Fathers Day giveaway from Mister Goma worth $299

Eeeeek, I just figured out that it’s Fathers Day next weekend. And not to alarm anyone unnecessarily, but it’s SEPTEMBER next week. Sheesh.

One of my readers has given you guys one hot giveaway for Fathers Day next week. That way you don’t even have to come up with a present. How good is that? Mistergoma is the love child of Melbourne based furniture maker Michael Virgona. The story of how mistergoma came to be is not new. It’s been told the world over for decades. It’s a story of someone discovering a bit later in life what they truly love to do, of being gently pushed and encouraged by friends and family to make the leap and of eventually moving from being a hobby furniture maker to furniture maker at large. Well that’s the plan anyway.

So even better it’s a pressie FROM a Dad TO the Dad in your life!


Mister Goma is giving away to one lucky reader in Australia one of these fab timber height charts worth $299.


  • Made from Australian hardwood recycled timber
  • Sealed in a water-based polyurethane to protect it for years to come
  • Thickness and width varies from time to time but as a rough guide, width 170mm (sometimes wider), height 1900mm (sometimes taller), depth 20mm (sometimes thicker)
  • Each ruler is unique – knots and character in timber will vary
  • Record the precious moments in your family – your kids growing each year
  • Parents/grandparents can play too – record their heights along with your kids development
  • Keep as a long lasting family keepsake (especially if you move house)

All you have to do is follow @mistergomaau on Instagram and leave us a comment below telling me why the Dad in your life needs one of these. Yay! Giveaway won’t be around for long (we will close it off on Monday 31st August 9am AEST so we can get it sent to you in time for next weekend). Unfortunately it’s only for peeps in Australia. You can read the rest of the T&C’s here.

You can also check out the rest of Michael’s gorgeous bespoke furniture pieces on this website here. Yay!


Good luck!


  1. Emma Dyson says

    Hey Beth My husband needs this little number (could be a pun) in his life. We have moved to our dream home but our little girl is now 4 and we have missed doing all the marks of her growth on a wall as we have been in a couple of houses in her life so far. We don’t plan on going anywhere now and this would be such a memory keeper for our house. We are still trying to make this house a home and this girl of mine is growing at the speed of light!

  2. The Dad at this house would LOVE one of those! And saves him transferring the next measurements to the piece of scaffold we have been lugging around every time we move…..
    it would even look great in the man cave! Perfect dad gift.
    Thanks for supporting small Australian businesses.

  3. Father’s Day always catches me a bit by surprise. I’m always a bit more focussed on my upcoming birthday the week after and forget all about the poor old Dad’s in my life. Anyway this year I intend to change that. I would love this for my hard working husband who gives so much to everyone especially in his role as a teacher and really he gets so little back. We can’t afford holidays or little things but he’s always such a happy chappy and makes sure his family are well looked after. Our kids adore him. I know how much a gift like this would mean to him. x

  4. So gorgeous! I would love this as we are trying, I wouldn’t even tell my Husband I had won it I would just hide it in the garage and then when I annouce our pregnancy I would pop it in the soon-to-be nursery with our heights written as “Dad” and “Mum” on it.
    Following @mistergomaau

  5. The Dad in our life needs one, because, as a Dad, he really measures up!

  6. LOVE these height charts!! And so would my hubby. I’d love to surprise him with a gift like this because, quite frankly, he puts up with a lot of my nagging all year round. But that’s my job as a mum, right – family nag? Oh please tell me it’s not just me :-). He’s a good sort and a fabulous dad to our three girls. They look up to him – metaphorically, and literally, as he’s six foot five!! This beautiful timber height chart would speak volumes about how we feel about him. We reckon he’s a keeper, and we’d love this “keeper” too.Following @mistergomaau

  7. Oh my goodness…the dad in this house would love this. I’ve not let him mark the walls with the height of our little boy and soon to be measured baby girl. He would love me forever if he got this for Father’s Day! Plus he has been a fabulous dad looking after our little boy whilst I was in and out of hospital with various complications throughout my pregnancy with our 6 week old 🙂

  8. Lol. So that we / he could have a permanent reminder of our children growing. Because it looks gorgeous. Who am I kidding? I dont want it for him I want it for ME!!!!

