Hot cushion giveaway

I don’t know about you, but I have been spending a LOT of time lately thinking about everyone else. What to get for Christmas presents, notes to fill out, parties to get ready for, things to do for everyone else except me. But look! I have something just for you!


Cath from My Bearded Pigeon is giving away to one lucky Babymac reader one of these hot organic cotton world map floor cushions worth a cool $129. How good is that?! Want it? Here’s how.

  1. Like My Bearded Pigeon Facebook page. Here’s a link to it right now.
  2. Leave an answer to the following question (What is your dream Christmas destination?) on this blog post right now.
  3. Live in Australia (sorry all international friends)

All other T&C’s can be found on this page here. Opens right now and closes Sunday 30th November 2014 at 4pm AEST with winner announced not long after. You can check out Cath’s full range here….some great Christmas ideas!

So tell me, what IS your dream Christmas destination?


  1. Oh man. I just have to stick with Sun, Sea and Sand and of course then stick in some exclusiveness to it… y’know Maldives/Maritius that kinda place x

  2. I haven’t had Christmas with my son for quite a few years so Christmas with him in Africa would be wonderful!!

  3. We are having a Dream Christmas this year – all the way away in Finland, in the Arctic Circle, where Santa lives and there will be snow, snow and more snow, hopefully the Northern Lights will turn it on, and there will be reindeer, and sleigh rides and suchlike! I think I am actually more excited than the kids!!
    That cushion indeed looks just fabulous!

  4. Byron Bay – sand, surf, sun and memories of summer holidays as a kid with friends and family. I would love to share a Byron Christmas with my husband, 3 and 5 yr old daughters so create some new summer Christmas memories!

  5. Hubny and i were just talking about our ideal christmas holiday away from home.
    I’d love to take hubby and kids to a fun, family friendly place like Vanuatu or Fiji ☺

  6. Anywhere where I don’t have to cook, clean or entertain children (though still want kids there of course, just want them to entertain themselves!). A body of water would be nice and some warm (but not too warm) weather too πŸ™‚

  7. My dream Christmas would be somewhere remote, camping, water in a dam or river, big shady trees and lots of family time – no television, no telephones and no electronic games or gadgets. Just the family getting back to basics ….

  8. jessica bennett says

    I think even with the whole world to choose from I would still pick home at Christmas! So our little patch of Tassie soil for Christmas and then fly out boxing day to South Africia πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve been bopping along to Michael Buble’s album all week & dreaming of a white Christmas…so somewhere cold & snowy for warm eggnog & snowball fights with my little ones!

  10. It would have to be Palm Cove in North QLD. We honeymooned there, returning home just a few days before Christmas. I was so envious of all the families arriving, especially the ones who even brought their Christmas tree along!

  11. Karen Magno says

    My dream Christmas destination would have to be visiting Texas with family. The idea of us all wearing hideous wooly ‘sweaters’, drinking egg nog and laughing, eating and sharing together makes me giddy. One day. I just know it. I feel it in my waters.

  12. Canada. A white Christmas whilst the kids are little.

  13. Katie clews says

    white Christmas in Germany with my family !

  14. Lord Howe Island!!! Haven’t been yet but def will! No mobile phones or internet… AMAZING scenery, beaches & of course a bar next to the beach & all this on a small island – BLISS!

  15. Dream christmas would be at home, no traveling. With just my kids.

  16. Oh wow! My son is map obsessed and would loooove this cushion. Great giveaway, Beth and Catherine.

    I really think that a white Christmas would be the ultimate experience… Snowmen, sledding, actual sleigh bells, hot cocoa round the fire….

    Of course every year after our Christmas extravaganza, my husband and I always flop onto our couch exhausted and say, “next year, Fiji”.

  17. Karly Morris says

    In my own home. Each year we travel to either my family or my inlaws, which is beautiful… but I’d love to have it one time our own little cottage, and take the stress from my mum & mother inlaw to do all the organising and cooking. I looovvvveee Christmas!! X

  18. London would be my absolute most fabulous Christmas destination!! The shopping, the cold, the lights, the possibility of snow – it would all be too much!!!!

