You think being an adult you would know how to do stuff by now. I still spend an extraordinary amount of time using google and blind faith to get me through. Especially with parenting. even with this impending birth thing I find myself googling signs of pre-labour. Believe me Beth, you’ll know it when you are in it. Given the fact that you have done this, oh, 2 times before. Some days it’s a miracle that our family can run seeing as I really just have no idea. I’m too scared to ever sell our house because I actually don’t know how we did something so grown up.

When we were buying the new car the other week (again, trying to be an adult and convincing the nice man in the showroom that we were, in fact, functioning adult members of society) he was showing us where all the bits were. And when we got to the fuel tank bit and explained the importance of not EVER putting petrol into a diesel car, I discovered something. A FUEL TANK LID HOLDER THINGY. And because I am not cool I was all like “Oh my goodness I NEVER knew about that” while Rob and the man smirked at me. Rob later confessed in the car that he had no idea about those thing either but just played it cool because clearly he is better at pretending to be ab adult than me.

IMG_6811 IMG_6812 IMG_6813


And then when I was at the supermarket last week I discovered this masterpiece.


Maybe it was just us that was struggling with this: the refill of the peppercorns that usually saw them spilled over the bench top. I tried all the methods: creating foil funnels, pouring them into my hand before then whacking into the top of the grinder and now this. Only one peppercorn was lost in the re-filling of the grinder. PHEW.


I loved this post that Miss Chardy wrote about such matters a little while ago. And I’d love to know any HUH moments you have had lately that you’d care to share. Because being an adult is hard enough right? We can use all the help me can get.

Do you use google a lot too?
Ever feel like an imposter adult?
I still catch glimpses of myself with kids and a family shopping and think WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?


  1. OMG I absolutely know what you mean. I sometimes feel like I’m playing dress ups and pretend. How awesome is the grinder refill. Must get me one of those. I would be LOST without Google! What did we do before it? Jx

  2. Google daily.. did you know Golden Syrup is simply sugar, water and lemon? No need to be searching the isles for the illusive item anymore or wondering if honey/treacle/maple syrup really are a good substitute..
    I knew about the cap holder, just never use it but that refill pack is inspired!!

  3. I use google all the time!! It’s my lifesaver. I have this reputation around the office for knowing how to do everything when it comes to Outlook, Word and Excel… I just google it!!! If someone asks me how to do something and I don’t know, I just google it and then they think I’m this amazing fount of wisdom. I’m useless without the internet.

    I totally feel like an imposter adult now that I’m pregnant. I have moments when I think ‘woah, I’m going to be wholly responsible for this whole other life!!’ It’s a bit bizarre.

  4. Huz was filling the car up the other day and I noticed he put the cap in that slot. Mind blown!

  5. Also…if you look at the gas tank icon on your dash it will have a little arrow going > or <. Whatever side it's on is the side with the gas cap. Very helpful when driving a strange or rental car.

  6. That’s brilliant! I had no idea about the petrol cap holder.
    You have taught me about the glad wrap, the petrol holder, I did know about the arrow next to the petrol pump on the dash though.
    I wait with great anticipation as to the next lesson
    Sorry, I have none to share with you!
    But I’m with you on not knowing the early signs of labour. Stumped me too. I was walking around the shops for ages wondering why I felt so weird, midwife was later astonished I was at the shops at all!

  7. I use google every daylight savings and after every blackout to work out how to set the clock on the oven.

  8. Haha yes we have used that salt refill since Miss 6 started being ‘helpful’ in the kitchen!

    My car has one of those petrol cap holder thingy’s and it’s about 23 years old…I hardly ever use it though!

    I wonder how on earth I am responsible for 5 other people…and girls at that…I’m supposed to like teach them stuff!!!!

  9. Nic Wesley says

    The time I feel most like an imposter is at parent/teacher meetings. I barely hear what the teacher is saying ’cause I’m so nervous I’ll get busted for impersonating a grown up!