  9. Kylie Butler says

    My husband won’t let us sell our current house without taking the section of the very bespoke pantry door where we record the kids’ heights with us. As a result we are at a stand off and with three children, two bedrooms and only one toilet there is a lot at stake!

  10. I would love for my little man to give one to his Dad, his Dad is so hard to buy for and I showed him the picture he said “oooooh I like that!”.

  11. The minifigs’ dad complains he is shrinking with age.. he could measure his decent into wrinkly Hobbitage perfectly with this gorgeous ruler :oD xx

  12. Perfect for the daddy in our house, he can record how much he is shrinking as the kids are growing – honestly he’s getting smaller every year.

  13. Growing up, when we’d go home to the farm for the holidays, all the cousins would all be measured on the door frame. Now, with kids of our own, & nieces and nephews, it would be lovely to start our own tradition with the kids. My hubby is all about family. Our house has become the go-to for family events- this ruler would make a great centre piece for this tradition as our family continues to grow in size and height

  14. Rowena / VintageNobility says

    With our little one due in October what better timing than to have such a beautifully crafted and unique height chart up on the wall in time to measure our baby from day one!
    My Dr/Ob has been pulling a shocked face and saying right from the first visit up till the most recent one – OooohGaaawsh she’s so long!

    In all honesty, if anyone can appreciate the beauty of working with timber it would indeedy be Mr VintageNobility – with the 5year, slow and steady transformation of our single story weatherboard cottage into a double story: with Upper and lower wrap around verandahs added to the front and the back of our home!
    From the stumps up; there is not a joist, beam or stud that he had not leveled! Every weatherboard sanded n painted, every piece of our jarrah decking cut to precision on a 45 degree angle to make the joins appear seemless, new Tasmanian oak floors – all lengths selected and secret nailed to the perfectly leveled old joists – it’s been a labour of love, that while still not finished, it is already admired and appreciated for the care and craftsmanship undertaken!

    Good luck to everyone in the running!
    Thanking also Babymacbeth and Mister Goma.
    IMHO: The loving role of a good father (and I include those women who – through circumstances – have taken on the role of mothering AND fathering their children) simply cannot be measured!

  15. Oh my gosh, I saw this timber height chart in a magazine months ago and fell in love with it. I cut it out and put it on my wish list. My hubby is in the midst of turning his shed into a man cave and this would be the perfect addition!

  16. My husband is a great dad. Our three kids just LOVE him and he truly deserves such a wonderful gift. We love special and quirky things in our house and this looks spectacular. It would hang as art in our living room – and grow and change with our family.

  17. This is awesome! My fella would love this in the house, although not as much as me! He would be uber jealous he didnt come up with this idea himself! He is a handy man and I’m constantly nagging him and adding to his to do list. He would love this as someone else has done the hard work. Lovely addition to our home as the inside of the linen cupboard we use to measure the kids grow has been a bit negelected….

  18. Its our first fathers day here… Little Mr is a week older than your miss Maggie, so such a beautiful way of tracking the growth of little mr… and our family xxoo… Such a beautiful piece of timber.

  19. Currently the Father Sir is getting a ketchup tomato sauce squirter and a Peppa Pig stubbie holder. You know it makes sense to bestow something as timeless as this upon a man who is destined for socks and jocks for the next twenty years. It’s not that we don’t care. It’s more that we’re really crap.

  20. Our Daddy would love one of these! He’s a chippy, timber is his livelihood and he works so hard to support our little family xx

  21. These are FANTASTIC!!
    We have 3 children (4, 3 & 19months) and another due in October. I have been going crazy trying to think of something special and unique to get him and this just may be the answer to our prayers! The kids would love to give their dad this. The two older ones are forever comparing heights. This would a great way to record and for them to compare. Plus is extremely aesthetically pleasing for me! I just love it! Good luck to all that enter, and Happy Fathers to all the dads.?

