Miscellaneous 72

Can you hear the birds chirping? Feel the warm sunshine beating down? The cool autumn air blowing through the open window? It’s the most picture perfect day down here…just magical.


And yet in amongst all this sunshine you know what I see in my driveway? Down there, right at the end? Oh that would be the WINDSCREEN REPLACEMENT GUY. For those playing along replacing our, what? 4th or maybe even 5th windscreen on this car in the past few years. Except this time it wasn’t a little stone kicked up from a dirt road, it was an accidental thrown rock, from the kids yesterday afternoon. Praise the sweet baby cheeses patron saint of windscreens that I FINALLY ponied up to pay for the insurance, because it was all sorted without cost to us in under 24 hours. Daisy will never play cricket, her aim is terrible.


School holidays second week are going well. The girls are really happy to be at home, doing nothing much at all, so we have spent lots of time in our pi’s lazing around in the sunshine inside and outside. We saw Book of Life yesterday which was good, tomorrow it’s the quarterly trip to the hairdresser for a trim for them both and see if we can fight to the death for the last pairs of navy tights and red skivvies left in Big W….always an action sport this late into the holidays. It’s very exciting for my kids when activities like this become an “outing”. I do get amazed when I see some the amazing activities families get up to during the holidays. My poor deprived children, and my poor car with it’s broken windscreen as a consequence.

It’s hard to say whether I need to get my roots done or not?


My natural blonde seems to have gone from Heather Locklear circa 1993 one day to DEAR GOD WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME the next. Hoping to get it sorted in the next few days. Essential to have it done before the baby comes to right?

Did you watch Season 5, ep 1 of Game of Thrones this week?


It’s back! And FINALLY we have access to it thanks to the rejig of Foxtel channels that gives us Showcase or whatever it is where it’s on. A very good recap I thought…Julia Gillard gives a solid review of it on the Guardian here. Yes, that Julia.

And tonight, Wednesday night, my favourite night of TV, we have the finale of Gogglebox.


I have tried to explain to my sister who consistently rolls her eyes when I speak of my love for this show just how good it is. I mean, I know it sounds shit, watching people, watching TV, but it’s been one of the best bits of TV I have watched in some time. It’s hilarious, it’s compelling, it’s a wonderful insight into Australian culture and family life and through it’s smart editing it allows you to catch up on watching shows that you haven’t watched. These people are funny, they love a drink and they love their dogs and they say ALL the things that we do when we watch TV. An expected delight I must say.

Remember as the weather gets cooler to make sure your bowls keep their bottoms warm.


Love this little felt ball thingy that my friend gave me. Makes me smile every time I look at it.


That Megan from Children’s Book Daily always has such helpful info on her blog when it comes to kid’s books. Her latest post shows all the books on the Children’s Book Council of Australia 2015 shortlist and notables…perfect for adding to your shopping list or next birthday present list.

Do you love this plate that my little sister gave me at Easter time or do you LOVE it?


They are from West Elm and are called Dapper Animal plates and you can buy them online here. I’m quite keen to get it up on the wall, my brother in law and Rob preferring to tell me that once I start putting plates on walls it’s a slippery slope into Grandma Hood and turning into my Mother. Whatevs I say, bring on the plate hanger.


Lastly, do you have a lovely Le Crusset pot that has been ruined from being burnt? Me too! We had a caught custard burning to the bottom incident about 3 or 4 years ago now at Christmas which makes me sad every time I use the pot. But this morning I saw this article  showing you how to get it off. I will be having a crack but I fear it may be a case of too little, too late.

What’s on the agenda for the rest of the week? We have haircuts all round, back to hockey games on Saturday and soaking up the very last bit of school holidays while we can. They really are the best aren’t they? Whatever it is you are doing, do it well and enjoy!

Anyone else got a windscreen that permanently needs replacing?
Going to the hairdresser?
Watching TV?


  1. I know it sounds a bit dodge but Jiff and a scouring pad will sort that pot out. Trust me…..

  2. oh my goodness I want that plate right now….

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love gogglebox too,I did not think I would,it cracks me up ever time I watch it! the plate is so cool get it on the wall,who cares if people think you’re a nana ,you’re not.Beth get your hair done,a pedi and any waxing etc before the baby comes you’ll feel much nicer when you’ve got fancy hair and feet,
    Good luck getting the girls school things and enjoy the sun it’s a bit hot today Xx

  4. sharon Hampton says

    I thought that Gogglebox would be bollocks but it is my fav thing to watch. Im completely addicted. I now want a show that watches people watching gogglebox!

  5. Hi Beth, I’m a midwife, and I’m not dure why, but aren’t pregnant mothers supposed to avoid hair dyes during pregnancy ? Speak with your hairdresser first won’t you. And enjoy the last few weeks won’t you, time goes so fast !

    • Thanks Kaz I have been talking with my hairdresser throughout the pregnancy and I’m OK with it all. I hope the next few weeks don’t go too fast…so much to do!

  6. I love Gogglebox, and yes my favourite bit of it is catching up on shows that I haven’t watched! I have tried the remedy for burnt pan bottoms, and it works a treat.

