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Wednesday night (or more specifically in the 35 minutes in between Maggie wake ups early Thursday morning) I had the most horrific and SO realistic dream that Rob had an affair. I was sobbing, thrashing at him while he told me “it’s so hard raising kids” that it took me an entire day for the dream to leave me. Man, I really must start being a better wife so he doesn’t do a runner. The thing is…it’s so hard raising kids. Huh. I’ve got all these thoughts swirling around my head on husbands and wives and babies and kids that I’m still trying to work out but I will say this: after having bigger kids, who are mostly self reliant and grown up and not needing you so much it’s been SUCH a wake up call to go back to the beginning to parenting a small person. Who needs you, really needs you. It’s made me remember so much stuff from years ago when parenting was hard. Hats off to you guys raising small kids is all I can say. It’s so important to do it in partnership. Communication essential and the odd smile. It’s tough.

Times are also tough in a recent story Harper whipped up.


Gosh I laughed when I whacked this up on Instagram. So many great comments…favourites being “well that escalated quickly” and that it’s typical Gen X…given everything and losing everything. They can’t be trusted. No more horses. No more horse riding. It was gone. It was gone.

Geez, this is all a bit depressing. Here’s something to lighten your mood!


I saw this months ago when I was still preggers and laughing at the stock footage that’s out there of parents and pregnant women. It’s a Tumblr called It’s Like They Know Us and it a hilarious piss take of said commercials and ads. Well worth a look for a Friday morning giggle.

Another one was a website that someone sent me just this week…Asshole Parents.


Some gold on there, very good indeed. I like that this reader knows me so well.


Had a new scarf arrive in the mail this week (how I seem to do ALL my shopping at the moment). Because I am still in post baby limbo land it’s not worth buying anything OTHER than a scarf but it did wonders to self esteem and my usual uniform of jeans and a black top, jeans and a black jumper. Jeans and a black cardi. Jeans and my leather jacket. Got it online from Manteau Noir a gorgeous little shop in Daylesford.

If you’re sick of your winter wardrobe too check out this post from Nikkers at Styling You who had some good suggestions to inject some love into your winter clothes.

Also saw that Bohemian Traders is having a cracking sale at the moment with up to 70% off. Check it out here.

I recently finished up my role as Secretary for our village School of Arts. I’ve been on the committee for the past 4 years and just couldn’t commit with Maggie and the girls and life taking up so much more time. Told you I was going to sit on my hands this year! I will miss putting one of my fellow committee members jewels at every meeting. Am I the only one that demands to try on friends amazing bijoux? I’m a shocker, always have been. But this one…well it used to make the tappety tap tap of doing the minutes all the more enjoyable under the halogens. HAVE YOU EVER? She agreed that she would never want me near her in an emergency, I’d be feigning concern whilst working out how to get that ring off!


So with the birth of Maggie it would seem that I have become a TV addict with no brain. Not much has changed really…perhaps just a few more brain cells lost in the ether. I’ve started to get all my current affairs from 3 News on ABC3.


What? They explain things to me in a way I can understand and give me the highlights all in 8 minutes…it’s all quite enjoyable really. Better than the bloody channel 9 news in my opinion.

I’ve also started a love affair with this show.


The Great Allotment Challenge (on Lifestyle channel on Foxtel). I’m late to the party (as usual) but it’s kind of like the Great British Bake off crossed with a country show. They grow flowers and vegetables, have to do flower arrangements, make jam. Heaven help me…it’s like all my favourite things rolled into one! It’s on Tuesday nights I think and I do believe it’s the last season..it’s been canned in the UK 🙁

One last telly thing is my love affair with this guy on this TV show.


The Supervet! Also on Foxtel. We watch this on Saturday nights (Lifestyle channel again I think Saturday nights 6.30pm) it follows a vet practice in the UK for this lovely Irish vet who does amazing bionic work on all kinds of animals. Sounds SO boring and yet? COMPELLING. He may just be the nicest person EVER and there’s not an episode that goes by that doesn’t have us all in floods of tears. That except for Harper who refuses to watch it (cold, dead heart interested in iView on the iPad only). Did a little research to find that he’s a bachelor…someone go over to Surrey and marry the man already!

Have you made my Sticky date pudding yet?
What about the lemon meringue pie?
What on EARTH are you waiting for? Come on and get chubby with me!

What have you got planned this weekend? HOW is it the weekend again?! We have some visitors down for the night on Saturday night. I’ll be whipping up roast beef and béarnaise I think…not sure on the dessert yet and Sunday morning I have been ordered to make pikelets with lemon curd. Recipe for the curd will be up on the blog on the weekend…so watch this space. Whatever it is you are doing, do it well. Be happy. Be safe. Have fun!

Anyone else had some terrible dreams lately?
Found any funny websites to share with us?
Always demand to wear other peoples diamonds?
Love the Supervet too?


  1. Yes! I dreamt that I came home with the girls and discovered that Bearhands had had a party and there were all kinds of drug addled folk in our home and him nowhere to be found.
    Then he came home and insisted it was no big deal. I was thrashing about and smacking him in the chest.

    Took me til smoko to not be cross with him for something he didn’t do! #weirdo

  2. My mum is moving down here (HELLO babysitter!) and settles on her new place today so I’m whipping up pumpkin soup (with topper!) and your lemon meringue pie to celebrate.

