Things I like {the 29th October 2014 edition}

: Big school orientation started this morning. We have a few hours over the next 3 Wednesdays and there was a certain 5 year old HANGING to get there this morning. We had a few tears during the National Anthem (I don’t blame you Harps I was crying too) but then she was off for 2 hours without a care in the world. Anyone else feel like this year is spinning out of control and we should basically just call it New years Eve because it’s done? Or is that just me?


: Post School drop off I did what any Mother would do, cried in the car then took myself out for a coffee and a bacon and egg roll, BBQ sauce OF COURSE. Nailed that and felt at least 4% better afterwards.


: Now it’s just me and you buddy. Took the dog for a walk and breathed in this BEAUTIFUL spring day that we have on our hands. No wind too! After this dog has had his morning walk he is DONE for the day. So lazy! I’d like to take a leaf out of his book. And look how big he is now? A big blocky, browny, ewok teddy bear. Oh Frank…

IMG_4009 IMG_4020 IMG_4018

: Loving the birthday remnants around the place and some of the lovely presents that she got. So many books! Thank goodness for books.

IMG_4004 IMG_4003

: And thank GOODNESS for the fact that my beloved white geraniums are FINALLY starting to bud! These poor pretties almost died due to frost when we were OS in the middle of the year, then they came good and the dog ate all the new buds and now they have come good again. I hope they can flower…come on! YOU CAN DO IT.

IMG_4000 IMG_4001

: Mangoes are back in season. Praise the summery lords that be! Paying a substantial amount per piece still, but smelling that sweet summery smell every time I walk by is worth it.


: Speaking of fruit the cumquats have some new growth at last too. I knew you are worried about that too…don’t be! They suffered the same frosty fate as the geraniums but they are going to come good…I just know it.


: Fridge is jam packed with bits and bobs, mostly kid stuff. Some people say yes to minimalism in the kitchen, I’m not one of those people. The walls, the fridge, the splash backs, the cupboards are filled with kid stuff. Paintings, cards, drawings, awards, it’s like school threw up all over the place and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


: Climbing ice bergs are coming up a treat too. Look at all those buds would you!


: And lastly, take in the crabapple in all her glory as the bloom is about to end. It’s a glorious week when it’s happening. See you again next year pretty one.


What are YOU liking this Wednesday?


  1. It’s nearly my birthday (Friday)
    No wind here today either (nw tas)
    I did some Xmas shopping today
    & some “just because” shopping too
    My dad & step mum are coming for the weekend & the kids are beside themselves with excitement
    I’m off to do some gardening before school pick up. Xx

  2. Jasmine Cleary says

    I’m liking that I am feeling surprisingly cool, calm and collected for my exam on Saturday. I’m liking the little solar powered gold happy cat that I bought in Singapore, who lives on my office window and continually cheers me on all day with his waving paw (albeit a little less enthusiastically on overcast days..) Also liking my new watch from The Horse. I’m not normally a watch wearer, but it’s making feel very sophisticated and like I finally have my life in order, haha. Oh Frank, can we swap lives for a day?

  3. Wednesday’s not bad. I can’t make Anne, but I CAN make her icing … which I just did, for lunch. I just bought Rocco some educational wood puzzle pieces because he’s so good at them. In an hour I’ll be getting shots for Uganda. Chicken snags for dinner. Made a bet with Dave about who could get the other the coolest present for our upcoming wedding anniversary – theme is leather. BRING IT.


  4. Slow start but have now done the laundry and put the mega pile of previously done laundry on my bed, which means it has to get put away before bed. I’m going to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel later, and I have a trial day at a possible new job tomorrow!

  5. Today is my dad’s birthday so me and my almost 3 year old son (it’s his birthday on Monday) are heading to the parents place for afternoon tea πŸ™‚ So this Wednesday is pretty good πŸ™‚

    In regards to your comment about calling now “New Years Eve” – while I do agree this year has flown by I am not ready for the year to be over just yet. I’m due with baby #2 on New Years Eve and I’m not quite ready for them to be here yet πŸ™‚

    Happy Wednesday Beth xx

  6. Liking your views on the kitchen ‘decorations’, ours is much the same, photos, artwork, invitations everywhere, I love the clutter that represents our family! Lots of love and laughter.

  7. Today we are on countdown- 1 week until the husband is home! Praise the lord!
    Also it’s lovely that it’s warm enough to wear no sleeves today. I like no sleeves even though I have wobbly arms. And I have seen teeny tiny tomatoes on some of the seven plants we planted a few weeks back- exciting!!!

  8. I’m liking how calm and well behaved my little almost threenager has been today. He’s generally a good kid, but today he has outdone himself πŸ™‚
    I also love online shopping for Christmas. I’ve finally remembered to do it nice and early!
    Oh, and nice weather!

  9. THAT Frank! Oh my, he’s such a cute guy! Just seeing his fuzziness has made my day. We had our beloved 14 year old dogger put down a few days ago πŸ™ very, very sad. Sigh.
    So please Beth, give gorgeous Frank a BIG cuddle from me! Cheers, Liz XO

  10. Are you sure we weren’t separated at birth? With just a few years apart? lol
    Bacon and Egg Rolls with BBQ Sauce are my fave too and I have me a Frank aka Embee Louise (who is a Cavoodle) so kinda close!

    OMG now I want a B&E Roll! Damn you Beth, damn YOU πŸ˜‰

  11. Today was unproductive. I’m trying to fatten up my petite baby but he’s not overly keen on formula…still a boob boy. Tried to do the BAS but ate a huge bag of chocolate covered strawberries instead and now I feel a little bit ill. I then took my daughter to swimming lessons and then ended up leaving the pool in tears because I saw a little boy Hamish went to daycare with. He’s so big and beautiful. Just like Hamish would’ve been. And that’s my day sweet with a big dose of sour. Lots of love x

  12. Oh Frank, you are ace!! Today I am happy because I plan to find time to eat a piece of the chocolate cake I baked yesterday (our family’s version of Anne), and I had the good sense to make mini’s for my toddler to eat…with added zucchini! I’m happy because I will finish a cup of tea as my mum is coming over to help with the boys. And if the planets align a bd the stars are correctly located and all is well with the baby, I might get to take my oldest son to the pool for some ‘fun mum’ time!

  13. Nawww, Frank! I wish my dog was tuckered out after a walk. 2 walks a day + 1 hour long visit to the park and he’s still got energy to burn. I think we may have chosen the wrong breed…

  14. Ooh I think I might just need a little Frank in my life to help with the prep transition! Dreading it!! Particularly as my little preppie is my last…waaah :((

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