Season of Salt & Honey {a giveaway}

I’ve known the very talented author Hannah Tunnicliffe for a few years now. And when I say “know” I mean I “know” her from being online…which totally counts as it makes up a huge part of all my friendships these days. She also happens to be married to one of my brother’s old primary school mates and travelled with us to Croatia last year for his 40th.

Here we are having a terrible time in the late summer sun on a terrace overlooking the ocean. Sheesh. Did that really happen?


Hannah and her friend Ria have a blog which is a delight to read and Hannah is an actual real life published author. I always hold these people in high regard because THEY WROTE A WHOLE BOOK. Her first book The Colour of TeaΒ was a great success, and this year she published her second book Season of Salt & Honey. Two books! Imagine that?

I was given the book for Mothers Day from the girls and I am ASHAMED to say that there it has sat, waiting patiently to be read. I have completely and entirely lost my reading mojo, I hope you can forgive me Hannah. I even had to take myself out of my real life book club because of it and that’s most certainly why you haven’t seen any of my book club posts on the blog lately. I just cannot do it. My brain can deal with children’s TV and the Real Housewives of anywhere, and that’s it.

From all accounts the book is a wonderful read! It tells the tale of Frankie Caputo who loses her fiancΓ© and high school sweetheart so escapes to a cabin in the coastal Washington Forest to deal with her heartache. Filled with wonderful Italian-American food and characters she faces the truth she has been running away from.

You can read a review and chat with Hannah on my friend Gourmet Girlfriend’s blog here.


Dotted throughout the book are these gorgeous recipes to make for yourself.

Cordial ring ris

And the best bit? I have 5 copies to give away to you guys! Please do me proud and show Hannah that someone really can read! All I need you to do is leave a comment below. You can read the T&C’s here.


Giveaway open from 2.00pm Friday 7th August 2015 and closes 9.00pm Sunday 9th August 2015. I’ll send the books out to the lucky 5 winners next week!

Just leave a comment below for a chance to win. Happy weekend & happy reading!


  1. sounds like an absolutely divine book! πŸ™‚ Congrats Hannah on smashing it out!

  2. Oh yes please!
    Have just re found my reading mojo after a hiatus (in the shape of a 9 month old!)

  3. I’ve recently got my reading mojo back after literally years of not sitting down to read anything less longer than a status update. This book looks just beautiful and I would love to win. X

  4. I dream of one fine day packing up my car and making the escape to a cabin in the woods. The book sounds great and even if I don’t win I will buy it and read it anyway!

  5. josy adames says

    Looks like a beautiful read

  6. I’ve just got my reading mojo back after years of reading nothing longer than a status update. This book sounds just lovely.

  7. mrs_woodette says

    I have also lost my reading mojo with my third bub! I would love this book to get back into reading & it’s my birthday on Wednesday, I would totally count this as a present!

  8. Nic Wesley says

    I currently have two kids at home with whooping cough. Escaping to anywhere is high on my fantasy list right now. As I am clearly not going to be able to physically escape anytime soon (we’re in quarantine) I’d be pretty happy to escape into someone else’s life for a while!

  9. Oh yes please! That sounds like a lovely book, I promise to try some of the recipes and let you know how I go!

  10. Yep I’ve lost my reading mojo too. No excuses either. I need to start again.

  11. Tania Hanlen says

    Books sounds amazing, I have a little girl called Frankie so that also sparked my attention. Hope it is a great success!

  12. This year, between my four kids, work, study and life in general my reading time has been reduced to zip. Until last week, when I made a decision to make a few changes to slow life down a bit. Hey presto…more reading time! Except I had no idea what I wanted to read, until this post. This looks like a fab read with a glass of wine on the deck while the kids go free-range in the backyard x

  13. jeaniene wakefield says

    That’s my kind of book right there. Good food, the assumption of good wine and a cabin in the woods for some soul searching….I so want to read this book! Congrats Hannah, I’m going to go and find the first book too I think x

  14. Oh this looks beautiful. I love a gorgeous cover – it totally influences what I choose to read if it is leaping off the shelf with good looks.
    My third little one is 2 1/2 and my reading mojo is back (I.e. the desire to read is back, but my stamina is still only a page or two long…) and I am so grateful. Gives me something outside the daily routine to think about and daydream on. Congratulations Hannah on your second novel!

