2015 Problogger event ticket giveaway

I’ve been to the last 3 Problogger conferences (2 in Surfers and 1 in Melbourne) and have always found them to be such a great experience. Sure, it’s fun, you get to catch up with all your online mates in real life….drink and dance and generally be silly but there’s also so much to learn as well from the array of amazing local and international speakers. If you’re a blogger, it’s an annual must.


I bought my ticket when they came out and thought to myself that I’d get there (having not had Maggie yet and August seeming a very long way away). And now it’s fast approaching…I didn’t get my accommodation sorted and then realised it’s my birthday on the Sunday after and I really wanted to be home with the family for that.

Long story short? It’s all too hard (for me this year).

So I thought I’d give away my ticket to someone that wants to go…on me! That’s $399 worth of blogging goodness for nothing! There are some points to make though. It’s just the ticket – you will have to find your own accommodation (and I’m not sure there’s much left at the venue) and you’ll have to make your own way there from wherever you live. But…the ticket is free!

Problogger 2015 Event: Helping you to build a profitable blog
Friday 14th August 8.00am – Saturday 15th August 4.30pm 2015
RACV Royal Pines Resort Gold Coast QLD


PBEVENT is Australiaโ€™s biggest and longest running blogging conference. Our first 400 tickets sold in around 20 minutes this year, firmly establishing it the ‘go to’ event on the blogging communityโ€™s calendar for training and networking. There are still tickets available, but get in quick.

In 2015 ProBlogger Training Event is presented by Olympus and will be relocating to the spacious RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast, ready for over 650 bloggers. ProBlogger Darren Rowse is joined by four international speakers, including keynote Heather Armstrong of Dooce.com, and a host of local talent to deliver a two day multi track agenda packed with inspiration, practical training and networking.


So all you need to do to win this ticket is leave me a comment below telling me why you want/need/would like to go. I’ll choose a winner and we’ll transfer my ticket to you! Note that this is in no way associated with Problogger, it’s just a little something from me to you!

Open from 12.30pm AEST July 3rd 2015 and entries close Sunday 5th July 5.00pm AEST. You can read the rest of the T&C’s here.

Make sure you have a dance and a drink for me won’t you? Oh, and yes, write some notes too. I am SO bummed that I will miss seeing Dooce speak…good luck and enjoy!


  1. Yay! What an opportunity for someone. I am already booked and can’t wait until August. Sad that I won’t get to meet you though completely get all the reasons why. x

  2. I’ve literally just hit the big 40 and feel like I’m on the precipice of something great…..I just need a little kickstart/confidence to launch me on my way to my dream career. A ticket to the ProBlogger Event might just be the answer to my dreams. XO Kylee

  3. Shame you won’t be there Beth, but I understand totally about enjoying being snuggled up at home. You’re a good egg for giving it away!
    A xx

  4. I have never been to problogger and each year I put it down on my list of want to do’s. We are a one income family and while I desperately want to go, we can’t justify me spending the money at this moment…but it doesn’t change the fact that I really want to go. I don’t think I deserve to go more than anyone else…I would however feel humbled by the opportunity to go. xo

  5. Savannah says

    I would love to start a blog but just don’t know where to start… I would love the opportunity to go to this event to be inspired by the best. Xx Savannah (Gold Coast)

  6. That is incredibly generous of you Beth. I thought about going but feel a little nervous to go on my own, maybe I should just bite the bullet? Toni x

  7. Wow, what a great and generous giveaway! I am moving up to the Gold Coast from cold and isolated Tasmania for a while and I had to promise to try to get to Problogger as my fellow Tassie bloggers want a Tassie presence at PBevent! I would obviously love to go and it would be a great intro to blogging life on the Coast- maybe ease my culture shock a bit…I have bub #4 due in October so I will be hibernating a bit after she is born which is another reason I would love to go. My blogging needs a kick up the arse too!

