Uberkate banner winner!

Apologies for the radio silence on here…I am only JUST starting to be able to walk around without barking at people. It’s been a very long weekend. But! I have to announce the winner of this pretty. THAT I can do.


So many great entries! But there was one that I just HAD to give. And that’s to Ali, with this entry:

Oh mate!
This is exactly what I have been looking for.

You remember my mate Hayley, the one of the Jamie Oliver and teapot fame?
Well, I used to say that I only had room in my life for five friends (give or take) and once I was full I wasn’t taking any more ‘applications’…
After a while (and a sherbet or two), Hayls and I decided to rank our friends: Number One, Number Two etc…
When Hayls died and Carlsy, Jo and I delivered our eulogies we (accidentally) spoke in order Number One, Two and Three. I started my speech “Hi, I’m Alison and I was Hayley’s third best friend.”
It was my intention to get all three of us a keepsake for the first anniversary of her death (two weeks ago) with our numbers engraved, but I couldn’t find anything I liked.
This would be perfect.
Imagine Carlsy getting Number One on hers (in the top position), Jo with her Number Two on the second rung and my Number Three on the third.
It’s the perfect keepsake for us all.
So of course I’d love to win one, but regardless, I’m going to get us one each, for our next anniversary.

And then she sent me this photo of the three friends with this message:


I guess I wanted to show you this anyway.
This is us: Number One, Two and Three, at the dinner that Jamie put on for us and Hayley’s family, six months after Hayls died (he couldn’t make it to the funeral in time)..
He was a great mate of hers, but in the mate rankings he rated himself a zero. 
Funny guy with a big heart (he dedicated his latest book to her). 
You’d love him.
I hate people dying.

Man, Ali, so do I. And it’s BULLSHIT when it’s someone who is young and vibrant and full of life and with little kids. It’s bullshit. So Ali, you win! This is for you. I hope you can get 2 more for your friends as well. I’m sorry about your beautiful friend Hayls, and I hope this can be a reminder of her and your friendships as you wear it around your neck.

Congrats – flick me an email with your address and I will send it to Kate to be engraved and then on to you. And thanks again to all of you for entering…hope I chose right x


  1. Oh this is just perfect. Ali, I have tears. I had the privilege of meeting Hayls – an incredibly special woman. As are you my friend, as are you. x

  2. SUCH a deserving win!!!! Congratulations Ali!! Great pick Beth 🙂

  3. You chose right. Great choice in fact.

  4. Perfect recipient.

  5. What a glorious celebration – cycle of life! Your big heart gets great karma Beth!

  6. So glad that Ali won – I was hoping she would!

  7. You chose absolutely the correct winner.

  8. Jenni Eyles says

    I bloody love this!!! So deserving x

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    That’s beautiful Beth xx

  10. Renee Samoluk says


  11. workingwomenaus says

    This is lovely. It’s made me a bit weepy. Enjoy Ali x

  12. Okay, enough of me hijacking Beth’s feed.

    Thank you all so much for being so gracious and lovely about my entry. I’ve got goosebumps. It makes me feel like you all know Hayely a bit too. And that’s important for me.

    All three of us girls miss Hayls like nothing else. We actually weren’t friends before Hayls- she brought us all together. She had a way of doing that- collecting fantastic, funny, spirited people and bringing them together with her massive smile and her open heart.
    There hasn’t been a day so far that I haven’t thought about her, alternating between anger and sorrow and just so much SAD.
    I can’t even imagine (nor do I want to) what it is like for her family who have already lost another daughter to cancer, or to her husband, or her little girl. I don’t know how they go on.

    Thank you so much Beth. Thank you so much Uberkate.

    You have made a bad week a bit shiny.

  13. Tammy Glass says

    Sounds like you picked the perfect winner . That was a lovely ( but sad) story x

  14. Debs Sutton says

    Oh No now I’m sobbing over this!! Absolutely the right person to receive this beautiful necklace.xx

  15. I think you got it right!

  16. I think that you picked a most worthy winner. How beautiful and moving! I got goosebumps xx

  17. ALI WON.

    Oh, Ali. won. That is the BEST news ever.

    I didn’t enter your competition Beth because mine would have just been all profanities … suffice to say, it’s my parenting motto I told you about. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten it.

    Great news. So happy for lightening Ali’s day/week/month.


  18. YOU CHANGED YOUR PICTURE! As Dr Suess would say, that pic is the youest of you.

    Love love LOVE IT xxxxxxx

  19. All entries was amazing. I read them all. But this one had to win. I know how it feels to lose a friend – I think of my friend Kez every day. Hugs Ali x

  20. I knew someone who really appreciated it was going to win. And there she is. Thanks for sharing your story. Xx

  21. I’m so glad she won. I read her comment on your post and didn’t want to enter after that I just really hoped she would win.

  22. Well I was prepared to feel jealous of the winner, but after reading this I am so happy for you Ali. Every time you wear your necklace you will think of your beautiful friendships. A perfect winner Beth xx

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