New Christmas catalogue in the Oxfam Shop

I’ve seen a few smug status updates on Facebook of late saying that people have started to get Christmas presents sorted. Perhaps you’re one of those people? Who know, organised. Who makes the best of sales throughout the year, putting things away like a good squirrel so that when it comes to December you and your bank balance don’t get overwhelmed.

I’m not one of those people. I wish I was, and I am going to try better this year but APPARENTLY it’s November next week and we all know how fast things are flying by at the moment so I just know all of a sudden it will be the 17th Decemeber and I’ll be frantically searching the aisles of BIG W cursing the fact that the one thing the girls have asked for is sold out.

The Oxfam Shop have launched their new Christmas catalogue yesterday and it’s PACKED with cool, interesting and best of all fair trade stuff that supports the makers and communities where they come from. I thought I’d share my top picks and show you some of the cool stuff that they have available this year. It’s incentive for me to add to cart and get this show on the road.

PicMonkey Collage

1. Children’s books

Wonderful Words. $29.95
Dreams of Freedom. $29.95
Silly Billy. $16.95  
We Are All Born Free: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. $12.95

You can find them online here.

2. Recycled Sari Garland

Made from recycled sarees, this garland will brighten up your Christmas decor.
250cm $39.95. You can find it online here.

3. Shisha Embroidered Advent Calendar

Expertly embroidered by the women artisans from St Mary’s Mahalia in Kolkata, this advent calendar can be re used year after year. The fabric is thick and strong and a beautiful bright colour. Start your new Christmas tradition with this lovely decoration.
34X43CM $39.95. You can find it online here.

4. Banana Babies Toy

Four cute cotton bananas babies which can be separated and peeled to reveal their hidden talents, such as crunches, squeaks and rattles. Adorable and interactive. Selyn toys are made from scratch. First the cotton is dyed in the Selyn dye house with AZO non toxic dyes, then it is woven by the master weavers on handlooms in the weaving workshop. Once the fabrics are ready they are cut into pieces and then assembled and stuffed by expert craftspeople in the toy factory. Supporting Sri Lankan producer Selyn helps the local Sri Lankan people, who have suffered multiple blows on their livelihoods in recent times, find self sufficiency. Contains 4 banana babies. Suitable for all ages. Handwash cold 19x30cm $45.95. You can find it online here.

5. Pouffe with Suzani Flower Embroidery

This handy pouffe will be a beautiful addtion to any room with skilled embroidery by the artisans of Gopalas Textiles in India. 45x45x30cm $129.95. You can find it online here.

6. Oxfam Coffee

Oxfam fair, organic coffee. Available in:
Ground 250g. Blends: World, Africa, East Timor and Decaf
Beans 250g. Blends: World, and East Timor
$8.95 each. You can find it online here.

7. Golden Temple Bells

Lovely for a Christmas table centerpiece or for decoration all year round, these golden temple bells makes a lovely cowbell chime.
Medium. 19cm $29.95
Small. 12cm. $19.95 You can find them online here.

8. Gallina’ Chicken Mug

Assorted colours. Large red mug with hand painted rooster motif. This new exquisitely hand painted ceramic range from Colombia features chicken and roosters on bold coloured ceramics. High fired and delicately hand painted the designs capture the nature of chicken beautifully. Whimsical and artistic. Exclusive to Oxfam Australia.

Fray Angelico is a family run ceramic workshop outside Bogota headed by Mercedes Marin. Mercedes undertook professional ceramic design training in the US, before establishing her workshop back home in Bogota. The workshop produces a variety of ceramic items made by hand with sustainable management. It seeks the well-being of its employees, the satisfaction of its customers, providing high quality products, innovative designs and vibrant colours. To achieve, it has an entrepreneurial and highly skilled team, trained in its facilities.
11×9.5cm. $24.95. You can find them online here.

9. Hanging Terracotta Bird Feeder

A beautiful garden decoration, this terracotta feeder features a bird design. Made in Bangladesh.
Dia 28cm $19.95. You can find it online here.

There’s a whole range of other Christmas stuff (hampers etc) that you can see here.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?
Or are you a little in denial and think it’s still March like me?


  1. Reminds me I must get shopping too! Great post – thanks from everyone at Oxfam Australia x

  2. I have no gifts stashed.
    I do have money set aside and the plans to shop early December but honestly kids change so much throughout the year that I no longer stash gifts in secret hiding places that are SO secret that even I forget what I have hidden and where 🙂

    A friend of mine buy gift vouchers throughout the year. You know the ones that can be used in any store (Woolworths, BWS, Dans, Big W) so that she can throw a massive Xmas.

  3. Pretty smug over here! Whilst I haven’t bought everything I have a list and I’m checking it twice. I aim for one present per week until Christmas and that normally has me done mid December! I adore gorgeous wrapping so I like to wrap as I go, if you wrap carefully with all the trimmings it takes a few minutes per parcel so it is best to wrap as they are purchased.

  4. Yes all Christmas shopping done, BUT I now only buy for my 3 grandchildren, 2 who live in Broken Hill. It got way too expensive to keep sending pressies and cards to my family overseas, so I made a decision a few years back to stop all that and instead give a donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation. I buy for grandchildren through year and tend to get things on special, (clothes only) from an overseas website.
    Certainly makes for a great stress free festive season.
    Love the Oxfam shop, often buy myself little bits and bobs from there.

  5. I tend to pretend Christmas isn’t fast approaching until I at least manage to have my birthday next week. Then there will be a mad panic with 4 more birthdays & my wedding anniversary to squeeze in before we even get to Christmas. I am determined to get to the shops in November this year unlike last year when I did a full day shop marathon about a week before. I love the little bananas from the Oxfam catalogue but for the first time in a long time there are no really little ones for Christmas this year.

  6. Some lovely stuff here. Those bananas could be a great first Christmas gift for my soon to be born nephew (no. 6). I love the bells too. Yay, and great to support Oxfam to boot. Thanks Beth.

  7. I do not have one thing for any of my kids but I did start on the food this week!!! One Christmas cake done, a fruit mix that’ll sit for a month before being baked into another Christmas cake done, mint sauce & strawberry jam made to be given as gifts. Id much rather think about the food than the gifts!

  8. I am one of the unsmugest people (is that a word?) ever because I have not even considered gifts yet! Although I know my 7 year old lego obsessed child wants every lego set ever known to human kind and I also know he is not getting them – so I am a bit smug about that. But these are a great selection! thanks for sharing

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