  8. It won’t be the same without you, but being home surrounded by family on your birthday and precious girl is probably better for the soul. Such a nice idea to give away. I can help the winner jack up accommodation if needs be, got a few contacts around this place in the hospitality industry. x

  9. You, my dear, are pretty awesome to be giving your ticket away! But I totally understand the reasons why. Don’t worry, good karma will be coming your way. OK, I know there is so many people who deserve this ticket before me but I have to put myself out there! This year has been completely shitty. I will not go into all the details because this is not a sob story. This is me putting it out there that I am completely desperate to go to Problogger. For years I followed the instagram pics, facebook status update, tweets & blog posts on how much people were learning at Problogger. I thought that this year would be my year. Unfortunately I had things happen in my family that meant that I could not afford the ticket. My family always comes first (just like you right now doing this) & I put my dream on hold for another year. After blogging for several years at Sew. Cook. Laugh. Live, I hit a blogging brick wall. So I started a new blog & finally have my grove going again. I want to jump on board the blogging groove train to Bloggerville & try & take my blog to the next level. I believe that I need to attend a conference like Problogger to give me a kick up the blogging bum & create a community with my blog. I would even be able to bunk down on the floor at my Dads unit no far down the road from this so I wouldn’t even need to find accommodation. I would so take notes for you, have a drink for you & 3 dances (but I would not do it all at the same time because that would be disastrous!). Oh I do have my fingers, toes & everything else crossed. If you want, I would even wear a Beth mask so you are still in all of the photo’s!! Thank you for the opportunity to even enter this awesome giveaway! You rock! xx

  10. How generous of you Beth (not that any of us are really surprised by that).

    I went to PB last year (that is where I found out that BabyMac is actually TALL), but this year I have lost my bloggy-mojo and so decided not to go, thinking that the tickets would be better suited to those who still have their mojo intact and firing.

    Saying that, I found the seminar to be fantastic and I’m sure this year will be no exception with Mrs Woog and Kelly Exeter taking the stage, so I hope you get lots of entries.

  11. Jen ( SE Qld) says

    I have been toing and froing on purchasing a Problogger ticket for about 3 weeks now and another bill or something comes up that makes me go..man it’s a lot of money, but I know it would be so, so worth it to go as it would give me the kick in the bum to get all this stuff in my head into a bloggy blog that I have already registered and domained and everything , just not enough courage yet to make it a reality and give it a go..Problogger won’t be the same without you Beth, but who could leave that gorgeous bundle of cuteness called Maggie for more than a minute at time ..there will be next year’s.. I would be happy to go, it’s just around the corner practically.. thank you for the opportunity. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Samantha James says

    Hi Beth this year was going to be my year to get back my groove. I registered my blog chasingasha (Asha meaning hope) in Jan then headed off for my first trip to melb in 5 years for a much needed family catch up. Taking just the kids Chase and Asha (yes the blogs a play on their names) anyhoo long story short my hubby fell off our roof and ended up in a bad way in hospital. We are now in the middle of a very long recovery, and you know what? I still haven’t written my first blog post. Seeing your post has spurred me on to just get onto it. So I’d love that trip to get my creative juices flowing and start the long road to blogdom. (Is that even s land?)

  13. I set up my new online business and blog this year (food blog) and [unsurprisingly] spent a bucket load! Problogger was next on my list of essential things to do but I couldnโ€™t stretch my budget any further. I would really, truly appreciate the ticket. I can organize airfares and accommodation and will find it FAR easier selling the idea to my hubby if I had a FREE ticket! Thanks for the opportunity. Thanks To Beverley to lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Hello Beth, I’m taking off backpacking for a year with my five year old in 2016. It’s going to be a amazing adventure and i want to inspire other mums to travel. I am planning on sharing our experiences and I really need to learn how to get my blog to work and for me, how to find my voice and build a community that I can hopefully support and encourage. I do a lot on insta but my blog needs a lot of work and I’m not sure where to start. Will keep my eye out for the next event – maybe there’ll be another before we leave in Jan?! Thanks so much and best wishes, Evie

  15. Hi Beth. I’ve followed Dooce from when Leta was a wee babe, before Marlo was born and when she was with Jon. I’ve long admired her authentic voice and courage. I’ve had two cracks at a blog and stumbled – find myself muddling along instead of getting where I want to go. I’d love to go and soak up this Lurpak of knowledge. Thanks for your generosity in making this possible for one lucky person.

