$150 Aura voucher giveaway!

You guys know how much I love Aura Home right? I’ve got plenty of Tracie’s goodness in and around my home from the main rug in our living area to lots of table linens/towels. Well they love you guys too…and to celebrate the new Spring/Summer collection that’s starting to hit the stores and online at the moment they have a little something to giveaway to you guys.

PicMonkey Collage2


They are giving one lucky BabyMac reader a $150 voucher to spend online and for the rest of us…free shipping on any online orders using the code BABYMAC. And with all this new season stuff coming out there’s lots to buy!

Giveaway is open from 7am Thursday 30th July and ends Sunday 2nd August 5pm AEST. You can read the rest of the T&C’s here. And for the rest of you the free shipping code BABYMAC will be valid for 2 days (so Thursday 30th & Friday 31st July 2015).

PicMonkey Collage

To enter, just let me know what you’d spend your money on…what piece of homewares are you coveting at the moment. Sheets? Doona cover? New towels? Table cloths? Napkins? THROWS? Just leave a comment below…good luck and happy shopping!


  1. Hi Beth. I am coveting a doona cover but what I really need is towels. My girls keep using mine to wash the guinea pigs. ?. Fingers crossed then. Thanks for the chance. Xx deb

  2. Hi Beth!
    I love love love Aura! So perfect is every piece! We are currently living in a run down rental to save money for our own place, like really run down, like ew run down. But that is ok because it will all be worth it to be in our own place sometime soon hopefully! I have been eyeing off Aura hall runners for the past year but saying to myself no you’re meant to be saving! So I have been strong and stuck to my guns. But I would totally get one with this voucher! ?

  3. wifelife says

    New sheets! I have just two sets and one is from my engagement party 10 years ago! I would be so grateful that I’d probably start shaving my legs regularly, yes even in winter, as there is no better feeling than shaved legs on fresh sheets!

  4. Here we go again! Maybe this time I’ll be the lucky one. πŸ˜‰ It’s not for me,(it never is, as I live in the US), but for our son and lovely daughter-in-law, who live in Brisbane. They have moved into a new rental house and are very busy working and saving to buy a house of their own, and so live very frugally. I am sure they would love some pillows for their couch, or maybe even a doona cover. (That’s a new term for me, but they will know what a doona cover is!) Shopping online would be very convenient for them as they don’t have a lot of free time. fingers crossed!

  5. katie clews says

    Oooh Beth !!! I’m coveting a set of the Umbrella stripe sheet sets in Orange Poppy (My 6yr old daughter is Poppy)… or maybe a new doona cover??? Too many choices πŸ˜‰

  6. I would give my first born for a new quilt cover. We recently bought our first grown up mattress which is so deep (TOPPER!) none of our queen size quilt covers (or sheets!) fit. First world problems. X

  7. New cushions!! Mine are looking very sad, and that beautiful yellow one and aqua one pictured at the top would be perfect! One can never have too many cushions ?

  8. I managed to get my tight arse accountant husband to agree to let me get a amazing padded bed head after months of campaigning. None of my Doonas match it so I need a new Doona, throw and cushions to match.

  9. Kim Bibby says

    Sheets …. good old honest sheets!! And with Spring coming, always time to REFRESH!

  10. Sheets! I’d love to win the taupe ticking stripe set please…..?

  11. Oh my stars. And stripes. Or chevron, to be more accurate. I’d be honking into the divine Gatsby rug in green for my wee babe’s nursery. It’s been a bit of a work in progress, I left my run a bit late with organising it before she arrived, (17 weeks ago, you’d think I’d be on top of it by now eh?) so I’m getting it sorted in bite size bits now. It’s my weekly One Thing. Next up is a beautiful rug for the floor and old mate Gatsby here is the nicest I’ve seen. By far. X

  12. We would love the new Maison in Dove quilt cover. It looks nice and snuggly for winter mornings! Plus it ties with my love of grey πŸ™‚

  13. Oh I so badly need sheets – we only have two sets and no spares for visitors. Plus I would love a warm throw rug for the couch for these cold Tassie nights. Fingers crossed!!

  14. ooh how exciting! We’ve got baby #2 on the way which means it’s time for our 2-year-old son to move into his big boy bedroom. If I won I’d be grabbing a gorgeous doona cover for his new bed. The silver dots quilt cover is to die for!

  15. Towels! Please! Mine bore me to tears.

  16. It would be sheets! We’ve been married 30 years and we’re still using just two sets on our bed. One on, one in the wash. Might be time to add a third set I think! ?

