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Thanks so much for all the great entries to the giveaway. Poor Pez has been beside herself having to choose just one winner! She sent me an email last night which she wanted me to share with you guys:

Can I please just say to the readers thank you so, so much? I read each and every comment multiple times and while I can’t respond to them all personally, I need them to know that it was so encouraging to hear that people are enjoying documentary style family photography!! My aim since the beginning of my journey has always been to alley those fears people have about getting a photographer to take their photo, and to encourage people that there is an alternative to staged and stressful family photos! Thanks for showing them that through your amazing little family. I really believe taking photos of everyday life helps you see the BEAUTY in it, and all their comments have encouraged me to keep shooting true to that 🙂 

But it was beyond ridiculous choosing a winner out of so many amazing and worthy responses and I honestly felt almost sick having to choose just one! So can I maybe offer any BabyMac readers deciding to take the plunge and book a session in the next 12 months like a 20% discount on any of my family sessions? I just feel like to need to offer everyone something because I’m so thankful for their kind words and I’d love to tell their stories. 

But she has chosen a winner and that lucky person was…

Em Malcolm

with this comment:


Also, I’m not clever enough to upload our awful wedding photos, but rest assured they’re cheesy, unflattering (I was pregnant and puffy), and make us too sad to do anything with (they’re still just on a disc the photographer gave us).

We have the most beautiful rambunctious two year old boy and brand newborn twin girls. We have an alright camera and took loads of very unprofessional shots of G as a bob, but looking after three kindles we barely have time to snap a quick shot with the phone let alone lovingly set up shots with good lighting etc.

We always said we’d get family photos professionally done to rectify the wedding photography disaster and yours look incredible. Just casual candid shots, capturing your lives together, how perfect.

With the sudden increase in family numbers we couldn’t really afford someone as great as Pez right now so to win this would be brilliant.

Loving on your pregnancy/newborn/baby files also, Beth, keep them coming…. xx

Congrats Em! I’ll shoot you an email and hook you up with Pez so you can work out logistics.

Make sure if you are making a booking in the next 12 months that you found her through BabyMac and you’ll get a 20% discount!

Thanks again Pez and congrats to Em x


  1. Congrats Em! (The name of one of my absolute besties which already makes us buds). Looking forward to shooting life with your crazy little brood!

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