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Whilst I haven’t been doing thew Neutron Dance, I have certainly been burning, busy as EVER getting ready for the weekend when we head off. Who knew there was so much to organise for 5 people travelling for 3 weeks? Please forgive the tardiness of my post/s. Here, this will make it better:


It’s a wonder I get ANYTHING done with this little poppet looking at me.

Friends it’s been a busy old week. Mags has been in and out of the car that many times and usually just as she has fallen asleep. Poor thing – that cone of quiet she had in the first grew months of her life has almost disappeared. There’s been hair appointments.


Trips to the shops, the post office, the shops, the beautician, Sydney, home again, Sydney again. You get the picture. We’ve been everywhere, man. Including Interiors Addict’s blog yesterday when she featured the favourite corners of 10 bloggers homes. Can you guess what mine was? Make sure you check out the rest here – stylish bunch of people!


Talking of stylish, the very clever Bearded Pigeon has a new range of fabulous new educational charts that I just love. Make sure you check out her Etsy Store here for the whole range – could be a good Christmas pressie? For $69 I have 3 words for you: ADD TO CART.


On the weekend we had Archie’s Christening and I just HAD to share with you guys the platter that they made for the kids. I’ve never seen anything more spectacular. Kids went MENTAL over it and the adults had to be beaten off with sticks as they tried to get their mitts on chicken wings and little boys and cubes of cheese! Perfect idea for your next function when you have to feed a group of kids.


Speaking of kids, the girls gave me for Mothers Day these sad little seedlings in hand painted pots that I believe they knocked over on the carpet on the morning of the special day, and I have lovingly watered and tended to those little leaves for the past few months and look what happened this week! A flower! Bless.


My main focus at the moment is THIS:


PACKING! I have even had to have a re-read of my own post that I wrote last year when we went OS for 5 weeks. This was all we had for the whole trip – just 26 kilos all up! I’m hoping to even more compact this time around because I know there were things that never saw the light of day. This afternoon it’s all about the initial pack, and then the 50% cull from that. Yes, 50%. Watch this space to see how it ACTUALLY pans out.

Nikki sent me sandals to wear. Bless her.


Local Highlanders down here, late last week I discovered a new family friendly Italian place in Mossy worth visiting. Look at the pizza!


I considered it carb loading for Italy. Training really. It’s next to the old Post Office in Mossy called Fraccaro’s Italian Restaurant and it was FAB. We will definitely be back with the kids – apparently it’s becoming very popular though especially on weekends so make sure you book a table! It’s always exciting when something new opens up round these parts – especially when it’s good!

Speaking of good – yesterday Mags and I headed to Ye Olde Castle Hill to visit Your Home Depot who were sorting out a problem I had with a very dodgy online store who had stuffed me around. Clare, a reader, sent me a message and got my problem sorted and showed me her store which had superior kitchen supplies…I was in heaven! Hightailed it back home with some replacement saucepans for my broken Le Crusse caramel disaster a few weeks back. Hoping to work with them soon for some good giveaways for you guys – in the meantime check out their online store. Thank you Clare for helping me out!!


Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s back to washing & packing and perhaps even a little walk in the Spring sunshine…there’s ALWAYS time for that!


Tell me EVERYTHING. What have you been doing this week?
What’s your favourite corner in your home?
Had any new restaurants open up locally near you?
Got any packing tips for me?


  1. I’m not gonna lie Beth, I do NOT envy you that flight with 3 kids. But I’m also incredibly jealous I may have to eat pizza.

  2. Hi Beth,
    Where are your jeans form in the last pic please? They look fab!

  3. PARASOL! ?

  4. We are heading away tomorrow morning for two weeks, so my life is very similar to yours at the moment. No one else in the family seems stressed, just me. Packing, cleaning, washing and endless lists. I hope you have a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to see some photos.

  5. Oh how exciting!! Italy, my favourite place in the world!

    I have no packing tips for you. I’m travelling back to Sydders in 10 days time and will carting 150kg with me. Yes, 150kg. Dumping it all there, so I will be returning to Dubs a lot lighter. Well there may be a few tins of Milo in the suitcases, so not too much lighter.

    We just moved and it was horrendous, as moving always is. Topped off by three sick kids, one who ended up in hospital for a night, just to make everything that little bit more interesting.

  6. Good luck with the preparations for your trip! I hope all goes smoothly, and everyone stays healthy and you all have a wonderful time!
    I’m not travelling anywhere far in the foreseeable future, but I was in your beautiful neck o’the woods last weekend – we spent a couple of nights in Kangaroo Valley with my husband’s family, then made a pitstop at the dairy in Robertson on the way home to Sydney. My husband and I were trying to figure out how to make a living that would allow us to move there 😉
    It’s not in my local ‘hood, but I’m heading to The Powder Keg (i.e. a gin palace!) in Potts Point in a couple of weeks, that offers no less than 110 different types of gin from around the world. Yikes!
    I bought a t-shirt and sweater from The Hood girls last week and I’m looking forward to rocking the t-shirt tomorrow when I’m hanging out with my little lads. Wore the jumper the other day and was very impressed with the quality – such softness! Thanks for the heads-up.