  15. Sounds like a great book, I will have to add it to my ever growing “books I want to read” list. I love the idea of a book like this with recipes dotted through it. My husband is Italian so would be very happy if I gave one a whirl when I had read the book πŸ™‚

  16. TROONORTH says

    Why does that title make me think of a sunny garden with a light breeze blowing ????

  17. Dianne Whittle says

    I read Hannah’s first book and loved it! Over the last year or so I’ve lost my reading mojo too, just not for as good a reason as beautiful little Maggie. It’s really frustrating for me because from a young age I have always loved to read. When I go away I always have to have several books with me – the one I’m reading, one in case I finish that one, another in case the second one I start is one I really hate, and a fourth just in case the second and third are so bad that I really can’t persevere with them or I love them so much I finish them in 5 minutes. My mind is a magical place ?

  18. Nothing like a real book with real pages and this one written by a real person who someone I sort of know from reading a gazillion of her blog posts actually really does know. “Season of Salt and Honey” would fit very nicely into my current season of salt and caramel. Yes, please.

  19. Wow since my mum who has MS has started to read again – I too have that mojo back – I read a book and take it to mum. She does the same and we swap – I say Go Hannah! From Vicki The Abundant Cook! And her Mum !

  20. For the first time in more than 8 years I’m not pregnant and I’m not breast feeding! I’m even getting a little bit of sleep too. I’ve come through the fog and I’m pleased to report I’ve found ME on the other side. I’m ready and raring to devour a good book.

    Rachel xo

  21. I would love to read this book! I haven’t managed a full book in 18months!! Babies do that to your brain, I think!

  22. Oh yes please!! I am in dire need of a good book…all I can seem to find at my place at the moment are Zac Power and Billie B Brown books!

  23. Tamara Townsend says

    So hard when you lose your reading mojo. Have had periods of it and reading for book club has felt like doing homework!!!! looks like a lovely book!

  24. I have heard nothing but great stuff about this book. One of my GF’s RAVES about it & made me some little biscuits from it- so good!

    I always lose my reading mojo for about 8 months after each baby, then it comes back in a weak form for a few months & then by the time the baby is over one I’m back to reading like a maniac.

  25. Looks like a fabulous read. Thank you for the chance x

  26. yes please! needing things to read whilst whittling away hours upon hours boobiefeeding for the next year and a bit xx

  27. Lauren moulds says

    There is something pretty special about recreating a recipe from a cook book… The thoughts of the person who wrote it, a splatter of mix on the page from last time you made it full of memories… Being able to keep it on the shelf and store the deliciousness, the thoughts of the times before – it’s so much more meaningful. Love your work Hannah (and Beth) xx

  28. Honae (@minimacmeals) says

    Looks like something i would devour in a day or 2 (if things like cooking and working didnt get in the way!)

  29. Ooh I do love a good heartbreaking read. And throw in some recipes to boot?? Sounds divine. And I love the cover! Can’t wait to give it a read either way!

  30. helloally says

    Oh lordy you are a jem πŸ˜‰ …just finished a book & need another to tide me through those dreaded test matches! Argh cricket heh heh…

  31. The recipes look beautiful and do believe that this would look beautiful on my coffee table.

  32. Reminds me, in essence, of ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’ by Frances Mayes. A great book and a great movie.
    ‘Season of Salt & Honey’ sounds like my kind of book. Pretty please!! I promise to read.

  33. This book looks SO lovely. I know what you mean about losing your reading mojo, I lost mine completely after baby number 2 came along in 2013. But I’m pleased to report that now that she is 2+ it has come back and I have read 14 books so far this year! You’ll get yours back too Beth! I’d be very happy to make Season of Salt & Honey number 15 for the year. And I’m going to go looking for the Colour of Tea too x

  34. Natalie Robinson says

    I’ve just figured out the best position to read and feed the baby allowing me to finish the Neil Armstrong biography, fianlly!

  35. Love the sound of the book, I might have to get my hands in a copy of The Colour of Tea too… Been looking for something to start reading but nothing has tickled my fancy!

  36. Oh fancy that. I just finished a book this morning and would love to pick up another.

  37. katie clews says

    I’m a avid reader and always looking for new Authors to discover, especially Aussie ones….. This sounds right up my alley! Would love to win a copy πŸ™‚

  38. Allyson Wolhuter says

    Ooohhhhh yes please please please?

