Timber height chart winner


Thanks so much for all of the fab entries to the Height chart giveaway from Mister Goma. Mister G was thrilled with all the comments and has chosen a winner! Congrats to….

Rowena from Vintage Nobility

With this comment:

With our little one due in October what better timing than to have such a beautifully crafted and unique height chart up on the wall in time to measure our baby from day one!

My Dr/Ob has been pulling a shocked face and saying right from the first visit up till the most recent one – OooohGaaawsh she’s so long! 

In all honesty, if anyone can appreciate the beauty of working with timber it would indeedy be Mr VintageNobility – with the 5year, slow and steady transformation of our single story weatherboard cottage into a double story: with Upper and lower wrap around verandahs added to the front and the back of our home!
From the stumps up; there is not a joist, beam or stud that he had not leveled! Every weatherboard sanded n painted, every piece of our jarrah decking cut to precision on a 45 degree angle to make the joins appear seemless, new Tasmanian oak floors – all lengths selected and secret nailed to the perfectly leveled old joists – it’s been a labour of love, that while still not finished, it is already admired and appreciated for the care and craftsmanship undertaken! 

Good luck to everyone in the running!
Thanking also Babymacbeth and Mister Goma.
IMHO: The loving role of a good father (and I include those women who – through circumstances – have taken on the role of mothering AND fathering their children) simply cannot be measured!

I’m so happy with the winner too – Rowena is such a lovely, supportive and kind BabyMac reader I’m thrilled she will get to enjoy it in her home. Thanks again to everyone for joining in…and Happy Fathers Day to all your wonderful Dads!


  1. Oh my word, whose house is this? I need that dining table in my life!!

  2. oh I love that height chart so much. I sent it to my husband to add to our home wishlist but I’ll just have to keep dreaming I think 😀

    Congratulations to the lucky winner.

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