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If you see me this week, I’m going to be looking a little bit like this:


Pretty of course (that’s a given) and a little festive/pregnant glow around me but a pained expression. I’m EXHAUSTED. Everyone is exhausted. And we still have another week left at School (this time next week we will be almost DONE) but that means another week of lunch boxes, getting dressed, being civilised and wearing pants and the like. The celebratory catch up’s and going up a notch too…essential to have lots of quiet time in between if you can get it. Yesterday I did get some – an hours sleep in the middle of the day! UNHEARD OF. Dig deep friends, keep the sherry and Christmas cake consumption up.

Speaking of Christmas have you been watching all the Christmas food shows like a woman possessed too? SAME! I was quite beside myself at the Great British Bake Off Christmas Masterclass…god love Mary Berry and her arthritic hands rolling outré ginger bread dough! Then that smug Delia came on and I was in heaven. I ADORE her smug, know it all ways. She has never had a dry turkey don’t you know? I would expect nothing less from you Delia. Waiting to see Jamie’s…one of my all time favourites. Make sure you get onto his make ahead gravy that I wrote about yesterday won’t you? It’s the business.


This is me and Frank on the couch sitting under the Christmas lights watching Delia and her moist turkey. If this doesn’t give you the Christmas spirit then NOTHING will.  You should just give up.

This morning I was making pickled cucumbers. Perhaps a boring choice for teachers presents this year but there are just SO many teachers to buy for. Harps has about 5 in her School and Daisy about the same (the nature of small schools I think) so home made gifts it is! Can’t go wrong with these bad boys – they go SO well with some crumbly cheddar and an icy cold white wine and or on a ham and cheese toastie/with a ploughman’s lunch/on a cheesy b. Endless options!

IMG_4579 IMG_4580 IMG_4585

I have seen two REALLY great movies in the past week (all within 24 hours of each other).

PicMonkey Collage

First one was Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, no good, very bad day. HILARIOUS. Can’t remember the last time I laughed so much during a kids movie. I went with my 12 year old nephew, a 5 year and a 7 year old and they all really enjoyed it. Get onto it immediately.

Second was Enough Said – such a lovely film. Nice simple story, good characters, funny and NORMAL. I like normal. And I liked this very much.

How’s the weather been? Christmas CRACKERS I tell you. All those storms have left Daisy terrified and in our rooms most nights and getting a little obsessed with the radar on the weather app. The last few days we have had mists and cool weather though which has looked a little like this and has me *this* close to lighting the fire and sipping on some eggnog. Isn’t it GLORIOUS? Gosh I love living in this part of the world.


Baby still isn’t here. Jumping at every text message. COME ON ALREADY. Imagine what I’m going to be like when I am due!


Can we all pause for a moment and soak up the BEAUTY of this frock that was gifted to me today from my friend Mrs C? Are you ready?


She was all like “oh this is this dress that I got that I have never worn that I thought would work for you this Christmas with being pregnant and I think it’s a Camilla” and I was all like “Shut the fuck UP. Are you serious?” I have no idea if it is going to work with the guts and tits McGee but I am willing to give it a red hot go. Thank you Mrs C you are most welcome over for tea and Christmas cake WHENEVER you like!

So are you beside yourself too? Kids feral?
Got some storm freaked children like we do?
Are you a fan of the home made teacher present?
Can you even believe how lovely this frock is? ME EITHER.

Dig deep friends, dig deep.


  1. Hiya! I’m kinda hoping for a little rain while I’m back in Sydney as I have seen about 4 drops of the stuff since March, but at the same time not. The weather here is at it’s best at the moment – clear blue skies and 28 degrees with a cool breeze. Winter perfection!

    I took the kids to see Penguins of Madagascar on the weekend (not sure if it’s out in Oz yet) but it’s great. I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids, plenty of adult jokes in it and best of all the 3-year-old boy managed to sit still through it and enjoyed it too – unheard of before!

    And I LOVE that dress. x

  2. Love the dress. Being big busted myself I looked at it & wondered about the bra situation. A tank underneath would be necessary for me – I would find a way. & if I were a teacher I would LOVE the cucumbers. Perfect. Our school has started the group gift voucher present which I’m a bit yes/no about so went with one just from each of our children instead – a good Christmas decoration – not as personal as homemade, but hopefully appreciated.