  19. London- for a white Christmas with my beloved Nanna… a sprightly 92 year old who still rocks an amazing Christmas pud!

  20. My dream Christmas destination would be Mexico to see my sister. I haven’t spent a Christmas with her in 6 years!!

  21. Oh my dream destination for Christmas would be anywhere in the country side where it will snow. Deep,white, soft snow!! I would of course have my gorgeous family by my side & we would play all day & warm ourselves with deep baths, woollen socks & a roaring fire of a night! Snuggles on the couch with pillows & blankets. There would be mulled wine & fruit mince tarts and carols playing softly in the background with my children’s laughter filling everyone’s hearts to the brink of bursting! This is merely a dream but one day it will be true because I believe in dreams! I love the magic of Christmas it’s the best time of year no matter where you are in the world as long as there is family & friends to celebrate with.

  22. Kylie Myers says

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway BabyMac and My Bearded Pigeon. So cool!
    Dream Christmas destination is plain and simple…. home. Going to bed after a night of Christmas carols, seafood and a glass or two of bubbles whilst playing Santa with my husband. Then waking up in the morning with our kids. Hubby is a emergency service worker so to have him home for Christmas is a rare treat and a blessing!

  23. UK (back home) exactly where I’m going for Christmas πŸ™‚

  24. Catherine Forbes says

    My dream Christmas destination is New York. This has been on my bucket list for my entire life and, next year, I make it a reality – at last.

  25. Leeanne Boyson says

    After the family Christmas, I dream about whisking my handsome man, our daughter and our son to a Fijian resort -to bask in the sun, relax and be together and play, eat and have fun!!!

  26. Oh Em Gee, that cushion is freakin amazing!!! I dont think I’d let my boys fight over it, I’d put it on MY bed!!! Hmmm now as for my dream xmas destination… I’d have to say somewhere with snow maybe Canada, never had a white xmas think i t would be totally amazing.

  27. My dream destination would have to be wherever all my family are …. regardless of where as long as we are all together – and there’s a lot of us!

  28. I have always loved these cushions – just never enough pennies leftover after all the farking bills! Dream Christmas destination? NYC. One day. ONE DAY! Thanks to you and Cath x

  29. a white Christmas would be lovely. Germany sounds lovely, FrΓΆhliche Weihnachten!

  30. Oh my stars what a lovely cushion!
    My dream destination would be anywhere cold and with snow, but I think I would HAVE to narrow it down to New York… Sigh

  31. I would love to go to Nepal & help finish a Community Project my daughter & other students started in a small village of Chandrakot in Nepal – they trekked for 21 days they raised money before leaving and this helped to build dorms so children do not have to walk 2 hours to school & back – an amazing experience

  32. Ah, Christmas and good times, they go together like mangoes and cherries…ham and salad….prawns and aoli. Those are all Aussie Christmas realities. But this year I’ll be living my Christmas dream of Paris with my husband’s French relatives…..pate and baguette….buche Noel….mulled wine.

  33. Anywhere my family is, xx

  34. It’s a little bit selfish,
    It’s a lot indulgent,
    It’s being moored on a luxury yacht,
    In a little Sydney cove,
    Friends and family in abundance,
    Brilliant food and beverages that someone else had prepared and is serving.
    The sun is shining, there’s a gentle breeze, all is right with the world

    PS an afternoon snooze is totally part of this scenario – perhaps on a lovely map pillow!

  35. My dream Christmas destination is right where I am every year, at Granny’s house on the farm with my 40-odd relatives on mum’s side. It’s chaotic, it’s loud it’s crazy but it nourishes the soul. Granny is getting older and won’t be able to live there much longer. So every Christmas with her on the farm is precious; my dream destination.

  36. Arghh! I’m a cushion addict, this brand is a GREAT find!

    Sun, sand, a relaxed vibe, fabulous food and even better company are my pre-requisites for a perfect Christmas, so I’d be happy anywhere with that killer combo! If I HAD TO whittle it down to one (which I guess I do!) I’d have to say my dream desto would be Seal Rocks. The lighthouse keepers cottage there is to die for!

