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Just because it’s Monday I don’t want to see any of this ploise:


Because the sun is shining! And it’s Spring time here. And no matter how little sleep has been going down around these parts, it’s all OK. Still feeling a little meh?



Read this post on 20 puppies cuddling their soft toys whilst sleeping. You will feel instantly better I’m almost certain of it.

Things are settling down here with an almost normal nights sleep for us all and Rob and I even managed to stay in the same bed together all night long! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had that in between jet lag and babies and Harper’s sleep going to shite since we went away. I woke up with a spring in my step this morning knowing that I only got up once in the night for Harps and maybe 2 times for Mags. Funny how 3 interruptions is a good thing for me these days. As I said to Rob. we’ll sleep when we are in our 50’s. Maybe.


I loved reading this post from my mate Bianca from Big words on her recent trip to Cambodia with Oxfam. I always love reading the stories through the eyes of people on the ground there it helps bring the issues that seem overwhelming to life with practical solutions on how we can help and what others are doing to help. You can check out the series on her blog here.

Read this article on the Washington Post before I left to go away which gave me a chuckle. How are you Parenting Wrong? Some classic parenting styles in there worth mentioning:

FREE-RANGE TIGER PARENTING: Children can roam at will but must drag pianos with them to practice.
FREE-RANGE HELICOPTER PARENTING: Children can roam at will but you hover overhead in a helicopter.
FREE-RANGE ATTACHMENT PARENTING: Children can wander anywhere at will and you just happen to be there too.
TIGER ATTACHMENT PARENTING: To help with discipline, your child is attached to a live tiger.

Speaking of reading, I briefly got my mojo back in Tuscany. This is what happens to me when I am relaxed and away from home with “stuff” taunting me to do. Man, I love holidays for this very reason.

PicMonkey Collage

The Lies we Told was a real page turner. I was literally holding my breath in many parts of it (unlike any book I’d read before…maybe Gone Girl was the only one I could remember doing that in). The ending was a little disappointing but all in all a great holiday read.

Crazy Rich Asians was hilarious. Completely indulgent and over the top it made me laugh and get completely immersed in its crazy world. I hear there is a follow up (China Rich Girlfriend) which I will definitely be reading. Perfect escapism!

You know what’s been in abundance around these parts? WARATAHS! A friend has a huge tree in her front yard that I casually remarked on “wow your tree looks amazing, how gorgeous it is…” etc etc in the hope she would bring me some and you know what?

IMG_2990 IMG_2999 IMG_2993 IMG_2997

It worked! Waratahs for days around here which are just gorgeous!

Feeling a little flabby? Time to embrace salads my friends!

PicMonkey Collage

You can get some of the recipes in this post here.

Got a puppy at your place snuggling a soft toy? STOP!! (Don’t stop)
What’s your parenting style?
Read any good books lately?
Any good salads you’d like to share with us all?


  1. I’m in the middle of reading a Geraldine Brooks novel called “People of the Book”. It’s a fantastic book, can’t put it down!

  2. My parenting style is pure survival at the moment! A 2 year old who knows how to push my buttons and a 2 month old who baptizes me in spew.

  3. Barb Lonergan says

    Don’t believe that you get a good night sleep when you reach your fifties , you stay awake waiting for teenagers to come home, then you reach your sixties and you have grandchildren staying who have to sleep with you , or you worry about your ever expanding family ! Of a husband whose snoring gets worse the older you get . Wouldn’t have it any other way , with four children and 9 grandchildren . I do so enjoy your posts and your delightful family

  4. I am in the midst of Big Magic by Liz Gilbert. I am loving it and have a massive girl crush on her. No puppies. Just a crazy cat. She’ll do.

  5. I’m reading ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ and am loving it. The book before that was ‘Bitter Greens’ by Kate Forsyth.

  6. Love the look of that radish salad – I need to make it. I buy radish most weeks and often throw it away (with the almond milk I always convince myself I’m going to try!).

    Thanks so much for sharing my blog post Beth – You are super dooper xx

  7. My 12 year old son woke up from a nightmare and slept in between us from about midnight last night… I’m close enough to 50 to realise that a great night’s sleep is something NOT to be taken for granted, at any age 🙂 Thank God for the kingsize bed!

  8. My parenting style is whispering “WTF?” to myself at least twenty times a day and wondering where I went wrong. 14 year old girls will do that to you.

  9. As usual you put a smile on my face. I am writing this on Tuesday evening at 6.20pm and we in Robertson are totally fogged in and I do not feel a spring in my step – I want to light the fire….. 🙂

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