  7. My Dad burnt Mum’s Le Crueset pot years ago when he put it on the stove to dry…oops. Our dogs had the worlds most expensive water dish after that!

  8. Right well don’t worry love – my kids are way more deprived than yours and are absolutely driving me nuts because they are SO BORED!!!! I mean if I won’t let them play the iProducts what the hell are they supposed to do? We only have 1.7 millions acres, it isn’t like they don’t have a backyard…. sandpit….pool……bikes…. bloody hell, is it really my job to keep them entertained 24/7? No, I didn’t think so either. Thanks. Now, I love that plate that your sister gave you too. And as for the Le Crusset Pruuuuuuude – did the Gumption really not work on this little chestnut??? I don’t believe it. I didn’t think there was anything that a bit of Gumption and a good Scourer couldn’t help. Oh and lastly – those roots…..no words Beth, no words. But I must say my roots were looking a bit worse for wear yesterday so I took matters into my own hands and did them myself…. still haven’t been to town and hence haven’t been to the hairdresser since December. Give ME STRENGTH!!!!! xxx

    • THE HAIR! Disaster. I remember how well you can sort yourself out at home though from your blog post. Hope those kids give you some relief soon x

  9. You’re a gem! Do make sure your girls read ‘Withering-by-Sea’…tis gorgeous! Holidays. We do five million free library workshops. Yesterday was a two hour gardening workshop. They planted vegetables while I had a coffee with a friend. Today was Billie B Brown’s birthday party. Tomorrow is crafting. Love me a free library workshop or five.

  10. I love Gogglebox. I find it funny when I’m sitting there commenting on a TV show about people commenting on TV shows. It is quite compelling and I love that they watch all the TV for me, so I don’t have to haha. It’s clever!
    My problem is that I just got Netflix. I want so badly to hibernate and just watch TV for all of the coming winter.

  11. Hairdresser is happening here this weekend as I’m heading back to Oz next week so need to tidy myself up. There’s also some shopping for some warmer clothes. I realised yesterday that I only own sandals, which I’m sure will not do for Sydney in Autumn. Also, Darbs doesn’t own a single pair of long pants, which means a shopping trip is needed!
    There will also be school projects to finish before we leave, and I’m also teaching a grade 1 class for an hour – about Australia – I need to organise that, it will be interesting! Busy, busy.

    Sounds like you’re having a great week (besides the windscreen).

  12. Fiona Guglielmi says

    Try gumption … Best cleaner ever.

  13. well that’s a variety beth!
    the days are beautiful here too! … relax and enjoy! … shame about the windscreen!
    hair definitely needs bleaching! … btw bleaching is generally ok, not as poisonous as a tint which has dangerous chemicals ie ppd and they do go into the bloodstream!
    love m:)X

  14. Oh that plate. I love it!! I’m glad, for my bank balance at least, that I didn’t see it until after I left the mall where West Elm is.
    Today is my final day of being 46.
    What a year it’s been.
    A birthday eve treat – thank you Target for your 50% off everything closing down to move sale – I got jeans for $10!! And mags I don’t usually buy and a box of Favourites. Yay!!
    Autumnal blessings upon your roots lady

    • So that means today is your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNETTE!! Hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead filled with lots of happiness, success and good health x

  15. The little red hen says

    My Le Chasseur big enamel pot has been brought back from the brink 3 (THREE!) times after ‘marmalade incidents’. 2 inches of water in the bottom, heaps-like about a whole cup-of detergent, boil til about half the water is gone. The black stuff starts to lift, you scrub it out and repeat the process. Sometimes 3 or 4 times. But it all lifts off in the end and the enamel is intact.

  16. Oh look at my hubby’s book there! YAY TWO WOLVES – thanks for featuring it Beth 😀

    Amber. x

    • It’s a great book! Megan from Childrens Book Daily got me onto it as she RAVES about it and I’ve given it as pressies so many times. Congrats to your husband!

  17. Mate try bleach in that pot – works for me every time!!!!
    Those roots

  18. My Lecruset is badly damaged (thanks husband that took forever to grasp temperature controls on the stovetop) & I contacted Lecruset Australia a few years ago and they will reenamel for you. I just had to pay for postage!!!! FYI posting it off is one of my one things!

  19. I’m mildly shitting myself over here, as I’ve finally plucked up the courage to hire PROFESSIONALS to take a new headshot and some promo photos of me this Saturday. Preparation starts tonight with a spray tan and some outfit planning, then I need to paint my nails (which I’ve managed to totally destroy thanks to a mandolin incident in the kitchen …oops). Wish me luck! x

  20. It’s been nice not having to be organised to drop Esther to Kindy. Now I understand why mums enjoy the first part of the holidays. As for the hair situation I’m sure there’s a safe way to get the roots done? I got my hair coloured during pregnancy but my hairdresser used a different dye.
    And that plate is fabulous- not the burnt one! I’m sure gumption or jiff will fix the burnt one. Xx

  21. Try scrubbing that dish with bi carb’ of soda and a slosh of lemon juice Beth! Works wonders and much kinder to you, the dish and the environment than nasty chemicals……and you should only need a cloth not a scourer and a bit of elbow grease….which I think you have in bucket loads as you love to clean! ( an enviable quality which I don’t possess! Good luck!

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