  16. You are SO kind! I hope whoever gets the ticket has a ball!

  17. Oh Beth, what a huge decision to make but totally the right one. There is nothing better then hanging at home with your gorgeous family.

    I would so love to go to pro blogger this year, I even have a bed ready to go and flights are always cheap but it’s just not on the cards for me after Europe I’m still working away on that one but it was totally worth it.

    I guess I feel a bit stuck. I have a new direction I want to go but I’m just not sure what should be my next step. Story of my life.

    Enjoy the time with your babies, it doesn’t last long enough.

  18. Oh wow!! That’s crazy generous! But totally understandable. I’d love to go – why? I published my first ever blog post two days ago (part of a business I’m setting up – and while 3 likes is great, we need to improve big time), I’m a complete newbie in the Land of Blog, oh and perhaps most pressing is that I haven’t been on a plane since my 1yo was born and didn’t really think it was a possibility when tickets came out – so this would also actually be a “holiday” – by myself – imagine! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long time now and your blog has been my inspiration, so thank you for that! I currently work two days a week and travel a fair distance to get there….given I have a young family I would like to move across into ‘work from home blogging’ so I can be there for school pick ups and combine a love of writing with a love of photography. This pro blogger conference would help me gather the tools and confidence to make this much needed work/ life change. I live in Perth so I would have to scrape together every last frequent flyer point to make the journey but I think it would be well worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. That’s such a lovely thing to do Beth! I was so bummed when I realised I couldn’t go this year.
    I promised myself when it was on last year that I would be there this year, but I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant so the timing didn’t exactly work in my favour.
    But next year, I’m there for sure!
    (And have a great birthday surrounded by the family Beth. You deserve it. xx)

  21. I’m not a blogger with a huge following. I don’t know why but I’ve dtruggled to get out there. I write because it’s about me being authentic about my life and living it authentically and honestly. It’s a legacy and storytelling for my tribe. I stay at home with my two (2,5 years old) and I don’t get out much. I’ve dreamed of going to a probligger conference but mother guilt and the lack of a wage has always stopped me spending money I don’t have to go. They have always come furst and I’m immensely grateful for them. After losing my best friend of 20 years to cancer last year I realise life’s so short that when an opportunity arises go for it. So I’ll put my hand up. To have time alone to be inspired and learn how to improve my writing and just maybe build on my reading audience would be wonderful. If I don’t win it I really feel that you are blessing someone with such a wonderful gift, a leap forward and something that they might not do for themselves so abundance and blessing to you. Xx

  22. I work for a small not for profit organisation – doing systemic advocacy for people with intellectual disability – we work on the big issues & want to change the world!!
    We have a blog but so need some tips in making it fabulous. We don’t have a big budget (any really) for media and marketing – we’ve got good content – but we want it to be fantastic and reach so many more people – we need help!
    Would love the opportunity to gain some skills, do some networking and then share it with my team.
    And if chosen I’d tweet wildly so lots of peeps could share the love & learning.
    Thanks Beth!

  23. I don’t need the ticket, so sad I won’t get to see you (would probably be all star struck and tongue tied anyway) but I’m so pleased you’re putting yourself and your family first. I think you are legend for giving away your ticket away, you surely are golden hearted!

  24. My husband is an amazing writer, everyday write write write writes in his writing books, visualizing and recording his experiences, thoughts and ideas. He is so talented at creating a story, and telling it in the most intriguing way, with the potential to capture many people’s being. My husband would absolutely benefit from attending this event, he would learn so much, especially how to be effective at creating a way to deliver his stories and writings in the right forum.
    Oh my, what he needs is a break, he really does, someone to give him a go.