  3. That dress is the goods!!!!

  4. so many feral children. my own, the ones at school. Can you believe the 5/6 boys were caught with magnifying glasses trying to set fire to things. The HIDE. One in my class in particular is just pushing everyones buttons. He thankfully had a day off today and everyone was better for it.

    bring. on. wednesday. That’s all I can say.

  5. That dress is divine. School finished here as nursing two kids who got tonsils out and one threeanger who doesn’t have a stop button. Hand me the wine!

  6. Oh my goodness Delia lover….don’t you know smug is the new black and Nigel is on tonight at 9.30 already got it in the planner! She’s one moist bird lover that’s never been up the duff but is rather good with a turkey baster…..and trifle 3 ways who’d a thought?!? Maxi’s are smokin and easy to wear through summer…toss the pants and get all comfy although maternity bra straps and maxi’s are a bit ho hum, but with perky boobs you could totally rock it without any serious harnage(I think that’s even a word) Lovin those pickled cucumbers!

  7. Lisa mckenzie says

    That dress will be fine just add a slip and you’ll be good to go ,camillas’s have room so you will be rocking it Beth it’s beautiful Xx

  8. I would definitely make the dress work somehow too! Very envious of your climate down there. Here in Brisvegas it is stinking hot and soooooo humid. Would die for mists in summer. Bet your children’s teachers will much prefer your homemade cucumbers to the mountains of soap/bath crystals/chocolates etc etc that they will get.

  9. My kids are a tad feral, one of them is a 2yr old and the other is a sick 1 yr old so what is to be expected!
    The storms haven’t seemed to really bother my kids but my son (the 2yr old) is constantly telling me that it is raining and that it should go away!! Too funny!
    I am going to do home made gifts for the day care girls now that you mention it, Cookie Dough Truffles (how good do they sound, I think I may have to sample a few before they get wrapped!) the recipe is on kidspot.com.au if anyone is thinking like me.
    And last but not least, you will look fab in that dress!!

  10. It’s pissing rain in Wellington, NZ and I’m over it. We’re 10 days into Summer now and have only had 1 day that didn’t require either long pants, sleeves or both. Am about wishing I had Duck feet as per Dr Seuss.
    Home made Teacher pressies are all the go in my household. I let the feral 10 yr old have a mental health day today while the feral 7 and 5yr olds hit school, and we made my World Famous In Porirua, Cranberry Pineapple Relish! I’m sure the teachers at school fight over who gets to teach my kids so that they can have my Relish with their Xmas ham/turkey/whatever! That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.
    That dress is da bomb! You should find somewhere with a racecourse and take it for an outing with a loverly hat and have yourself a good time with kids and hubby in tow with a picnic and a jar of my ‘feels a lot like Xmas’ Relish! 🙂

  11. Dress, too gorgeous, take above advice re: slip/tank and it will be gorgeous. I bring out my full length aqua and zebra Camilla every Xmas day (costed a bomb and is too darn gorgeous not to wear for Xmas). Plan to be buried in it too at 80!
    So exciting waiting for a baby, my lil niece is 7 in Jan (baby of our fam) …we waited and waited for her over Xmas…
    Have I missed something, is there a recipe for those amazing cukes?

  12. I’m disappointed that I haven’t had the chance to catch a Christmas foodie program yet, hopefully I will be able to soon.
    That dress is devine, and a perfect choice for a preggers lady. Also thinking of giving those pickled cucumbers a go YUM !!!!

  13. Feral kids? Check. So much so, that at my 6 year old son’s school concert tonight, I had to forcibly march my 3.5 year old little miss out of the theatre because she wasn’t getting her own way and had started to scream!

    Love the frock, love homemade gifts, so much more thoughtful, and no major stormage issues here, but still getting up every night to lost dummies, bed covers, nightmares, thirst, etc ad nauseum.

    Bring on the holidays!

  14. LOVE the dress. And Mrs C. And shit yeah we are shattered here! My 6 yr old got up and went back to sleep on the couch today and my 15 year old couldn’t get up for day 4 of work experience, while I am avoiding writing a blog post by reading other people’s 🙂 x

  15. Love the dress!!!! Also loving your gorgeous Advent calendar hanging next to it. 🙂

  16. You just have to check out Donna hay Christmas cooking show… But get the magazine as well as she does recipies out of there! Some amazing simple DELISH looking things for sure!!

  17. I reckon the teachers will love those cucumbers and if you added a tag with some serving suggestions even better?

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