Best of BabyMac 2014: January & February

There’s just 11 more days left of the year. ELEVEN. And while I’ll still be kicking around on here every other day, I wanted to share my personal highlights on the blog over the past year. My favourites from each of the months over the next 11 days. But today you can have January AND February because I care is what.

These aren’t necessarily the best, or most popular for the months, they are just the ones that I like best. The Cottees collection if you will.


Great Expectations



My House in Houzz
Round these parts: Potato Farming

Houzz IMG_5953-1024x682

I can’t quite get my head around another new year. Another January. How does it happen so quickly?


  1. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I know it goes so fast! I will be a bit glad when thus year is over as it’s not been a good one x

  2. thanks beth! bring it on I say!
    but whether i say or think that, or not, it will be here anyway! …
    coming out of my crone cave next year! … the universe works in mysterious ways!
    cheers to you! love m:)X

  3. Oh Beth – The “Great Expectations” post is what started it all for me – got me hooked on your blog and was something I really needed to read back then, It was as if you had written that post for me. I then became hooked on blog reading and started my own – so thanks Beth, thanks a million. I think I need to re-read this post now as I am currently experiencing over-expectations on this, my 36th Birthday….Thanks Beth and Merry Christmas. xx

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