  25. Chrissie says

    I’ve got all this stuff I want to talk about – all these beliefs and thoughts about freedom, love, good food, community, women, chips, friends, family. I’ve always loved words, and debates, and sharing and talk talk talking to people. I’m busting at the guts but have the fear (of falling on my face, of ‘doing it wrong’). I’d love to attend and wallow in all the brilliance and fun. Just knowing I’m going would kick my arse in gear and I’d do it!!!! Thanks Beth xx

  26. As much as I’d love to go, I don’t think my blog is there at pro level yet and I’d rather have it go to someone who would get good use out of it. I nominate Raychael from Agent Mystery Case!

  27. Jo (SE Qld) says

    As a person in my 50s, tree-changed and some would say obsessed with growing, making, and baking, I find there are very few blogs that speak just to me. There are lots around for parents, young mums, and people who are right into beauty and fashion. I’ve therefore been thinking a lot about starting a blog myself, wondering if there are others out there who would be interested in connecting regarding my endeavours in small-scale (very!) farming, efforts to live in flow with the seasons, and capture some of the graciousness of arts, crafts, and community from a gentler era. Making money from this? Oh wouldn’t that be wonderful! Thanks for your generosity and the opportunity to compete for this ticket.

    • Hi Jo! Have you been lucky enough to find either (or both!) Mel at Coal Valley View and Kate at Foxs Lane? They are young mums but have beautiful blogs about simple living, craft, community, and running their own farms. You should check them out, if you haven’t already that is ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Truly scared to jump into the world of blogging, but I have a nagging voice longing to be heard. My message is related to music, mothering and a little madness. Breaking down mental health stigma is my passion!!!

  29. I’m fairly new on the blogging scene, still finding my voice and feet not really convinced I belong but would like to give it my best shot.

    I’ve attempted to get to ProBlogger the last two years and each time, my hubby has headed to sea with work and I’m left at home (which is now Perth 4000km away from family) with my three girls. I had hoped to go this year but once again, hubby will be at sea for over a month and I have no one to look after our three.

    The Perfect factor and being so far away, means I need to not only factor in ticket, accommodation and flights but flying a relative over and paying them to look after my girls while I’m away.

    I usually play along via social media from home and start a ProBlogger envy support group with a giveaway each year.

  30. This sounds like an amazing event and opportunity. I am just starting out, I haven’t even set up my blog yet and would love the chance to meet others and learn from them before I get going. I am excited to start my journey and think this would be the perfect way to kick it off.

  31. Sorry we won’t see you there this year. Was hoping to meet you in person in addition to reading your blog. This is so very generous of you. I’m already going this year but have shared with others I know are very keen. Good luck choosing a winner. Happy birthday by the way for August!

  32. Reasons I’d love to go:

    1. It’s Problogger

    I’m ready to learn from the best (then implement)…notes? Hah – My hand (yes I love to hand write my notes) won’t be able to keep up! I love passing on what I learn, so not just me but my clients & business contacts will all take huge amounts away from this.

  33. I make an investment in myself every year. Last year, it was attending ProBlogger. This year, it was buying two online courses to help me implement the kickarse actions I was inspired by at ProBlogger last year.

    I’d love the opportunity to inspire myself all over again.

    Plus hang out with my totes cool blogging babes!

  34. Hi Beth,

    Thanks so much for such a generous offer. I’d LOVE to win the prize. Some nonsensical and totally related reasons why:

    I’ve never been to Problogger before but would love to experience it. I’ve been eye spying along in the forum to feel a part of the event without the financial means to do anything about it. Wishfully hoping someone will come along like Oprah and say “you get a ticket! And you get a ticket! Everybody gets a ticket!” This is the next best thing.

    I’m not afraid to have no accommodation sorted just yet because I know I will find it. I lived and travelled in a caravan with my two kids and hubby for four months and we never had much of a plan on where to stay. Just the wide open road (and we always found somewhere beautiful to park whilst tactfully avoiding park rangers).