    Fingers crossed x

  37. The world is your cushion πŸ™‚
    Dream christmas in Iceland for me.

  38. My sister, her husband and their 6 children fly home to Ireland to spend a white Christmas with my mum, my brother, my sister and her family who all live there. My sister and I are so close, I’ll be lost the 2 months they’re away. That’s where I’d like to be this Christmas. With them. All together.

  39. Dianne Whittle says

    My dream Christmas would definitely be a white Christmas in England, in one of those gorgeous little villages like in the Holiday. I would settle for a gorgeous house on the beach down the South Coast of NSW – a private beach where we sit and eat lunch, drink plenty, have a swim, nap on the beach and just enjoy. Really though, any Christmas where my now adult kids join us is my dream Christmas.

  40. Cathy Ramsey says

    Great giveaway for any cushion fan bonus for those of us who love maps too!

    Honestly my fav destination is right here at home putting on the Chrissie spread for my family and friends, however I’ll take a recovery holiday afterwards….anywhere coastal with nice warm weather, I’m not too picky!

  41. I would like to be celebrating Christmas on a tropical island somewhere, with just my family! Maybe Vanuatu orChristmas Island

  42. Sandra Callanan says

    Simple….Daydream Island with the family.
    Easy, relaxed, pools everywhere, cocktails everywhere….
    Outdoor cinema and mini golf!!!!

  43. Emily Staughton says

    This year, my dream would be a white Christmas in New York, but honestly I’d enjoy anywhere more than last year when I was heavily pregnant, trying not to look like a whale in the pool.

  44. My dream Christmas location would be a big beautiful beach house on the south coast of NSW with a pool and lots of room for Grammys and Nans and the rest of the family. Close to the beach for walks and swims . However this year I will have to settle for a hospital room in Bowral Hosp as my bubba is due just before Christmas !

  45. New Zealand to surprise my cousin! She’s like a sister to me and for the past 7 years we’ve been talking up a storm all the wine guzzling, laughs and non stop talking we will have at this years New Years Eve Family reunion in Tasmania. But alas, she’s had to pull out, can’t afford it with new house and we’re both devo!! We were going to meet each others kids for the first time too! Gut wrenching!!!

  46. NYC – does it matter if it’s my dream destination for any time of the year?

  47. Perfect Christmas “Dream” would be to travel to Darwin to show our 3 kids where we fell madly in love!! The heat, food and crocs is an awesome lure!!

  48. Eleanor Nightingale says


  49. A white Christmas in Europe with all the family would be awesome! Only going to happen if we win lotto though

  50. My dream Christmas would probably be a full white Christmas somewhere cold and snowy with good skiing. Canada is a bit of a dream of mine! Especially as it would be the complete opposite of our usual Christmas on our farm making sure all the cattle have water, and doing the full hot 40 + degree days. I bet those who have white Christmases would kill for a hot Aussie Chrissie!
    What a gorgeous cushion! As you can tell from my blog name I am a bit of a fan of cushions, and I am always seeking out new ones. Thanks for the heads up, a new shop to drool over!

  51. Love the cushion! Makes me want to travel more….
    I would love to spend Christmas in Norway. I went there ten years ago and the snow, candlelit dining rooms (all with their curtains open), the elf for dinner! It would be such a unique experience and much closer to that Christmas magic we see in all the movies

  52. Christmas on a houseboat floating down the Murray. Baking on the balcony, eating calamari, (followed by Plum Pudding and Grandma’s Brandy Sauce, but that doesn’t rhyme— you know somewhere on the water — appreciating summertime)

    Isn’t it annoying when people try and rhyme their answers?! Hope not. I love that cushion!

  53. Now this is going to sound super lame, but actually my dream Christmas destination would be right here at home. My husband had a mild stroke at the weekend (at 42, WTF?) and actually, it wouldn’t matter where in the world we’d be, as long as we were together (and preferably not in a hospital!). Home is where the heart (and our white christmas tree) is.

  54. I think I would want to celebrate xmas in Florence, Italy. We visited last year and arrived the night they were putting up xmas lights all over the old part of the city.

    We stayed in a centuries old hotel (with modern plumbing luckily) and enjoyed steaming hot chocolates, and freshly roasted chestnuts from roadside carts. For lunch, a visit to il due fratellini for sandwiches and wine in the alley, followed by xmas markets set up in front of old cathedrals. Spending Xmas in a beautiful city like Glorence with our family would be perfect!