  39. Kerrie Jones says

    Every Wednesday my 11 year old daughter does a ballet class from 6-7pm. Some of the other mums, and the occasional dad, and I have taken to spending that hour at the pub around the corner having a good catch up over a glass of wine. Its nice to be just us with no kid interruptions! When our kids were younger we spent lots of time together at parks and playgroup but these days we all mostly work full time so time together is short. Although we always have lots to talk about, this year we decided to start a book club so every 6 weeks its book club time! We are ready for our next book and this lovely book could be just the one, fingers crossed.

  40. I read Hannah’s first book ‘The Colour of Tea’ last year and loved it. Great characters with an interesting setting. I would love a copy of this latest one as I am always looking for some new reading material. Reading is my escape from the sometimes ‘shitty’ everyday and it sounds like it would be just the thing. Thanks for the chance to win one Beth x

  41. Oh yes please! It is the perfect weather to curl up with a fantastic book. Even better if it gives me good food inspiration as I’m so tired of my regular trotted out meals.

  42. Melissa Steep says

    Ooh I would love something new to read during the endless hours of feeding my newborn! Just yesterday I dug through the old favourites on my bookshelf to find something to read, settling on Harry Potter for the billionth time… Something a bit more grown up would be nice!

  43. Lauren Broadbent says

    Beth – I didn’t read through my pregnancy and first year of my boys life. I was a women who pre pregnancy would read 2-3 books a week! I totally understand. Now that I well and truly have my reading mojo back I would love to discover a new author.

  44. Oh it sounds wonderful! I think it would be just what I need to read after I finish what I’m reading now (a post apocalyptic zombie novel!) My son is 9 weeks old today and I’ve only just got back into reading this week – predominantly due to the fact that I ran out our internet watching too much Kardashians on Foxtel!
    I’ve been loving your newborn files Beth – this is my first child and during the emotional first fortnight at home my stepmum text me the link to one of your newborn posts and I sat there and cried with relief! Just knowing someone else was going through this crazy beautiful time as well gave me hope that life would return to (semi) normal at some stage x

  45. Hi, I’m Bec and I’m (a normally) avid reader. Last year, I grew a person, pushed that person out and kept that person alive and thriving for a year, a whole year. Huh? How did that happen? I have only just returned to work and proudly proclaimed to my whole office third day back in the thick of it, ‘Guys, I’m reading a book!’. I was so thrilled and it wasn’t until the words were out of my mouth that I realized that most people would not find this as thrilling as I did. I sat down at my desk. Blushed a little but secretly couldn’t wait to get back on the train so I could keep reading!! Hallelujah for books…and authors like Hannah!

  46. Well I love a good read of the paper turning kind and recipes included and oh my I am there! I’ve only once come across one novel which included a recipe, can’t think of the name of it now but she was a journalist I think who lived on the Pitwater, fought breast cancer and made an epic lemon syrup cake!

  47. deborah jefferis says

    I would love to win one of these books. Pleeease!!

  48. There is something special about a book that includes recipes and that cover has me swooning! What a treat it would be to win a copy, thanks so much for the opportunity.

  49. I have just moved into a new home on 4 acres and I have lost my adsl internet( white girl problems!) so have to use my phone. So I have re discovered my love of reading and have read 7 books since moving in! Love this gorgeous book to be the 8th and have a lovely new home in my library!

    • Hayley we can’t get adsl where we are either so I think in a way it’s good because I can’t be on the Internet as much and have been reading more in the evenings rather than being on social media. Far more productive!

  50. A book is a dream that you hold in your hand!

  51. Hi!
    Just me, sneakily dropping in on the comments to say – Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback especially to all of you who read The Colour of Tea! Wow, I feel really touched reading your comments πŸ™‚
    Also – I regularly lose my reading mojo and try not to beat myself up about it. The right book and the right moment will come along… maybe it’s this book and this moment! πŸ˜‰
    Wishing you all loads of luck and a HUGE big thanks for supporting my work
    Hannah x x x

  52. Always love a good book!

  53. I would love to receive this book, I read Hannah’s first and really enjoyed it.

  54. I would love to read this book. I love reading, have been in the same book club for 10 years! I think that alone deserves a new book, even though I do not need one & there’s a distinct chance my husband may cry if he sees another book coming into our little house! Can I please have one???? Martina x

  55. I love a book or three Beth, and all the more when it’s an Aussie author. When there is money left over at the end of the weekly shop I sneak away and buy a book. My bookshelf is a come and get it library to family and friends so I feel both justified and sanctified when I forgo lamb for literature. I’d love a new Aussie book to read!