    I’m in my Jupiter cycle according to Astrology. It’s totally a thing apparently and meant to be very lucky. So far this year I’ve won a poncho and a free business sign. I’m going for the trifecta.

    I believe in fairy Godmothers.

    The reason I love blogging? Helping to inject some inspiration, love and joy into someone’s day. I run a support blog for young mothers in their teens to early 20s to encourage them to make their life as positive as possible despite the challenges of early parenting. I also work as a youth mentor with the Raise Foundation to help vulnerable young mothers in our community. I’d love to learn how to improve my blog work so I can help more young mothers who need it.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  35. Hi There, Love your blog. I started my blog last Oct as Soul Mumma when my 5 year old boy and I travelled around Nepal – partly because I wanted him to gain appreciation for where we live, partly because it was cheaper to live there than here in Aust.

    I’m just in the process of rebranding it to SolCreatives and it’s about the sunshine and light from being a parent, gratitude, our connectiveness to nature, recognising children as amazing creative beings and everything in between. I’m also trying to incorporate kids workshops that I run… so I would really LOVE the opportunity to bring it all together by attending the ProBlogger conference, but alas the money faery has not yet delivered (here’s hoping this is the place).

    Thanks so much for being generous and gracious to share your ticket with someone else – love seeing acts of kindness <3


  36. Gemma Moore says

    Wow – what a super nice thing to do.

    I had a ticket for last year but had to sell it when I realised my family needed me more.

    I am absolutely drooling over the speakers and need help in getting my business blog heading in the right direction BUT you know what I need more than anything right now?

    To connect with a bunch of amazing people in real life! Online is great but I find it much easier to meet and build relationships in real life.

    I need this to nourish my soul so would gratefully accept the ticket if you chose me.

    Good luck everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Oh golly: why would I want to win a ticket to Problogger…seriously is there anyone in the blogosphere who wouldn’t want to win this? When I started my little blog last year in September I had never even heard of Problogger. But now I know it is exactly what I need to take my little blog further, I would love the networking, the workshops, everything. I’d also love the time away from my two little kiddies…the last time I was away from them I was in hospital with gastro!

  38. So sorry to hear you can’t make it but how awesome of you to make someone else’s dream come true. I’ve never been to problogger, and for me it was very much a case of being unable to afford it due to having had a baby just over a month ago and a few other expenses popping up. Some of my blogging idols are speaking and it would mean the world to see them and hear their wisdom. I’ve also just released a second blog and it would be amazing to get that one started with a bang by starting on the right foot. Plus I would love to meet some of the amazing online friends I have made. Thanks for the opportunity. *fingers and toes crossed*

  39. I am thinking of starting a blog but haven’t found my drive yet? I have heard so much inspiration from the pro-blogger event, really would love to see if this is for me.

  40. Hi Beth,

    I attended last year for the first time and was blown away at the whole experience.

    May I ask first, is there anyway that I and the community at large, can help get you to the conference and back again in time for your birthday? If you have already whole-heartedly decided against that, OK. I just hate seeing anyone who has a ticket not being able to go.

    For me, I would go and would also like to attend on your behalf by keeping you informed and having you attend, even if it was remotely

    I would do this via Twitter, Periscope feeds (obviously only during the breaks) Skype and giving you all my attendee notes and heaps of photos. You always have the option to say yeah or nay to any of these.

    I ask also who is it at the conference you would really like to see so I can sit in there and take notes.
    If someone wins this ticket and it’s not me, feel absolutely free to steal these ideas I suggest here to go to the winner, if you so wish.

