Marie O’Neill Pop Portrait Giveaway {worth over $500}

Did you guys love the family portrait that we used to announce Maggie’s birth? How cute was it? It was created by the very clever Marie O’Neill an illustrator and designer based in Brisbane who I was lucky enough to meet at Problogger last August. Marie sent me through the finished portrait just a few days before Maggie was born and I can’t tell you what a treat it was to see us all together in this cute way before the baby arrived…it was just the boost I needed.

Babymac SOCIAL MEDIA-02 1

And I have some GREAT news to share with you guys! Marie is generously giving away a family Pop Portrait to one lucky BabyMac reader! I know right? How cool!  These are worth $299 (for up to 4 figures) but Marie doesn’t want bigger families to miss out so is extending the amount of figures to 8 (bringing the value to up to $519).

Babymac Giveaway-02

The portrait will be sent direct to your inbox as an A4 digital file ready to be printed out as you please PLUS a square format to share on social media.

All you have to do is tell me a member of your family who is like an famously drawn character. Is your husband Homer? Or your son Ginger Meggs? Marie will choose a winner for me (thank you in advance for reading all the entries I know there will be HEAPS) you can read the Terms & Conditions on the giveaway here.

Competition opens 7.00pm AEST 25th May 2015 and closes 5.00pm Friday 29th May 2015 AEST open to everybody! Just leave a comment on this post telling about someone in your family who is like a famously drawn character. Good luck!

You can check out Marie’s website here.
Her Facebook page here.
Her Instagram here.


  1. Archie was the name we had picked for our son years before we had him. We had other names but when we were handed him after he was born and he had a shock of red hair we knew that Archie was meant to be… Oh and my mum is Veronica 😉

  2. Kristy Booth says

    Anyone could think my son was a teenage mutant ninja turtle as he only dresses in green!!

  3. Leigh Rampellini says

    my teenage son looks like Astro boy (I hope people remember him) but just a taller version we call stretch. On a side note my husband gets told he looks like Prince Harry at the time (I know he’s not a character) ps – don’t tell him u said that he would kill me lol

  4. Wow! I am so excited. I have been admiring everyones fantastic portraits and now the opportunity to win one! Amazeballs!
    My son is Astro Boy. They have matching cowlicks! The flick up on Astro Boy is also a permanent on my son’s head. When he was born all the hair from his eyebrows to the nape of his neck swirled into this massive vortex on the top of his forehead.

  5. Debbie Hester says

    We always joke with my hubby that he looks like Peter Griffin from Family Guy!

  6. Love these prints so much! My eldest son is most definitely Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes! He has the same cheeky grin with the personality to match and the most creative, wacky, beautiful imagination on top of that.

  7. We are a family of 6, with our 4 beautiful blonde, blue-eyed surfie kids, and our littlest darling, Camille (3) looks exactly like “tweety bird” with big blue eyes, tiny little red lips and bright yellow hair…so our cartoon character is Tweety! (PS, I love your art).

  8. I have two boys (4 and 20 months) and one of them is currently uncannily like ‘Dennis the Menace’ in personality and in looks (down to the cow-lick of hair at the back of his blond locks).

  9. My youngest daughter is a dead ringer for Grumpy Cat. Does that count, he’s a character isn’t he? She is constantly pouting her lip, or scowling at strangers and has perfected the Grumpy Cat greasy stare which she will throw around at random to anyone who dares look at her. Bonus – she is not yet 2… sigh, long road ahead folks

  10. Michelle Wineberg says

    My almost 13 year old has Sheldon Cooper’s personality but has a very unique look. He’s just hit 6 foot tall, bright red hair, braces, freckles and wears glasses. We’re very lucky to have him in our lives.

  11. Steph Wanless says

    My 2-year-old boy, Ted, looks like Le Petit Prince from Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s famous book. He has a shock of golden hair, a wide-eyed expression and is always exploring the magical world around him. Thank you!

  12. My almost two year old daughter is Dennis the Mennace! She has yet to read the memo that girls are meant to be sugar and spice and all things nice. Instead we hunt geckos, dig holes and ride our staffy like she is a horse. Such a wonderful giveaway!

  13. My husband gets told he looks like Alexander Downer. The politician. He hates it, I can see the small resemblance, down to the grey flecked hair. I don’t know it qualifies as famous. Gives me a giggle though.

  14. Firstly – I am totally crushing on these portraits!!! I saw this and the one you did for Mrs Woog. Too cool! As a newly ‘upgraded’ family of six (our 4th child arrived just 4 weeks ago), I am a little obsessed with updating our photo wall – but can’t get past the staged cheesiness of a traditional family portrait! Anyway – I am rambling!!! Our claim to ‘cartoon fame’ is that’s eldest son, Max, is the spitting image of TinTin!!!
    Crossing my fingers for a win!!!

  15. Never to be left out, our darling exotic shorthair cat, Alan, is the ultimate Garfield. Personality and all. I wish I could link a photo as he’s got to be seen to be believed. Wait this will do! – Instagram: thesecretlifeofjen

  16. My 7 week old baby is the epitome of Maggie from the Simpsons. She sucks on that dummy like cray cray. I’m absolutely convinced that she’s trying to talk to us in morse code with that damn dummy. My duds are full Ma, suck suck, no I don’t want my arm to go into the hole of that jumper you think is so adorbs, suck. Her big blue eyes light up our lives – i just can’t wait til she learns how to blink!