  55. Shannon Morgan says

    I have always wanted to experience a white Christmas and I would love to see Canada, so my dream Christmas destination would definitely be gorgeous Canada! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful prize Beth!

  56. heya Beth,
    My dream christmas location would be snowy New York. Buying christmas pressies from Henry bendles all wrapped up in stripped gold, snowy streets, ridiculous carols and surrounded by the location so many christmas movies have been based on (hello home alone!) with my beautiful family of course xx

  57. Now that is a delightful cushion! Xmas destination? Home. But can I revisit xmas past and wish for Xmas 1979? I was little but it was magical with all my family together. Or can I fast forward to Xmas 2015 when we will celebrate a first xmas in our new home? mr 3 and mr 5 will be so excited. Merry Christmas to all!

  58. I’d LOVE to have a white Christmas in Finnish Lappland, not JUST because I’ve never been O/S and it’d be cool to experience the exact OPPOSITE of an Aussie Summer Christmas, but also because hubby’s family are from around there! (We’d go to visit rels as WELL as Santa!) Canada would be cool as well; I have friends who moved there, and more of the Finnish family…

    And THAT CUSHION…oh, my! (After studying mapping at Uni, and having the rest of this week to finish assignments, I NEED THAT to collapse onto, at home, when I’m DONE!) πŸ˜€
    Thanks for the chance to win it, you wonderful people! xxoxx

  59. I’d love to take my three girls to the Christmas markets in Germany .

  60. My dream Christmas destination would be to go back to Bahir Dar, Ethiopia to the orphanage where my daughter spent her first year and a half of life and give the children there a Christmas they would never forget. Toys and clothes and full bellies and music and laughter and love = bliss.

  61. Brazil! Dream men, dream Christmas!!

  62. My dream destination is the UK for a winter xmas. Turning 40 next year and my twin brother is getting married at xmas and we are madly saving so my little family of 5 can get there and see my little daughter be a very important bridesmaid! !

  63. New York, New York! Fell in love with the city in the Sumer and have wanted to visit at Christmas to have a white Christmas and experience snow for the first time. The tree at rockafella, skating at Central Park… Oh my

  64. Michelle Cains says

    Dream Christmas for me is spent preferably at home with loved ones, yummy food (and lots of it!!) and a delicious beverage or seven. Although I’d love to have a white Christmas some time too…

  65. Scotland… obsessed with the Outlander series… hoping that Jamie might cross my path!!

  66. Mum’s house πŸ™‚ There is nowhere else in the world where the food is that good!

  67. New York City!!!

  68. Gorgeous cushion! Since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamed of a white Christmas, and I can think of nowhere better than New York. What an experience!

  69. Dream Christmas is the one we have every year. All my family together, doesn’t matter where we are. Kids would love a white Christmas so my mum has a white Christmas tree! thanks x

  70. Simply gorgeous cushion.Christmas with my family,funds are always tight so a BBQ Christmas lunch and many,many laughs with our sons’ and grandson.Perfect.

  71. My favourite Christmas holiday destination would be well-land…. But then I’d never want to leave… Or at least leave my hubby there so he can have some wellness. My second choice would be Byron as I’ve never been there but I love the idea of the place….and eat lots of healthy tasty food…in this fantasy we have a money is no problem scenario?? Good…then my family will eat LOTS. Thanks for chance to win…I’ve been a long time admirer of this cushion. Xxx

  72. Whitney Kingston says

    We are farmers, and during Christmas, we are busy at it with harvest…..on a good year…..but this year, we will have finished by then due to a lack of rain, again…my dream destination is in a paddock, with a long lunch, interrupting my husband so his boys can spend Christmas with him…we can only dream of far away places with the hope of a better year next year….