    Best Regards

  41. Hi Beth. I’m about to sell up and move house & assumed the mere suggestion that I go swanning off to Qld for 3 days would likely land me in the divorce courts! So many #onethings around here Beth it’s overwhelming. Plus it’s hard to justify the expense when I don’t make a dime from my blog although I am dreaming that one day I will!
    But lying in bed just now on this chilly Sunday morn I broached it.
    Me: What would you say if I won a ticket to a blogging conference on the Gold Coast in a few weeks time?
    Hubby: I’d say congratulations.
    Me: It would mean doing an open house on your own? Plus Saturday sport and solo parenting for three, maybe four days?
    Hubby: Oh……(long pause)….How do you enter?
    I explain your life story
    Hubby: Go for it babe.
    OMG. Did not expect that! WOOHOO! You little ripper!
    Oh that’s right. I haven’t actually won anything yet! Hahaha!
    Would LOVE you to pick me Beth. I’m good to go! I would gain so SO much from being there. I’ll make you proud. That’s a promise!

  42. Why do I want/need to go? Well as you said, if you’re a blogger, it’s imperative. I also could separate the want and the need. The opportunity to spend time completely on me, for me. As a mother, it is so important and yet at the bottom of my list. I want to meet people, chat with friends, be inspired. I want to indulge in wearing heels, and lipstick everyday. I want to shower by myself in a beautiful space and have a giant bed all to myself. I need/want it. My blog needs/ wants it. Growth is necessary, both professionally and personally and attending problogger will tick all these boxes.

  43. Firstly thank you for this competition! I started my blog last year and it’s been amazing. It gave me the escape I needed from the crapiness we were dealing with at the time and has been such a wonderful experience. Unfortunately I missed out a ticket last year thanks to the fun of divorce. I was all set this year and then as luck would have it my car blew up three days before the tickets went on sale. I was crushed. I’ve been saving like mad but annoying things have kept cropping up and stealing my monies. I’d love, so much, to be able to go this year’s event. I’ve been feeling a little lost and little stuck and am in desperate need of some blogging help, motivation and inspiration. I’d love to learn more to be able to give more. I’d love to meet those have inspired me to even start the blog and say a massive thank you to them. To be able to join the amazing bunch of bloggers and learn from them would be awesome, and would give me the kick in butt I need to hopefully grow my blog. I’m sorry you can’t make it but thank you a millions time over for this opportunity x

  44. Hi Beth,

    First of all, thank you so much for this giveaway. It is so generous of you to give away your ticket.

    I really want to go to ProBlogger but I didn’t buy a ticket this year because money is so tight for me right now, especially since I’ve had to deal with water damage in my house.
    I would really love to go to ProBlogger because it will help me towards achieving my dreams and goals. I am a single girl turning 30 next year and for the last several years I haven’t been putting myself first because I was helping my family. I came to Australia a while ago but had to work to get my permanent residency and citizenship, I studied accounting so I could get this easily but that is not my dream. I love photography and blogging and being creative. I’ve put my life on hold because even after getting my citizenship I help to pay my sister’s tuition fee (as an international student) for her to finish uni. And international tuition fee isn’t cheap it was $20,000 per year. I have been putting my life on hold because of that and now that she has finished I want to start working towards my dreams.

    I promised myself when I turn 30 next year in February that I want to have at least achieved some goals towards accomplishing my dreams and two of them are having a client base for my photography business and have a blog with engaged readers. Going to problogger will help me towards this goal. It will also be an amazing opportunity to create with others, meet new people that will inspire me and maybe find a mentor who could guide me.

    Thank you so much!


  45. So I will just swallow my pride and just put my hand up. It would be the push that I need to take this blog to another level. There are probably more deserving people than me who should win, but I am a little bit over putting everyone over myself so … ME!! PICK MEE!

    Seriously, if I was gunna go (and it was always gunna be a gunna) you are one of the people I would have loved to have met, along with the rest of the Alumni Bloggerati.
    You are amazing putting this ticked up as a prize. Good for you, good karma coming your way.

    so yeah, PICK MEEEE xoxoxox

  46. First up, thank you so much Beth for the chance to win a free ticket! But also, sorry you can’t go yourself. That’s a bummer.
    I need/want/would love to go, and would be already but for those pesky financials. I’ve been blogging – and loving it – for 2 years but don’t seem to be getting anywhere, and would love to get some advice from experts who can tell me where I’m going wrong. I’d also love the chance to meet some fellow bloggers IRL and get to hang out with fun people who totally GET why I do what I do.
    Plus, I live on the Gold Coast so I know my accommodation/transport is sorted!