  17. Our youngest daughter looks like Pippy Longstocking. (She shares her dress sense too just quietly!)

  18. Amanda Ashford says

    Loved your portrait, what a beautiful way to introduce Maggie! My eldest son looks like a cross between astro boy and Harry Potter (he has some very cute specs), my youngest son is a mini Ginger meggs and my husband is like prince Harry. My son tells me I’m Wonder Woman crossed with Princess Jasmine from Aladin! Would love to see us all in print, thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful prize

  19. My 11 year old son is Bart Simpson. We don’t even really let him watch the show so he’s not even copying him. He’s lovable & charming & quite precocious. He is quite often in trouble in class, he finds it hard to sit still, loves pulling pranks on his father and all the while has conscience & fesses up his wrong doings. His latest saying is ‘get wrecked man’ and he will use this quote many times each day, it isn’t annoying at all (mmmmm – that’s me being Marg). We think he may be a genius. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  20. Loz (IG LOZ585) says

    My hubby and I have two kids, Miss4 and Mr1, along with two beautiful mastiff furbabies. My husband (and I tend to agree, just not outloud!) thinks our 16mo son looks like Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit! He does have that funny old man baby look about him, with a distinct hair curl on the top of his head! What a wonderfully generous prize!!

  21. Oh this is just fabulous ! Having four teenage sons, it’s a challenge to get a family portrait so this is PERFECT. My hubby is looks like Peter from Family Guy, my 2 older boys like Fred and Barney from The Flintstones and the younger boys look like Johnny Bravo (loves to look cool) and last but not least we have Ben 10 LOL this would be the best prize EVER

  22. Wow!! What a generous prize! I loved the picture as soon as you put it up so what a treat to be able to win my own!

    My middle boy looks similar to Chuckie from Rugrats. He’s been wearing his glasses for a while and there are lots of similarities! Like Chuckie he is so gorgeous and always has his shoes untied!!!!

  23. I love these pictures – very cool! Would be great to update the family photo that we had taken over three years ago… My husband has always told me I look like a South Park character. I would love to have the chance to (hopefully) prove him wrong! I may agree to you drawing a Cartman beanie on me to see who’s right. (We have been married 10 years this year so it’s been going on a long time!)

  24. My uncle looks like George, from Seinfeld. His {now 16 year Old} then 18 month old daughter would point at the TV and say “Daddy”! My brother looks like Cam from Modern Family, apparently my Marie original portrait looks like Kevin Rudd…. oh and my Huz looks like the guy from the hangover movie, yeah the one tat gets the face ink. That one. Not like illustrated folk, yet!

  25. I love this portrait!!! My sister claims that my cute 1 year old daughter looks like the baby from the Dinosaurs TV show in the 90s!

  26. Chantelle says

    We have a huge blended family with 9 kids! My 16 year old step son looks like Leo Sayer. We have 6 boys and 3 girls between us! It’s is crazy hectic but so amazingly rewarding to be part of such a big family. Never a dull moment

  27. Mia Laing says

    My youngest daughter, Bonnie, has a resemblence to Eliza Thornberry…braces, plaits, smart! Guess what Bonnie’s middle name is…Eliza!!

  28. A couple of giggling school girls approached my husband at the local shopping centre proclaiming his likeness to George Clooney! He was embarrassed by the attention (but would have signed an autograph if asked). It wasn’t until he suggested buying a Nespresso machine that I had to say “hun, I think you’re taking this George thing a little too far…”

  29. Your baby birth announcement was so great, id love to do the same (we are having twins!) when the time comes. Our pooch looks like a light version of Hairy Maclary from Donaldson dairy! She totally acts like him too (although she’s not quite up to a ‘skimmer’, prefers a ball), getting into mischief, scampering around and always with that cheeky look. You always have the best giveaways, this one is right up there. Thanks for introducing us to a clever and unique artist.

  30. i would have to say that my partner resembles Shrek. More in Shrek attitude than being green lol.

  31. Louise McCarthy says

    My 3 year old daughter looks like Boo from Monsters Inc and we have a wee 3 month old who looks a bit like Tommy from Rugrats!

  32. I don’t know if you have ever come across a children’s book called Dreadful David’? It is such a great children’s books- my kids adore it and so do I. But in it, there is a little boy who is full of mischief and is ALWAYS doing something naughty. My little boy is the spitting image (in look and personality) He is four, and I love him so much, but you have never seen a child so full of energy and into everything. He is either running at a million miles an hour, our fast asleep 🙂

  33. My husband looks and dances like Mr Bean.

  34. My four year old daughter is a Snow White look alike. And hubby is a bit like Mr Grumpy

  35. My little girl looks like the Heat Miser from The Year Without Santa Claus.

  36. I was extremely skinny as a young child and was often jokingly called Olive Oyl from Popeye.

    No longer skinny so I’m not sure if it still counts.

  37. I have identical twin 3 year old girls, they remind us of Vidia outbid the Tinkerbell books. The fluff and flutter around like a pair of fairies, then we have a 1 year old baby girl who could be a triplet if there wasn’t an age difference. So three little fairies running around the house! Lovely

  38. Christie says

    Gorgeous portrait.
    My youngest son looks just like Dash from The Incredibles. He moves pretty quickly too….

  39. Toni laws says

    I have 3 little darlings but My middle little lady is totally Madeline very preppy and proper
    And my boys are Mario and Leuigi minus the moes

  40. Our beloved rescue fur child is the Australian twin of Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy. We live opposite a primary school and everyone knows our dog even though we don’t have children! Luckily Millie the Mighty Mutt (her real name) loves the attention and being a neighbourhood star. What’s even funnier is our best mates have sausage dogs – just like Schnitzel von Krumm. Such great books!

  41. I adore Marie’s work.. we are such a crew to my right I have Dermot Mulroney, My daughter is straight out of the film Amelie but I pretend she is Hello Kitty, Harrington is our little Anakin, I am Betty Boo without the gorgeous curves and our Dexter is Bolt..

  42. My gosh… Without a doubt my little girl is Pebbles Flinstone! Complete with red hair & ‘whale spout’ ponytail!

  43. My niece looks like Shirley Temple…blonde curls (from Mum), big blue eyes (from Dad) a big beautiful smile (from both) and a cheeky personality from her Aunt….of course!

  44. My middle son looks like The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Expury. I love that he does, because I studied that book in my high school French class, fell in love with French, so moved to France to learn to speak it properly… and met my husband. He has these luscious golden curls, and such a sweet, sweet way of looking at the world. I adore him.