  17. Oh how fab! I’ve got some AURA striped table cloths which I love but I love to have some AURA in the bedroom and bathroom too – we could seriously do with an update for our towels and I’d love to tweenify Mr 9’s bedroom with some new linen too. x

  18. Sheets, glorious, glorious sheets! Our house, bless it’s old cotton socks, doesn’t haven’t a linen closet, or for that matter any space to put one, so we have one set of sheets for each bed. One set. Wash days are special and a military exercise in itself… sheets off, wash, why won’t you dry dammit, sheets back on. My soul yearns for pretty sheets and bed linen… and somewhere to store them :0>

  19. Lisa Aherne says

    As I get older I feel more and more the urge to surround myself with beautiful things. I would love some new sheets, or perhaps tablecloths, or perhaps I could replace my tired old napkins. Anything would be lovely!

  20. I’d love a new throw and cushions to reclaim some of my loungeroom it’s currently decorated with a feeding pillow and towelling nappies ??

  21. Would love an aura doona cover to help set up my mr two’s room now he’s moved to a big boy bed!

  22. Cushions Cushions Cushions – you can never have enough !!! this is soooo exciting

  23. I would love a new Doona cover to brighten and freshen up our bedroom just in time for spring! And maybe sheets to match ?

  24. Amy Cadusch says

    Definitely a new throw – with only one in our lounge at the moment (incidentally it’s a charcoal Aura crosses one) there is often a race to see who gets to snuggle under it. A second one would be fabulous.

  25. Yay!! Spending so much time laying down following surgery from a back injury, a gorgeous throw would really ‘cozy’ me up in this rediculously cold weather.

  26. Brenda Haines says

    I would love a nice sheet set and maybe a table cloth as well. Thanks for the chance!

  27. For the first time in 5 years I have room for a dining table, and we were lucky enough to pick one up at a garage sale for free, it was water damaged and required a lot of TLC. I’d love a table cloth to make it feel less naked, and Aura no less, I love their stuff . It’s so nice to not have to eat meals on the couch anymore!

  28. A gorgeous throw rug and cushions in vibrant colors to add colour to my brownnnnnnnn lounge room!!!

  29. Well to be honest, I’m coveting it all because I’m greedy, but I would luff some new sheets after being totally inspired by your post the other day about mixing up bed linen. I have a 6 month old baby so pretty much spend a lot of time daydreaming about my bed!

  30. I’m on the hunt for new towels. There’s something so special about a plush set of new towels. Mine are just downright awful – I’ve even got some towels that we are using that I had before I had kids – we are talking 10+ years old! Errrgh.

  31. My name is Regan and I have a linen addiction. For starters it would be the stripe bath sheet set in black – hello have you seen them??? Then my teen boy needs a new quilt cover and we are spoilt for choice in the monochrome department but I think it has to be the Kolmio quiltcover set for the gorgeous lime pop, the umbrella stripe sheet in black and then finish it all off with the Kolmio and the squares cushions in neon lime. What a fantastic prize – pick me ?

  32. Sarah Jai says

    I have mad love for a freshly made bed but with only one sheet set each at the moment washing, drying and remaking the beds all in one day is no small task. I would rock the shit out of those maintenance Mondays with a few spare sheet sets up my sleeves πŸ™‚

  33. Ummm what products do I want to buy… all of them! What do I need, new sheets πŸ™‚

  34. Great giveaway! I would replace my sons quilt cover to give his room a much needed fresh new feel.

  35. Lainie P says

    Having a chuckle at the timeliness now – they just had a talk-fest on the telly about what a person’s bedroom says about them, and I am DEFINITELY one of those ‘Five cushions – so I sleep on the couch!’ kinda people! Husband HATES it, he’s not a cushion fan at all…but he DOES steal the doona and camp out on the couch in front of the TV himself at times. So maybe I’ll compromise and get both – DOONA COVER, AND CUSHIONS!! πŸ˜‰

  36. Kylee Dare says

    Where do I start?! I’ve two teenage bedrooms to update and it’s usually hard to find masculine, age appropriate bed linen but not with AURA Home. My Pinterest Feed is packed with their homeware. I’d start with the Wide Stripe in Blush with the grey sheets for my youngest and the Maison in Dove for my eldest. Of course than theirs cushions and the Big Diamond in Graphite and the Double Dip and Big Diamond in Peppermint would have to be mine. And those Black and White Towels….
    Beth, your $150 voucher would be very handy right about now!

  37. I am moving out of home next week and my apartment planning is out of control (3 pinterest boards on the go!) I don’t think i realized how much you need in the way of homewares! I don’t have much at the moment so i’d love a quilt cover and some beautiful cushions to start my place off on the right foot, those napkins and table runners look lovely too… and the rugs, i love it all!