  22. The Dad in my life would love this! Our little girl Edy would love to try and win this for her Dad. At 16 months, she is a wee little dot of a thing. Edy and her Dad love to play ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ and they each take turns at stacking up blocks. This would be mounted with pride in the living room for all to see and not only measure Edy’s (and future siblings) growth but will also be used for games and counting

  23. My husband would love this as we currently measure our three daughters height by etching it into the timber door frames. This causes him a great deal of distress when it comes time to paint and patch up the house. We have also had to leave behind these precious memories when we sold our house. I know this would bring a lot of love to his life, and in turn ours. A happy husband = happy life.

  24. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous. A mutant ruler. We just started writing the height & age of our 3 cherubs on the walls of our house but this ruler would be such a standout piece.

  25. He could use it to measure stuff ?

  26. The girls Daddy could do with one of these because:
    1. We have been wanting this exact thing for ages!
    2. We renovated last year and the laundry wall that had the eldest’ height recorded on it now no longer exists. It is just a photo on his iPhone so we can transfer the heights to our new height chart (when we can afford it as spent all $$ on aforementioned reno).
    3. During renovation #2 arrived so we need somewhere to begin her height recording journey on.
    4. He would love this huge surprise as all he is currently getting is a crappy travel mug (refer to previous comment regarding drained bank account) – eep!
    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!

  27. Would so love to win one for our girls to give to their dad. My Italian inlaws are tiny, so the girls are always comparing their heights to Nonna and Nonno! Would be great to preserve that forever.

  28. We’ve just had our first child – Evie in May (just like Maggie)! She’s awesome! Think we might keep her!!!

    So this will be our very first Fathers’ Day and I haven’t organised a present…eek indeed! I’m guessing you can’t leave finding a present up to a 4 month old?!

    Best thing about the timing is Evie gets her hip brace off (having inherited congenital hip dysplasia from her daddy) 2 days after Fathers’ Day, so we need something to measure her on?! That ruler should just about do the job!!!

    Present: tick! Ruler: tick! Everybody wins!

  29. wow what a cool cool present! this is my hubbies first Father’s Day with all our three sons (we have a 4week old). I am racking my brain trying to work out how to get him something great that would involve them all and this is so great ✔️✔️✔️. I’m unable to drive for 6 weeks so that really put a spanner in things. I can so see this being used so much over the years as we watch our boys grow up over and beyond ourselves!!!

  30. Leigh Rampellini says

    So many awesome entries it will be hard to choose a winner. My husband is of course amazing but I would simply just love this for my son (3 1/2) to give to his Daddy as he loves handcrafted wooden furniture and this would look awesome in our house.

  31. I would love this for our family. We are moving into our 10th house in 15 years, our 8th since starting our family, and not our last for a while yet. It could be something that we take with us wherever we go that would make each house our home.

  32. Rachel Fabbro says

    Oh my gosh!! This height chart would be amazing for my hubby. He is most patient and attentive but most importantly, mischievous daddy to our dare devil almost 2yr old son. He works so hard so we can have an easy life and our son can have everything he needs….which is usually more dirt and a new motorbike toy haha. I would love to suprise him with this as he would be absolutely amazed. It’s such a beautiful piece. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing men in our lives xx

  33. Visiting my Nan & Pop late last year, my Pop offered to measure all of my kids against our family height chart that spans back 56 years to my eldest Uncle. This was pretty special because up until this point my Pop had little to do with my 3 stepchildren, so this was really an ‘acceptance’ turning point after 9 years & I was also in awe of the history behind it, my 9 year old was the same height as my Dad to the exact mm back in 1970 when he too was 9. It was such a beautiful measure of history & we started one at home too on the trim of our loungeroom. So I’d love to win this for my Husband so that one day he too can be recording our Great Grandchildren onto it.. Because my heart smiled the day my Pop showed me ours.

  34. That is one stunning ruler.
    As I hear him snore, whilst feed the baby at 4am, I could kill for him not having breasts and being able to feed the baby. However he does rule at being a dad (hahaha) and making worse dad jokes than that.
    He took the oldest two swimming tonight and came back with hot chips! I don’t think it gets much better than that.

  35. What a wonderful idea! Every house and every family needs a way to commerate the growing little and big people in their household. This will not only become a feature styling piece in our house but you are creating your own gorgeous family heirloom- this would make my husbands 1st Father’s Day all the more special. Congrats to the creative team!

