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Say it with me friends….ahhhhh!


Autumn is here! And whilst the weather yesterday was ANYTHING but Autumnal (another all time favourite word of mine) the calendar told me that me are indeed in March and summer will soon be a section in our photo book. Autumn is my all time favourite season, mostly because the weather and the light is so damn beautiful. Warm days and cool nights. Sunshine and amazing colours of the leaves. We are very lucky to live somewhere there are definite seasons and I have to say that the Highlands does Autumn exceptionally well. I said to Rob the other night that we are heading into hibernation mode. This winter in particular is going to be a very quiet one, at home, by the fire, with a baby attached to my boob. It’s about no having any plans, or expectations, about making time for our family, finding our feet and adjusting to life as 5. We will rise into Spring ready to take anything on…but right now it’s all about pulling people I love close, pushing away anything unnecessary, and piling the wood and drawing the curtains. Bear family.


But before then we have plenty that needs doing! Our local show is on this weekend and I have to get our entry forms in this afternoon. After such a big year last year we are backing it up with a few entries. Girls are doing drawings and creative writing, Rob is going for a very strong entry with the preserve COLLECTION of 6 different kinds: pickles, sauces, vinegar, chutney, relish & clear pickles in a chilli theme. It’s going to be interesting friends. As for me, I’ll whack in a few cakes or loaves and see what happens. I have run to out of time to enter a photograph which I was going to try out for the first time, but there is always next year.

You know what my new favourite time of the week is? Monday morning.


I get home from school drop off, grab a take away coffee if I can be bovvered and come home and make a big bowl of porridge. THE QUIET. Oh my stars the peace and quiet, it’s something specials and something that I am trying to make the most of before this new little lamb comes along.

It’s also #maintenancemonday AGAIN. Sheesh. Never stops, this time business. We’ve got an Autumn cracker here today with sunshine and cooler temps and perfect drying weather. Rob also got the lawns done yesterday, which for a nesting pregnant woman is like crack. Order, and tidiness reigns and after a good downpour of rain, the green prevails. Must make a note to go and sit outside in said sunshine and enjoy it.

IMG_5847 IMG_5849 IMG_5844

How is School routines going for those kinder kids out there amongst us? We are in week 6 and I have noticed a distinct change in our little one in the last week. More confident, getting her head around the routines and order and whilst she is still exhausted, we are getting there. Last week no tears at all. I hope things are settling in for you too.


Watched this doco last week with Rob and I must say that I really enjoyed it. It was a heartstopping watch – following the deployment of American soldiers into one of the most dangerous postings in Afganistan…truly gripping. I have to remember to look in that doco section more on Apple TV – they are such a great watch when they are good.

PicMonkey Collage

Also saw on Facey this morning that Collette Dinnigan’s Milton house (Sea & Stables) in NSW is now open for rental. Ah, yes please! How gorgeous does it look? I could see a very fine girls weekend away in this place. Someone get onto that for me would you? Thanks!


I also recently discovered an amazing site online for booking some one off, unique and FANCY PANTS accommodation called Contemporary Hotels. Have you seen it? Even if you have no plans on going it is worth getting lost in the amazing homes for a little while and have a day dream. I often plan weekends away and holidays that will never happen, it’s good for the soul I think.

I DO actually have a weekend planned coming up which I am very excited about…it’s Rob and my 10th wedding anniversary later this month, and while my initial plans for this was going to see us do a romantic kid free trip to Tassie, this pregnant woman hobbling about reality meant that got put on hold. For a little bit. But! We do have 2 kid free nights booked in the mountains and I am SO excited about getting away and doing NOTHING.

How’s your week ahead looking? I know mine will be busy, but looking at the diary it looks doable. This #onething business has been so great and getting stuff done, highly recommend you get on board. I hope you all have a cracking week…whatever it is you are doing! I hope to report back later in the week on some ribbons from the show…

Do you love Autumn too or are you a hot weather lover?
Knee deep in #maintenancemonday? Keep going!
How’s your Kinder going? Anyone had some improvements?
Watched any good films/docos lately? TELL ME ALL OF THEM.
Anyone booked any mini trips or holidays lately?


  1. It still feels like summer up here, a balmy 31 and I’m mooching in shorts and singlet. I do love an endless summer! School routines getting easier around here too. Enjoy the start of autumn.

  2. Jan Fawke says

    I’m with you on the arrival of Autumn, Beth…..so much easier to sleep! And my Autumn/winter wardrobe is so much nicer than my Summer……I have a bit of a jacket/scarf fetish.

