Things I like {The 14th October 2015 edition}

It’s almost bloody 5pm and I’m sitting here thinking that the day just begun. Anyone else in the same boat? While life is spinning out that way, I’m over here with plenty to like. First thing would be for things to slow down a little. After that?

Well there’s this faccia beaming at whoever will look her way.


The pink clematis climbing in heavy bloom around all the corners of the house.


A new plate on the wall that I bought when we were in Lucca. We had a coffee in that gorgeous round piazza and got the plate in a little shop just off it. It will always remind me of that pretty place. Rob thinks I’m turning into a Grandma.


A scruffy face that desperately needs to be seen by the groomer. He’s going Friday.


Those beautiful waratah’s. No I can’t stop rabbiting on about them.


Speaking of which, I got this orchid from Woolies last week for $25!


The garden is literally bursting.

IMG_3052 IMG_3060 IMG_3053 IMG_3050

There’s a new something hanging on a certain someone’s bedroom wall.


I’ve been able to start making the beds again this week. Life is almost back to normal.


I’ve had some sweet mail. This sign for Maggie from Jane.


And some gorgeous Australian made hats for the girls.


Some news books added to bookcases yesterday afternoon.


And most of all? A washing pile that is semi contained.


What are you liking this fine Wednesday afternoon?


  1. I am liking that you and I have what looks like the same mat!! My style points just went up.

    Those waratahs are worth rabbiting on about.

    And that sweet face!! ???

  2. What I am liking most about today is that when I went to my specialist appointment this morning at St Vincents heart/lung clinic the Dr from the transplant team said everything is the same, you are stable, I don’t want to see you for 12 months ๐Ÿ™‚ (I live in fear of him saying everything is crap we need to list you)
    If I had that gorgeous little face smiling at me that would definitely be my favourite thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Madonna Dunn says

    I just finished reading that book you recommended yesterday..the Lies we told…I liked laying in bed hugging my Lara all afternoon while I read it!! I also like that it’s only ONE WEEK until Unplugged and I get to see you for reals in person….that’s got me a little giddy with excitement! Ha!

  4. ummm – those hats! lovely!

    Off to buy some now and support Aussie small business!

  5. My house is semi clean for once and I have a mini smiley pants too. That always is likeable.

  6. Debs Sutton says

    I’m liking the fact I have cleared all the E.U.washing pile including.bedding, it’s blowing merrily on this bright,slightly chilly morning here in the UK. Also chickens are spatchcocked & marinating in loveliness a la Jamie O’s new recipe book & TV series! Baba Ganoush done, floors swept and now off for coffee at the garden centre!!
    Love the plate
    Love Mags!

  7. I am liking that it was a slow day for a change. No fencing and no weed spraying today.

    A visit to the Monaro Agricultural Trade Exhibition this morning to learn more about weeds. Next was coffee with friends, a bit of shopping and then a very lazy afternoon indeed.

    Back to work tomorrow…

  8. My 8 year old is reading Gangsta Granny, also by David Walliams, and is LOVING it. Laughing out loud while reading. I went and bought her a box set of all of his since she loves them so much.

  9. That little Maggie is too cute for words!!!
    I also bought the same Orchard from Woolies last week! So beautiful.
    I too am awake WAY to early, with an arms length list of things ‘to do’. Feels good ticking off the boxes though!

  10. Our 3-y-o cocker spaniel needs to get a trim too! He’s sitting outside barking at me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m liking the fact that uni semester is nearly over (yippee!!) and the sun is shining.

  11. So many sweet faces at your house. Are Frank and Maggie having a “who can be the cutest?” competition or what? I’m liking that the sun is shining and the sky is blue and I’m loving Maggie’s name from Jane. She is so clever!

  12. YES to Warratah’s! I snagged myself a bunch for FIVE DOLLARS yesterday from my local florist. Last for ages she assures me so they are brightening up the study while I tap tap away at my PhD whilst missing out on Spring goodness (aside from the warm breeze wafting in through open windows). Maggie’s face is so delicious! xoxxo

  13. Oooo hats!!!! Little miss giant noggin will be needing a good summer staple – thanks! ??

  14. I love your mat in the bathroom. Can you let me know where it’s from please? Thanks

    • SUre! I got it from a local shop in Bowral called Barbara’s Storehouse. I think you would be able to find them at other places too – I think they are called rag rugs.

  15. I have those woven rag mats everywhere in my house, I love them.

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