Things I like {The 14th November 2014 edition}

Just checked the temperature gauge and it read: Bloody ridiculous. Also known as 34 I think. In any case too hot for this pregnant lady who has run out of Frosty Fruits. At least it’s been good drying weather. I have done 5 loads today and currently sitting on the line are….BABY CLOTHES!!! For my little sister! We are heading up to Sydney tomorrow to visit them in their new house and let Frank and Kevin have a sleepover and I thought I better go through all the newborn stuff I had and wash away. She doesn’t know if she is having a boy or a girl, so I tried to find all the best gender neutral stuff but couldn’t resist little pink frilly Christmas pants. My GOODNESS…muslin wraps, nappies, jumpsuits and blankets on the line. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT WE ARE DOING THIS AGAIN.

IMG_4240 IMG_4242 IMG_4243 IMG_4245

The 5 huge star jasmine plants down the side verandah are just about ready to BURST into bloom. They always come just in time for Christmas and the festive season…looking like 5 huge trees filled with sparkling lights. There is something so soothing about gardening and seasons and seeing them pass – this out, this in, time it just goes on doesn’t it?


Look at the colour of this lobelia!


I have early blooming hydrangeas in vases everywhere throughout the house and they are GLORIOUS.

IMG_4257 IMG_4259

And corn flowers. That papery blue…my favourite!


I got a new table runner this week. More colour…never enough colour!

IMG_4264 IMG_4266

Roses are going mad in this hot, dry weather.


And as for those white geraniums, they have FINALLY come good after the frost destruction of June 2014.


This week I took a video of these flowers, yes, a video for my friend Eden. Look at the faces smiling at us.


At least in the hot weather there is always somewhere cool to sit. Under the willow trees will do this afternoon.


Chooks have been laying well which means I have some baking to do. Hardly a difficult task now is it? I must say a year or so since we got them it STILL makes me feel immensely happy to see eggs delivered to us each day. What a lovely thing! Thank you chooks!


Harps drew this yesterday and demanded it make the fridge. She thinks it just may be her best person EVER. Although she did get frustrated with the nose.


What are you liking this Friday afternoon?
The fact that it’s Friday afternoon?
Me too!
Have a great weekend friends x


  1. I love your table runner Beth! Where is it from?

  2. Sacha Markham says

    Thanks for the post. It’s 39 degree is Albury and we are surviving by the air conditioner. Even the dog earned some respite inside. Gorgeous pics, your garden looks amazing. How far pregnant are you?

  3. I am loving that my kitchen is actually clean for once, makes cooking and creating much more pleasant. I also like that it is supposed to be cooler here tomorrow, but won’t complain too much as I’m not pregnant and hot weather is a lot hard when you’re growing a person!

    ps you’re growing a person, how cool!

  4. your garden with spring flowers is just beautiful beth!
    your place looks idealic! …
    lots of washing for you!;0
    enjoy your weekend! love m:)X

  5. Oh yes. Friday. Happy Friday! Your place looks divine. I will always be envious of your ability to keep plants alive. Each week, I’m all “WOW!”
    I am loving that it’s Friday more than anything.

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your garden is stunning Beth ,I love newborn things on the line.I am loving That I have flowers in every room of the house cause it was my birthday yesterday and headless dog vase has gerberas in him and my daughters friends wife had their baby yesterday on the same day I was born so sweet and cake but not the bear it is 42 degrees here ATM,too hot,what is summer going to be like ??? Have a great weekend with your sister Beth xxx

  7. Beautiful colour – lots of colour is good for the soul x

  8. I’m actually not liking this Friday because the husband has flown off to work for a month. This was not supposed to happen. I am mad & eating my feelings.
    But I do love seeing all your glorious flowers & baby clothes on the line. It’s a bit exciting getting to that stage isn’t it? Even though they are for your sis & not you ( yet) knowing that a cute little bub will fill those clothes soon is always a lovely thought.

  9. I am really liking your new table runner! And that my lip sync for Cam & Eden is making people smile, and that I had lunch with a gorgeous friend of mine today.
    And I’m liking you Beth. Thank you for your blog. It is – you are – just so lovely.

  10. I am just loving your garden (like everyone else it seems). Just love, love, love it. Very jealous indeed.

  11. Baby clothes how sweet. I wish my garden was something love me yours, even just a little. A gardener I am not. Have a beautiful weekend. V x

  12. I love Star Jasmine. And hydrangea. My favourite! Congrats on your pregnancy – better to be suffering the heat at this stage in your pregnancy than 9 months, complete with cankles. (Easy to say now that it’s not me!)

  13. I am quite new to your blog Beth but I love it so much! You garden is gorgeous, I suck at anything plant related! This week I’m happy to have caught up with new blogging friends and making a start on Christmas preparations xxx

  14. This weekend….ATM preparing a feast as we are having a naming day for our adopted son. He has been with us for 2 years now and I am finally getting around to doing this. We wanted to do something sort of formal, a friend is doing the ceremony and we have a couple of poems being read and then we will all eat an Egyptian feast (his heritage is Egyptian), we are having iced mint tea, turkish coffee (near enough to egypt LOL) labna, roasted capsicum/tahini dip, lamb dish, fuul (a traditional egypt meal) so its a full on weekend and the weather is overcast :-(. And we are finishing off with pavlova ’cause he is Australian now!
    Yes going back to baby is a bit of a shock, we did it after 9 years !! I won’t reveal too much just yet LOL.

  15. Baby clothes! I still can’t believe it. I’m so excited for you. And for me too strangely. I feel like we’re all pregnant with the next Baby Mac.

    How have I never seen those star jasmine. Oh my stars. They are perfect! I have them on the fence but up verandah posts. That is the business.

    Have just posted white hydrangeas and am in love. Didn’t know they worked as cut flowers. Oh that is the best news. Happy Sunday xx

  16. Frosty Fruits. YES.

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