  73. My dream has always been to have a white christmas so New York or Paris with my hubby and sons. I think it would be magical xx

  74. New York please! What an amazing experience that would be.

  75. It may sound corny but my dream Christmas destination is right here at my house. Somehow over the years with a mismatched extended family and divorced parents, our house has become the place to gather and my husband and I have become the stable couple. It’s crazy and highly amusing to me that WE are the resonsible adults, but the fact that everyone comes here and fills our house with laughter, warmth, sibling teasing and sooooo much yummy food, well it’s fabulous. Really fabulous, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    We have a seafood feast Christmas Eve, drink mango daiquiris, and everyone stays the night, we watch the kids go nuts over unwrapped santa presents in the morning and then open gifts to each other after a leisurely breakfast. We stroll down to the river or beach, we play cricket and the slip’n’slide comes out. It is so typically Australian and cliched and I absolutely love it!

  76. thankyou beth! … I like to play resorts at home, as we are on the water , deck living is easy! … [if our weather improves] … just relaxing, lounging, flouncing and generally slothing around is my perfect holiday with no commitments! … it’s what I try to do every day of the year! … lazy at heart! or just playing queens! … love it m:)X

  77. I know it sounds really cheesy but christmas to me is sitting in the backyard, eating too much, playing backyard cricket, going for a walk & then hitting the leftovers again until you pass out. It’s about being with my family & enjoying their company.

  78. My dream Christmas destination would be anywhere that was white. But that also involved pavlova. It is not Christmas without pavlova. I went to England one Christmas and it was not white. I held out hope until 11:55 Christmas night that it would snow, but it did not.

  79. It would have to be Byron Bay, where my parents now live. Sharing a special Christmas with my parents, husband and our bub (who arrives in Feb), plus our two dogs is my idea of the dream Christmas. Hot days on the beach, barbeques and dad’s trifle. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  80. my dream xmas destination would be paris…the markets…the shopping..the food…the ice rink…concerts…the lights…and the ultimate would be to spend new year there!!

  81. My dream Christmas destination would be to experience the opposite of what we are used to here (heat) & to have a white a Christmas. It’s so hard to narrow it down with destinations…though, I do love the Scandinavian Christmases.. So I would love to flock myself & family there. Tucked away with an open fire, snow & delicious food.

  82. Donna Douvartzidis says

    For sure my dream destination could be the Maldives, surrounded by perfection or a Resort in Africa waking in the wild, but to be honest at the moment, a mud floor in a remote village in Nepal would be just as perfect … as long as I could wake up next to someone feeling loved. That would be my ‘dream’ Christmas destination.

  83. My dream Christmas destination would have to be New York! The carols, the store window displays (hello Saks Fifth Avenue) and a little Jack Frost nipping on my nose. Perfection.

  84. Exactly where I plan to be. At home with the family. Or NYC. Given the choice I’d take NYC and a gorgeous White Christmas.

  85. On my ULTIMATE bucket list is a white Christmas in New York. OF COURSE! One day it will happen, yes maam. And you bet it will snow. Yes it will. Positive thought power! Either that or Lapland, those reindeer and a real authentic St Nick and a hot toddy would be quite nice I think too. This cushion needs to come live on the spare bed in Eleanor’s room where I lie and feed her at night, we could plot our grand travel adventures in the wee hours!

  86. At home, for the first time since I have known him hubby has 2 weeks off work for Christmas / New Years and we have just moved to new location we are looking forward to just being together as a family of five, eating relaxing laughing and being tourists in our new home Armidale

  87. Girl, I am going to say it is a toss up between the ultimate white Christmas in New York cause that is what we see in the movies our entire lives and it seems so damn WEIRD to us, and some fancy beach resort with hot and cold running half naked cabana boys catering to my every whim.

    But I am pretty sure both of those options would piss off my husband and considering he left his undies on the floor for the SEVENTH STRAIGHT DAY IN A ROW he can suck it up and I will take both.

  88. Uluru. I’ve always wanted to visit Uluru an Australian beauty so why not spend Christmas at the rock with my beautiful family.

  89. New York, how amazing would that be.

  90. Bek Seysener says

    it would have to be somewhere cold and snowy, but I would want to take my whole family, which is about 35 people, because I wouldn’t want to miss out on Christmas lunch!

  91. I would love that cushion but I am not sure my answer will be exciting enough as all I wish for at Christmas is in my own backyard surrounded by my family and friends!

