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It’s been a big week. I’m TIRED. Sick me, sick kids, busy schedule. I can feel that we are hurtling towards the end of the year with no chance of things slowing down. Do you feel that too? Highlight would have to be this one turning 5. A truly joyous thing to watch.


Rob has gone away until next weekend and he is without ANY mobile/internet service. In fact, he could have been eaten by a croc right now and I wouldn’t know. Most disconcerting. I’m going to try to focus on the freedom this will give me to watch as much Real Housewives of New Jersey in peace as well as some stupid rom com movies. Hit me up with your must see movies ploise and I will work on a marathon this week.

Guess where Mum and I are off to this morning? A workshop by my very clever friend Mrs Munro to learn how to make succulent wreaths! I am NOT crafty but I might just be able to do this and I KNOW I will be able to eat all the wonderful food being prepared by Jools from A Year in my GardenΒ who is hosting it at her beautiful house. Details and photos to follow!

Succulent Wreath Workshop from Rob Macdonald on Vimeo.

I read a great post by Fat Mum Slim this week on holiday versions of us versus normal versions of us. I love holiday me! And my family LOVES holiday me. I’m relaxed, and happy and non hassling and not rushing. Doing all the things that I don’t normally do. I wonder how we can try and move a little of the holiday us into everyday life? Look at holiday me here? I miss holiday me in London. I look relaxed! I look like I’ve even had a little botox in that forehead! Not a care in the world…man that was a good holiday. I have been doing lots of reminiscing about it this week…


Anyone else started the latest #babymacbookclub yet? Me either! Doesn’t mean I won’t though! This weekend could be it!


Speaking of reading, I read this the other week and loved it. Fictional dishes recreated from novels! This is from Catcher in the Rye.


This picture reminded me of the one time I was in New York and I went to a diner! A proper, old school American diner! Oh the memories.

The girls watched this movie the other week and LOVED it. And I did too! Always on the look out for films that kids will like that are fun…I was concerned this was going to be a bit grown up but Daisy especially adored it.


I once wrote a post about good (non-animated) movies that kids will enjoy…you can read that one here.

So, tell me, what do you have planned this weekend? Anything fun?
What movies should I be watching this week while I’m on my own?
Do you have a holiday version of yourself that is SO much nicer than normal you? Me too!
Hope you have a great weekend x


  1. I’d love to do that succulent wreath course. And I’d be pretty happy with that Holden Caulfield breakfast too. Feel better soon Beth x

  2. Isabel besse says

    Have a lovely weekend.That picture of your daughter looks just like you ! As for rom coms, I just watched ( I know it’s old but I always cry, and I NEVER cry ! ) “The Notebook”. Going to buy Mothers and Daughters tomorrow @ airport — though I only have sons ! Feel better … and make a grilled cheese sandwich πŸ™‚

  3. I would love a succulent wreath on my door, have fun! The Intouchables and About Time are great movies for a marathon. I once went to see my fave author Monica McInerney on her book tour at a cafe that had recreated meals from her book for our dinner. It was the BEST πŸ™‚

  4. I can’t believe Harper is 5. FIVE! I remember when she was just a teeny bub here on your blog and now FIVE!!!!!!!????
    My littlest one is 3 on Monday, so on Sunday we celebrate bin style – yes BINS! He’s garbage truck obsessed πŸ˜‰
    I read 3 pages of Mothers & Daughters and then some usual mum emergency broke out {a spilt drink or bumped head or wee’d pants or something like that} and I had to stop in my tracks. Hopefully I’ll get a chance this weekend to devour a bit more of the book.
    We move house in 2 weeks and I haven’t started packing yet. Shit, hold me!!
    And yes, holiday me is so much cooler than everyday me.
    Have a great weekend Beth and may Rob have a great time away with hopefully no croc swallowings.
    C x

  5. I so want to make a succulent wreath, I have all the ingredients just no recipe…

    I watched the girly movie with Cam Diaz.. The Other Woman whilst Marcus was away… stupid and funny..

    Enjoy your workshop lovely and then come back and dream of holidays for the evening rest x

  6. I’m heading off to Key West, Florida to relax in the sun, visit Hemingway’s former abode and enjoy margaritas! A great way to celebrate my (ahem) 56th birthday!!! Plan to read “Simple Church” and “Tender at the Bone”. Your wreathe-making workshop sounds wonderful!

  7. Have you seen The Grand Budapest Hotel? Delightful enchanting movie.:-)


  8. I’ve just downloaded a few books on to my iPad – The Princess Bride and On The Road. It’s a banana bread making morning, then I think I’ll read for a while. Second coffee imminent.

  9. ‘They Came Together’: the best and worst of all romcoms. Not brilliant, but some really great moments. And Amy Poehler.

  10. “The Holiday!” Must see movie, especially since you made reference to “holiday me!” You’ll love it ……. promise!

  11. Benny and Joon, any time I’m alone. Love it.

  12. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your succulent wreath will be amazing Beth,I haven’t watched a great movie for ages actually,so no help from me in that department.
    I do hope you get better soon and I’m tired too,I am going to have a nana nap today I suggest you do too.I do hope Rob is safe and well,have a lovely weekend Beth Xx

  13. Have you seen 50:50? It’s got that hottie Joseph Gordon Levitt, and it’s kind of rom com meets tearjerker. Or one of my all time rom com faves is Confetti. It has a cast like a British who’s who. I too loved Chantelle’s post about Holiday-Me, we too had an epic holiday this year, I get quite teary when I think about it. I was talking about it with my counsellor and she was saying that peope can live off the joy of memories like these, and the holidays that you and I have had this year, could keep us in happy thoughts for quite some time! So that’s what I’m trying to do, rather than be sad it’s over, I’m trying to be happy that it happened, relive the memories and… think about where I can go next! I saw your succulents and they so didn’t suck! They looked ace!

  14. Lovely lady – where are those sunglasses from?! I need them in my life!

  15. I watched a movie called Like Crazy recently big romance movie definitely good for a girly night. Won the Sundance Grand Jury prize a couple of years ago.

    I went to the actual cinema and saw a real-life adult movie yesterday for the first time in 2 years was great. Saw Gone Girl which I really enjoyed.

    I have to say Holiday Me and Home Me are pretty much the same person. I like to pretend I’m on holidays all the time!

  16. I watched The Other Woman (Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann) last weekend and Blended (Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore) last night. Both silly, easy, funny, light-hearted movies. Good for just zoning out to and not having to think. x

  17. A bit late to the party with movie suggestions but I highly recommend Crazy Stupid Love. There’s the Ryan Gosling factor, the Dirty Dancing references, great dialogue, funny bits and real hard life bits. I loved it xxx

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