  36. Holy shit it’s Fathers Day?! With a 3 week old baby boy this occasion has totally slipped my mind! Eeek! Thank you for the reminder Beth!
    This unique piece would be the perfect first Fathers Day gift for my hubby. I can see my boys now measuring each milestone with this beauty on our kitchen wall; first few years trying to get our little man to stay still enough then following on to the older years no doubt arguing with his old man that he wasn’t on his tippy toes!
    We would be honoured to win such a gift for a first family tradition. My husband would truly love it and I can’t think of a better way to thank him for his unwavering love and gentle care of us already!

  37. Daddy loves fishing but like most fishermen slightly exaggerates how big the fish really are!
    That way the two little people in our lives could help keep the exaggeration going!!

  38. This would be perfect for the boys to give to Tim. We love recording our boy’s milestones so this would just be the icing on the cake!

  39. Hi,

    I’m in LOVE with these height charts! We are renovating to sell our house and have just put a fresh coat of paint over what was the kids height chart from when my daughter was a baby (now 3 1/2). What memories this gorgeous height chart would give to our family. My husband is the ‘marker’ of the kids height so what a perfect gift. Well done @mistergomaau and thank you Beth for this wonderful opportunity x

  40. Chookie Hetherington says

    This is bloody brilliant!! We have been living O.S since we had our kiddos & have been recording the kids heights on paper & dreaming of the day when we are out of our rental & in our Aussie home. My husband is obsessed with having massive sons & drills me every time I return from the kids check ups at the Dr about their height, weight, where they fall in the percentile band. Man growth competitiveness one might say. LOVE it & would love one! X

  41. We have been a bit hopeless with measuring the kids and now they are 6 & 4 so would love to hang this up to remind us. It’s also pretty gorgeous and I’d love to have it hanging in my home! Am following on Insta 🙂

  42. Hi Beth, I love your blog and felt compelled to enter this competition, I really love this height chart, what a great idea. We live on a family farm and at my husband’s parents house they have all of the children’s heights and now the grandchildren’s heights (and their respective teddies heights) on one of the door architraves. I have been meaning to start something similar at our house but have never gotten around to it. (My girls are now 3 – whoops!). This present would definitely get me started!!! Plus, their dad is only going to get slippers for fathers day – much needed but really, how boring!!

  43. I love these wooden height charts!! I’d love to win one for my girls gorgeous daddy because as much as I love him he’s been promising to make one of these for nearly 8 years!! This would save him. ?

  44. Kristy bason says

    I really just love the whole design and concept of the wooden height chart, I am currently layed up recovering from knee surgery and can’t take out the 3 kids to buy something and my darling hubby is looking after me and the kids so I think he deserves a special surprise

  45. The dad in our house would love one of these so his wife…aka me…stops hasseling him to make me a height chart! But seriously it would be lovely to have such a stunning australian made piece in our home. What an amazing treasure and heirloom it would be.

  46. Since losing my dad some years back and becoming a wide and mother, Father’s Day really has taken on new meaning. We celebrate the amazing man Alex who supported and nurtured me through my life, and rejoice in the amazing husband and father Adam is who supports, loves and teaches our two children. It’s a day for handmade cards, disorganised bed cuddles and tickle fights and breakfast in bed. We’re really lucky to have Adam in our lives and its a day for family time, simple pleasures and a slower pace.

  47. I love this height chart! + it’s my birthday, so it could be a present for us both.

  48. The daddy in my life would love this as he had been working on our Reno for the last 3 years & we are finally reaching the end! We did have a list of Heights in a doorway that somehow got lost in the Reno. I’m going one day someone else might find it under the plaster & wonder who we were. …… If we don’t win I think we will just have to combine his bday & fathers day so we can buy one anyways!

  49. It would be amazing to win this for my partner who is an amazing man and father who never asks for anything but gives us his all. He is so proud of our growing girls and would love having this beauty in our home to keep a record of their growth and milestones.

  50. My hubby would love to win this!!!! Everyone that enters/visits our house is promptly lined up and measured on our wall!! And sometimes funny little messages are left! We are currently are using washi tape so in case we renovate/move we can take with us – so this would be a perfect present for my hubby for Fathers Day!!

