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Why hello Friday! It’s ever so good to see you. It’s been a funny kind of a week where we have been busy but in a kind of limbo land. I have to stop overthinking time and when things “should” be happening. I have to try and just BE a little more over the next week, maybe even the one after that. Best I keep myself busy I say…and an impending weekend is just the ticket! I’m planning plenty of time pottering about the garden (if this gorgeous weather keeps up) some more washing (obsessed) maybe some more window cleaning (also obsessed) and some movie watching by the fire (it’s freezing at night).

Got some really good mail yesterday with 2 delightful packages. 2! First up was a package from my friend Steph from Mama Marmalade who has just been over to London to run the marathon (as you do) who had popped into Anthropologie to pick me up a replacement B mug for my morning coffee. And she got me a tea towel too! I never fail to have a faster pulse when opening a package with Anthro sticky tape on it. Thanks Steph…you are gorgeous!


I also loved this snap that she sent me when she was in Paris. This takes the headless vase to new levels does it not? Completely bonkers! I love it. I also love her jeans and show combo in the background mirror and her dedication to shopping.


Next up was this big box that I had NO idea about. It was from Tanner & Teague a Melbourne fashion label created by Sam & Kyleigh who originally set up their label for kids but kept getting asked for adult stuff. It was one of the most thoughtful little care packages I have ever received.


Adorable packets of stickers for the girls, a PACKET OF MINT SLICES, some cotton and room spray and two hot unisex jumpers that Rob and I are fighting over PLUS a teeny tiny little outfit for the babe. Honestly, one of the sweetest things I have received in ages.


Plus they have something for you guys too! A 15% discount for BabyMac readers is what on their stuff at Tanner and Teague and their new kids label SOKK. Just enter the code BABYMAC at checkout for the discount over the next month. This stuff is really cute so be sure to check it out. You can read about them in Broadsheet here too. Thanks again guys and all the best with the new kids label…it’s very cool.


Now did you see that Nikki has launched a shop this week? A shop! So excited for her. She has pulled together a collection of wardrobe essentials for Autumn/winter…a capsule if you will! Loving pretty much everything that she has chosen in there and as soon as I no longer have a human inside of me I will be adding to cart. You can check out all the details here. I’d love to do something similar down the track with homewares, soft furnishings, kitchenware, LINEN etc. Who’d be up for that?


Speaking of soft furnishings, I saw that Aura Home were giving away all these hot cushions. You can enter online here (looks like it goes for a few more days).


Community Service Announcement: David Beckham is now on Instagram. And is also now 40 (had a fab soiree in Morocco nonetheless last weekend). And also still very hot. I mean REALLY, how adorable can you get?

PicMonkey Collage

Also another thing that happened last weekend worth mentioning was a variation on my pulled pork recipe that I usually whack into a taco. I had a vision whilst laying at my ob appointment to feed a crowd that was staying the night with a Bahn mi scenario (like those rolls you get a Vietnamese hot bread shop you know the ones?). I cut some cucumbers, carrot, shallots, chilli, coriander stalks and then had rolls with mayo and some hoisin sauce. DEAR LORD was it good. Highly recommend for feeding a crowd especially when everyone was sitting around watching the football (my idea of hell) but one that I went long with.

Two stories I read this week that I enjoyed:

Apartment Therapy: Dirty little secrets of tidy families
New Yorker: Day in the life of Pinterest

Does the idea of making your own bacon appeal as much to you as it does me? You can buy bacon making kits online here.

So what’s the plan for Mothers Day this weekend? Seeing your own Mum or Mother in law? Escaping somewhere solo special or having a normal day at home with your kids? I’m not sure what we have planned…I am sure that Rob will be cooking something nice for me and then letting me use the pressure hose that he just purchased for some extra pregnant lady crack…I’ll take it! Hope you guys have a great weekend doing whatever it is you are doing. See you on the flip side x


  1. Oh Beth, thanks for mentioning my shop! And yes I want a homewares one. YES!

    PS. Appreciate the community service re Mr Beckham

  2. Just FYI I gave birth the day before Mother’s Day and spent my first mother’s day tucked up in bed with my sleeping newborn drinking cups of tea…it was the best. I would highly recommend!

  3. merilyn says

    good stuff thanks beth!
    I love tanner and Teague!
    nikki’s new shop looks great!
    always love apartment therapy!
    and I’ve ordered chocolate for sunday!
    I will be luxuriating in whateverness!
    have a great mother’s day beth and mum! love m:)X

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Have a great Mother’s Day Beth and that’s a big yes for the homewares shop Xx

  5. I really do think David Beckham joining Instagram was the highlight of the week. Did you see that first pic of him laying in bed? Muhummanahummana! Happy weekend, Queen B. x

  6. What a jam packed post of loveliness!!! I keep forgetting it is Mothers Day on Sunday, but I am looking forward to driving out of here for a week in town…so for Mothers Day I will be driving solo for 5 hours with 3 children to go to town….I have downloaded “The Witches” by Roald Dahl audiobook which should just nearly get us there. Have a great weekend big girl. x

  7. Glad you are enjoying your care package! I was so excited about another Royal Baby. But I’m even MORE excited about a BabyMacBaby.

    Thanks for including us in this post.
    Have a lovely Mothers Day! ♡

  8. Instagram is the perfect media format for David Beckham, lots of photos, no talking. I cannot stand his voice!! But the rest of him makes up for it.

    That pulled pork looks good!! I’ve been craving pulled pork so I might have to give it a go.

  9. That care package. Bless!
    Mint Slices always remind of mum and dad going out when we were kids. There would be Mint Slices laid out for the babysitter. Ooh how I pounced on those if the opportunity presented itself.

  10. OH HELLOOOOOOOO, a pressure hose! Few things in life are better than pressure hosing the driveway, windows, pavers. Oh the satisfaction. Potentially I need to GET A LIFE, but oh me oh my how I love a pressure hose seshhhhhh.

  11. YES!!! To the online homewares/linen shop!!!! Would be amazeballs!! I always struggle to decide…..I will just go with what you say lol. Will be checking out Nikki’s online shop…she is my “go to girl” for all things stylish….her fab advice has taken me all over the world looking not too shabby 🙂
    Have a fabulous Mother’s Day xxx

  12. Wow, I loved that apartment therapy site…what a rabbit hole of visuals that is! Will find myself back there often I think.
    I also concur with all the tips on the article for living tidier…although people over on that blog were getting v huffy about their top sheets weren’t they?!!? Sheesh people!
    Wishing lots of lovely calm reflective thoughts your way over the next week or so

  13. I was so gunho on the make my own”” bacon-how hard could it be?-a little research later and all the talk of potential botulism nope not trying it!! Completely leaving that one alone! For now I’ll put up with what I can buy at our local butcherand think about the best bacon in the world on sale only in New Zealand ;-(

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