  38. Oh I would love this! I love Aura too. I have a massive chevron rug and some cushions from Aura and they are beautiful in my living room. Just yesterday I purchased the dots quilt set (YAY! so exciting). I thought long and hard about getting some accessories (or accoutrements as I like to call them) but as we have a King bed and it was a tad ‘spendy’ of me, I have to wait a little. I would get some of the picot cushions, just to give our bed a ‘pop’.

  39. OH MY GOD please save me from myself and the fact that ive only had white linen & red & white striped Eucopean cushions on my bed for the past 5 years! 5 years!

  40. I would love to get a new doona cover or a hall runner πŸ™‚

  41. Wow a super hard choice, wants and needs make that choice even harder. I am thinking I would probably go somethings for the dining room, napkins, table runner etc a new fresh look for spring.

  42. I’m coveting any item of bed linen that doesn’t have bleach stains all over it. We recently hired a cleaner, because I am in remission for breast cancer and back working full-time and most days I feel like a bag of shit tied in the middle with string. Things were looking awesome with the cleaner, I mean the house was so sparkly I was composing love poetry to her in my head, until I opened the louvred doors of the linen cupboard. She’d obviously sprayed the outside of the doors with some sort of bleach-based cleaner, without thinking about the fact that the doors are not solid. Every single sheet, doona cover, pillowcase and towel is now mottled with spots from being sprayed with bleach. Cleaner fired, new bed linen required for the entire household. I shan’t be diverted though, there’ll be another cleaner worthy of my love sonnets, I’m sure.

  43. I love the Aura range! We are knee deep in reno preparations and things are about to get ugly round here. Updating the poor bathrooms and their very special almond coloured fixtures (gag) isn’t in the budget this time, so I’d splurge on some new towels to at least freshen those spaces up.

  44. Leeanne Boyson says

    I am absolutely SALIVATING over he Maison Quilt Cover in White – it seems so so grownup and responsible to have a white doona cover with children and a black dog!!!!

  45. Sheets, oh, or I’d put it towards one of those fantastic rugs. Or I’d get some of those bath towels, they are great! Ummmm I’d probably, in reality, study the website for a week and choose sensibly and have fun doing it!

  46. Swoon! I love Aura. I’d be spending the money on a new quilt cover, because our puppy (who, okay, is now 3) chewed the corners of every single set I have. Once again, to have the bliss of a neatly made bed where the doona stays where it’s meant to, not slowly sneaks out of the corners until you are basically just sleeping with the empty doona cover. Dogs. Lucky they are cute!

  47. All the things, I want to buy all the things! But I guess I’d settle for some cushions and a throw rug for our new couch we’re getting this weekend.

  48. It sounds very old fashioned but I want a new valance, they do still make those I hope! If not then new duvet covers for my kids!

  49. Anything! I thought I would participate in the ‘One thing a week’ and clean out and sort the linen cupboard. Seriously… how does one’s linen cupboard get that unkempt? Would love to replace the ‘tired’ looking towels and who doesn’t love new sheets???

  50. Rugs, rugs everywhere! In a new house without carpet and I need rugs in most of the rooms and I’m struggling to find ones I like. Maybe Aura is the right place??

  51. Nicky McInnes says

    I can’t think of any witty or clever things to write so I’ll just say it how it is. We have just finished a major renovation and it is awesome but it needs pretty-ing up. It’s a little stark at the moment and needs to be made more homely. I would definitely look at getting some cushions or any beautiful things that would turn a house into a home.

  52. Keturah Stock says

    Without question – I would buy the Kami or Dots quilt cover in the mint colour. Plus! One of the striped decorative pillows in mint and charcole.
    We have a timber bed and side tables… About 6 months ago we bought some timber and white linen bedside lamps… So the bedroom is almost complete but we are still rocking my husbands – from before we were together -blue, grey and orange striped (terrible) quilt…
    This would complete me! And the bedroom….

  53. Sheets, glorious sheets. New Spring bed linen would not go astray here..

  54. I am in linen longing land here Beth… I am eyeing off every linen sheet set, european pillow case and throw that the interwebs are offering. I am transporting myself out of the arctic winter and dreaming of washed out charcoals and dusty, dusky pinks. All bathed in some afternoon summer sun and all rumpled and crumpled and delicious. Yes please Beth, yes please.