  51. My husband is so hard to buy for and with Father’s Day, our anniversary & his birthday before Christmas, it’s a challenge to come up with gifts. This year he found something he wanted (a meat smoker) & ordered it – so it would be great to give him this as a surprise especially as this height chart would make such a special addition to our house

  52. Our special Dad would L O V E one of these. We have welcomed a new baby to our family 3 months ago. With a 8 & 7 year old sister and brother, we would love to see how our new little girl “measures” up. Fabulous prize.

  53. Hey
    This looks fabulous! So clever… My husband and his family are a tall breed. He is over 6″3 and our girls, at the tender ages of 10 and 7 years look set to continue that family tradition of height! We have recorded their growth spurts on a wooden beam near the dining room (and boy there have been a few cms in a mere month!) and I would love to continue to mark and watch their growth on this height chart. I feel it will also be used in a few years to laugh at me and my (relative) shortness!

  54. After losing my father in law two years ago at a young 66, Fathers Day is a bittersweet day for us. It reminds us to cherish each day and celebrate & record each milestone for these are the golden days. What a wonderful family heirloom mistergoma has created, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing his work Beth it reminds us all to slow down & record the special moments.

  55. Paula Norman says

    My boys Dad needs this so we can start again…..our sad and non sentimental builders threw are door frame with all our boys heights in the skip when we did our renovation…despite being told to save it. It was the second time I saw my husband cry when he learnt it had been thrown away – heartbreaking.

  56. Why……just because I love him!

  57. Oh please please pick me. We have wanted one of these for ages. We had a height chart on the wall at our old house but didn’t want to write on the newly painted renovated walls when we moved. I have seen these online and think they are fantastic. I have even bought ply with idea of stenciling it on my myself. …….ummm that was 2yrs ago and I am not particularly crafty. I visited my old house last week and the chart is still on the wall ….made me nostalgic and teary. Please pick me so I don’t try making one myself and get to give my lovely hubby a beautiful family heirloom instead.

  58. Bridget Jarrad says

    I would love to give this to my husband from our two little sons as the final prize on a scavenger hunt, with the starting clue “let’s see if you measure up as the worlds best Dad” and the final message attached to the giant ruler next to my husbands height will be “you do measure up as the worlds best dad, we love you”.
    Bridget @midnightmums

  59. Megan Connolly says

    Hi Beth,

    Firstly, I’d like to say that I love reading your blog (not to sound like I’m sucking up) I’m not much of a blog follower, but I always love reading your posts and seeing your pics. I’m trying to be a much better house wife (I’m not a cooking fan), but have been trying out all your recipes and my husband has been loving it! (Who knew you could skin sausages for a different tasting meat)!!
    This will be David’s first fathers day – my little man Daly is a week in front of Mags. I have loved having someone to follow their pregnancy story, being a FTM with no previous mum friends in our life, it was great to hear all the things I’m going through were “normal”!! Your preggo files were fantastic for that!!
    Unfortunately when Daly was 5 weeks old, we lost David’s dad unexpectedly to an aggressive form of muscle cancer, so this fathers day, whilst it is David’s first, it will also be very sad as we are missing grandpa. I have been struggling to find a really cool gift – we have the usual socks / jocks and mug so far and this is perfect! David would absolutely love this gift, as we both also did this growing up – but lost all the measurements when our parents moved from our family homes. This way we can keep for our children forever. David would make one of these for us, but working 12 hour days and renovating our house, he has enough on his plate (plus I’m always getting him to make us stuff)! This would be a treasured memento for our new family, for a really new fantastic dad! Thanks xo

  60. I love my husband, he is an amazing father, partner, but bless him he is the most in-handiest-man in the world. His one attempt to fix our toilet in our first unit resulted in my Dad having to come fix what he broke and then what was originally broken. We have 3 beautiful children and Ive shown him DIY height measure charts like this (but NOWHERE as nice) in the past and the poor man just shutters. His tool box consists of one hammer and a computer screwdriver… He’s not allowed anything else. Needless to say he will never ever make something like this for the kids, but I just know he would love it.

