We’ve been getting down to the beach early and getting the best of the day before the wind and temp picks up. A swim, a sit under the shade, a read of the book, a lay in the sunshine, a coffee or milkshake and even the odd bacon and egg roll.

Just the BEST of summer holidays rolled into a few sweet hours. The stuff memories are made of.

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  1. morning girls! … oh there’s nothing quite like them!
    I’ve had many a holiday just like that! … memory bank triggers!
    <3 it all! … enjoy! … m:)X

  2. Enjoy your holidays lovely! Your girls will be making some wonderful memories.
    I’m back to work next week 🙁 But have loved catching up on reading, swimming and sunshine this last couple of weeks. Hoping I can keep it up once I’m back at the desk, even if it’s in smaller amounts.

  3. I am doing the same with less reading and less beach time and more housework and work but still finding a fun school hols combination.. Have fun girls x

  4. Lovely, it’s not quite the same to pop down to the river in the morning, I have beach envy.

  5. I love early morning trips to the beach…add in a book and an iced coffee and I am in heaven!

  6. Mornings at the beach are the stuff of summer holiday dreams. Jealous as I sit here in the dark at 4.30am with 3 jet lagged kids. Lap it up lovely! X

  7. That just sounds (and looks) divine. x

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Lovely post Beth x

  9. The best times on holidays are often those first glorious hours of the day. Looks like you’re having a great time. xx

  10. I love a good morning at the beach and then naps in the afternoon.

  11. I am having holiday envy right now!
    Your pics are just gorgeous Beth, almost feel like I’m right there with you, except I’m not 🙁
    Still sitting here in my work dress but the kids are all soundly sleeping, that will be surface for this hour.
    Enjoy every minute!

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