A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland!

IMG_4602 IMG_4593 IMG_4597 IMG_4589

Well 10 degrees at least. And raining, misty, windy and cold. And even better, we are home from the end of year school assembly.

Someone pass me the eggnog already.


  1. Completely different scenario up here – almost too sticky to sleep.
    Your eggnog comment reminds me of going to a wedding in the depths of winter in Northern Ireland. Everyone around me was warming up with hot toddies and I was sipping (yet another) cup of tea.
    Ahh pregnancy- lucky the pay off is worth it, huh?

  2. Beautiful photos to end the day with. Thanks Beth!

  3. Fiona Guglielmi says

    I wish it was snowing ….

  4. Sandra L Weissel says

    …Love that song, love all the candles too!

  5. It’s fricken humid as here, and it’s NOT agreeing with my apparent early flirtation with menopause. I have sweat in places I didn’t know you COULD sweat! A winter wonderland sounds delightful enjoy

  6. you sure you aren’t here in Deutschland?

  7. A beautiful sight indeed!! Jx

  8. Perfection. All of that is perfection. Enjoy hun xx

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