Cleaning from the inside out: Probiotic Solutions

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I’ve recently discovered the benefits of taking a daily Probiotic tablet to keep my insides happy. Since having Maggie I have been making sure that I take one each day along with my other postnatal care tablets. Whilst it’s keeping my guts happy (haven’t they been getting a working in the past few months?) I have read that it can help with breastfeeding issues (stopping blocked ducts that can lead to mastitis), as well as helping build Maggie’s immune system and help with allergies like eczema and asthma (both things that Harper has suffered with since she was a baby).

So when I was asked to check out a range of Probiotic cleaning products I was interested to have a look. Cleaning? Well you know I am a fruit loop when it comes to that, and especially now with a little one AND a dog in the house, anything chemical free is certainly something I’m looking for.

Probiotic Solutions has been around since 2013 after discovering a gap in the market here in Australia (Michelle the Director of the company discovered Probiotic cleaning products in the states at the time). Whilst it seems strange to be putting bacteria INTO your home when you should be cleaning it the theory is that if there are more beneficial bacteria’s in a given environment than bad bacteria can’t flourish.

There are 7 products in 5 different blends. All the products only use organic ingredients, essential oils and the 14 species of non-GMO probiotic bacteria. I tried all 6 products in 2 different blends.

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The Vitality blend of lemon myrtle, lemongrass, pink grapefruit and rosemary was a really nice mix that left behind a nice smell. Being the over sprayer and prolific wiper of benches I gave the Anywhere Anytime a decent work out. It worked well on all my kitchen benches – being able to cut through grease (which I find some other non chemical products can’t).


The hand cleaner lives at the kitchen sink (I like the stylish packaging enough to keep it out there all the time) and it was perfect for the kids to use before we eat, cleaning up my hands after cooking and worked really well on cleaning my gardening hands.


And the bathroom cleaner left the whole place sparkling and smelling a treat (I used it to wipe down pretty much everything except the glass shower screens and mirrors).


I gave the Fresh feet a solid workout on my and the kids shoes as well. This mix has over 15 different strains of bacteria bred to co-exist and support each other to consume odour causing compounds getting rid of the smell and discouraging the stink-making ones from returning.


You know you can actually drink this stuff? Well you wouldn’t, but you could. That’s not bad for a cleaning product is it?

The next products were the Room Refresh, Mop me floor cleaner and the Cuffs & Collars in the Bliss blend: a mixture of lavender, tea tree, lemon & Cyprus.


The Room refresh is a room deodoriser that I used in particular rooms & areas in the house that need it most. Our walk in wardrobe which houses way too many shoes and seems to stay dark and stinky…and Daisy’s bedroom which is on the south side of the house and in winter gets zero sunshine for months. It’s always the coldest and as a consequence seems to get a little mould and damp smell through these months.

The cuffs and collars was a good pre-wash stain remover (that said I don’t have many business shirts to keep clean with Rob sporting a flanno pretty much every day this winter). The floor cleaner is my number one area of happiness when it comes to cleaning and I was happy that a chemical free product actually seemed to clean, and leave a shine and good smell afterwards. I want that smug clean feeling when I go to the effort of mopping all our bloody floors!


I’m looking forward to continuing to use these products in the next few months and give the home a decent cleaning detox over a period of time. All products can be bought online with different kits available in scents or products.

Bits I liked the most?

The packaging, which means I am happy for these products to be out on display in the kitchen and bathroom. The chemical free, organic ingredients making it safe for Maggie and Frank who spend most of the time on the floor at home, as well as being natural and eco friendly for our septic system. The scent and the fact that it’s a small Aussie business that can be accessed conveniently online.

You can find out more about the company and their story on their website here as well as follow them on Facebook here.

Is chemical free cleaning important to you?
Do you use probiotics for yourself? Or your home already?


  1. I vac and mop my floors every day. They are all tiles and wood. I confess that to me a floor is not clean without a chemical, mainly bleach based. I can’t imagine putting bacteria back into my house. I spend my life bleaching it away!

  2. Natalie Ware says

    Oh these look great! Heading over to their page… always wanting to try something with less chemicals both for our own health and the environment! Especially if it actually cleans!

  3. I just ordered a starter pack – looking forward to trying it! The fragrances sound amazing and I’m always looking to reduce chemicals when cleaning.

  4. This is kinda scary for me, I tend to think clean is when you choke on domestos. The smell of bleach makes me happy. It is a bit like Enjoy everyone tells me how great it is but I have SO MANY QUESTIONS, how? how does it really clean without chemicals?! QUESTIONS!

    • Hi Kylie, I too was a skeptic about ENJO until I saw it in action at a demo! From that demo, I went to another and was so wowed that I became an ENJOpreneur- I just HAD to share it’s wonderful, amazing goodness with others!! In a simple answer to how ENJO cleans, it’s all to do with fibres- you wipe over your surfaces, it picks up, traps and holds all the dirties, greasies and germies, and will not release them until it is washed in your washing machine. ENJO is one of those things that has to be explained and showed in detail so I highly recommend you get in contact with a consultant. Chemical free is the only way I clean now and my house has NEVER been more squeaky clean and it smells of…fresh air!! So awesome! I don’t know how I possibly ever lived without my floor cleaner- I can sweep AND mop my 4×2 house in 10-15mins! (Sorry for the post hijack BabyMac! I’m off to check out these products for my non-enjoable products?)

    • Hi Kylie and Teah

      Our products are designed to make your home and environment healthier. Bleach is a little like your broad spectrum antibiotic – it might have a purpose when things have really gone awry, but using it everyday is not necessary.

      At any one time there are a riduclously large number of bacteria floating around in the air, living on surfaces and in microscopic nooks and crannies – mostly just getting on doing their thing. Killing 99.9% of them is not only not necessary but also potentially harmful as many pathogens (eg salmonella) grow best when there is no other bacteria competing with them for food / space etc. Its just like those little blue guys on the Inner Health Plus ad – the best scenario is when there is a balance – no bacteria is dominant – everyone’s just getting on doing their thing.

      There’s 15 different strains of bacteria in the cleaning products, each added for a specific purpose (be it because they breakdown putrefactive compounds that cause odour or because they are the food source of another bacteria). During the fermentation process the bacteria interact with each other creating proteins and compounds that cut throgh grease and grime.

      That’s how it works in a nutshell. If you have any other questions, happy to answer them 🙂

      Teah – you might want to try our Room Refresh, I think Enjo’s great but sometimes its nice to have a nice clean scent in your room after you’ve cleaned 🙂

    • Hope Michelle answered some of them – their website has lots of info too!

  5. I love the idea of organic and natural products, we grew up with them and back in the day they didn’t have all these chemicals. I bet they smell delicious!

  6. Probiotic cleaning? I’ve never thought of that! I eat enough of the bloody things but never once dreamed about cleaning with them. And they look so pretty, too! I bet they smell good. Not like kimchi.

  7. Loving the look of these! So stylish and if its got essential oils in them…i’m sold!

  8. I would never think of probiotic cleaning. These sound (and look) great. Off to check them out now

  9. I own a children’s hairdressing salon in Dee Why (Red Nose Kids Cuts) and we only use these products. I can vouch for the efficacy and the scents are first class. No more chemicals for me


  10. Love me a good probiotic! These look the goods:)

  11. chemical free is vital for me, I committed to chemical free when I was pregnant and always keen to try something new. I usually make my own cleaning products with concoxions of vinegar, bicarb and essential oils. Looking forward to giving these a try. Beth I adore your sponsored posts as much as your everyday posts, there is plenty of wit and not a hint of pushy salesieness that some bloggers can get caught up in.

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