  56. I loved Hannah’s first book, The Colour Of Tea and only finished reading it for the second time last month. Her latest book sounds just as good and I would be more than happy to add it to my bookcase, once I’ve read it of course!
    Despite e books, I am definitely old school and love turning the pages of a book rather than swiping a screen to get to the next page! Every week I catch 2 trains home after dropping my toddler granddaughter back to her Mum after 3 days minding her, so reading on the long trip home is my way of unwinding after 3 days of non stop action…..

  57. Carla Moulds says

    This book sounds like it has so many of my favourite things, good food , wine , friendship and faraway places. I would love a good book to read and sHare with my daughters and give me inspiration for family meals.

  58. Winner winner chicken dinner ……. I’d love to win a copy of this book as I love a good read and
    I really really need to improve my cooking skills.

    I miss your book reviews so I’m sending you some reading mojo sparkles ✨✨?

  59. Looks like a beautiful book. I’d like to win it because i love reading, plain and simple. My 2 year old & 4 month old do tend to hamper my reading time, but i still read nearly every day. The library is my happy place and if i could read books for a living, i would. I often tell my husband that it makes me sad that i won’t be able to read all the books from my list before i die! (He thinks i’m insane!)

  60. What a delicious looking book! My youngest has just turned 5 and I am pretty sure I have read more books this year than I did the past 8 years put together! It may take some time, but your reading Mojo will return ☺️

  61. I am in a bad book zone where I keep re-reading (yes, RE-reading – the shame!) the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) novels on my Kindle because they don’t require a trip to the library. I go to the library, but only for board books and Enid Blyton CDs, apparently. I had a good system a while ago where I would google Booker prize winners and other literary sounding things, then put a whole pile on reserve at the library at once and my turn at having each of them would trickle in, usually not all at once, so it worked out. But I haven’t done that for a while, so back to Sookie (….and the Babysitters Club … and Harry Potter for the seventy-millionth time…!) it is. I would love to be rescued from myself!

  62. I loved The Colour of Tea, and didn’t realise that Hannah had written another book. Win or lose I will be reading the new one.

  63. Migraines that cause visual disturbances (+ other nasty symptoms) and require daily preventive medication have been cause for my reading mojo to go missing also. It’s time for me to get back in the saddle. The occasion calls for a special read. This could be it πŸ™‚

    Thank you.


  64. Yes please. Sounds delightful, just what is required right now. A good book and sitting in the sunshine to warm the winter chills.

  65. Lorelle Coates says

    Like you I have lost my reading mojo since bubba number 3 came along 11weeks ago, I would love Hannah’s book to be my first read on the journey back to great reading/authors.
    Hope you find your reading mojo soon to Beth, maybe we could both attempt to read it, and then review?
    Big hugs to Mags
    Lorelle xx

  66. Ive also lost my reading mojo! Id love to win one of these books just to look at the pretty pictures!!

  67. Loved Hannah’s last book and would love to win this new one….thanks for setting up this giveaway!!

  68. Well Miss Hannah, writing a book is a huge freakin deal. So big congrats. So is admitting you are in a reading slump Miss Beth. So yay to you too! But regardless of all that jazz, I am totes in love with the typography on the cover design. Yes I’m a freakin nerd.

  69. Christina M. says

    Not getting a summer vacation this year, so I’d love to have a vicarious one! The recipes look so lovely, and I’m thinking that cooking will enable me to travel without ever leaving my kitchen. Thank you for changing my perspective on my summer. <3

  70. After I read the book it would go well on my coffee table. And because its my birthday! Thanks Beth xo

  71. I’d love a new read and this looks right up my alley!

  72. Yes please. I must confess I have sinned, I got lured by the ease of ebooks but there is something about the feel of the book and the turning of the pages that I just love. Always looking for a good book to read.

  73. Hi Beth,
    I’m neither pregnant nor a mother…but I love reading your posts about daily life…you have a lovely natural style that makes what you write so relatable and real, in let’s face it an online world that can sometimes make us feel less than perfect!!! Anyway, went for a job interview yesterday for dream job but think I went terrible in the interview…now my brain is thinking of all the things I should have said??? This book would provide the perfect distraction x

  74. Thats exactly what I’m doing. If I had this book , then I might just read in bed , instead of scrolling through my phone ?