  45. There’s only one member of our family that we get stopped in the street for – our dog! She bears an uncanny resemblance to Sprocket from Fraggle Rock (does anyone remember Fraggle Rock?). What amazing portraits!!

  46. Gorgeous work!! My daughter is like Angelica Pickles from rugrats – picking on little “Tommy” much of the time- and occasionally being nice. Mainly though she’s the translator between baby and mum!! X

  47. It is popular opinion amongst my husband’s students that he looks & sounds like Mr Incredible.

  48. Oh wow! These replies are so funny!
    What a wonderfully generous giveaway.

    We have baby #2 due in October and I love these family portraits – oh to be artistic!

    In terms of family members who look like an illustrated character, my sisters and I have always joked that my daughter looks like Rainbow Brite!! She has a whole lotta hair! My husband had no idea who we were talking about – which makes me question his childhood to be frank.

    Continuing with the 80s theme I’d love to think I look like She-Ra but I’m not totally delusional. Just mostly.
    Thanks for this Beth! xx

  49. My son has a larger head than most kids his age… We call him ernie (from Sesame Street)… He is growing into his head slowly but surely! My miss 8 has the complexion, dark hair and Rosie lips of Snow White!

  50. hubby thinks our son is like Hobbes the tiger from Calvin and Hobbes…. Thoughtful! I think our little girl would be more like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh… Mischievous! Hmmm…. Two tigers? I wonder about the significance of that!? 🙂 love Marie’s work!

  51. I’m married to Shrek! We even won best dressed couple at a fancy dress ball a few years back as Shrek and Fiona

  52. I adored that portrait!
    I would so love one of the four of us and our rescue dog.
    My baby girl looks like a kewpie doll…or maybe a cross between a kewpie doll and the Michelin Man!

  53. My son is the dead set spitting image of the boy at the back of the Mad comics.

  54. Tracy Menzies says

    Love this!! We are a small family, one child who is all grown up now. Wish our family was bigger but not to be. Always looking for ways to reinforce the idea of family for our beautiful daughter, as it’s not easy with no siblings and limited extended family members. Us three have always identified with Spongbob SquarePants. Dad is SpongeBob, I’m Patrick, a bit stupid but loveable and our daughter is Sandy Cheeks, the cute little squirrel! Our Pug Dog, Gary, who is 8 years old, was actually named after Gary the Snail in the show lol. Would love to have such a sweet little family portrait for our Madeline, to have with her in Brisbane where she’s at Uni studying. Fingers crossed, Tracy (Patrick) in Hervey Bay

  55. So cute! It would be perfect for our new addition (and I think Chewie would look adorable as a cartoon!!)
    My husband looks a little Tin-Tin-esque, but wakes up with Bart Simpson hair most mornings. He gets cross with me if I don’t tell him how bad his hair looks. It’s adorable.

  56. My mum tells me that I look like Mona Lisa. It’s completely bizarre because I take it as a horrible insult while she means it as a compliment. Maybe we have different artistic values.

    When bub was really small he looked like the caricature of Mr Bean. Thankfully he grew out of that look.

    And Hubby is a better looking doppelgänger of Owen Wilson. I realise he isn’t a character, but I couldn’t leave the poor man out!

  57. as a newborn my baby looked a lot like Mumbles from Happy Feet – she was a sweet little chinless penguin with great big eyes. Thankfully she’s grown into her features a bit these days, but she retains the nickname ‘little penguin’. That and ‘my pudding’ because she’s a little fatty 😉 xx

  58. I am very Mona Lisa in the morning. My children are like naughty minions. And my husband is the animated Darren from bewitched’s in the animated opening credits.

  59. Mhoraf Griffin says

    My husbands name is Peter Griffin as in ‘family guy’ fame and due to my short grey hair I’m a bad ring in for July dench, son looks like Jesus and daughters the only normal one!!!!

  60. My mr 4 is like pocoyo and is inquisitive like home too! My miss 8 is the picture of Snow White with the dark hair, Rosie lips be pale complexion! As for me, I’m more like the cartoon version of Betty from flinstones! Lol!

  61. My eldest son looks like Heath Ledger – and my youngest son looks like my eldest (“twins 5 years apart my MIL used to say”) – my daughter looks like her fabulous Aunty – and none of them look like me – so I suppose I am not famous!

    LOVE those pop portraits – surely in pop portrait style we could get my husband to smile for a family portrait!

  62. My number two son is the quintessential Calvin! Daring, inquisitive, filled with righteous indignation and feeling deeply all the injustices of the world. He even has a favourite stuffed tiger (called Tigey rather than Hobbes). I can really sympathise with his long suffering mum. I wouldn’t have him any other way though 🙂

  63. Fiona Ell says

    Our dog looks more and more like Snoopy every year!

  64. I don’t want to brag, but if I cut my hair short, I’d pretty much be Kath Day-Knight’s twin!

  65. Our 2-year old daughter Sybil is a real character, we lovingly call her Kitty because she looks like a miniature version of the curly haired ‘That 70’s Show’ mother.

    (Come October we’ll be a family of 7, I can’t believe we are scraping in for this fabulous giveaway!)

  66. I have a pic of my eldest miss which makes her look just like a young, 70’s Farrah Fawcett – down to the pout and the swish in the fringe. We have #3 due in 5 weeks, but if I’m hospitalised with pre-term labour one more time I will take on a startling resemblance to the demented seagull from The Little Mermaid – right down to the crazed brushing of my hair with a fork.

  67. Sarah Pearce says

    when my son was a baby, he looked like the drawn silhouette profile of Alfred Hitchcock – his cheeks were so huge he had no chin!

  68. If Robbie Williams was a cleaning living, rugby playing, Kiwi rather than a brash, loud rock star – he’s be my husband Nathan. Dead set.