  55. Oh good grief. I just fell down the rabbit hole.
    Jeez. It’s like heaven, eh?
    Doona Covers – I love me a seasonal doona cover
    Nice rich jewelled hues for winter, nice bright ones for summer.
    But I have no summer cover – ‘cos four kids and a ‘get off the bed, you!” dog.
    But I would so treasure (and guard) a summer doona cover.
    I could spring out of med, hair sexily mussed and tend lovingly to my adoring not-squabbling children and my happy well-rested DP.
    Yeah like that’s complete bullshit, but I would totally so smile every time I saw the bed in all it’s crisp, summery glory. I so would.
    Also, love a throw and a cushions and luffley fluffley towels.
    You know, those first few times you use them and they envelop you in the warmest, sweetest, moisture-absorbing way until your DP puts them through with his playing-at-being-a-mechanic clothes and hangs them on the line in the full QLD sun.
    And then there are tears.And hot tongue and cold shoulder for dinner.
    I would so hide those towels for my personal use only.

    So not sure which one – but I have need/longing for all of them.
    Thank you Beth!

  56. I only came today to search, eggplant. A girlfriend gave me 3 and i wasnt sure what to make. Brilliant, eggplant fritters! Can’t wait. I just knew that girl Bev from the country would have me covered, big smile, and thanks. I’d love some linens.

  57. christie says

    Hi Beth
    Happy 9 year blogging anniversary as well for today!
    I have a longing for amazing patterned sheets! we are renovating (right word? demolishing?!) our backyard and currently have no clothesline… hence we are down to our final set of glorious clean sheets! (we have no dryer living in QLD and nowhere to hang them where they will dry!) If you asked my husband he would say the most romantic thing he does for me is change the sheets as he knows how much I ADORE the feel of fresh, clean, gorgeous sheets so that’s what i’m coveting!
    christie πŸ™‚

  58. My husband is DESPERATE for some flannelette sheets! Probably every two or three days he brings them up! Considering we are down to one set of sheets for our bed I should go buy some but I just can’t be arsed dragging the toddlers around the shops until I find a king size set that a. I like & b. I can afford !

  59. Id love some new fresh sheets for my bed for spring summer. Something light and airy would be nice

  60. I think it would have to go towards a gorgeous corner stripe quilt cover for my teenager, perfect for our soon to happen secret upgrade of his room to something more comfortable for a teenager.

  61. I would LOVE a new rug for our lounge room. We moved into our new home 4 years ago and to this day we still haven’t actually finished decorating it. The whole ran out of money to buy pretty things thing. So a nice rug to cosy up our lounge room would be fantastic! Thanks for the offer Aura xx

  62. Ahhhhhh anything that isn’t white! The local op shop has just had a big box of white towels and linen delivered to their front door. A happy result for them of our recent move onto a sheep station in the middle of the South Australian desert. Red soil and white linen and my old school twin tub washing machine do not get along well. I’m buying shares in napisan as we speak !!!

  63. new towels! You can NEVER have enough beautiful new towels. Hubby loves it when I say he is not allowed to use them, just look!

  64. Jess knight says

    Get out of town Beth – I am a total Aura addict (multiple sheet sets and cushions)!

    I am super pumped that Aura are launching a new ceramic collection, nothing better matching sheets, plates and towels in your house right, right ??? I did say I was an addict didn’t I ??

    Anyway would love to win – would go with either the new double dipped cushions or some prices from the ceramic collection !


  65. I’d splurge on some new cushions and a throw or two for the living room. We have recently renovated our kitchen and the rest of the place has had a shiny new paint job so these things would bring it all together. Thanks for a fab giveaway!

  66. helen kidd says

    A new doona cover – the most special moment of the day is slipping into a soft yet crisp, freshly made bed with the scent of sunshine still in the linen from air drying – pure bliss.

  67. I would love a snuggly new throw but given winter will probably only last another 2 weeks in Brissy I think sheets are probably what I need!

  68. Sheets. I would like sheets please. Sheets that make you smile when you slide in. Cosy, comfy and pretty.

  69. We’re about to renovate for 12 weeks, Beth so I’d buy new cushions & napery(!) for my new dining area. This voucher would be especially handy as we’re already over budget!! ?

  70. Gabrielle says

    What would I use my voucher for…. Um something for MY bedroom, it desperately needs a spruce up especially because it’s where I spend most my day/night feeding and resettling my 4month old bubba who seems to be allergic to sleeping ?? at least I could then admire my winnings lol

  71. Coveting the lot!
    I’d love to buy my first set of patterned sheets and maybe a fab cushion or two for extra bed cosiness.
    I love my bed so much, she is so good to me, I think she deserves a treat.

  72. Emily Furlong says

    Oh! How lovely! I will refit my bed! Sheets, doona, pillow cases, the works!!! Sooooo…. Might have to spend a bit extra but Shhhh! Don’t tell the hubby!

  73. So woe is me. Separated and I lost my king size bed with my Aura linen/cotton sheet set. Relegated to a queen size now and in need of some seriously banging sheets to cover my bed again. Some cushions and a throw to top it off and I think I would just about be in bedspread heaven!!! Perfect place for me to read and study ?