  3. Last night I dreamt I was playing an AFL game with a round ball in a dress with Boomer Harvey from North Melbourne. I was awesome! It was weird but then again I’m 37 plus weeks pregnant with #3 so all my dreams are weird. My three year to,d me he dreamt of a dog talking to him in the back of the ute. I wonder what it would all mean…

  4. Misc 75, I am new to your blog and the heading sucked me in.

    Loved it and I am currently still trawling arsehole parents.

    Great site! Good for a Friday funny which I need as I lie in bed with 4 years worth of colds in one.

    Thanks Beth….lifted my mood.

  5. #youaremyspiritanimal – do I try on other people jewels? Duh. ALL. THE. TIME. Once I grabbed a newly engaged friend’s sparkler off her finger and I realised from the look of horror on her face that she wasn’t quite ready for anyone to try it on. Whoops. Then there was the very wealthy proper English mum of an ex-boyfriend in high school who had a terrible car accident (she was fine) and they took off all her jewels at the hospital. I had the job of wearing them home and putting them in the safe. I did put them in the safe. After I wore them for a few days. Can you imagine if I’d been mugged? Idiot.

  6. It took me until 1am to nod off, damn insomnia and I woke up and I was with my ex again and he was cheating on me. I woke up feeling very sad and though and haven’t been able to shake it. I just need an early night I think. Love the asshole parenting stuff. x

  7. I worked all night in my dream last night cleaning out and rearranging the garage at our old apartment that we soled 2 years ago. I worked so hard and there was so much stuff and I kept waking up and going back to sleep and returning to the damn dream.

    I was exhausted when I got up for work this morning.

  8. Oh I hear you on the dream thing. Sometimes if I have a bad dream about my hubby, he knows about it all the next day haha. Although, while he was away on a boys’ trip last weekend, I had a dream that Channing Tatum was single and he wanted to go out with me, so there’s that.

  9. hahaha… I’m not alone!!!! ….. No, you’re not the only one to covet others jewels and demand to try on. I have been known to do this quite a bit…. I have even woken up the next day with the bling still on my fingers after a few too many glasses of bubbles 🙂

  10. You are blogger gold Beth…I love your writing..it makes my day! I’ve had some weird dreams of late including the hubby having an affair…so realistic! Bizarre! I’m making your lemon meringue pie tonight and crumbed pork cutlets! Love the Supervet, my daughter and cry buckets when we watch it! Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for the wonderful posts, they’ve kept me smiling through 4 weeks of the flu, ear infection and shingles! Xxx

  11. Love the scarf! And very jealous you can get in to your jeans! I’m 11 months into this crazy motherhood business and I can’t get my pre-preggy jeans past my thunder thighs.

  12. I often dream the husband tells me he has been cheating on me our while marriage. The other week I was smashing his head into a wall I was that angry in the dream & then I woke up still angry at him but also scared because I am clearly a fucking psycho bitch!

    And as for the big age gap between kids I GET IT!! We went back when our eldest was 13 & second kid was 10. It was, & still is a shock sometimes. I have moments where I think WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!!! Having a 2 year old & 1 year old will do that to you. But then one of the little ones smiles at me or they do something ridiculous & I know we made the right choice. I also know if we hadn’t tried for more kids we would have gone to our grave regretting.

    You know my feelings about TBAC- best! I’ve seen on FB that bake off is about to start in the UK so fingers crossed it won’t be too long until it’s on Foxtel.

    Have a good weekend Beth xx

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Great post Beth ,have a lovely weekend Xx

  14. I had same dream recently. Made me feel sick to the core Beth. It felt so real. Sending you a big, virtual hug … and thanks for shout out x

  15. I have that dream too of my husband cheating on me and then leaving. It’s awful. One morning I woke up after that dream and was so upset and angry I started hitting him with a pillow and hurling abuse at him. Poor man was obviously very confused about what was going on – why was his wife attacking him and what was he being accused of?! I love scarves in winter too for some colour 🙂

  16. Yes had an awful awful dream the night before last and still trying to shake it.

  17. Yep! I love to try on peoples bling:)

  18. I always have the weirdest dreams, sometimes I remember and wake up the hubster to tell him and he says they’re so busy, it’s a wonder I don’t wake up exhausted. Last night, I was running to escape a tsunami! Whatever next? I’ve become a bit addicted to Sausage Dog Central. It’s not remotely funny but it is super cute. It will warm the cockles of your heart, I promise! x

  19. Oh I have totally had the dream!!! I have dreamt that he cheated, and I have also dreamt that I cheated….both equally as disturbing as each other, and yes, was sobbing and thrashing around, it was so vivid and just terrible. After I had my babies I used to also dream that they were in the bed with us and suffocating under the doona, even though we NEVER had them in bed with us. I have a new cook Beth and and finally back in the world of blogging….have some catching up to do I tell you – in the time I have been MIA you have had a baby…. geez. I have been checking in every now and then but have some serious reading to do. Good to be back, but I am SO SAD that you won’t be coming to ProBlogger…completely understandable though. xxx

  20. That ring!!! Yes its my birthday on the 28th… Thank you…

    And I’m an asshole parent because my 11 year old only has an iPhone 4s instead of the 6!!!

    What the?

    I felt like saying….”listen you little @#$%, my first phone was a brick!”

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