  47. So kind of you to give your ticket away!

    Can I nominate my fabulous friend Michelle O’Meara from Still Not a Journal? Because I haven’t seen her in ages and because her blog is hilarious and I know she really wants to learn more about blogging. Hopefully she has nominated herself too (I have asked her to!). Plus, she lives on the GC so the logistics will be easy for her. Thanks xx

  48. I’m not entering the giveaway – have my ticket sorted. Just wanted to say how super generous I think you are being. I hope good blogging karma comes your way:)

  49. Sorry to hear you are unable to attend. It’s very nice of you to give someone else the opportunity to go.

    I would love to soak up the knowledge on offer at the PB conference. I can definitely dance on your behalf and make you proud!
    I thought starting a website would be easy – but these days I go to sleep dreaming about SEO, no follow links, Domain Authority and Instagram filters! I would LOVE to have a much better understanding of those aspects so I can make my blog the best it can possibly be.
    I also live in Melbourne and it’s really cold down there so a few days on the GC would definitely lift my spirits! xx

  50. This is so generous of you Beth.
    I had my first #pbevent experience last year, which was great, but pretty overwhelming.
    With my blog now a more established, I think I could get a LOT more from the awesome line up of speakers this year, and spend less time worrying about what to wear or how to “network”, and just enjoy the full experience.
    A free ticket would make it financially viable to do the flights/accom thing for me too.
    Pick me!
    But whoever you end up picking, what a brilliant thing for you to do.

  51. I totally get why you are not going, being away from family would take the shine off the event.
    I went last year and absolutely loved it. Was going to book a ticket for this year but it clashed with my girls physie comp so I needed to be there with them. The date of the comp had changed so I am free, but my ex decided to throw his job in and that is the end of child support so have to watch my pennies. So frustrating that I have to make these choices through no fault of my own.
    Please add me to the list of possibles, I want to be there! xx N

  52. I would love to nominate my friend Nettie (Annette Hill from I Give You the Verbs). She’s a mad fan of yours, and in fact makes every blogger feel better just for being near her orbit. A tireless encourager and an online champion of all… her blog is a great place to visit and I know she would get an enormous amount out of the ProBlogger Conference. I nominate her for her selflessness. She sent out a link for other bloggers to enter this comp and I think she’s the one who should. That’s what’s on my mind! Thanks BabyMac!

  53. Your offer is so incredibly kind and pay-it-forward Beth

    Why would I love to be the chosen one…?

    I have been sitting on the sidelines of the blogging promised land for years. I first wanted to do a blog back in 2011. Yep, 2011!!
    I didn’t know what it should be about, who it should help, how I would do it and even if I had anything worthy or helpful to share for the benefit of others.
    After brainstorming, stewing, crying out loud to the heavens and researching an idea came to me – finally.
    I work in an industry where so many of my colleagues are burnt out, struggling with pressures of the job, loneliness and lifestyle challenges. With all I have done in my life to date, with my passions and experience, I can help them. The plan is to get them the info in the way they need and can use.
    I’m convinced Problogger will give me the pieces of the puzzle in how to structure, refine and deliver the blog. Plus the confidence and clarity on the steps I need to take to make it happen. I feel it in my waters!
    At the moment I’m working part time and studying so this ticket would help immensely in getting me there. Literally and figuratively!

    All the best to you and your blog. Love your work x
    And here’s hoping the lucky winner creates fab things out of the opportunity xxx

  54. I feel rather awkward about this, but here goes. I have a beautiful natural health blog all ready to go, but just as we were about the launch my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I was intending to go to ProBlogger last year but it just couldn’t juggle it with treatments etc. but I was determined to go this year. Sadly cancer got in the way again, this time my daughter has a battle on her hands. I couldn’t book as I didn’t have chemo dates when the tickets came out. I now know it’s an off chemo time and as I live on the Gold Coast, I can make it all work. With all that has happened, I have sort of lost all my momentum. But I have a very strong feeling that I need to share all that we have learnt in dealing with cancer, treatments, alternative therapies, the medical system and just practical day to day management. Not to mention, what we are al doing to cope with the stress. Something positive should come out of such a difficult time, and getting some motivation and support from attending would be wonderful.