  74. Christine says

    Towels please. Rub a dub dub.

  75. I am sick at the moment and permanently on the couch. Looking at daggy old cushions and throws that might have been cool 10yrs ago when we were given them but the couch definitely needs a revamp. New cushions and throws are most definitely on my list!

  76. Chiquita says

    Oh the gold dot doona cover so I feel glam and chic in bed and the new release black and white striped towels for my Art Dec bathroom, as my towels are so sad that I am even using the ‘display’ ones!
    Hot pink chevron napkins to set the mood for all my parties too.
    So much to choose from, thank you for sharing their great products.

  77. Since shacking up with The Tradie my linen has gotten down and dirty…not what you are thinking but with general dust, building grime and grit, I am noticing I need to rotate my quilt cover more often. I am crushing over the Lattice Neon Quilt in coral from Aura Home….high rotation requires beautiful, quality linen.

  78. Well straight away I thoight sheets, then looked at coverlets, then throw rugs, then tablecloths, then table runners, then towels…oh heck …I want everything!

  79. Amanda McEvoy says

    Cushions!!! Ooooh, I have just discovered their website and drool everytime I get an email update. Now brace yourself for this….. I have never bought a cushion in my life!!!! I know!! What kind of woman am I! As you know we moved to Tassie for a ‘tree change’ (and I’ve found a part time job, literally planting trees – which makes me laugh!), and we’ve been building our own house. Almost two years in and the end is in site. Budget will not stretch to soft furnishings, so it would be such a treat, though how I’d decide on which ones I don’t know! One things for sure. My 3 little kids would NOT be allowed near them πŸ™‚ Thanks for organising this!

    • Amanda! CONGRATS!! You are the winner of the $150 Aura voucher! Shoot me an email ([email protected]) with your contact details and I will arrange it for you. We decided it was entirely NOT OK that you have never purchased a cushion!!! x

  80. Elizabeth says

    I need new sheets! My flanelette sheets are way too warm for me and I keep waking up naked.

  81. Oh my!!!
    New sheets-
    My restless sleep
    Means I wore I a hole in my sheets – eep!
    Honestly I woke with my foot stuck in a hole
    Something is a stirring in my soul.
    I soooo need a decent night sleep

    Haha…as creative as I can be as I’m fighting a 2 year old about the need to actually go to sleep…instead of playing the ‘I come out, you put me back in’ game.
    *but totally true…I’m baffled as I have now done it to the second lot of sheets?!?

  82. Hi Beth, after 15 years together and 1 son, my husband and I still have our original bedding and cushions from our first rental property! As well as that, I have my parents 1970 bedspread in winter when it’s really chilly! I would use the voucher to update our linen to look more like 2015!! Love your blog, love your family! ?

  83. Lovely new king sized Doona cover please! I don’t get to buy them as often as I would like and this will help us all keep covered when there is 4 humans in the bed and two cats on the end of the bed!

  84. A new quilt cover is what I’d get. My biggest girl is turning 12 and off to high school next year (sniff). It’s time to give her a big girls bedroom and say goodbye to the fairies and the little girl pink. I’m loving the spotty covers, the mint and those delicious big stripes and know she’d love them all!

  85. Hi Beth, my money goes on sheets but I would love to finally get some decent pillows in the house. The pillows always end up on the later pile. And then probably more sheets!

  86. would love some nice comfy sheets to curl up in after a long day with the kids

  87. Kirsten W says

    It’s winter. It’s cold. Gimme blankets!!!

  88. Rachel Mudge says

    I am loving the red triangles quilt cover which just so happens to be on sale! And I would buy it for ME! Yep, me! NOT for the kids, EVERYTHING is for the kids, I would buy it ALL. FOR. ME. Can you even imagine?!!! Good luck to everyone, thanks Beth for a great giveaway!!

  89. Tracy Spillane says

    The Gatsby rug in indigo is just gorgeous, and I love the Patch Doona cover, so colourful and cheerful. But as I emigrated here not long ago and left all my nice home furnishings in the old country, I’d be delighted with any of it!

  90. Cushions please! New couch needs some colourful AURA comfy cushions!

  91. Towels! I have two newly renovated bathrooms and our threadbare old towels are letting them down. I’ve been coveting some new Aura towels but unfortunately there’s a lot more house to renovate first!

  92. Definitely the gorgeous new stripe towels….the current ones are shabby but with a new baby, they’ve been lots of other things to buy which jumped the queue ahead of towels. Gosh, I do love me a fresh, new, soft towel – Icing on the cake if they are stylish too!

  93. I’m desperate for more patterned sheets so I can channel my inner Beth and pattern clash like a pro! Been trying but have a long way to go. I could so put this voucher to good use!!