  92. I’d have to go with a white Christmas where we can see Santa! Maybe Lapland in Finland? (Although my husband would want to go to the alps so he can snowboard!)!

  93. My ideal Christmas is away. Sun and sand, away from it all. Not all that fussed on Christmas so if I could go away somewhere like Hawaii and just soak up some new culture I’d be happy

  94. Probably at home, with my family, my little people, and many nieces and nephews, with all the chaos, excitement, stress, laughter and love that comes with. Then a holiday to Spain or Italy after to recover..

  95. Charmaine Campbell says

    Somewhere snowy and white would make my Christmas just right, Switzerland or Canada, picturesque and cold, probably should try it once, before I get too old!

  96. I wouldn’t chase a Winter wonderland. Let me stick to sun, surf and sand. Something by the beach with fresh prawns, oysters, white bread and good wine.

  97. Well, every year we are on the road to family for Xmas, so seriously I would like to hide the car, lock the doors, tell everyone we have gone away and then just bunker down in my own house with a gourmet prawn sandwich and a bottle of bubbly. Late afternoon I would walk to the beach and have a little snooze in the shade while the kids carve it up on their new surfboards. Yep. Perfect.

  98. As inviting as a tropical beach with cocktails, or a white Christmas in NY sounds, Christmas will always and forever be at my childhood home with mum and dad, bro and sis, and my kids and our spouses. It’s a tiny blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town in northern NSW of less than a 1,000 people, stinking bloody hot, nothing to do and no one to see (unless you fancy a trip to the RSL or one of the pubs) – but to me it is laughter, great food, water fights with everyone involved, and my favourite people around me. πŸ™‚

  99. Any where that my family are I am happiest! This year it’s beautiful old gold country, Ballarat.

  100. My dream Christmas would be by the ocean, it would be bliss to have some time out and to enjoy some sun, surf and sand while getting time with my partner! It has been one heck of a year and it would be lovely to just be anywhere by the water!

  101. Mel Champion says

    The perfect destination for me would be somewhere warm close by the sea with family close by. Lots of yummy food, wine and doing not a lot except – mooching and eating!

  102. dream xmas destination, as an orphaned single Jewish chick, is Bangkok! Amazing food, things stay open around xmas and I can be fully engaged while being somewhere incredible!

  103. Christmas is about family for me…so wherever they are is where I want to be. That said, if we could all go to NYC one year…that would be a dream come true.

  104. Lisa mckenzie says

    As much as I’d love to run away I can’t so I’d say home surrounded by my family!

  105. Love to be home in Perth again.

  106. Can I please enter as I’ll be in Oz over Christmas??

    My dream Christmas is what we’re doing this year – 30 family members who I haven’t seen for 1.5 years, food, booze, kids running amok, lots of laughter.
    If I can’t have that then Christmas in Paris will do. πŸ˜‰

  107. My dream Christmas destination this year – is my husband’s parent’s place in country Victoria – lots of kids running around and great country cooking :-).

  108. My dream Christmas Destination is the ‘Land of Nod’ not sure of it’s exact location as haven’t had a chance to visit it much this year with my two year old, who has decided he does not like to SLEEP!!!!!! aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  109. Oooooohhhh I am from England but lived in Oz for years so I still crave a cold Christmas! I would want to be with all my closet friend and family in a big Log Cabin on the side of one of the Scottish Glens. Snow, mulled wine, carols round an open fire and lots of yummy food…….. Bliss!

  110. Bronwyn Beazley says

    Just once, I’d love to experience a white Christmas with my kids. Somewhere like Banff or Whistler.

  111. I would love to experience a magical white Christmas in NYC with my little family xx

  112. My dream Christmas destination would involve a little trip around the world.. Breakfast and happy squealing children with all the family in beautiful Armidale, lunch in Jakarta with friends, champagne and a dip in the pool to cool off..finishing the day with a seafood picnic dinner on the beach in Adelaide with my little family of five. Perfect xx

  113. My ultimate Christmas destination? I’d love to take my sons to New Zealand to explore the South Island and to spend a Christmas with their great-grandmothers and the rest of hubby’s extended family.

