Christmas frocks for little ladies

I still remember getting a new frock for Christmas and getting all dressed up for Mass and then the various travelling Christmas day celebrations and basically loving myself sick. I always get the girls a new frock that will get trotted out not only at Christmas but NYE and all the various “dos” that occur this time of year. Because those “dos” are usually before the big day – they get them a few weeks before so I can get more value out of them. They have theirs already this year as they went to the theatre with the Gay Godfathers a few weeks ago and a frock was required.

There are some great dresses around for little ladies (wish they came in bigger sizes) so many great colours and patterns and so many that you can grab online. Happy shopping!

PicMonkey Collage

1. Rock Your Baby $54.95
2. Witchery $69.95
3. Little Leona $27
4. Jack & Milly $34.95
5. Country Road $69.95
6. Seed $59.95
7. Fabrik $74.95
8. Target $20
9. One Red Fly $99.95

Some others that I love:

Chalk & Cheese Clothing
David Jones

Do you get the little lady in your life a special frock for Christmas day?
Go any places to share with us?


  1. I buy the girls matching Christmas dresses every year for their photograph with Santa. I know. I am a cliche. They will one day detest their matching dresses, but I’ll get away with it while I can.
    This year’s dresses are simple off white numbers with red stripes – the most comfortable/least flammable of a sad selection when I went to the shops!

  2. I usually get my daughter a nice frock for Xmas, must get in to it for this year!

  3. Gibbergunyah says

    We got the first one for my neice a couple of months ago, it’s lovely.

  4. My dear and talented friend designed and made my wedding gown now has her own kids label. The prettiest frock (in my opinion) is named after my eldest (Lily).
    Free worldwide shipping too!

  5. Oh, this makes me wish for a daughter 🙂

  6. So cute! Having a little girl is going to dangerously expensive. Little boys are so easy and sometimes a little non exciting on the dressing front, especially when all he wants to wear is his Superman T-shirt and cape.

  7. Cassie Webster says

    Cotton on Kids has so many gorgeous, affordable dresses, special occasion outfits and the most adorable togs/rashies. And the sweetest boys clothing (hard to find in Australia).

  8. Splashed out and got her a lovely floral Ted Baker frock. It’s gorgeous and I wish I could wear one..

    I’ll have to stop keeping good frocks for special occasions to ensure she gets enough wear before outgrowing it.

  9. I got my daughter a dress last year (her first christmas) at Cobbitty markets and it was gorgeous. This year I’m making her an outfit.

    Incidentally, I happen to have some frocks for sale on my website Everything is discounted 25% for Christmas. Oh, and free delivery.
    (Sorry about the shameless plug but it seemed serendipitous after your post about dresses for chrissy!)

  10. such cute frocks beth!
    my great niece wears the same colour as her mother on christmas day!
    she is adorable and she’ll be five soon!
    as for presents, she was the one I liked shopping for the most … all art and craft things in a bag she can colour in … happy stuff! love m:)X

  11. Marian Wiltshire says

    The girls birthday was on Friday, they received 4 new dresses and I got them a birthday outfit – shorts with the cutest suspenders/ribbon

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