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I don’t know when the right time to go on talking about trivial stuff should be. I’ve been sad and unable to read anything much online the past day, so many opinions and voices all trying to get “their” point across, it’s exhausting. And at the chance of knowing that someone will take the time to tell me what a hideous human being I am for either talking about this sadness, or not talking about the sadness I am feeling, I will risk it for a little mundane musings. Everyone is contemplating things in their own way, in their own time. I know I sure as shit could use the distraction this afternoon, I don’t know about you.

So, you need to feel a little brighter? I find roast chicken good for this occasion. I whipped one up for lunch on Sunday which was delicious! Standard prep practice for me is cutting a lemon in half, whacking it up the clacker with as many herbs as I can rustle up from the garden then shoving as many slices of butter as I can under the skin of the breasts (and some more herbs) lashings of olive oil and salt and pepper into a 180 degree oven for 1.5 hours. Then I wrap it in foil to rest for 10 mins (sometimes even wrapping it in a tea towel over the top of the foil to keep it warm) and then carve it up. It’s a favourite round these parts.


I like to make my own gravy or graby as Harps likes to call it. I once showed people how to make it on this video which you can look at.  Get into would ya?!


Now did you happen to see on Instagram the DELIGHTFUL little package that arrived in the mail from UberKate in time for Mothers Day? The girls were asked to write their names and email them across (I helped with that bit) and the next thing I know this:

PicMonkey Collage

Turned into this:


Have you EVER seen anything sweeter? What a precious keepsake it is. You can find out more about how you can get one even though we are almost at Mothers Day on her website here. Orders are being cut off on the 4th May (so send this to your family with a HINT HINT).

Now I want to talk about this:


Which many of you will NOT want to talk about and roll your eyes over etc etc, so best to click away now OK? So, who watched it? Wasn’t it compelling? I will admit I am a Kardashian watcher, I never claimed to be smart, so bear with me. I was fascinated and moved and thought it was sensitively done and an amazing TV interview. Whilst Bruce Jenner rarely occupies my mind, I wish for him only the very best in his future as “her” and hope that it raises an awareness for many others. Imagine the torment of feeling like you were trapped in the wrong body? Your WHOLE life? Sheesh. Anyway, that’s it. Great TV on Saturday night and I was surprised at how moved I was. I wish him and his family, acceptance, understanding and support for the next part of this journey for all of them. Because I know, like Kate, they read this blog.


Tell you what else I enjoyed this week. THIS blog post from Kirsty which was a bit of a light bulb moment for me.


You know how coming up with something to cook for dinner every single night is like some kind of bad, cruel joke? How about getting everyone to write their favourites dinners onto paper and then at the start of the week creating a kind of ceremony for pulling them out and then voila! MEAL PLAN. Isn’t it genius? I am ready to go for this as soon as this baby is born and I loose all my brain cells out of my boobs. Thank you Kirsty!


My mate Mrs Munro has just announced a new workshop (Sat 30th May) that she is running at Mill Lane Orchard just up behind Stanwell Tops. It’s teaching her coiling slow stitch coiling technique which looks like a wonderful day of learning along with a beautiful seasonal lunch. They have some great workshops which you can find out about here.


Guess what else happened this week? We booked our apartment in Roma! It was another thing on my growing to-do list  but it’s done. Now onto Florence and working out where we go after Lucca. Oh the rabbit holes I end down when planning a holiday! Red roses and a yellow door were obvs the main reasons I chose this place because: DER.

Now Mothers Day is fast approaching and I had a reader Natasha who makes slippers contact me about her slippers at Blu Moose. Look how cute they are:


And who doesn’t like slippers for Mothers Day? I know I do! She is offering BabyMac readers a decent 30% discount for Mothers Day. Just enter the code MUM at checkout for the discount. Check out the range and start shopping online here.

Now, I need to get back to my tax which I need to get done (I have put it off for WEEKS I tell you). I asked my accountant yesterday how she feels about working in an industry that no one really wants to work on or get done. For whatever reason I always feel woozy when it comes to BAS & tax even though I just usually have to get the stuff together and then send it on, but still, guilty wooze. So I best get to it so I don’t let her down.

Tomorrow I am off to a lovely local ladies lunch and then another thing with School mums on Friday…baby celebrations! Deadlines to get done, things to go to, life is busy, always busy. Aren’t we lucky to be in it?