  69. Fleur Last says

    Hi Beth,
    I have been wondering who did your family portrait. I love it!!!
    In my little family my husband would be Tin Tin.
    My eldest daughter is a blonde Pippi Longstocking, and has the freckles and the fiesty attitude.
    I have a son who could be Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes
    Not sure about myself and my other daughter but my dog Louie looks like a blonde Frank. He is famous right?
    Congratulations on the birth of Maggie, she is just precious and I am loving all the pics on instagram.

  70. Would love to win! My husband has been told more than once that he looks like Brad Pitt (lucky me!). So much so, when we honeymooned in the states 7 years ago, so many ppl commented that it became the running joke of our trip. We have had four kids in five years since we got married so it’s more of a balding Brad Pitt now from the stress of all. Lol!

  71. Hi BabyMac!
    Congratulations on the birth of baby Maggie! My identical twins are blonde, curly hairded versions of Denace the Menace, however, I think having the surname Batman makes our whole family ‘cartoonish’ 😉

  72. we have a cartoon family, me – Jessica rabbit, my Husband Bevis (and butt head) , my 4 year old Tin Tin and my baby girl pebbles

  73. Leesa Cav says

    I look like Wonder Woman. Okay, truly More like the (oh no it’s) Monday morning, after a weekend of taxi-img kids to sport, running a small business, washing, cooking, cleaning the house, dropping the forgotten (appropriately homemade healthy) lunchbox to school, now too late to go to the gym, where the heck is my coffee (the second one, cause the first one is still sitting on the kitchen bench) … Version of Wonder Woman 😉

  74. When My 2 year old son puts on glasses he looks like the old man from the movie Up! He has the gorgeous wave in his hair just like him.

  75. My husband bears a striking resemblance to Shrek… he’s a bit tired of the joke now but it’s truly uncanny!

    So much so that many moons ago while he was working as a barber, a young customer sat there, mouth agape the entire haircut then exclaims “oh my goodness you’re just like Shrek!”

    Funnily enough I’ve never been able to convince him to paint himself green and embrace it.

  76. Teah Price says

    My hubs has been mistaken for the Geelong AFL football player, Cameron Ling a few times! And my 2 year old could actually be Dennis the Menace…

  77. My husband has the disposition of Daddy Pig from Peppa Pig…. The kids and I often laugh at Daddy Pig’s shenanigans and say he’s just like their dad!

  78. Love reading people’s comments. My 27 month old daughter looks like Annie (the sun will come out…tomorrow) with her wild corkscrew curly hair (and her zest for life). 🙂

  79. Lisa Abejja says

    We call my husband mr crabs ( from spongebob ) because he’s stingy and hates to spend a dollar !!!

  80. Kim magee says

    Love your art so talented and would love to be your next subjects. wouldn’t say we are mash ups but have been stopped many times from people commenting on my 7 year old sons resemblance to a long haired Brad Pitt. My other son was the Poster boy for Alexander and the no good very bad day character though had a growth spurt since. Thanks for your consideration.

  81. Me, it’s me… I’m the one who looks like a drawn character! Random members of the public have been known to tell me that I look like ‘krusty the clown’ from the Simpsons! Thanks everyone – I’ll take that as a compliment! ie, short red curly hair! Looks like my 1 year old daughter might be heading down the sane path! At least I can prepare her!! Life as a clown ain’t all bad!

  82. Meredith says

    Remember the little blonde haired girl with piggytails that seemed to be in a lot of Golden Books from the 70s/80s? That’s my youngest to a tee. Helping to bake or do things in the house or outside helping Daddy in the garden. A little classic, she is.

  83. While we were traveling around India a few years back, everyone thought my husband was Daniel Vetorri (NZ cricket player!)
    My son has wild curly blonde hair and is very cheeky, we call him the ninja!

  84. Hi! I think my 3rd son Joshua is like Tintin! He is always curious and very adventurous.

  85. This is fun 🙂
    Hubs – Woody in his boots and hat on the farm
    Darby (4) – Evel Knievel on his motorbike
    Mac (3) – Wal Footrot
    Stella (1) – Busta from the Shiralee, although not a cartoon, I can’t go past that lookalike!
    Me – Id like to think Jessica Rabbit, but this red hair, freckles and cheeks are probably more suited to Strawberry Shortcake!!

  86. We are an eclectic bunch from youngest to oldest Schroeder (Peanuts) , Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs), Barney Rubble and I don’t know who I am ! But if you ask our sons we all have super hero names and have to answer to them some days all day. We have Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and mum is Hawk girl. Try answering to that in the supermarket.

  87. What a wonderful prize! We would love a portrait of our little family of 4. My son (4) and daughter (1) are too loud to be cartoons – maybe something from a 3D movie!? But my husband looks A LOT like Shaggy from Scooby Doo (even if he deludedly thinks he looks like Piers Brosnan)!

  88. Pam Allen says

    People laugh all the time at my husband resembling Ned Flanders! He wears glasses and is super nice and friendly, but underneath he his a massive babe who is totally ripped. Once the first person pointed it out it was so obvious! Please note he does not have the moustache thank god 🙂

  89. My dog looks like Lady as in Lady and the Tramp. She acts a bit lady like too!

  90. Beth, your portrait was the perfect way to announce Maggie’s arrival. So bright and beautiful, just like your family. Thank you for sharing who made it- Marie certainly has talent!
    Sadly, we can’t fill your brief- no one in our family resembles anyone famous. Our son would like to be Emmett from the Lego Movie -he shares the brown hair, but mostly he reminds me of my brother when he was young. Our daughter yearns to be Hermione Grainger, but is now creating her own superhero persona “Razor Lightning”- she resembles her dad, except for a sprinkling of freckles on her nose, which can only be my genetic legacy. Hubby still fancies himself as a Mad Max character (from the original films), but age, kids, and too much beer and pizza mean he hasn’t fitted his motorbike leathers for years, and his colouring is completely different. Me? I love 50’s dresses and bake like Annabel Crabb, but don’t have her amazing hair or sparkling wit. Our cats? Plain tabby shelter moggies. Mostly, we resemble our families – photos of them on our stairwell wall remind me that my husband’s eyes are like his father’s, my daughter’s nose is like my mother’s, my son’s unflappable personality- much like my brother, and his grandad. And I love that.
    I’m sure you’re experiencing the same thing with your Maggie, and your bigger girls Beth- that deep recognition of those tiny things you recognise from your family in your kids. It’s magical. And your little portrait giveaway has made me wax lyrical about it! Sorry for the ramble!

