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I’m awake early on this cool March morning in Adelaide, tucked up safe and warm in Bigword’s caravan in her backyard. I need a caravan! I keep thinking about how much my girls would love it in here (we’re all in the one tiny space together) it’s like a comforting cuddle from a Grandma. Rob, you might make a grey nomad of me one day yet! Or I you…

Yesterday we farewelled our sweet friend Amelia. I still can’t work how how or why we said goodbye to a young woman in her prime. A young woman who should be turning just 29 today. Waking up to cuddles from her kids, maybe some breakfast in bed. Her funeral service was beautiful, great music and beautiful stories from the people that loved her the most: her Dad, her friends, her beautiful husband Keith. The kids were there, and while there were tears, I was surprised that I smiled more than I cried. What joy she bought into so many peoples lives.

I sat there listening to heartbroken friends and family, at the end of the day I hugged her sweet husband as he sobbed and sobbed, still incomprehensible that his dear girl has gone. I looked at her kids, unaware and overtired and I tried to make sense of it all. The thing is, there is no sense to be made from it. From lots of things that happen in life. Bad shit happens. Great things happen. Good things happen to people that don’t deserve it and lots of bad things happen to good people. It’s life. It’s love. It’s messy and we are all in it. I don’t know know how or why Amelia came into my life. I sure am glad she did. I’m glad that I made a difference to her life in some way, because she sure made a difference to mine. She taught me about love. About doing things your own way. About living every moment to the brim, and even more so now in her sudden death. Take each moment, live it, love, and just BE in life. Messy, scary, boring, mundane LIFE. I bet she would be so pissed off she isn’t with us anymore, she sure as shit would have loved to be a part of that celebration yesterday seeing everyone who loves her all together celebrating her life. I said to Bianca when we were sitting around Amelia’s kitchen table last night with her very close friends that I am so pissed off that’s she’s not here to see, and have a chat to. I bet she was too.

So, I think that today we should all take a little moment and tell someone we know that they we love them. They are important to us. Savour a simple moment in your day: making a cup of tea, dressing your child, tucking someone into bed for ALL of it’s simple glory. It’s life. And we are in it. I know feeling my little one kicking in this morning as I lay here and type this is a miracle I will never be ungrateful for. I am so glad we are doing this, bringing some more life and love into this world, because we all sure as shit need it.

Wow, that took longer than I thought it would. Thanks for listening. In other news…


Do you know what is the new big thing in baking? Not Macaron’s or cupcakes or cookies or muffin tops BUT ECLAIRS. In fact! An eclair craze is gripping the world! I could not be happier with this development and will do my best to participate meaningfully in any way I can.


Ways in which I can try and seem relevant #256: Rob had me listening to Daniel Johns new album thingy over the weekend: Aerial Love. It’s short, just 4 songs, but it’s good. In fact I REALLY like it…a little Flume, a little Chet and as I said to Rob a little Craig David (he rolled his eyes at me for that one). But here it is and my friend Amelia would approve of it. As Molly would say, do yourself a favour…and feel a least 13% cooler. Here, have a listen.

A lovely reader of mine Gail sent me a link to this blog post from Bondville last week on all the great new kids linen that was out at Life in Style 2015. Well worth a look if you are a lover of linen…especially when it looks as good as this. Cot sheets! A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF LINEN OPPORTUNITIES! They certainly didn’t look like this 8 years ago is all I’m saying…


I have spent much of the past week saying to Rob at every given opportunity “I’M A FIXER. It’s fixed!” after that amazing interview Christopher Pyne did last week. Have you seen the Star Wars spoof of it?

I’m going out of my way to fix things, just so I can say It’S FIXED. I FIXED IT. Actually, I think I will just start using that as my answer to everything. Where’s that last hot cross bun?  I fixed it. It’s fixed.

And lastly to the person that typed into google “I dreamt of writhing around in a sea of raspberry snakes, what does this mean?” and landed on my blog. I’m here to tell you it means you are AWESOME and that sounds like some kind of magical land I would like to be a part of. Oh internet, what a funny place you are to be in sometimes.