    Anyhoo, may the force be with you and yours!

  7. I really admire the small amount of luggage from your last trip – amazing you can condense it so much! We head away for nearly 6 weeks soon (in 2 weeks) and I have to cover everything from “resort wear”, ‘thongs and t-shirt’ summer, smart city chic for summer heat and autumn (well, Chicago, so may as well be winter), a Madonna concert, AND a 1950’s themed dance!!! I’ve pulled out pretty much my whole wardrobe, so it’ll need a major edit before I pack! And the kids are coming with us for part of it, then going home with the Grandparents and back to school (ie summer uniforms, separate bags/passport wallets/toiletries etc!) so lots to juggle packing-wise! But I’m not complaining – I know how lucky we are to be off roaming the world.

    Looking forward to watching your trip online. Don’t worry about Maggie – we flew a lot when our boys were little and one of the best things you can do is feed her on take off and as you decend (20 mins before landing) to avoid sore ears and crying – which leads to over tiredness etc etc etc. And of course lots of little surprises for the big girls once they get on the plane – a new novel, pencils, colouring sheets, stickers etc. I used to have little zipped satchels that the boys LOVED and I’d secretly refresh the stash each trip.

    Too many favourite corners of my house to choose one – although our lovely big comfy bed ranks highly after a long trip away! (And the washing machine, but that’s just weird…!).

  8. Allyson Wolhuter says

    Hey Beth
    Could you please tell where you got your packing cells from


  9. lots of nice things beth!
    mags is beautiful!
    packing under control! … you seem to be able to cope with a lot of things and I’m sure the girls will be fine on the flight! … take lavender! everyone will be dreamy!
    can’t wait to see and hear all about Toscana hun! … enjoy!

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Gorgeous pics and I hope all your packing goes well and isn’t Nikki a good egg Xx

  11. Good luck packing! I admire that kinda restraint. Although I don’t feel that sorry for you…. You’re going to ITALY!

  12. Mags is such a happy little baby and I can’t wait to catch you in Rome!! Lol I will keep an eye out for you all. I’m packing too and my friend Cate has audited my wardrobe and now I have a tiny little bag. See you there!!

  13. Who could get anything done with such a gorgeous poppet to play with?

    Great post and I am so inspired by the kids food platter. In a moment of generosity, I agreed to inviting the whole Kindy (pre-school) class for the 5 year olds birthday party on Sunday – so now I have a better idea of how to feed 32(!!!!!!) kids plus parents that stay!

    Have a fabulous trip!

  14. Maggie is such a great packing procrastination excuse!:)
    Cute as a button.

  15. Mags is the smiliest (sp!) baby I have ever seen! What a joy! Love your packing tips. Love your packing cells. We travel a bit and split all our stuff between the cases, so if one goes missing there is always half the gear in the other. I think the change of clothes in your carry on is a great idea. Travel well.
    I will enjoy seeing your story.

  16. I see a lot more (and very delicious) pizza in your future. The Magster just gets cuter and cuter and I don’t know how that’s possible because she’s already super cute. I never pack my own suitcase, not because I’m a princess but because I’m the world’s crappest packer! You are packing like a boss. I think I’d need all that luggage just for me! Bon voyage! (I know that’s French but don’t know how to say that in Italian!)

  17. victoria adams says

    love the stroller . i have never seen one like that.

  18. I couldn’t contemplate going overseas with my three girls – except two are in nappies and they are quite close in age together. As for the packing, I’m an overpacker. I have gotten better over the years but I still pack everything including the kitchen sink. Hope you have an amazing time in Italy. This was such a lovely post to read. Your Mags is just gorgeous isn’t she? I love every photo of her. x

  19. I don’t know how you achieve a single thing with Mags to stare at! As for packing, that part doesn’t bother me – it’s the unpacking. There’s always a bag that sits in a corner for for a couple of weeks taunting me.

  20. When we travelled with a baby and older child I made “nappy packs” it sounds crazy but worked great. Here’s how: put 3 wipes in a snack size ziplock bag. Place that, a nappy and a jumbo chux wipe inside one of those plastic nappy disposal bags. Tie the handles loosely. Make a bunch of packs and put them all in a large ziplock bag, squeeze out the air and seal shut. When you need to change baby in the tiny airplane toilet or airport, grab a pack and the baby- that’s it. Use the chux wipe as a change mat and then throw the whole lot in the bin. So much easier than lugging a nappy bag into all those tiny toilets. Worked for us!

  21. Thanks Beth, what a lovely shout out! have a levelly Sunday. xxxx

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