  91. You remember Linus from the Peanuts? That’s my daughter. She’s always dragging along her pink blanket everywhere, and instead of being hunched over a piano, she ruins her posture over an iPad (thanks grandparents!!)

  92. Mrs Macca says

    I am surely close to Betty Boo! Dark Hair, dark eyes, and curves that I am embracing!

  93. Hi!

    My Daughter Amelia (3) reminds me so much of Bonny from Toy Story 3! She has the short brown hair and always has to choose her own, lets say “creative” outfits…. which always consists of her ‘dancing skirt’ (tutu) and gum boots. She absolutley loves playing with her toys and making up little adventures. When we watch Toy Story she even says “look it look like mia!” haha.

  94. My 3 year old is like Boo from Monsters Inc. My husband used to look like Tom Selek from Magnum PI until he cut his hair.

  95. My nearly-4 year old son is a splitting image of Dash, from The Incredibles. He moves like him too- ‘Mum, I’ve got rockets in my butt, so I can move really fast’.

    I wish I looked like Mrs Incredible though!

  96. My husband looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo! He’s a little sensitive about though, so I’ll have some explaining to do if I win! Love the portrait so much, Beth. And congratulations on beautiful Maggie’s birth – she’s lovely xx

  97. Its a golden colour instead of bright red, but my youngest girl has hair like Merida from Brave, similar personality too, full of mischief, definance and spunk! Hair full of curls & knots. Loving the portraits Marie!

  98. My middle boy is a little Tin-Tin – takes after his Dad!

  99. My husband looks like Sam the Eagle from the Muppets! He cannot see the resemblance but I sure can.

  100. With a mother who has been likened to Christina Ricci’s Wednesday Adams (from The Adams family) and a father who’s gun license photo looks like a someone you wouldn’t want to meet in a State Forest……it’s therefore logical we’d give birth to Rapunzel? right?
    Seriously. These portraits rock, l’d die to have one of our little family. xx

  101. My daughter quite often gets called Annie with her bright red, curly hair and freckles. 🙂

  102. My family is full of characters- my husband and my favorite would be our 6 year old Marley who recently passed away. We would love to have a full family picture of our whole family.

  103. I was hoping you were going to tell us about that portrait. There is just something about it, you know with some art, you just love it?

    We are currently travelling around Australia for 6 months, and my husband has let his hair and beard grow… resembling Wolfman according to friends and my 2 year old sons blond curls are out of control with all oceans swims. I would love a portrait showing us as we are now, 3 weeks before we arrive home. What a way to remember the trip!

  104. Our daughter is much like Frozen’s Anna, with her gorgeous long plaits, her energy & optimism. While our snow doggy resembles Dusty from the movie Balto…

  105. Love these portraits! So unique and quirky.

    My husband is a dead ringer for the Chesty Bonds guy. His white blond hair, big square jaw and big ‘guns!’ (Well they have shrunk a little since we have gotten older haha!). My son Rhaine would be Noddy with his little pink cheeks and turny up nose. My youngest daughter Daisy looks like a cabbage patch kid but my oldest daughter Ruby-Lily and I are just plain old us!! Oh and our dog Tiger is Shenzi the Hyena from The Lion King – ugly but beautiful to us!!
    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  106. Kylie Myers says

    I have two little shirley temples. My big girls curls have dropped a bit these days but she still has the wavy crazy blond hair and my littlest has the ringlets to boot!

  107. Meri-ann says

    I’ve always called my husband ‘Ray’ – when we met 15 years ago he had the BIGGEST helmet hair I’ve ever seen! It’s still thick and dark (unlike his bald brothers and Dad) – but definitely less ‘Ray Martin’ now than it used to be!

  108. michelle says

    I have two lovely girls, Ruby is like a young Dakota Fanning and Lola is a beautiful bundle of trouble!!!!!

    Love your work Marie x

  109. My 5 yo son is Stitch from LILO and STITCH !
    He has a big mouth full of very white teeth and big brown eyes.
    And he leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes!
    He can clear a cafe in a flash (we always get good tables).
    Old ladies come up to him clucking and cooing, then he whacks them on the bum as they walk away.
    He’ll chomp a prawn and the tail down in an instant, bites the skin off bananas and munches through a kiwi skin like its a marshmallow.
    Yep, he’s Stitch alright!

  110. My Max is surely the incarnation of Ginger Meggs. We call him Meggsy. x

  111. My now 8 year old is Oscar.
    I picked the name, without any thought of Oscar the Grouch.
    This was bought to my attention by a girlfriend when she visited the hospital.
    Whenever he is grumpy, we call him Oscar the Grouch!!
    By the way, I have collected, on Oscar’s behalf, many Oscar the grouch toys and such stuff along the way.

  112. Sam Leader says

    My girls are 7 and 5 and reckon they’re Elsa and Anna – of course they do! My son is 2.5 and would make a marvellous Olaf, he has been a natural comic from day dot. Great, great prize, good luck everyone.

  113. My husband looks exactly like an older version of Tin Tin!

  114. Whitney Sigler says

    Thanks Beth!! Well our middle son looks like Shaggy from Scobby Doo haha and our Daughter has Ben told (when her hair is died red) that she looks like Poison Ivy. I just loved your announcement so cute. What talent!! Thanks Whitney

  115. Kelly McP says

    We call our three year old son ‘Foghorn Leghorn’ because he is loud, oh so very loud (incapable of speaking below a dull roar) and (sometimes) obnoxious (as only a three year old can be!). And when he’s getting ready to speak his mind he puffs his chest out like a bantam rooster and struts around the house.
    “This boy’s making more noise than a couple of skeletons throwin’ a fit on a tin roof!”