  114. i just want to stay at home. To not have to drive anywhere for once would be blissful. To just wake up with the kids, have a leisurely breakfast, take our time opening presents and just spend the day with each other once, just once, is all I wish for.

  115. I would love to visit my bestie in Germany for christmas and take my 5 year old on his first overseas trip

  116. Gabby Howett says

    I liked the Facebook page!
    Our perfect destination for Christmas is to spend it with my husband, son and our extended family. No fancy destination just fun, relaxing, family traditions and too much food and drink! Oh and afternoon naps!!!

  117. Switzerland! My family has a hotel at the base of the Matterhorn in Zermatt.. I have never been.. It’s too hard with small children! Everyone else in the family has been! They are going again in a few months and want me to go.. Travelling a certainly not what it used to be.. I seriously need at lease a year to mentally and financially prepare myself!

  118. Danya Breman says

    my dream christmas would involve snow, santa, sleighs, how bout New York City, all pulled off in ultimate style with an unlimited budget to spoil and indulge every whim and fancy with my family ……….. Bliss xxxx

  119. We are off to our dream Christmas destination this year, the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Snow, mountains, family and friends. The cushion is FABULOUS xx

  120. My dream Christmas destination would be the US. I’ve recently virtually met a friend online who suffers from intercostal neuralgia and after 16 years of suffering this condition I didn’t think anyone existed with the very same symptoms as me. Not only do we both have chronic pain but we both have the same interests. I’ll have to introduce her to Babymac of course as well. Merry Christmas Beth to you and your crew +1 to come!

  121. A white Christmas with a FULL Christmas lunch! Somewhere in Europe πŸ™‚

  122. I wish you could ‘like’ comments on blog posts…there are so many very sweet dream christmas destinations commented on here. I didn’t read them all but I think the cushion should go to Sammie @ theannoyedthyroid. Anyways, my dream Christmas destination is definitely within the shores of this fine country of ours, sipping on a glass of bubbles, surrounded by strewn paper and happy squeals. Thank god for families!

  123. A Christmas in the UK with our extended family one year would be special. I would insist on snow falling leading into Christmas day too and lots of that mulled wine they drink in the cold weather. Yes, UK family, snow and wine. Perfection.

  124. Darrelle Merritt says

    My dream xmas destination is definitely New York!! The snow, the sounds, the lights, the love in the air! It just seems so dreamy and utterly magical. One day we will go. Until then I wake up every xmas morning just suddenly expecting to have snow outside my house. Like magic haha

  125. dream location? I’d love to have Christmas at HOME! we live in Albany WA, family is in Perth. rarely get Christmas in our own house. we are building so perhaps 2015 IS THE YEAR

  126. Anywhere with my two children, and my grandson. I would love to just randomly point at a map and then all go off an adventure together.

  127. Kym McCarthy says

    My fav Christmas destination would have to be a beach house with its own private beach and a nice big porch with a rocking chair

  128. My dream Christmas destination would be to be on a Cruise, I don’t really mind where it heads as long as I can relax have meals cooked for my family and I, then I would be one happy lady.

  129. My ideal Christmas would be to visit my brother in UK, spend a cold Christmas with him and my nephews and neices. I haven’t been there since 1980! OMG. One day… Ha. I have been saying that for how long?

  130. I dream of Currarong, South Coast, NSW. Simple, stunning and oozes summer. Bush, beach, crystal clear water and salty air, shared with friends and family.

  131. I’d like to take this cushion and curl up on it at home and not go anywhere! No packing, no travel sick kiddies, no holiday traffic, no running out of clean clothes. Just family and friends and drinks and food and a few more drinks, and maybe another lie down on that cushion after lunch…

  132. Claire Edwards says

    A Christmas spent by the beach with all the family would be my dream – up at Palm Beach! Not far from Sydney so everyone could easily head there once work has finished up for the year. We could kick off Chrissy day with a early swim and walk, graze over lunch, followed up with some beach cricket!

