Season of Salt & Honey winners x 5


I loved all the entries to this giveaway – so many of you keen for a new book and to discover a new author. I’m hoping that my reading mojo comes back soon it seems that we all need to get back on board with the BabyMac book club…anything to stop us from the easy option of our phones and devices.

My lucky 5 winners are:

1. Dianne Whittle

“I read Hannah’s first book and loved it! Over the last year or so I’ve lost my reading mojo too, just not for as good a reason as beautiful little Maggie. It’s really frustrating for me because from a young age I have always loved to read. When I go away I always have to have several books with me – the one I’m reading, one in case I finish that one, another in case the second one I start is one I really hate, and a fourth just in case the second and third are so bad that I really can’t persevere with them or I love them so much I finish them in 5 minutes. My mind is a magical place”

2. Reannon @Shewhorambles

“I have heard nothing but great stuff about this book. One of my GF’s RAVES about it & made me some little biscuits from it- so good! I always lose my reading mojo for about 8 months after each baby, then it comes back in a weak form for a few months & then by the time the baby is over one I’m back to reading like a maniac.”

3. Lauren Moulds

“There is something pretty special about recreating a recipe from a cook book… The thoughts of the person who wrote it, a splatter of mix on the page from last time you made it full of memories… Being able to keep it on the shelf and store the deliciousness, the thoughts of the times before – it’s so much more meaningful. Love your work Hannah (and Beth) xx”

4. Bec

“Hi, I’m Bec and I’m (a normally) avid reader. Last year, I grew a person, pushed that person out and kept that person alive and thriving for a year, a whole year. Huh? How did that happen? I have only just returned to work and proudly proclaimed to my whole office third day back in the thick of it, ‘Guys, I’m reading a book!’. I was so thrilled and it wasn’t until the words were out of my mouth that I realized that most people would not find this as thrilling as I did. I sat down at my desk. Blushed a little but secretly couldn’t wait to get back on the train so I could keep reading!! Hallelujah for books…and authors like Hannah!”

5. Cassie

“Oh it sounds wonderful! I think it would be just what I need to read after I finish what I’m reading now (a post apocalyptic zombie novel!) My son is 9 weeks old today and I’ve only just got back into reading this week – predominantly due to the fact that I ran out our internet watching too much Kardashians on Foxtel!

I’ve been loving your newborn files Beth – this is my first child and during the emotional first fortnight at home my stepmum text me the link to one of your newborn posts and I sat there and cried with relief! Just knowing someone else was going through this crazy beautiful time as well gave me hope that life would return to (semi) normal at some stage x”

Congrats ladies! Shoot me an email ([email protected]) with your full contact details and I will post them out to you this week (or whenever I get to the post office next). Will try my best to get there ASAP!

Happy reading to you x


  1. Congrats, everyone! Happy reading!

  2. Dianne Whittle says

    I just sent you an email with my details Beth. Thanks for the new book, I can’t wait to read it. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I’ve been away.

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