  94. Oh some beautiful new towels!! I’d love some of the black check towels for us and some gorgeous pink stripe towels for our 2 girls – so stylish!

  95. The red and white(Swans colour) Table Cloth for my mum,
    for me tea towels, Mine a falling apart and need replacing
    but since they haven’t got any at the moment I need Bath towels

  96. Hmmm lets see…..a throw for the bed…ooh or some cushions….hang on i cant forget a doona cover…

  97. Oh my gosh, our house needs it all ! I seem to have been standing behind the door when style was handed out. Our design style at the moment is a combination of hand me down & red light special πŸ™‚

  98. Felicity says

    Sheets, I love jumping into a bed with clean sheets and can’t imagine how awesome it would be if they were Aura quality πŸ™‚

  99. Narelle Rock says

    I have just bought a new colourful rug for the lounge room, now I need some beautiful scatter cushions for the lounge as well as for my bed.

  100. Tammie S says

    New sheets and doona cover for the bigger bed we’ll buy now the baby wants to sleep in our bed from midnight every night…. Lucky she’s cute!!

  101. Lea Anita Black says

    I desperately need a new Doona cover! That would be the first thing I look to buy! Thanks for the chance!

  102. Kimberly R says

    I definitely have to say I love the cushions, so cute. Thanks for the giveaway.

  103. Hi Beth, what a great giveaway. All their stuff looks gorgeous! We’re in the process of building our first family home and will spend every last cent finishing it. This week I’ve been dealing with dodgy builders and even worse solicitors trying to sort various issues out. I’d love the voucher to buy something wonderful to go in the brand new house… Maybe a doona cover for new bedroom or cushion for my couch. After the drama and stress and sorting out a little shopping is just what I need!

    Good luck everyone and thanks Beth ☺️

  104. The jumbo cable throw! Reminds me of my childhood and the knitted jumpers mum made for us.

  105. Life is too short not to have beautiful bed linen!
    A recent health crisis and the book, The Magic Of Tidying Up, inspired me to clean out my linen cupboard.
    Out went the old, well used faded yellow sheet set from paddys markets, followed by the hand me down faded blue and green sheet sets from the in laws. Gone is the Egyptian print doona cover my husband brought to our partnership closely followed by the faded, falling apart Oxfam yellow elephant print sheet set.
    My linen cupboard is now looking pretty beige and conservative, so I want to brighten it up with some bright, stripey or geometric prints, because I have been influenced by none other than the BabyMac blog designer, who seems to have a flair for choosing bed linen!

  106. Melissa K says

    Sheets for sure, there is no better feeling than laying on some fresh new sheets.

  107. Amber Boyce says

    A lovely new doona cover would be amazing! I love their designs!!

  108. In our old farmhouse, there are nine (!!) different floor coverings. All are based on mission brown, and all are ugly as sin (we did pull out the pink shag pile that was in the bathroom when we arrived – I couldn’t stomach carpet in the bathroom). We have a renovation in the pipeline (hopefully in the next year), so I would be putting the money towards a gorgeous floor rug, to hide my ugly floor now, and look extra fabulous, once the the extension has been completed.

  109. I would love some new towels. I want fluffy ones that actually dry me instead of leaving the water on my body!!!

  110. I’d love some new towels so much. We have varying degrees of tattered towels from barely passable down to ‘used to wash the cat and cuddle the guinea pigs’. I am always embarrassed when we have houseguests!

    Thank you for the competition!

  111. Chrissy Roberts says

    We have a great new lounge but we need cushions and a throw rug too. I would love to be able to choose these.

  112. I’d LOVE a table cloth. I so want to bring back the civility of the ‘olden days’ for my children.

  113. I really need a rug. I’ve been looking for the perfect one.

  114. Jenene Johnson says

    Ahhhhhh it has to be cushions. So many beautiful cushions….

  115. Sally Baker says

    Right now we are using beach towels for bathroom towels, I made the mistake of buying cheap towels and within a couple of months the washing machine has torn them apart!

  116. Jill Unsworth says

    Oh Wow!
    Coveting boys quilt covers!! Soooo hard to find beautiful boy covers……. then I’d buy new for our bed too – I’d hate to miss out !

  117. Amy Hannah says

    Kolmio cushions in neon lime x 10! My cold, dreary house needs a pop of Spring ASAP!

  118. Dorothy Whelchel says

    I would love new sheets and a duvet cover. It would brighten up my world!

  119. Billyjean says

    Definitely luxurious sheets for superior snuggling power in the dark, cold and murky depths of winter, so I can dream of holidays and adventures to come.

  120. Oh that neon lime lattice quilt cover! That would totally complete me and brighten my days.
    Thanks for my introduction to Aura. How did I not know about this slice of happiness?