  61. I would love to wrap this up for my husband, father of my two kids. Could not imagine a more appropriate gift for him who spends his work hours measuring and designing, then comes home and is gets stuck into a home renovation to make our place more comfortable. He only just suggested last week that we should start recording the kids heights as his parents did…! This would be perfectly homed in our new living area he is building!

  62. so he can measure the height of all his grandkids and keep a historical records

  63. My darling dad would be the most deserving recipient of this classic height chart… For 42 years he had plotted the growth of his own three children, then followed on with three beautiful grand kiddies – all inside my wardrobe door. After almost 40 years of memories in the house he built, he and mum moved and had to leave behind the wardrobe door!!! Luckily we took measurements to graph on a new chart… Just need a beautiful one worthy of 40 years of heights. Every far deserves spoiling in Father’s Day and my dad is no exception.

  64. Wow! Love the height chart! My gorgeous Hubby will be celebrating his first Father’s Day this year.
    Our little girl is 6 weeks. It would be an amazing present that all the family could enjoy. He is an amazing Dad and it would be so wonderful to start creating memories for our little family.

  65. Well Ad the Dad would love that beautiful growth chart for Father’s Day, but not quite as much as I would! We are renters and I often lament not being able to mark off the heights of our 5 and 4 yo.’s. Also their is a 3rd child in the works right now (I’d forgotten the smashing morning sickness can deliver) and he/she could be recorded from the start! So please consider us, particularly keeping in mind that as a Maths teacher that gorgeous ruler makes me seriously happy. Cheers Sarah the Hungry.

  66. We are a bunch of shorties ! Hubby and I are the same height (160cm) so we need this chart to keep a track of our kids who are sure to overtake us in height in the not too distant future ?

  67. My dad loves timber, he has grown up cutting and working with wood his whole life. This would be the perfect gift (and proof that I really am taller than him!)

  68. Sonia Manoukian says

    My dad loves measuring everything I think this will keep him entertained for a while while we secretly organise his 60th Surprise birthday:)

  69. Hi Beth,
    Long time follower/reader of your blog and very first time commenting!

    I had to give this one as a go as I had just finished reading about the Mister Goma story in the Women’s Weekly Homes and then came across this giveaway when readying your blog so thought it was a sign…..

    My husband would love this as I have (quite messily) scribbled names, dates and heights of my two beautiful boys over the last 8 years which has resulted in a section of our white wall covered in very important scribble!

    We are now looking to move on from this house that contains so many memories and the thought of having to paint over those timestamps gives me a tight chest! My husband would be forever grateful if he could replicate this info on the height chart, paint the walls and dodge the bullet of having deal with an emotional wife when the time come that these walls need to be painted. Hence a very good Father’s Day for him!

  70. ooooh these are so great!! The Dad in our house would love this not only to measure our two delightful terrors, but also because he can NEVER find a ruler when he wants one. Solution!

  71. Wow! I love this idea- have been thinking of how we could transfer our hodge-potch heights inside the linen cupboard (it really needs painting!) plus my darling husband & wonderful daddy is a whole lotta scrappy- he has been writing with texta outside the door ? So… To transfer that family history to a beautiful piece such as this would be perfect: to keep the history, to paint the linen cupboard & to keep the texta confined! Thanks BabyMac & Micheal Virgona x

  72. Dad needs one of these to keep track of how tall our daughter is getting without asking me all the time!

  73. I don’t think watching the kids tick off birthdays is enough for their dad to feel his age. I think he needs this to really rub in how big they’re getting and therefore how old he is. Besides, it’s beautiful. Just like him.

  74. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not, but Hubs said to me only last night… “I’d love a giant ruler to hang on the wall. I think it’d look awesome.”… And then I see this post.
    Serendipitous perhaps… ?

  75. Judith Senese says

    Not for the Dad in my life, but for 3 future dad’s, so that they can show their children how tall they were at different ages.

