Best of BabyMac 2014: May

I’m wrapping up my favourite posts of 2014 this week in the lead up to the new year. Not the best, or most popular, but my favourites.

May was an incredibly busy time preparing for our annual ball and getting organised for our big trip away. I was busy writing too…so many posts and so many favourites to pick from! Some handy, some a little emo (my favourite kind to write).

I wrote about Daisy getting bigger. And there’s nothing that I can do about it. Sigh.



A handy checklist of things to do before visitors come to stay. You can just call me Mrs Beeton.

7 things to do before people come to stay


And some handy hints and tips of how to use the camera on your iPhone.

6 things you need to know about your iPhone camera now


My friend Geoff at the pub reminded me just how lucky we are.

The lucky ones


And finally my very favourite was about switching our internal voices from one of criticism to the kind loving one we use for our own children.

That voice



  1. Fiona Guglielmi says

    Merry Christmas Beth to you and your family, have a wonderful day.

  2. you are a gem beth!
    love your good stories and helpful tips and lots more!
    have a wonderful Christmas and 2015!
    enjoy some great mocktails! … i’ll be having those! so here’s cheers hun!
    I’ve had some chocolate already for breakfast! … creative thinking!
    lots of love m:)X

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