  121. New sheets without a doubt….I had a big de-clutter a few months ago and left myself with two pairs of plain rather dull bad quality sheet sets…I am determined to start dressing my bed again and your earlier post on print mixing with sheets has really inspired me…
    Thank you for the chance lovely Beth x

  122. Richard Harrison says

    We’re currently in the nesting phase of pregnancy and my other half is going mad for sheets so we’d be buying up large on bedding

  123. supernashwan says

    I’d love to buy a rug for my baby to play on our very cold floors. But in the end I’d probably have to get bath towels that to replace the ones that have unfortunately gotten moldy in our place!

  124. Natalie Ware says

    With the focus being on the children’s bedrooms for so long, our own bedroom is in need of an overhaul. With bold Aqua walls we find it hard to choose linen to coordinate that is anything but white. I love the silver dots quilt set… Still in a basic palette however with some detail for interest. And something I could layer with patterns if I was ever bold enough!

  125. I’ve been looking for ages for a black and white quilt cover for my 10yo son. So hard to find something that’s not too childish or girly, but have just found at least 3 that would be perfect on the Aura site! Also loving the Herringbone Rug <3

  126. Lucy Saal says

    I’m desperate for towels!

  127. I’ve been looking for a quilt cover set FOREVER with a nice bold pattern. Hello Aura! I’ve got my eye on the Kami Quilt cover Set in black. Nothing better than being bold in bed! πŸ˜‰

  128. Sharon Markwell says

    The Maison Quilt Cover in Neon Coral would sure brighten up my dull old bedroom and put a smile on my dial.

  129. Antonietta says

    I would love some beach towels for my daughter and I for our beach holiday coming up. We would look so trendy, we could be twins, although I don’t think she’d like it that much, being a new teenager πŸ™‚

  130. After swooning over some Aura quilt covers for the kids for sooo long I finally purchased them recently just so I could stop obsessing – only to now have transferred the obsession to their jute hall runners (the flame red one would be perfect in our long dark hall). I am worried however if I managed to score the rug I would then just start obsessing over the fiery coral kolmio bath towels . . .

  131. Dianne Muller says

    I really need some king size sheets my are so see through at the moment they need replacing.

  132. Louise L says

    Towels and sheets would be great as I’ve been using mine for nearly 20 years

  133. I’d love to spend it on cushions to dress up our very tired couches!

  134. I would love some cushions. Vibrant and colourful adding some life to inject fun!

  135. I’d love a new quilt cover set for spring! I can’t go past a nice bright doona cover for a fresh new season!

  136. catherine says

    Would love to add some style with a new doona cover, pillows and cushions .

  137. We NEED new sheets! and some new towels!

  138. Kelly Brown says

    I would love some new towels from Aura. My current towels are looking very worn and tatty. Thanks and fingers crossed xx πŸ™‚

  139. Having just moved house, I would love some throw rugs to add a bit of spice. Great giveaway. Thank you.

  140. This would look lovely in my daughters room, Crosses Rug in Jade πŸ™‚

  141. Big stripe in pink, quilt cover. Matching cushions too!

  142. Oh, for my very own towel. Not one used to mop up baby vomit, and not one thrown into the footy bag. Not one used prior on the baby change table, and definitely not one that’s been in the bathroom with Master 15 for more than an hour. Something to call my own, and covet, and let others use over my dead body.

  143. With a 12 week old baby in the house, I am thinking we need a new doona cover, as it’s been christened more than a few times over the last few weeks!

  144. Wow Wee love this comp! I haVe been searching for some delicious crisp new cushions for our lounge room. With spring coming soon we need a bright freshen up in the area we spend most of our time! Thanks for the chance ?

  145. salvatore says

    New towels please!

  146. Quilt covers and throw rugs are on my list.

  147. Sheets! Doona cover! Your post on mismatching bed linen inspired me but i don’t have enough of it to do it!

  148. Samantha H says

    Sheets… Because I really want to have a nice looking bed like yours!

  149. Hi Beth. I’m about to move from a 3 bedder, 1 bathroom home to 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and after going through the ordeal….ahh…I mean process of building the latter I can tell you there won’t be much spare change for linen sadly! So bath towels and bed linen would be top of my list and I would be in absolute heaven shopping for this stuff! What a luxury that would be *sigh*.

  150. Would love some new towels for our en-suite…….long overdue…….but then again a new Doona cover would also be delicious! It would be fun deciding if I was lucky enough to win…..thanks for the opportunity Beth and have a great weekend break! X

  151. Deb’s first comment is a cracker! If you are using your towels to dry the guinea pigs then new ones are certainly in order. πŸ˜‰ That said, I am looking at the ticking stripe sheets in French Navy and some of the coral crochet cushions. So bright and beautiful!