  116. Oh this is so lovely, she is super clever I must say.
    I can’t think of any one in particular whom we look like but boy o boy would my youngest make an incredible cartoon character.
    We say he has celebrity hair because he attracts attention wherever we go.
    He is five years old and he has a white/blond afro.
    You’d think he was already famous.

  117. My 11-month-old daughter Poppy looks like the comic book character Tintin. It’s the hair. Straight up like a cockatoo!!! I keep waiting for it to flatten out as it gets longer but it just keeps growing straight up higher! But I love it. It’s her thing!!!

  118. Ooohh I sooo love these!
    My hubby- the Incredible Hulk (but a super friendly version lol) and our son, when he’s naked, totally Mr Burns from the Simpsons with his scrawny little body

  119. Ok so there are a few of us Morley’s…. There is Me who of course looks like Jessica Rabbit (but shorter, blonder and curvier), then Baby Jake (who is nearly 25) who is the spitting image of the Tasmanian Devil, esp at the moment as he needs a haircut! Embee Louise our dog (named after Michael Buble aka MB) looks like Lady from Lady and the Tramp, Hector the Cat is Hector the Road Safety Cat, Holly the Cat (ended up being a boy) is def Garfield and Shadow the Cat is 100% Puss in Boots from Shrek! It’s def a CRAZY TOWN HOUSE 🙂

  120. I’ve been listing after my own little family drawing forever and forever. Isn’t Marie just the most talented gem ever!

    My child walks around with barely any clothes on, no shoes and craziest hair! Not to add all the dirt and stuff she that trails behind her. I am always telling people that Abigail reminds me of Donny from the wild thornburys. Always!! Because it is so true

  121. My dad is a Thunderbird!!! Looks just like and does a great impression. Love these portraits, and loving the Maggie updates.

  122. I just love your family portrait Beth….gorgeous! I would love to have one of my own. I have always thought that my husband and eldest son have hair like Tintin and our chocolate border collie Basil, looks like Basil brush! Boom Boom fingers crossed

  123. Around these parts it’s all about Spider-Man. Rowan is joyfully obsessed & completely unbothered that he hasn’t actually seen a Spidey movie or even read a cartoon (he’s five & stuck with G ratings). He knows his costume suits all situations; bed, school, weddings – sorted!

  124. Jo Sutton says

    We always joke that my husband is a combo of Mr Small, Mr Clever and Mr Mean. Poor chap!

  125. Hubby and I always joke he is Bruce Willis with the receding hairline and no top lip LOL! Thanks for the chance to win this fab portrait! ~ Mariane xxx

  126. When I was little mum used to put our paintings and drawings on the back of the toilet door. Cos you know why NOT make the loo in to an art gallery. She also had a print of the MOna Lisa there and I for real thought it was a painting of her. She’s so like that painting that I have never been able to see it as otherwise.

  127. Lisa Spencer says

    My middle son is like Tin Tin!

  128. My hubby is a dead ringer for Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap and CSI) – so much so that he when he denies being Scott – people will argue with him and won’t leave him alone until he signs autographs!

  129. savannah says

    My youngest daughter is crazy, funny, wild. We used to call her Bam Bam. However since Christmas she has been sporting a fabulous reverse mullet hair do that she cut herself so she is know known as Alfalfa Sprout. Xx

  130. My little guy reminds me of puss n boots from shrek with his big brown eyes. They melt my heart every time he looks at me, and they seem to win me over and get him out of trouble. He’s just two and he already knows how to use charm.

  131. Katrina Beresford says

    My son makes a brilliant Tintin….he dressed up as him on school book day…..looked brilliant. He’s actually got curly blonde hair but he sprayed the front of his curls and put tons of gel on and he was delighted with a straight hair flick at the front….call him Toby-Tintin now

  132. Danielle Patterson says

    My darling 3 year old daughter is a red headed Curious George. They share the same facial expressions, and curious nature…touching and breaking ALL the things. Equal parts infuriating and hilarious. After an episode of menacing she will look up at me with that little curious George pout and sad earnest eyes and make my heart melt.

  133. Karen Magno says

    Our youngest daughter (who is 6 today!) Reminds us of Boo from monsters Inc. Her nickname is Boo too.
    Marie, thanks for doing what you do. I’ve been a fan for a long time.
    Congrats on Maggie and your journey getting her here Beth. She is a treasure and watching the bond between siblings is beyond beauty.

  134. My middle child, Phoenix has these big emotive eyes. They remind me of the anime drawings of characters, with huge emotive eyes. His look can kill but most likely they make you melt – with love. <3

  135. My husband is Foghorn Leghorn. He obviously watched that cartoon as a child and I often hear him to say to either one of my sons “Boy, I say boy” just like Foghorn. My son’s don’t get it but it gives me and my husband a giggle.

    Love the picture Babymac and Marie O’Neill.

  136. Portraits are the BESTEST!

    Teddy who just turned 4 is definitely starting to morph into Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver. He’s cheeky and inquisitive, a dreamer and a classic all around boy!

  137. Jen stokes says

    My 4 yo son has dressed like Mario for about 8 months now. Same pair of overalls (although we are upto pair #4) same red tshirt day in day out. I even got him a red hat with an M on it and white gloves for Christmas last year.
    Or my aunts like that crazy cat lady from the Simpsons…hoarding cats. She hasn’t thrown one yet…I hope!

  138. Bec Bennett says

    My 9yo son is BamBam from he Flinstones. He was born a big guy and when he was around 18 months old we noticed he was so strong! Lifting things was his game, he loved to drag heavy things and lift them for fun. He had white blonde hair until last year when it started to go brown, but he’s always been called BamBam and probably always will be 🙂

  139. My Son looks like and acts like Calvin. He has uncontrollable hair and is very adventurous!

  140. My girls remind me of Sally from the Shirley Hughes book I loved as a kid – Sally’s Secret. Girly girls with floaty dresses and accessories they have adorned themselves with. Enjoying imaginary play and tea sets in the garden. They have that same sense of pleasure in the simple joy of playing together and just being kids. Maybe that’s not really famous enough but it gives me a real kick!