    • Nic – As a former teacher – don’t worry! We are sat there trying really hard to sound smart and hoping you won’t notice that we feel like we’re impersonating grown-up’s most of the time too!

      Petrol Holder?!?! Holy Mother of God! Blow my mind Beth! First the arrow, then the cling wrap and now this! You are my Google!


    • That’s funny!

  10. Haha oh Beth, the fuel holder-thingo, I had one with my first ever car, then not with second and was like WTF where’s the THINGO?!! Current car has one. Brilliant. Did you also know that most cars have a little arrow next to the fuel light on the dash telling you which side the tank is on? I didn’t know that until a friend pointed it out. I’m also constantly spilling peppercorns all over the kitchen, and then the dog eats them! GAH! Doesn’t end well. I really need a glass oil bottle too as every time I fill it up I overflow and oil goes all over kitchen bench. Every. Time. Every time I say I won’t do it, and every time I overflow. Hmph. It also gets me every time I turn around in the car and see a person sitting in the back, a little person in a little carseat, how did she get there?! We’re looking into buying our very first house at the moment (investment, not to live in) and meetings with banks and real estate agents get me all giggly that we’re pretending to be grown ups, like we’ve FOOLED THEM ALL!

  11. Ha ha…the other day Charlie said, “Google is what you say when you don’t know something.”
    Clearly I say, “Let me just Google that” way too often!
    As much as it makes me feel like a grandma, I often find I have no idea about tech stuff…someone will do some easy iPhone thing that I have developed a crazy, complicated work around for and suddenly my life is a lot easier!

  12. I only discovered that fuel cap holder thingy when we got our new car. Game. Changer! As for feeling like a grown up? I swear, I get dumber with each passing year. It’s like a pack of brain cells die at every birthday. Thank goodness for my husband, Google, to do lists, Google Maps and calendars. It’s how I get through life… x

  13. everyone has the archetype of the child! it’s ok whatever age beth!
    I google everything, especially how to spell words!
    what is that? … I have quite a good vocabulary still, but haow to spell words is a mystery to me these days! hold on how do I spell that???
    have a good day beth! love m:)X

  14. Gosh Beth pre labour sucks dogs -you know whats. You just have to ride it out. But I do remember with my 3 kids that the day before the action starts experiencing a sort of hormonal shift. A little bit of a blissed out sort of foggy head thing. Us women surely are at the mercy of our hormones, that’s for sure 🙂
    Enjoy those last kicks, rolls and in-utero baby hiccups so fleeting!
    Liz XO

  15. Lisa Mckenzie says

    It’s very hard being an adult we are supposed to know everything that is what Google is for Beth and you will know when you’re in labour Xx

  16. Beth being a lot older than the majority of your demographic, I can tell you that Google is my best friend. I can’t tell you how many times our phones are whipped out at a dinner or during any conversation for that matter… ‘what is the guy’s name who plays whatever in that movie’… is the kind of thing we are dealing with at our age!! Seriously, I use google all the time for info regarding the garden. At South Acres, when our Hornbeam hedge refused to grow or thicken. I googled Hornbeams and it was revealed that they love water!! We duly obliged and the hedge took off!! Another wonderful Google offering is an instant direction to recipes. I couldn’t live without Uncle Google!! xxx

  17. Very much with you on the imposter adult thing! As I type I’m scoffing a packet of Oreos, hoping my children don’t see me (coz adults don’t do that). This morning I told them a rhyme about farts from my childhood and couldn’t get the words out I was laughing so much. And all the time I realise with shock that it has to be me to deal with my kids’ crises, because I’m their MOTHER – I can’t rely on anyone else to be the responsible one.

    Have recently realised you can wash Chux wipes in the washing machine – my Huh moment. All these years I’ve been throwing them out when they get smelly. Everyone else probably already knew that.

  18. My husband only discovered a few weeks ago that the arrow on the fuel gauge actually points to the side of the car that the fuel cap is on. Arrow points left next to fuel icon, you put fuel in in left side of car. We’ve had the car for over a year and he’s just figured that is what the icon means… 🙂 I love google, helps me answer all the bizarre questions my six year old asks me when I have no idea what the answers are!