  75. I have just got home from my 10 hour night shift, to find my husband sick in bed – when am I going to sleep? And to top it off, my 4 year old is recovering from a shitty case of hand foot and mouth. I am thinking Hannah’s book could provide me with the perfect escapism πŸ™‚ – get me out of here!! x

  76. Ange Morrison says

    I am always on the lookout for my next read and this is now on the list

  77. I’d love to read this! I’m about to go on holidays and this sounds like the perfect book to start my relaxation on the way to the USA!

  78. I love novels that combine a great story line with tempting and delicious recipes…sounds like this novel has it all!

  79. Sounds like a lovely read. I’ve got a lovely corner in the sun with a comfy chair, just need a pot of tea, blanket and Hannah’s book. Thanks Beth and Hannah for the giveaway!

  80. Whitney Sigler says

    Wow! Two books how wonderful is that. Our son writes, his dream is to be published some day. Thanks

  81. Kim Bibby says

    Oh regardless of if I am a lucky winner or not, I have put it on the list!! Everything you have described speaks to me, AND I used to live in WASHINGTON state!

  82. It’s been so long since I’ve bought or read a book that didn’t have Hairy Maclary or Peppa Pig illustrations that I’d forgotten such wonders even existed!

  83. This would be great! Lately I’ve been reading whilst feeding my 6 month old rather than mindlessly trawling the internet and I’ve just finished my book!

  84. PAT WHITE says

    I love to read and this looks like a book I would really enjoy.

  85. Husband and I are about to go and caretake a property above Broome for 6 months ?. I hate humid weather so I guess that shows how much I love the man ? however we could get rained in and I will need things to do in the air conditioning?

  86. I love reading from an actual book. It makes it more real. And if there yummy recipes involved I’m sold. Mobile device reading is so cold.

  87. Ooh, I loved The Colour of Tea! All of those wonderful flavour combinations had my mouth watering.
    Books about food, who could ask for anything more?

  88. Looks lovely! And maybe will give me back my cooking mojo at the same time?!

  89. Mmmmm salt and honey. The title brings to mind a salted caramel pork belly we had at a wedding recently. This can only be a good thing!!! Love your work x

  90. I prefer reading books, can’t really get into reading on a device. Call me old fashioned, but I would love to read Hannah’s actual, real book. Thanks for the comp Beth!

  91. Natalie Ware says

    This looks divine! I have also lost my reading mojo lately… and I can only blame bed-sharing for so long!

  92. Hello Beth! I distinctly remember reading The Colour of Tea and rushing out to find a macaroon to try! I loved that story. I would love to read Season of Salt and Honey. Books are my ‘me time’ and escape from reality. Though when my girls were young I hardly read at all. Now I am happy to say i am back to reading one book a week. Your blog is beautiful and uplifting. Thanks for writing and sharing. I really look forward to your posts. Xxx Amy

  93. Sounds like a wonderful read with the added bonus of recipes!! AWESOME!!

  94. I would love to read this book, it sounds like a great read.

  95. I read Hannah’s first book a couple years back and loved it.
    I can’t wait till I can get my hands on her latest, Season of Salt and Honey, as it is not available in Canada till September, the wait has been too long!!!!

  96. Would enjoy getting lost in the pages of this book…in between feeding, changing and snuggling my newborn:) x

  97. My reading mojo is well and truly raging. Unfortunately it’s rare for me to find the time to read, but I can always squeeze in a few pages of a good book xx

  98. I’m trying to make time to read every day. Sometimes it’s hard to fit it in but it always makes me feel good. That has to be a good thing right?!

  99. Ooooh yes please. At present I’m reading supernatural fluff (if vampires could be classed as fluff). A proper grown up book would be delightful and this one looks like a cracker!

  100. Oh, I have this book on my reading wish list!!!! Fingers crossed.

  101. After the birth of my second daughter I well and truly lost my reading mojo too. She’s now 2 and I’m very pleased to announce that it’s back with a vengence, ie I would love to read Hannah’s book!

  102. I sat down by the fire last night and read and actual book with pages for the first time in SO long. I also didn’t go to bed until 2 because I couldn’t stop reading! I tend to read through iBooks these days. Unless I am in the bath. Baths are for bubbles and books for me. Ultimate relaxation!
    Since I devour cookbooks like they are novels though, this could be the perfect book for me!

  103. I too need to find my reading mojo again. Argh! But if I can’t, I will gift it to the woman I know who reads a crazy amount of books (which is a good thing!), my sister! As a child she use to pick up the encyclopedia’s and read them (showing my age now!)