  141. jess clayton says

    Our daughter Pearl was such a chubby, happy, blonde and blue eyed, cherubic little baby and reminded us enormously of the iconic kewpie doll.

  142. How brilliant are these portraits Beth! Seeing your new addition introduced to the world through one of Marie’s gorgeous artworks was just beautiful. It got me thinking I NEED one too when our twins arrive in September and we go from a trio to 5. Two whole babies at once… Cannot believe our luck!

  143. My 3 boys are affectionately known as & tend to resemble Huey, Dewey & Louie. My youngest son’s are twins & there is only 2 years between them and their older brother. The 3 are extremely close and have a bond that makes my heart burst! They all look so alike, they are often mistaken for triplets. In an ironic twist, my husband can do quite an authentic Donald Duck impression that would always make the boys laugh as babies! xxx

  144. My son is Macaulay Culkin’s double…in every way!!
    Love love these portraits 🙂

  145. Michelle says

    My daughter looks like Little Miss Trouble… And has a personality to match! Ha!

  146. My husband and I often joke that our beautifully chubby cheeked four year old looks like the Lard Lad Donut boy from the Simpsons. He also has a lovely big smile and butter-wouldnt-melt-in-my-mouth eyes like the mascot. Oh and he loves donuts.

  147. My 16-month old is beginning to remind me of Dennis the Menace – I just caught him dragging our cat around by the tail! Thankfully the cat was too good natured to retaliate! She looks just like Sylvester the cat and has the same inability to catch birds – doesn’t stop her giving it a try though…

  148. Love this!! Mishmash at our house…my daughter is a fairy on Ben and Hollys little kingdom, one son is Sheldon off Big Bang and the other son is Justin beiber….fun time. Haha.

  149. My husband though he now a grown up looks just like Dennis the Meance.

  150. Hannah Majtara says

    My 5 month old son has big eyes like puss in boots from shrek. Love these portraits

  151. I love this portrait!

    Apparently I look like Eep from the Croods…. I guess my hair is a bit wild! But my kids are both blue eyed and blonde haired like my husband…

  152. My brothers hair is like Krammers from Seinfield. It’s got some crazy curl to it and grows up and up until it finally flops.

  153. Alicia Mackay says

    My gorgeous husband could pass easily for Wolverine at the moment. The hair .. Oh god.. The hair. But seriously.. Every woman needs a bit of Hugh Jackman in their lives right??!! My three beautiful children think he’s a dead ringer .. Except the baby, he just strokes the hair and dreams of his own one day !! Hehehe.

  154. Ailie Webb says

    My 4yo daughter is JUST like the character JOY from the new Pixar movie, Inside Out. She is lighthearted, optimistic and determined to find the fun in every situation!!

  155. Melissa C says

    I think in another life I was Divine, the fabulous drag queen, who featured in many of John Waters movies. Big, bold & beautiful!

  156. Mum and Dad are just a regular Jane Doe and Joe Blow. We are superbly outshone by Master 5 who has an uncanny resemblance to ‘Porky’ from The Little Rascals and Miss 3 who looks like Pebbles Flinstone on a good day!

  157. Melissa C says

    Whoops..pressed ‘post comment’ before I had finished. Apparently Divine was the inspiration for the villain Ursula from the animated movie The Little Mermaid, perhaps this is where I most see the resemblance 😉

  158. I love your portrait! What a brilliant idea! My third child, my youngest, is 19 months old and reminds me of Bam Bam Rubble from The Flintstones. Lawson has a mop of gorgeous blonde hair, is strong and fearless and constantly leaves a trail of mess and destruction in his wake. It’s a bit like living with a tornado sometimes. Luckily, he is the sweetest, happiest little man, otherwise our Bam Bam moments would have me pulling my hair out!

  159. Katrena J says

    We have 5 daughters including 9 month identical twin girls. My 3 year old had a beautiful head of ringlets until she cut herself a mullet & now resembles Snake from the Simpsons 🙂

  160. My daughter thinks she is a princess and my son thinks he is a dinosaur! Think Cinderella in drag (3 year old applying their own makeup is always classy) and a fat short, male Dorothy the dinosaur growling – makes for a beautiful family photo!

  161. I’m happy to admit my two kids resemble no cartoons!! On the other hand, a little concerned that hubby and I could be mistaken on occasion for Bob and Linda Belcher, from Bobs Burgers. Our animals are another thing, again more personality than appearance – Bonkers and Oscar AKA Garfield and Odie. Plus the chicken, who thinks its a dog – I think it’s rather unique!

  162. Megan Kay says

    I would absolutely love to win one of these! My daughter Willow has blond hair down to her butt and she has been called Elsa on many an occasion when she has it all braided up, it is very cute.

  163. My hubby and my three year old call themselves Pinky and The Brain … “What shall we do today Brain? Same thing we do every day, Pinky TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!” No idea how this happened.

  164. I’ve just consulted my two year old and there is absolutely no doubt in her mind that she’s Elsa and I’m Anna. Her brothers are Kristoff and Hans. Poor ol’ daddy dipped out a bit – he’s Sven.

  165. Penny roots says

    hi Beth, just loved your announcement portrait..I have 8 children, all with very different looks. Can not place any to fame but my eldest always get searched at airports. must look like someone that you wouldn’t want to let on plane or sit near.. Now days he trims his beard before flying.. Lol
    Best wishes to your gorgeous family!