  133. My dream destination would be back in Scotland, with the snow falling outside the window, my family all in the warm house with the fire crackling in the background, kids excited squeals of delight when my uncle comes through the front door with his afro covered in snow, hot chocolate with marshmallows and shortbread as treats before bed… visitors passing through at all times of the day and night – NOW I’M SUITABLY HOMESICK… lol

  134. With my parents and my boyfriend’s family on the beach in Perth. We never get the chance to go home for Christmas.

  135. New York New York! Could you imagine???? My yet to visit dream destination AND at Christmas time? TOO MUCH!! πŸ™‚ x

  136. Just home, for me. Home.

  137. Mum & Dad’s house.
    Air conditioner cranked, cousins, in laws, chaos, shrieking children, water fights, eating too much, cheeky cocktails and finding a quiet place to get away from it all.
    Bring it on. Can’t.Wait.

  138. Sam best-Lawson says

    A European white Christmas complete with Christmas markets in in some quaint mountain village…ahhhh

  139. A European Christmas would be on the list, probably in Switzerland or Austria….. need I say more….the European charm and spectacular Christmas markets, mulled wine by the fire place, Classical Carols in the magnificent cathedrals, snow falling and ski slopes not too far away to burn off the Christmas dinner the next day!

  140. laura powers says

    Love to be back in the UK for a lovely cold white Christmas

  141. The good old central coast- my home town! Living out west now and I miss that place like you wouldn’t believe. I swear just goin there makes me chill the hell out and makes for one happier mother wife!

  142. Anita Jones says

    We will be in Bali just before Christmas, but I’d love to be at the Eiffel Tower at Christmas

  143. New York.
    Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s nothing that you can’t doooo
    Christmas lights will inspire youuu

  144. My dream Christmas is simply being at home with my husband & two sons. We aren’t always able to be together (eldest lives away from home & youngest is never at home anyway), so being together for the day would be great.

  145. C Fitzgerald says

    Taking my lovely, all things English loving, Aussie in laws to UK to spend Xmas in the snow (hopefully) with my family πŸ™‚

  146. We are obsessed with travel and am trying to indoctrinate our kids – this cushion would be perfect for that!

    We had a fabulous white Christmas on Vancouver Island and one in the sun in Hawaii, and a few fantastic Christmases in our current home, but my most favourite Christmases growing up were at a beach shack with family, with plentiful prawns and other fresh seafood in abundance. Simple days, simple pleasures – swimming, surfing, snorkelling, rock pool exploring! I’d love my kids to experience this too. But really, as long as we are all together I am a happy girl!

  147. My dream Christmas would be snowy New York. I really really would like to experience a winter Christmas

  148. Fiona Hauke says

    Although I love our Aussie christmas it would be amazing to see a white Chrissy πŸ™‚ anywhere it snows .. NY or maybe the in the towns our parents where born in, in Germany or Italy πŸ™‚ ahhhhh stuff that dreams are made of πŸ™‚

  149. Heaven… I would love to spend Christmas with all my grandparents… One last time ❀️

  150. Oh, definitely a white Christmas, I have experienced so many fab Assie xmas’s that my dream is to experience a white Xmas either in Austria (Innsbruck) where the scenery looks straight from a chocolate box cover or New York as my kids would love what they would call a “home alone experience” as long as they don’t get left behind to fend for themselves however I don’t mind them becoming friends with the pigeon lady in Central Park. (Referencing movie, Home Alone 2)

  151. Claire Hope says

    Ohh to be wandering through the streets of Paris with my loves, my husband and 3 kids. I would take them to the Eiffel Tower so they could Ice Skate there. Cliche I know, but what memories to keep for a lifetime!

  152. I would love to take the kids to see a snowy White Christmas, so Canada or somewhere in Europe would be amazing!! A lovely wintery cold Christmas eating a hot roast and drinking eggnog πŸ™‚

  153. Kate Fleming says

    My dream Christmas would be to have a white Christmas in Canada with my husband and two sons. That would be magical.

  154. My dream Christmas destination is where there is lots of food, family, sun, water, laughter, and most importantly someone else to do the cleaning so I can have an afternoon nap!

  155. Anywhere my loved ones are I’m happy!! I love that we are able to have beautiful sunny Christmases but I’ve been lucky to experience a white Christmas in Japan too! My fave people + food + games (cricket/board) + nap = one happy Nards regardless of location πŸ™‚


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