Do you love an old School roast chook too?
Watch the Bruce interview?
Love yellow doors and red roses in ROME?
Feel woozy when faced with tax?


  1. Thanks for this post Beth, I think I am feeling much the same about everything you have written. And worst still about the tax part- my husband IS an accountant! And I still feel woozy about trying to sort out all the random receipts I need to give him

  2. Gorgeous post, Beth. Your first para is bang on. Nothing like a roast chook to offer up a virtual warm cuddle to us all on a day like today.

    One question that must be answered. In that third photo, is that the family serving platter or one individual serving. I am really hoping it’s the latter and smacking my lips in appreciation.


  3. Harpers “graby” is a bit like my Kirbys “gubs”(gloves) bless their innocent kindergarten souls.

  4. Love the look of the Roma apartment. Airbnb? Chook looks yum too x

  5. Thanks to your Instagram posts last year our family now enjoys a regular roast chook 🙂 Your pics inspired me and bloody hell I had forgotten how damn good they are! I make mine the same as yours and they are always a hit with hubby and teens. Thanks for the inspo xoxo

  6. It was roast pork on the menu here tonight, a roast is my go-to easy meal. I adore that idea of the kids writing their names and making into an UberKate, so precious. So many depressing things to read today, thanks for something that isn’t!

  7. Thanks Beth, I think we all needed a light hearted break from all the sadness in the news. Love them slippers, and that necklace is precious xx

  8. I hear you GF! I spent a couple of hours on tax yesterday – mundane but necessary and surprisingly good for one’s mental health. Enjoy your baby celebrations! x

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Thanks Beth I’ve been sad too,all those lives wasted I won’t say more because like you I want to keep my opinion to myself but their poor parents I can’t even imagine!
    We had roast chook tonight with gravy because it’s cold and comfort food that’s why,enjoy your lunches Beth and take care Xx
    Ps love the girls names in their writing in your Uberkate piece Xx

  10. Can’t wait till my girls can write their name so I can get one of those uberkate necklaces. Today has been a weird day. The trivial kinda helps us cope though with the deep stuff I think. X

  11. So….today…sucky and meh…so much with the meh….so, when feeling meh, make cake…and indeed I did….I’ve been waiting (NOT SURE WHY NOW) to have a crack at Anne….and did Anne fill a space with warmth…with love…with hope…and for the short amount of time it took for my kids and I to devour her – icing melting as it was still hot from the oven – I felt okay…you have your roast chicken….now I have your Anne…I cannot thank you enough for just being you and for sharing your youness each and every day with us…no matter how meh xoxoxo

  12. Firstly, I love the necklace, absolutely adore it! I’m going have to up the handwriting lessons with my 2yo!

    But, how did I miss you organising a trip to Italy, I thought that I had almost all your blog posts, but this totally passed me by. Have fun!

  13. It has been such a bleh day, and one of those days where reading comments on the pages of news stories can make you loose faith in humanity. Loved your roast chook, I am with you 100% on the resting with the additional tea towel action for warmth and OMG scrolling away THAT’S MY HANDWRITING OMG THAT’S MY POST!!! Annie (my second) will be beside herself that someone else has seen the brilliance in her dinner planning implementaion. xxx

  14. Not sure where you’re staying in Rome, but we discovered a gorgeous neighbourhood called Trastevere. It’s about a 15 minute bus ride from the Rome Termini and has cobbled streets, quaint little bars and restaurants, amazing food and drink, and the loveliest people. We spent 2 of our 3 days in Rome there, pretending to be locals. It was rad! x

  15. I totally missed that you were going to Italy too!!

    Have you looked at Cinque Terre? My FAVOURITE place in the whole Wie WORLD! We trained everywhere around Italy – worked really well.

    So jealous x

    • I have looked at it…Trying to work out if it will be good with little ones?

      • Kirsty Pfeifer says

        We have just spent 1 week in and around Cinque Terre with our 3 year old. It is absolutely beautiful, however I think we will go back when little Otto is older. It is VERY hilly and we were unable to do a lot of exploring because we couldn’t get the pram around and up and down the numerous stairs. It is a bloody good workout though!! We live in Germany and go to Lake Garda a lot, it is gorgeous and wonderful with little ones.

  16. Hi Beth,
    Many thanks for mentioning the workshops that we are running with Brooke Munro.
    If your ever in the area, please pop your head as it would be great to meet you.
    Thanks again
    Tara x

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