Do you love an eclair too?
Listened to this new Daniel Johns album at all?
Fixed anything? ARE YOU A FIXER?


  1. So sad to read about your friend Beth.. definitely going to hug my kids hard when they get home from school. What a dick Christopher Pyne is – he has to be completely bonkers doesn’t he? Loved that Star Wars spoof..

  2. Thoughts to you Beth during this hard time as you farewell Amelia. Yes, life is cruel and messy and sometimes so incredibly unfair. But if we can love more, learn more and come together more during those hard shit times then I guess that is the one bonus of it all. Thank you for reminding me to grip life hard and gratefully. Big hugs my dear xx

  3. I love this post beth!
    it covers it all! life that is hun! … love that track!
    you are a good’n! … all fixed here too!;0
    I’m glad you had a nurturing time tucked up in Audrey in Adelaide!
    much love m:)X

  4. Beautifully written expression of love for your friend Amelia. The words you wrote “The thing is, there is no sense to be made from it. From lots of things that happen in life. Bad shit happens. Great things happen. Good things happen to people that don’t deserve it and lots of bad things happen to good people. It’s life. It’s love. It’s messy and we are all in it.” especially resonated with me. Sylvie X

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss Beth.
    If I had known you were in Adelaide I might’ve driven over just to give you a squeeze (sorry if that’s weird and stalkerish), well and I’d have visited Ikea too because that’s one of my favourite things to do when I go over.

    I am definitely a fixer, if you could see my house you’d either know that or be surprised given it’s taking so long to fix.

  6. Kim Abbate says

    It’s always so heartbreaking when someone is taken too soon. Sometimes they’re 10 or 29 or even 67 – but too bloody soon. She sounds like an amazing woman. As someone who lost their mother very young, one thing I’m so grateful for are the personal stories that people at her funeral wrote down on paper. With a pen. Handwritten notes that I can read over thirty years later and get a glimpse into the woman my mum
    was. Maybe something you could do for her children? Thinking of you x

  7. Oh sweet sweet eclairs. With real chocolate tops. Yum.
    Life sure is messy. I’ll definitely hug my family tight tonight. Thinking of you and everyone who knew your friend, Amelia.

  8. Barb Fisher says

    So sorry for the loss of your beautiful friend. Life makes you gasp and kicks the wind out of you at times. We can all only love each other a little bit harder.

    I love that song! The clip is a little bit racy…… Just quietly, all that writhing about in the sand naked makes me think how much sand in all the wrong places has got to hurt. Eeek! You

  9. You and the gang can come and stay in Audrey the caravan anytime you like. We loved having you here. Amelia would’ve been so excited. She should be here too. BIg kisses xx

    • You guys were the best hosts ever – best dinner, best bed and best company with all those beautiful girls around. Thank you for having me x

  10. Such horrible news about your beautiful friend. What a heartbreak for her husband and kids. Can’t even imagine.
    On a lighter note – LOVE Daniel Johns. Wondered though how much sand ended up in that girls clacker!!!

  11. As always you hit the nail on the head. Losing someone so young? You can’t possibly make sense of it. Awful awful shit happens to good people every day. God knows how you learn to live with it. But thank you for sharing your thoughts on the day. PS – I’m tickled pink to be referenced! And I absolutely feel 13% cooler. Still not very cool. But a little cooler thanks to you.

    • Oh you ARE cool…probs cooler than me! Although, that wouldn’t be too hard x

      • Beth I’m feeling your sadness for the passing of your friend Amelia keenly; so sorry for everyone in her life. And I also wanted to say a big thank you to you GailV for so very kindly passing on my blog post about the new bed linen coming out on Bondville, and massive thanks Beth for sharing here; made my day 🙂 xx

  12. Ah Beth – You write so beautifully and no words are adequate in response – Crying for you both as I type. Sending you good thoughts and kindness to help heal your soul x

  13. Losing people young is always so terribly hard. It’s different when they’ve had a good, long, full life but when they are young it’s just too bloody horrible…..

