Will drive 300 km’s for dumplings

Never one to waste time, I saw a gap in my diary yesterday and knew exactly how to fill it. I dropped Harps off at Preschool at 8.45am, a coffee pick up, some petrol and by 9.30am I was on the Hume Highway heading north. By 11am I was driving into Chatswood Chase with one destination in mind: New Shanghai for some dumplings.

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My little sister is due any minute now, and so I thought it best to distract her with chilli and dumplings and of course my good company. Her husband is off work right now with a stuffed back, and Mum needed all of 34 seconds to say she would be there, so it was with great delight that I added chilli to my soy and gleefully dropped sweet dumplings in before shovelling them down my throat.

Time was of the essence though, I had a 2.45pm deadline back in the Highlands that I needed to be back for. Shovelled dumplings, laughed and chatted and discussed all things baby. I paid the bill, climbed the escalators up to visit the salubrious Pottery Barn, West Elm & Williams Sonoma which if you can believe I had NEVER been into!

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Bowed down to the altar of soft furnishings and gorgeous Christmas decorations and Christmas cushions! Who knew a feature Christmas cushion was a thing? I do now! Showed great restraint by purchasing NOTHING, then was out the door and back in the carpark by 12.40pm. Not before letting the bumps have a little, well, bump. I never thought that I would see the day that I was pregnant at the same time as my sister…what a lovely thing!

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I pulled into Preschool right on schedule at 2.42pm, grabbed child number 2 before hightailing it back home to get child number 1, then back in the car to get haircuts, then home to decorate the Christmas tree, then heading out to dinner before collapsing at home sometime after. Sheesh. The things that a pregnant woman will do.

Family time under the belt, dumplings desire sated, as well as a good measure of Christmas maintenance done. That’s what I call a productive Tuesday!

Would you drive over 300km’s for dumplings? Me too!
Are you so busy right now?
Just a few more weeks and then we can all sit and slow down (newborn babies included)!


  1. i love that yours and Lucy’s little dumplings are already eating dumplings together.
    beautiful bumps.

  2. you crack me up! … I can see that had to be done!
    your sister has the same pants as me! … those babies are lucky!
    love m:)X

  3. You are too cute.
    Glad you got your dumpling fix and family time. So special.
    I would also go 1000s of km for dumplings.
    In fact as soon as we arrive in Sydney in a few weeks, we are spending the night in a hotel near china town and we are having Chinese (and hopefully some dumplings too) after a year having no real multicultural food. I lie a bit, my my partner is now an expert at making curries from scratch both Indian and Thai, as well as feta cheese and even a christmas pudding.
    Thanks for the info of where I can get some good dumplings, will keep that in mind!
    take care

  4. Yum! What a great day. However, I do think the dumplings in Lemon Grove at the New Shanghai there are superior!

  5. I once put 72000 kms a car in one year…country folk drive anywhere for anything LOL! So beautiful to see those sisterly bumps x

  6. I love the bumps!
    And yes…will drive for dumplings!

  7. I’ve only just been introduced to dumplings, and I can safely say, that yes, I would drive 300kms for them. Ok I lie, I hate driving so I would have to convince someone else (another dumpling lover?) to drive instead.

  8. I would get on a plane for a plate of rainbow beef!

  9. Ah yes, that relaxing time when you have a newborn… 😉

    Man, I would drive a long way for a good dumpling. And how precious that you get to spend this time with your sister and your mum. It’s times like these that we create out of a nothing day that we remember the most, don’t you think? Love it. And love that bump pic too!

    • Totally agree. While newborns are totally NOT relaxing…all that feeding means that you actually have to stop don’t you think? I do NOT know how that’s going to work out for me.

  10. Maybe not a dumpling but I’ve been known to drive to Adelaide to while away a day.

  11. A bit of trivia. Do you know the nuns at the school I went to protested about the building of Chatswood Chase! Lucky for you they were not listened to! (I went to Mercy College, next door to Chatswood Chase) They were worried about the impact of the shopping centre on the students (bless them…).
    And for the record, I did get busted for wagging a lesson and having a cigarette in a café in Chatswood. See, cafe’s are a bad influence.

  12. Such is the special bond between sisters!

  13. OK. I have never had a dumpling. I think I want one. Must research appropriate dumpling houses. Not sure if I can drive all the way to Syd-en-ey for some! 🙂 x

  14. Goody! I live in Sydney and its a trek to get to Chatswood, but good dumplings will make it worth it. I also did not realise Pottery Barn existed at Chatswood . I may just have to follow with a Zara chaser!

  15. Can not get a decent dumpling in Dubai! So it’s high on the list when we get home. My girls talk endlessly of dumplings (or dunklings). For some reason I think always they taste better at New Shanghai in Ashfield rather than Chatty, so that’s where we’ll be heading (even though we’re staying in Chatty).
    Also have a 4-hour stopover in Honkers on the way over so plan to get some kind of dumpling product in my gob at the airport!

  16. Oh I love the bumpity bumps and the dumpling porn. I would travel the world for a good dumpling and for a plate of the hallowed rainbow beef. I told husband that dumplings make everything better and that I should take him to the Chase forwith for dumpling therapy. Dumpling therapy – that’s a thing!

  17. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love that you and your little sis are duffed at the same time ,it’s so special Beth,I hope her baby comes soon Xx

  18. I too would drive miles for dumplings. Luckily for me, ace ones are made right near my place. Walking distance too, which means much wine can be consumed with many dumplings. PS: thanks for reminding me – must put up the Christmas tree tonight. x

  19. Never had dumplings but we regularly drive over 500km to have our favourite fish and chips for lunch – lovely drive up and back down the coast. Never really realised how far it was until we worked it out but roadtrips are very much a big part of our life 🙂

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