  3. I love the sound of your Bear Family Autumn Beth. The fire, the baby….oh man! It’s all happening! I look forward to living vicariously through your new-baby travels. Now go and put your feet up xxxx

  4. I had a cracking maintenance Monday planned…then the baby woke at 5.45am (very, very unusual!) because it was SO. FLIPPING. COLD! Hello Autumn mornings, brrrr! I’ve been trying to do the #onething – so far have listed lots of things for sale on local buy swap sell facebook page, things clogging up our tiny farmhouse, all the STUFF! Also done op shop runs, made massive canvas of all photos I’ve taken for my sister in past 8 years of her children as thanks for all the baby gear, and updated our enormous budget spreadsheet thingy which I hate but husband loves and I’d told him in NOVEMBER that I’d done it…errrr….done now! Phew.

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am looking forward to the cooler weather this year even though I hate the cold it has been a long hot summer and so humid!
    I do hope you get ribbons from the show Beth and it won’t Matter where you go for your anniversary as long as it’s just you two and you get a rest X

  6. We’re in reverse mode. Getting ready for the hibernation of summer! We’re trying to enjoy the winter and get outdoors as much as possible as that will soon be a distant memory.
    I had enforced maintenance day yesterday as one of my children lost my phone in the house (battery dead) so I cleared out every toy box and drawer looking for it. Took four hours to find the bloody thing (although it had been lost for 24 hours).
    I’m in the midst of planning at trip back to Australia for a wedding in April and then tagging on a few days in Sri Lanka on the way home.

    That sounds like a perfect 10 year anni. Ours is coming too, but without care for the kids it will more likely be a dinner.

    Good luck with the show! xx

  7. I absolutely love autumn. And the word, autumnal. That is PERFECTION my friend. Per-fec-tion!

    This morning, as I was being blinded by the morning sun stabbing me in the eyes, I thought, hooray, soon the light will change and I won’t get stabbed in the eye as I wash my coffee cup.

    I just LONG for soup weather, slow braises and wearing a cardigan. I dream of needing the heater on and second coffees to ward off the chill. Here’s to slow cookery and hibernation!

    It’s not recent but I loved Wordplay which is a doco about the New York Times crossword. So great! I also watched a rad documentary about a guy trying to get a date with Drew Barrymore, but the name escapes me, such a great film.

    Autumn ROCKS.

  8. Autumn is definitely my favourite season, although it isn’t very autumnal here with our seasons of “a bit warmish”, and “oh my god we live on the surface of the sun”

    I do think a very cocooned time is a great idea when your lovely new baby arrives.

    Ps I’ll go in on a weekend away there, I’m only small so you’d hardly notice I was there.

  9. Marian Wiltshire says

    Love autumn. Our anniversary is early April so it will always have a special place in my heart. If you love autumn then you must come to Tasmania then, it is our best season. As you say, the light, the cool evenings. I’m not quite ready to let go of the warmth of our summer days yet, so hopefully we get a few nice days yet. Maggie has come down worth our first cold of the year so it must be autumn! Ps- the diagram needs quinces, which is the perfume of autumn for me!

    • I am desperate to get to Tasmania ESPECIALLY in Autumn! That’s why I thought it would have been perfect for our anni (not to be though). Next time perhaps!

  10. My boy is doing just great in kinder too. But he goes to a great school who put so much effort into being prepared for him, they chose an amazing assistant (aide) who has connected with him beautifully and all the other kids adore him too. He is non verbal and its just beautiful seeing how the other kids connect with him and look after him, he is so happy!
    As for autumn…not yet please….

  11. Autumn sounds so nice right now but alas Brisbane is not letting go of summer…it is supposed to be 39 later this week!
    I for one am tired of being hot and sweaty…and am tired of talking about how tired I am of being hot and sweaty!

    • I hope you get some relief soon…we were back to warmer weather again today after a couple of cooler ones…it truly is delightful having 13/14 degrees at night I must say!

  12. I’m so excited for Autumn! But can I tell you a secret? I’m really looking forward to Winter too. Summer has been a fun-filled, action-packed season but I’m so ready for the pace to slow and some serious hibernation to take place at home in front of the fire. x

  13. Still swimming in the ocean here. We had a pod of 6 dolphins frolicking near us too.

    Looking forward to your new arrival and loving autumn


  14. Oh how I love the mountains and it will be perfect in this autumnal weather! I was just saying to hubby that I would love a few kid free nights away in the mountains. Happy anniversary to you and Rob. 10 years, not bad! Enjoy your time away x

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