  166. I looooved your birth announcement pic Beth- and thanks for the opportunity to win our own. We are Brits – been in Oz for 3 years and this year bought a house, a puppy and I started a job … finally putting down roots. This would be a fab way to commemorate those milestones! Mr 8 has ALWAYS been Bam Bam, Miss 11 is Luna from Harry Potter, DH is Dr Watson, Sherlock’s buddy and I don’t know about me but I keep getting likened for Beccy Cole since arriving Down Under! X

  167. I think my littlest is Jerry from Tom and Jerry. He is tenacious, and his face is the spitting image of Jerry; cheeky, adorable, impish and he teases the be-jesus out of his elder brother. 🙂

  168. I would love one of these! My eldest daughter reminds me of Pippi Longstocking in looks and personality. I gave her the book of Pippi Longstocking for her 7th birthday yesterday.

  169. Francesca says

    I love this! My son born with a full head of hair – and even though we’ve have many a haircut – he still looks like a lego man……Which I’m not sure is that bad given my one year old has hair like an ooompa loompa!!

  170. Melanie Burnicle says

    My husband is like Shrek- he not only bears a more than a passing physical resemblance to the character in his human form (see links) but like Shrek is a giant with a heart of gold. He is known for his gentleness, and his room clearing farts. Love him to bits. It’s been almost 6 years (since my youngest was born) that we had a family portrait done – this would be a treasured prize!

  171. Well my big fella looked like Billy Connelly when I first met him – big hair – how’s your fro bro! Now he looks like Sean Connery. And Lucy looked like Shirley temple when she was a wee lass. Lachie looked like Harry Potter – its the glasses thing – now they all just look like who they are and that’s perfect!

  172. It is gorgeous and a unique way of capturing a family.
    Hubby thinks of himself as Flynn Rider (Tangled) but in reality he is Goofy Goof. I’ve been known as Curly Sue my whole life and we have Pebbles and Bam Bam in looks and personality!
    Thanks Marie and Beth

  173. jeaniene wakefield says

    My Son is the perfect Bart Simpson, kind to a fault but he has a way of managing to always be the centre of attention both at school and at home. Actually my daughter has even eluded to the fact that I myself am very Marge like as when it comes to him, apparently I see nothing other than him as my sweet little guy. Not quite true there I’m afraid. If I was Marge, my hair would be definitely grey not blue, lol. Thankfully the similarities between he and Bart are only at a glimpse and he had not been bought home by the Police. Fingers crossed that I haven’t just jinxed that one. Good luck to all that have entered. x

  174. Not so much looks, but my daughter pretty much is Dennis the Menace. However she does strike an uncanny resemblance to a few Cabbage Patch dolls when she has the right grin/smirk (which is most times I try to photograph her).

  175. I have been told twice in the last week that I look a lot like Nicole
    Kidman. Apparently we have the same hair, height and beautiful skin…Love it!
    Exactly what I needed to hear after going off the pill and having to deal with a face full of enormous zits for the first time in over 10years. The magic of good makeup!

  176. My hubby is a dead set Clark Kent version of Superman. Tall, handsome but geeky looking at the same time, short dark hair, glasses. Put him in a suit with superman costume underneath and it’s freaky!

  177. My little girl reminds me of Boo from Monsters Inc! All her mannerisms and delightful nature, although she does have blonde hair rather than dark… Other than that – twins!

    I’d love a pic like this to see whether my gorgeous family of four looks complete (as my husband thinks) or if there’s something (someone) missing, as I suspect!

  178. My son resembles Alvin from Alvin and the chipmunks. He is a mischievous troublemaker who loves to sing all day long. He even wears a baseball cap with the first letter of his name like Alvin.

  179. Oooh yes please! Pick us; there’s me, my husband & 4 week old baby boy & dog Teddy. Teddy looks like Charlie B. Barkin from “All Dogs Go To Heaven”

  180. Jenene johnson says

    strangely (and funnily) enough my husband would look like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. God help me if our son looks like Stewie lol

  181. Someone my son doesn’t look like is Anh Do! But that didn’t stop him going as Anh Do to school dress up day! Despite the fact my son is blond, blue eyes & Caucasian he figured that black haired, Asian Anh Do ( the character in the book as well as the author) and he looked pretty similar! The dragon tshirt was they key! The rest of us don’t look much like Anh Do’s family either!

  182. Bree Vallance says

    You could mistake my husband for Where’s Wally if he was wearing a striped top! Glasses and all.

  183. Corrie Mathieson says

    My partner, Rob, sent me a photo he took when we first started ‘going out’. He was holding a toy figurine of ‘Woody’ from Toy Story and was pulling an identical face – to this day it still makes me giggle as the resemblance is uncanny. My dog, Rosie – a black cocker spaniel looks like ‘Alf’ from the old TV show. They both give me endless entertainment and I would love to have one of your portraits Marie. With our first bub due in 4 weeks – i can’t wait to see her little quirks and personality that she will get from her Dad (I just hope she doesn’t look like Woody too!) 🙂

  184. my husband has moments of being the spitting image of beaker from the muppets.
    You know the mep mep guy, when he’s having a man-trum. (Hard to stay cranky when that’s what you’re reminded of)

    Gosh you are going to have a tough time judging this one!!

  185. My twin daughters look like blonde angels, but their alter egos are inspired by Bart Simpson. Holy crap, everyone says it gets easier, but they’re 5 and bloody hard work! Love them to bits though.

  186. My twin daughters look like angels, but their alter egos are inspired by Bart Simpson. Holy crap, everyone says it gets easier, but they’re 5 and bloody hard work! Love them to bits though.

  187. Samantha says

    My husband used to get told he looks like Shannon Knoll, or Blair from Big Brother. Fast forward to a few years later, and now he can only brag that that’s what he used to get told lol!!!

  188. maree McCahon says

    my son could certainly be Denis the Menace!

  189. Our son is a true character. We named him Seth after Seth Green who played Oz in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and as it turns out, he’s quite like him! Pocket sized in statue, crazy red hair, and a sense of humour that is funny and sarcastic and wise beyond his years. A true mix of Oz and Seth!

  190. My sons eyes are so big he looks like a Kewpie Doll, he’s too much!!

  191. Jordanna says

    My son reminds me of Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes.. with his blonde messy hair and Calvin like ways.
    Totally in love with the pop portraits, fingers crossed 🙂


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