    I’m willing to jump on the éclair bandwagon because I’m yet to meet a baked good I don’t adore. Although, I am not a lover of the macaron. I’ll eat one ( OF COURSE!) but rarely will I choose one. It’s my birthday in a few weeks & I am seriously thinking making myself a croquenbouch ( I have no idea how to spell that word & neither does my computer but you know what I mean right?). I’ve never eaten one let alone made one but 36 seems like the age I should give it a red hot go!

  14. There is no sense to it all, truly..

    I am a fixer, thru and thru.. they dreamt of jelly snakes huh? now I need sugar..

  15. Oh hun, what a beautiful tribute to Amelia. I sat at my desk yesterday afternoon gazing out the window, thinking of you and B. I’m so glad to hear it was a celebration of her life and there were smiles being shared.
    I couldn’t believe it was Daniel Johns when I first heard that song, but I’m totally digging it! Will be sure to download his EP. (Is that what the cool kids call it?)
    Fixed it? You betcha I’ll be using that one around the house! What happened to that half-full bottle of red? Fixed it! It’s fixed.
    Meanwhile, that is quite possibly THE BEST search term I’ve ever heard. Maybe we all need to share our weirdest dreams…?
    {PS: thanks for the early morning chat. It was nice to know you were only a few streets away from me. x}

  16. This is not very eloquent, but I have come to the conclusion that death sucks!
    Its just sucks and there is nothing we can do about it.
    As for éclairs, are there gluten free versions??
    (my spell check just did a fancy éclair)
    Peace and happy times to you!

  17. It’s heart breaking when anybody dies, but when it’s suddern and someone so young with so much left to give its truly tragic. My love thoughts and prayers are with you and Amelia’s family xx

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says

    What a beautiful tribute to Amelia ,life is not fair,you’re so right good things happen to bad people and shit happens to good ones,no sense of why at all,thank you for the song I hope you’re ok Beth Xx

  19. Wonderfully written Beth. It’s so very to lose someone but as you say also a reminder that non of us live for ever and really need to appreciate every moment we have of this precious life. X

  20. This is very sad. 29 is so very young.

    I never take anything for granted and try to be grateful every day because it’s all tempory and ephemeral and we know nothing and no one ever lasts forever.

    Life is very short.

    Never take a moment for granted because anyone can be snuffed out like a candle.

    Look after yourself x

  21. The loss of someone so young and full of life is tragic, is was wonderful though that you and so many people Amelia had touched were there. The black (and possibly strange) way my mind works I always think about how shit it would be to miss my own funeral – the one time when all the people you love the most gather together.

    Always been a big Daniel Johns fan, his voice is incredible. x

  22. So sorry for your loss Beth. I know that’s horribly insufficient, but pretty much all words are.

    Onto other matters, I can’t eat eclairs anymore. I had the best eclair of my life in a little town in France and I have been forever ruined. No eclair will ever compare to that sweet, delicious slice of heaven in a pastry. Seriously ruined.
    And that Christopher Pyne Star Wars video is the best thing ever (or at least the best thing this week). We watch The Project and just love when Peter Hellier does any segment about Christopher ‘Pyyynnne’. So good.

  23. I cannot believe she is gone. I never met her but I read her words and loved her photos. I found her here, on your blog. That beautiful piece she wrote about her and her K-Dog. She had such a big impact on those who loved her and those who only knew her on a screen. An incredible story teller with an origin tale and love story that I never forgot. I listened to Fleetwood Mac today with my Olivia and thought of her. A total stranger. I hope there are some answers somewhere in the universe that can help her beloved husband and beautiful children move forward.

    I am so sorry that you have lost such a bright light from your life Beth. It makes no sense that people like that are taken so young. x x

  24. supernashwan says

    Uhh Beth, do you know that this place exists in Bondi?


    You may need to go there the next time you are in Sydney.

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