Hood t-shirt winners!

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Thanks so much to everyone for getting on board with this giveaway – there were some great comments – so much so that the girls from The Hood couldn’t choose just one, they chose two!

The winners are:


With this comment: “Sleeping through the night is not a milestone in my books! As nice as it would be my kids are total FOMO (fear of missing out) number 1 didn’t sleep through until I night weaned him at 20months and even then I still have to be next to him so that when he wakes to put a hand on him etc blah bah whatever’s.. Did tresillian twice. Made myself feel like an epic failure for first year of his life. Number 2 is still boobsleeping at 19months and I’m so ready to wean but will involve so much protest…

Anyway milestones are overrated!
Now that funky sweatshirt you are wearing!! Can I ask for one for my sister? She is the most amazing mum I know (other than our mum) she is mum of 4. The youngest is 14weeks. She has managed to sell their house and move to their dream location in the last month. Her second youngest has significant “milestone” delays. No diagnosis but he has PT, OT and speech therapy and lots of ear infections, ENT visits etc. She is also amazing at what she does for women in her work. She is now living in a cold south coast rental with a leaking roof and could really use a sweatshirt to encourage her and keep her warm until summer comes at last right!!! Anyways! Enjoy Italy! I’m about to fly solo with a 19 month old and 3.9yr old across the world…. eeeeek but in my experience turning kids on their head means they sometimes get so exhausted they sleep longer than usual so fingers crossed for you! Have a fab time!!!!!”

And Carolyn

With this comment: “I just read this post and saw the “You got this” t-shirt and teared up. I’m 45 mother of 3, newly diagnosed with breast cancer and going in for a second round of surgery in three weeks time for a mastectomy, followed by ALL of the things. As a Mum I’ve got no option but to ‘have’ this, but a shirt proclaiming it to the World would be bloody awesome (so much so that I’ll probably buy one anyway!). Hoping postage to NZ wouldn’t be an issue… 

Loving the gorgeous smiles your Mags has, my sister is currently visiting with her Ella who is also 4mths old and super smiley – lights up the room.”

Congrats ladies! Wonderful comments and deserving winners. Carolyn you SO have got this! Good luck with your next round of surgeries and all those other things. Sending you lots of love!


  1. I didn’t worry about your completion but went straight out and just bought myself one. It arrived on Friday and I wore it all weekend… Fits a treat and I got a couple of fabulous comments so am sure it will be on high rotation…. Thanks for the head up Beth. x

  2. Rowena / VintageNobility says

    Congratulations to both Sarah and Carolyn!

    Strength to you and your sister Sarah…go with the moto of ‘one-day-at-a-time’: don’t let anyone else’s milestones detract from the Awesome job you are doing!

    Carolyn – I don’t know you…but sending strong n loving n heartfelt healing beams out into the atmosphere with your name on them – You Got This!

    And Beth…you’re Awesome just being You!
    I’m laying on the couch here feeling HUGE; 6 weeks away from due date and I am so ready for this holiday in Italy as you EatPraynLove your way around old buildings, and beautiful villages!
    Can Not Wait!
    xxx Row / VintageNobility 🙂

    • Very exciting times for both of us ahead! Will be sure to keep your Instagram filled with lots of virtual pizza, pasta, prosecco and scenery!

  3. Lovely stuff. Ladies, you’ve definitely got this!!

  4. Now you made me tear up again – they simmer away pretty close to the surface at the moment! On the upside, there’s a couple of upsides to cancer I swear, free parking!! I KNOW!!! And definitely appreciating the little things, learning to really live in the moment and be grateful for all sorts of things, like shithot t-shirts 😉 Do I get in touch with Hood directly? Mwah!

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