  76. Eeek, I’ve been admiring these for a very long time. We are saving for our forever home and put all our spare cash away in the hope that we will ditch this renting game for good in the next 12 months. I have a list of things (such a list girl) to buy when we have this house of ours. One of these rulers is on the list. I have been taking height measurements of all our boys and logging them, so when the time comes they can be etched into this beautiful piece and kept forever …. Maybe we can even add the grand kids to it one day. I love that this caters for big kids too – my eldest is 16 and towers over his 3 and 1 year old brothers (….and me). It would be so wonderful for the boys and I to etch the heights and dates into this piece and present it to Mr husband/Dad for Father’s Day. Then I can cross something off the list too…. love that feeling 🙂

  77. Melissa Kagie says

    Dad needs this as our current height chart isn’t tall enough to measure him against the rest of the family!

  78. Jenny McMahon says

    Hi there,
    I would love to be able to give this to the Dad in my family, a Dad who has gone through a lot in the last 2 years. A breakdown, triggered off by an intolerable work situation, hospitalisations,then losing his job 8 months ago, when he could not “measure up” to their increasing expectations. Inch by inch he has been rebuilding himself, through therapy, rest, friends – and woodworking in his shed. He more than measures up, in the eyes of me and our girls, and with each thing he builds, I think he is starting to feel it himself, and it would be great to give this to him, as a very special gift he could relate to watch our girls and our love grow over time we are blessed to have together. Jen

  79. My hubby needs this because he’s just become a father of 3. (8 years, 6 years and 17 weeks- so sure he would love to record their milestones). He’s never been a handy man and in the last few months sadly he inherited his Dads tools. He missed his Dad every day and yet he’s still the best Dad our kids could ask for. This last school holidays he used some of his Dads tools to have a go for the first time and he did s great job!

  80. Jo M (deevajo) says

    Nothing like a new healthy obsession (like his digital weather station last year and the digital scales the year before) and as he also thinks he’s shrinking
    Keeps him out of Mum’s hair! 🙂

  81. Tawhi Kirk says

    Looking back over,
    My childhood years.
    There is one thing,
    That’s abundantly clear.

    My father was selfless.
    He worked day and night.
    Simply to make sure,
    Our family was alright.

    Our home always happy.
    Our bellies were fed.
    We always slept warm,
    Snuggled up in our beds.

    So what kind of Father,
    Is he known to be?
    He’s the very best kind…
    And most important to me.

    Utmost deserving,
    Of this gorgeous prize.
    For he is one of the best,
    Men in my life!

    My Father desperately needs this prize. He is a Grandfather to four bossy girls and this gorgeous piece will be perfect for helping him keep up with them as the years go by and they shoot up like bean sprouts.

  82. I want my idol, my hero, my Dad to awake EVERY morning to see HE rules!

  83. Natalie Robinson says

    With 11 grandchildren and 2 more on the way, this would be a great way for our blended family to track how tall everyone is growing over time. I could see it become a great family traditon. Luckily GrandDad is tall so at least for now he’ll “Rule the Roost”

  84. Laura Scriven says

    My man will be Dad for the first time,
    So this would be divine!
    Tracking our number one on it,
    It’s sure to be a hit!

  85. I’m so embarrassed to say that I haven’t been keeping a record of my kids heights (now 5 and 8!). Dad has been on my back to do it so this would be the PERFECT way to get started. And I love that it’s portable as we are renting now which meals it would be super handy for when we move.

  86. For those times when he needs a smack from the kids

  87. This will be the first Father’s Day for the dad in our house and this would make a rad first Father’s Day present! We had a bit of a rocky start to parenthood, with much sickness and hospital time, but he’s all recovered and has been doing an amazing job of catching up and now delights in showing off his mad daddying skillz 🙂

  88. I bought one of these for Christmas last year – I love it and everyone comments on it when they walk into our place (I had to put it in the lounge room cos it was too good to hide away in a kids room!) Good Luck everyone!! x

  89. A gift for someone that is useful for everyone else. That is the best present. ha ha. The kids height chart will be Pinterest worthy, Insta-sensational forever more with this beauty. Happy Fathers Day!!

  90. Big old papa bear would adore this to measure up our three little bears. He started one out in our garage but this one would blow his mind! It’s so cool to think that one day our kids could use this on their kids and so on. What a beautiful treasure.

  91. kate Bradshaw says

    I have decided to be honest here my husband would not be the slightest bit interested in this and would think it would be handy for something in the shed BUT I freckin love it. What a great idea.

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