohemian Traders Classic Utility Short

I saw these on Nikki’s shop and knew they would work for my body. I like to wear things low on my hips and these are perfect for that. Make sure you buy a size down though (great for self esteem). I got my normal size 14 size and they are really big. I’ve had to wear them with a belt – but that’s worked out because I like how that looks! If these come out in black I reckon I’ll grab some more too. You can check them online here.

6. Bohemian Traders Dreamer Dress

I don’t have this colour, but in black, and have flogged it all last season as well. I can breastfeed in it, dress it up or down and with a slip underneath it (because of the fact I’m quite tall) it’s a bloody hardworking item of clothing. Love it! You can check it out online here.

7. Bohemian Traders Drop Crotch pants

I love how these pants are pretty much pj pants/trackies but look cool. They work with so many different tops and look great. I think I should probably have got a size down in these too – I think I got a large and could have gotten away with a medium. They were great for travel too. You can check them out online here.

8. French connection Stitch shirt

Love this top for it’s flowly nature that hides my ample gut underneath it. It’s pretty and works with jeans, shorts and pants dressed up or down. Mags can be well hidden underneath when I’m feeding her too. You can check it out online here.

9. Bassike striped t shirt

I will admit that I have a stripe problem – I could have a whole drawer for my striped tops. This t shirt is so comfy and thin – perfect for a hot summers day and can be worn with jeans or shorts. I love this. You can check it out online here.

So there’s pretty much what you’ll see me in over the summer. Throw in my leather jacket and a blazer and some sandals and scarves and that’s it. Simple and plain but comfortable and practical for a feeding Mum.

What’s in your wardrobe this coming summer?
Got anything worth sharing with us?

Note: I was gifted the black Bohemian Traders Dreamer Dress kindly by Em last summer, but the rest of the items above I paid full price on. I’m not smart enough to work out affiliate links either so these are just direct links that I’m sharing with you as a community service announcement. Nothing in it for me!


  1. Bev, I’m going to do myself a favour and pick up a bohemian traders dreamer dress…was this the one I loved from hols? What size?

  2. Hahaha I am in the process of bashing my head against affiliate links installation so that made me snort a bit…
    I went to Carly and Christina’s clever Little Blog Big workshop on the weekend and Chrissy was wearing that Bohemian Traders dress, which I’d been eyeing off in black like yours. Seeing it in the flesh has convinced me.
    Up here in the hills too so my Summer wardrobe is quite similar, still gets quite chilly – often have a fire for Christmas! Great picks, thanks 🙂

  3. Thanks for including comments about what is handy for breastfeeding. Expecting my first baby in December and not sure what to wear!! Would you happen to have any tips on a baby/nappy bag??? Or whether even worth bothering with?

    • You know what? I haven’t had a nappy bag this time? I got a wallet change thing that I have used in my normal handbag and it’s been fine. I might do a post on it – good idea!

      • Yes please! Expecting my Bub in Feb and cannot work out if I’ll need an entire suitcase or simple wallet style.

  4. good selection, thanks beth!
    same here but near the beach so cooler sea breezes in the afternoons … usually!
    just perusing my summer file when I opened your post!
    hope you’ve caught up on sleep! love m:)X

  5. I love that you have mentioned which pieces are breastfeeding friendly. Although I think I might be coming to the end of my breast feeding journey with number two, I am always interested in hearing about everyday pieces that can be worn whilst breastfeeding. I am sure that I’ll be back there soon enough!

  6. Love love love both the Bohemian Traders dreamer dress AND the Bassike stripe dress, and have done since I saw them feature on Styling You last summer…hmmm credit card about to take a beating

  7. Massive BT fan here too! Have the Dreamer dress in Cobalt blue and black (also courtesy of Nikki being my online clotheshorse- in the nicest way) and I wear them hard. Gosh darn it i feel so pretty in them.

  8. Ooo I like them all especially no 8! I’m looking for some loose post baby numbers and these could fit the bill.

  9. What a great capsule wardrobe, thanks for sharing! It’s stripe central here too – I have about ten striped dresses if that makes you feel better! x

  10. That boxy dress looks good but I’m not sure it would work for my body shape.

  11. Loving those drop crotch pants sick…are they of a light enough material for a day over say 28 degrees? Or too heavy? Xx

  12. How do you feed in the bassike dress? Do you wear something underneath and pull it up? Please explain.
    I love dresses and am sad I can’t wear my normal summer staples bc of the breastfeeding. You’d think I would’ve worked it out by number 3 but no.

  13. Great post, thanks Beth. Just wondering about the stripe Bassike dress, does it wear/wash well. I find so often things twist, shrink or loose their shape after one wash and this is a big investment so wanted to check first. Thank you x

    • The cotton is quite fine but washes well (the t shirt has been washed more than the dress). I know what you mean..I have spent so much on t shirts from Country Road and Seed that are terrible after a few washes. These pass my test!

  14. Love this selection.

    This summer I will be in my 3rd trimester with no air con (sucks to be me) so I’m trying to keep an eye out for flowy cottony clothes that feel like I’m wearing nothing while I eat ice cubes all day and weep.

    At least, that’s the plan.

    I loved the long dresses your girls wore in Italy. Exactly the style I’d love to find for my future daughter!

  15. Hi Beth! I love love love this post. Also breast feeding with bubba number two, who I think was born on the same day as Mags. I’m sitting here feeding bubs and have a few things in my online bohemian traders cart including the dreamer dress and loving so much more. Eek. Thanks for the post, please do more! Xx

  16. It can be so hard finding stuff that is breastfeeding friendly! My style is similar, fairly plain but also comfy and easy to coordinate!

  17. I love your style, with home and fashion. Comfort all the way! Thanks for sharing the links, I think I need to make those utility shorts mine.

  18. Love your killer combos. I scored an awesome pair of shoes from Radical Yes. They have a pom pom on them!!! And they are rainbow!! Now I just need somewhere nice to wear them…..

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