  55. Beth,
    You are so generous. Thank you.

    “2015 ProBlogger has lost Baby-Mac
    But don’t worry, next year, she’ll be back.
    The dancing and drinking will be done by me
    Lots of notes? That I can guarantee.”

    I’d love to go because my career as a poet is floundering.

    Disclaimer: I’m actually entering for my daughter-in-law as a surprise for her. I’m not sure if she writes poetry but you can have the notes from both of us ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. I set myself a couple of goals on my 49th birthday – to achieve before I turned 50 . A couple were blogging related – 1. Go to a blogging conference and 2. Make one of those “top 10” type blogging lists. I *might* be delusional about number 2, but 1 is do-able – even more if I win this . xxx

  57. I have been thinking about blogging for about 7 years. I have an idea (name and content) in mind but have just been too lazy to do anything with it. Being a single mum who works full time may have also dented the pipe dream. I think this could be the kick up the bum I need, also, their dad has just moved with them to Byron so I have more time on my hands and it would help me connect with others as I’m very sad about them going away.

  58. I was literally just been on my hands and knees scrubbing poop out of carpet that was only just professional cleaned last week. I actually thought, “Man I wish I was going to ProBlogger, I just need to do something for myself away from the kids.” when I remembered that I had read about your competition this morning but didn’t have time to enter. I’ve left the job half done to scamper to my computer to regale you of how I’d love to be going to ProBlogger, when I realised the time. I think I’ve missed the deadline, but on the off-chance that you are held up, (I know there’s a good possibility you are cleaning up your own poop, or other such Mummy duties), I thought I would make a little plea, that my small blog and I would love to be dazzled, inspired and network at ProBlogger. (I desperately want to find ‘a tribe’.) My husband is starting a business, so this year we’re dedicated our finances towards him in the hope that it will create a better future for our family, but I’ve been wistfully clicking on the ProBlogger page daily or weekly since the first day frenzy looking at the remaining tickets wishing that circumstances would change so I could make one my own. It hasn’t, but whatever the case I will be reading up on everything ProBlogger that I can come August. Anyway, that is all. I shall continue scrubbing poo – I had thought my triplets were potty trained, but it’s all coming back to haunt me – ARGH! Damn you regression!

  59. This is so generous of you! I would love to be in the running ๐Ÿ™‚ Like most others money was just too tight this year to buy one myself. Why do I WANT to go? To really push my blog further. This year has seen me realise that I want to pursue it as a “career” while I can (meaning before the toddler goes to school/me to a real job). I just LIKE blogging. It fills up my soul cup ๐Ÿ™‚
    After being nominated in the Kidspot Voices awards this year I realised people must actually like and read my blog (ha!) and now that I have a fancy mentor (Chantelle) and am discovering a supportive blogging tribe, I feel this year would be the perfect year to expand my knowledge at the PB event!! xx

  60. So kind. I already have my ticket and accommodation so I am sorted! Hope to meet which ever lovely person you choose although I am sad it is not you, being one of the first blogs I found.

  61. I’ve never been to Pro Blogger but boy do I need a blog related kick up the bum. I started my blog over a year ago and it is still my love and my passion but inspiration and time for it is dwindling. I really think I could benefit from soaking up some bloggy rays up in Queensland in order to get back into the swing of things again ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. Hi Beth – To be honest blogging is my sanity. I love writing it, but even more so love interacting with people that read it. I would love to go to problogger to meet with like minded people and learn learn learn as much as I can as I would like to keep my sanity for as long as is humanly possible!
    Jess xx

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