  104. Ooh I read Ruth’s review when she posted it a little while ago and was definitely intrigued.
    Combining fiction with a recipe book, how could you lose?

  105. Oh pick me, pick me!! I’ve been looking for a book to kick-start my reading again and distract me from my sometimes rather sucky life. And just so happens my favourite books are those with lovely recipes inside! xx

  106. I have found reading to be the “lifesaver” activity that I do as a Mum of young children. Over the years, with sleeping babes in my arms I’ve devoured many a read, and found it keeps my brain from turning to mush, and gives me something beyond the kitchen sink to think about. More recently I’ve incorporated blogs too, just a quick checkin during tea breaks across the day. All wonderful food for this Mama’s soul, mostly by women too!! Would love to read this book. And Beth reading your blog is like having you at these tea breaks – you make me laugh a lot, thanks for that.

  107. kate westhead says

    Love to win – sounds fabbo

  108. Unlike you Beth – I have my book reading mojo back !!
    I have smashed 2 books in the last 2 months which is big for me. I hope your reading mojo returns soon although how busy you are these days – it will return.
    This book sounds amazing and I would love win it. Enjoy your Sunday xx

  109. That sounds like a great read!! I basically lost the will to read regularly there when the babies came but it’s been back for some time now, not just holidays!! Even joined a new local book group so that’s got me reading books I’d have never considered! Would love a copy of Season of Salt and Honey to devour!

  110. Sounds lovely. You can never have enough books

  111. Would love to read Hannah’s books, I rediscovered my reading mojo after devouring Burial Rites by Hannah Kent last year and then with joining a bookclub, and also discovering the ease of borrowing ebooks from libraries online, I am in bookish Heaven! I can’t get enough, it’s like my drug! To the point where the housework gets abandoned and kids are running around being feral because I. AM. TOO. BUSY. READING.

  112. Looks like a great book !

  113. A really good book will make me forget that my children even exist. I have also been known to cry when a book comes to an end because I do not want to leave the characters!

  114. Gabby Howlett says

    I would love this book. I love reading and cooling and food. This looks like a perfect book for a good read and I love hearing about places I’ve never travelled to…yet. Much reading, cooking, eating and travelling to be done yet πŸ™‚

  115. Nicole Roberts says

    What a wonderful book to choose for my bookclub I belong to for our 1 year anniversary in September!!!

  116. Bec Wilson says

    Would love a copy, great to read a real book rather than the kindle for a change.

  117. I hereby do solemnly promise
    To add this gorgeous book written by Hannah
    To the (small) stack of bedside books
    I have never gotten around to reading
    Since having kids 12 years ago…..

  118. Oooh sounds lovely! Would love to get back into reading again! I find it tricky to find the time, but for a really GOOD book, you just make the time don’t you? All else fails to be done when I’m engrossed in a wonderful book. How lucky you are to have such a talented friend πŸ™‚

  119. LOVE the sound of this book and recipes dotted through, what a treat. I think I would inhale it..
    Always on the look out for fab new authors, if I don’t manage to win a copy then I will hunt one down, thanks for the tip :o)

  120. Wow yes please, would love to win a copy. I could do with a good book to help get me back into my reading zone.

  121. This would be an awesome opportunity to get my reading mojo back. I was an avid reader growing up but haven’t read a proper book since my first son was born….who is now 5 1/2. I even bought the Liane Moriarty book for your book club and it’s still unread! Shameful. X

  122. Yes please – always up for a new book

  123. Oooh I’ve just got back in to reading after 2 babies. Only thing is I’ve been reading books on my Samsung tablet, i would love a real paper book to read!

  124. Oh dear…can I sneak in…? I’m not a cheat or anything…just haven’t read your blog since last week…:/
    I need something to get the old reading mojo back…but nothing I’ve picked up yet has done it for me, but your recipes have me cooking again so maybe this is the double whammy I need.

  125. Once upon a fateful day, an unplanned pregnancy came my way and soon my books were packed away.
    My precious gift came prematurely one day, followed closely by depression, separation and a new life’s way.
    Now that life’s perfect in every way, my precious daughter making each day, I’ll need a new book to brighten my day.
    So….please BabyMac show me the way πŸ™‚

  126. I, too, have had a book drought for the past year after having my 4th baby. Since I sometimes dream about running away to a cabin this sounds like the perfect book to break the drought. I’d live to read it and try out some of those recipes.


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