  152. Definitely cushions. But that Aqua cross hall runner I’m putting on my Santa list.

  153. Angela Murray says

    With such an awesome range, its hard to choose, but selecting a doona or cushion, you surely cant lose!

  154. Anita smith says

    I would love a new doona cover! I have been spending a lot of time in bed (36 weeks pregnant and really not doing well with pregnancy) and I have realised how awful my current doona covers are and that refreshing them would defintley refresh my mood!

  155. I would like to add some extra romance to our bedroom with a new doona cover

  156. Hmmmm! I need new sheets…. but i want ALL OF THE THINGS! Mostly, i would love a new rug, cushions, towels, table runners…. the struggle is real when it comes to homewares.

  157. christine williams says

    A new doona cover. Something to inspire me to make my bed and tidy up before I go to work.

  158. lynne lillington says

    Cushion , I have been searching for some that my decor and Aura has the perfect set.

  159. Table cloths! I’m a mum of twins who have just started eating solid food… and spitting it out, the mess is unimaginable!

  160. A rug to add warmth and colour to my newly laid bamboo floors.

  161. New quilt cover. We have finally replaced our nearly 20-year-old bed with a new one and now it’s time for new linen.

  162. Tamara Lamb says

    I’m constantly looking for new sheets to brighten up our rooms and matching cushions!

  163. I would absolutely love new sheets πŸ™‚

  164. Elisabeth Martins says

    I would say quilt covers because I have an obsession with beautiful bed spreads. My friends keep telling me I have too many and I should get rid of some but I can’t bring myself to do it because they are all just soooooo nice! I love any linen really, especially when it’s nice, clean and soft. πŸ˜›

  165. Cushions, cushions and more cushions!!

  166. Towels, Aura have the nicest towels and not only are they the softest they make my bathroom feel welcoming and styled.

  167. Linda Courtney says

    I would love to give my bedroom a lift with a new doona and sheets.

  168. oh I love their stuff – I need some cushions and throw for my new sofa x

  169. Jenny Watson says

    Sheets. I just bought a King Single bed, but I only have one set of sheets for it, flannelette ones. I need summer sheets, and more than one set so that I don’t have to panic about getting them washed and dried in one day.

  170. How have I never heard if this brand before? I’d love a new quilt cover. I’m been lusting after a linen blend cover for quite some time. My husband (believe it or not) has very specific requests in terms of covers. Soft, no strange textures, no piping, etc…. Looks like Aura has the goods. I love the Maison quilt cover. Bliss.

  171. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am coveting a new throw and some awesome cushions for my lovely new family room lounge… There is some beauty’s to pick from!

  172. Hi Beth. Lets just say I’m in a bit of a house keeping rut at the moment but looking at the Aura website is pretty inspiring! Tough decision choosing, but I was felt drawn to those dot pillowcases. They are lovely.

  173. I’m for doona covers, I can never have enough! I’m known for a new bedroom every week.

  174. kylie Bowers says

    our new lounge looks very naked and needs a beautiful throw πŸ™‚

  175. Hi, I NEED new bedding. Mine is so old a lot of it especially my doona covers are getting a bit thread bare. I would love a new rug but need outways the want as the old saying goes.

  176. Kimberley says

    I had to stop following Aura on Instagram because it was costing me too much theoretical money pretending to buy ALL THE THINGS! The Kami quilt cover in mint and the Kolmio in charcoal and the Corner Stipe in orange poppy and and and so many more things.

  177. Samantha W says

    I’m busting to get my hands on a coverlet so that I can keep warm with blankets and end my battles with unwieldy doonas bunching up in their cases!

  178. I would love a throw to add a bit more colour and texture to my drab lounge.

  179. Nicole Salinas says

    I definitely need sheets. Most of my fitted sheets are losing their elastic so some new ones would be awesome!

  180. I’m in desperate need of new sheets! I haven’t felt that new crispy fresh feeling in the longest time, and when I do buy new sheets I’m strictly enforcing a no dog policy. Maybe πŸ˜€

  181. I love throws as we have lots of visitors and they double as blankets for guests..

  182. Sarah Fleming says

    What a fabulous giveaway Beth! I absolutely love linen but in this instance I would have to buy some of Aura Home’s cushions if I were lucky enough to win. I’m desperate for a cross cushion or two, plus I love their big spot cushion also. I love all their cushions actaully!

  183. Brooke Thamm says

    Hi beth,welcome to Australia! I am loving Aura’s coverlets this season and having already purchased one for my sons 16th birthday recently,isn’t it only fair that mum gets one too.xxx

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