  19. Have to share this, I bought a new car recently and never in a million years thought I’d be dumb enough to put petrol instead of diesel. I DID! And I broke down at 10pm at night in the middle of nowhere on a country drive with 3 kids in the car. Oh & the best part, I went nuts & blamed my husband because if I had more sleep I wouldn’t be so tired & therefor I wouldn’t be so stupid & of course is his fault I don’t get enough sleep ha ha

  20. Yep….. no idea about the petrol cap holder here either…..

  21. We just brought a new car that is diesel. Whenever I’m going to fill it up I talk to myself the whole way. Now Louise your getting DIESEL, yes DIESEL not the other fuel (don’t mention in case of jinxing yourself). And its on the drivers side yes the drivers side. One of these days I’m going to drive right past the servo talking to myself!!! One tip that people gave us when we got the car was to put a box of disposable gloves in the car and use them when filling up because apparently if you get it on your hands it stinks and ends up making the steering wheel smell. Two people that told us are truck drivers so I had this vision with big burly blokes with disposable gloves on but they wear proper gloves. They also said to be careful of the high flow bowsers that the trucks use (mainly in the bigger servos).

  22. Diesel and petrol nozzles are different sizes, as are the holes to put them in on most modern cars. If the nozzle is too big or too small, you’ve probably got the wrong fuel. Usually high flow diesel nozzles are massive- too big for my diesel sedan.
    Baby wipes in the car for any spilling on the hands. Everyone who’s ever had a baby has a packet of them somewhere handy.

  23. Shut the front door- the petrol cap had a holder?? I am so checking this out, I thought it was preeetttyyy fancy that mine is attached with a thingy, but if it has a holder too…. Mind blown!

  24. Do you want to hear something to make you feel better? I used to write for parenting mags and websites and there have been quite a few times I’ve Googled something in a panic and found an article that I’ve WRITTEN about the exact subject! Something I obviously researched, was considered enough of an ‘expert’ to write about and here I am in a mad panic Googling my own advice.

    Last year, my brother was in Croatia and filled up his diesel rental car with petrol. Not good. The petrol think even had the same big yellow sticker proclaiming DIESEL ONLY. Lucky for him it was a rental.

  25. Wednesday, 13th May 2015. Discovered petrol cap holder for first time EVER.

  26. Couple of random points
    1. I was in labor with first child and nine centimeters dilated. But did not think/know I was in labor. Called hospital to ask if so much diarrhea would be harmful to unborn baby. They said come on in and lets have a look. I get in there and head is crowning and first born pops out 65 minutes later. Yup could have given birth on the loo.
    2 I am 47 this year. A mother, a grandmother and I still think I am a child who would rater eat chocolate than food.
    3. I have owned our car for almost seven years. The other day I went to an old fashioned servo and he fueled up for me. Putting the cap in the thingy. I was like what the? No more cap rolling off the roof of the car and me getting on my hands and knees at servos with my arse in the air???

  27. Loving that grinder! Huh!!
    It’s funny in my head I don’t feel much different to when I was say 10, except now I have all these extra responsibilities and bills!
    Love google!
    Thinking of you Beth, all the best for the upcoming birth of baby no 3! xx

  28. Josie Mcbride says

    …I think you have to be in early labour if you are on dr google searching ‘labour’
    I am ashamed Of just how many Huh moments I have over the course of a day.

  29. OMG – how did I miss this post??? I was in town doing fun stuff so I guess I was enjoying REAL PEOPLE for once…. I am loving the idea of that peppercorn pourer thingy, that is gold. I will definitely be looking out for that. And yes – I do love my diesel cap holder. Hope all is well with the Maggster. I am thinking you may be up to the Baby Blues… or is that over and done with? Where you cry uncontrollably for no reason? I may have gone out in sympathy with you last night, because I found myself crying uncontrollably – ugly cry type cry where you can’t breath – and I don’t even have a new born…. xxx

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