Love to dream swaddle winners

Thanks to everyone that entered the Love to dream winter swaddle giveaway…there were some great entries and I loved hearing all your stories.



The 3 winners that I have chosen are Dee, Angelica & Jo!

Dee with this comment “Ooooo! How to make a lurker come out of hiding? Offer to give away a totally cool baby item. Lurker feels terribly guilty that she has nothing prepared for her second born who is due in 4 weeks as opposed to the OCD preparation for the first. Lurker knows that her second born, which is a boy, cannot in all fairness be swaddled in pink fluffy blankets or wear his sister’s sparkly size 000 tights however gender neutral you want to be. It just ain’t gonna fly! Lurker realises poor son currently only has 6 singlets that mummy attempted to dye from pink to blue, 2 pairs of socks, a box of nappies and a cot (sans mattress as sissy is using it in the toddler bed!). Therefore, mothership comes out of lurking in an attempt to have something new & practical that will keep her bubba warm, prevent the windmill flailing of little arms & make her appear at least somewhat prepared for her impending arrival. Is it bad that he doesn’t even have an inkling of a name yet ….

Oh, and hats off to you travelling with Maggs at such a wee age. I think I’m going to be lucky to remember to even wear pants or have my hair brushed at the 2 month mark :/”

Angelica Smith with this comment “Would love a love to dream swaddle for my niece. She was born premie and is finally getting big enough to fit into one of these. I am sure her parents would appreciate it too as they have been having a lot of of trouble with the sheet swaddling (first time parents, super wiggly escape artist baby ).”

Jo with this comment “I’d actually really liked crumbed cutlets and potato bake, but a Love to Dream swaddle is slightly more necessary!

As a new Mum to an 11 week old little dude, I have just discovered that the Love to Dream swaddles mean that little dude’s Dad can put him to bed. Zipper = no excuses from Dad about not being able to wrap. I’m hoping this means more sleep for me!”

Congrats ladies and thanks to everyone that entered. If you could email me ([email protected]) with your names, size of swaddle and address I will get the kind peeps at Love to Dream to send them out to you this week!


  1. Mrs_Woodette says

    Oh Congratulations! love to dream swaddles are the greatest! My 4 month old will not sleep without one.

  2. Aaaagh! Thank you so, so much. I cannot believe how excited I am – my husband thinks I’m a total gumnut 🙂 Will email you now Beth!

  3. Angelica Smith says

    Thanks Beth! How exciting as I have never won anything. It was lovely to see your email telling me I won following a rather stressful school pick up ?


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