Miscellaneous 56 {the iphone edition}

I have pretty much nothing left in my brain so today’s post will consist of photos from my phone with pithy observations attached. You see it’s nearing the end of the school holidays, I have been dealing with a puppy, organising a festival on this weekend and working. See? Nothing. Left.


Did you see the Uberkate giveaway worth $295? Did you enter? Go on then, Frank was keen.


This is happening this weekend. Sheesh. Over 9 months in planning and LOTS of hours poured into it from a very hard working small group of us who have volunteered ALL of our time (especially from Rob) I am quite beside myself that it’s actually going to happen. Please make it work. Please make it work. Please make it work. Weather looks perfect which is a HUGE thing round here. For details about it I have written about it here and also here. Come!


Cumquats have been delivered to my door (thanks Suzy!) and I will be needing your best recipes for me to turn them into something after next week. My mate Jools from a Year In My Garden had this recipe for candied cumquats that looked good…what else you got for me?


Hellebores are still going strong round these parts. I am sad that NONE of my daffs flowered this year…I don’t think they got enough water? Thank goodness the daphne didn’t disappoint.


This is happening in a few weeks time. Apparently my baby is now big enough for school orientation?! Heaven help us all.


I just ate a slice of lemon cake for breakfast but I am DREAMING about this breakfast I had WEEKS ago now. You know what you are looking at here? Zucchini and haloumi fritters, topped with cherry tomatoes and some caramelised onion. Then there is some labneh and a side of bacon because I ALWAYS get a side of bacon. Got this from Janeks Cafe in Bowral. As soon as this weekend is over and school is back I am driving myself there and getting another serving. No one can stop me.


Speaking of Bowral, have you been to The Potting Shed? It’s at the back of Dirty Janes and it’s my new favourite.


Speaking of favourites, do you love this card or what? Thanks Sam!


I got my hair done the other day so I can now look at myself in the mirror again. Fresh as the DAY! I attempted to be fashion blogger and show off my cute Bohemian Traders frock that I wore as a top yesterday. I don’t know how The Beetleshack does it, hard work that. Especially when your photographer is 4. And then when someone goes out of their way to tell you that you couldn’t really be the size you claim you are. Women can be such moles to each other sometimes.

Speaking of fashion blogging. I don’t know how Nikki does it. I tried to pose in her fancy Camilla that she lent me when we were staying at Qualia. How’s the other 4 year old in the background? Man that room was FANCY.


And lastly, as #fucktober has begun, I urge you to join if you like to send something to my friend Eden. Yesterday I sent her this video, of me singing that wonderful tune from the early 90s…SHOOP. Still makes me laugh watching it. Oh my goodness everyone needs to be a bit silly sometimes…life is SO serious all the time. Have some fun!

And that’s it from me. See you on the other side. Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend. Be safe! Have fun! Enjoy the sunshine! See you Monday for the debrief and of course the winner of that Uberkate necklace!


  1. C Fitzgerald says

    Lovely post, thanks. Where is the card from? Must buy xx

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Everything will be fine Beth for your exibition darls it will go like a dream,so will school for your big girl. I have never eaten cumquats ever so I can’t help you.the selfie is practice and turn off your HDR flash they look much better.
    I have bought part of Edens #fucktober present but have to get the rest! Have a lovely long weekend beautiful girl Xx

  3. workingwomenaus says

    This weekend will be a roaring success and you’ll wonder why you were worried. Trust me.

    As for #fucktober, my kids are busy making a surprise for Eden. It’s such a lovely thing you’ve done for her.

  4. Debbie Englefield says

    Martha has a lovely cumquat marmalade recipe. I trotted out a dozen or so jars of it a few months ago. It was deeeeeeeevine. That nice I ended up with only one jar of it!!!Need to make double next season!
    Good luck for the festival. Everyone loves a festival x

  5. Yvonne Duke says

    Hope the exhibition goes well ! Love your newly fresh hair, but how dare someone be nasty to you !!!

  6. Annie Maurer says

    See you at the festival tomorrow……we will be the old grey farts on a yellow triumph, passing through on our way for a weekend in Kiama…..hope I run into you Beth ( not literally on the motorbike I hope )…..it would be so lovely to meet you in person after all these years of laughing and crying with you on your gorgeous blog. Good luck with it all, I’m sure it will be a huge success after all your hard work! Annie M xo

  7. I take my hat off to those fashion bloggers, I never manage to get a nice shot of myself even if I take a million photos. Yummo I want that breakfast now. You’ve just reminded me I have to do the orientation forms for my son soon 🙁

  8. Seconds to the cumquat marmalade! My Dad made a batch recently and gave me a jar that disappeared embarrassingly quickly as I discovered marmalade on toast, marmalade in porridge, marmalade on icecream… so good!

  9. There is nothing in this post that is not awesome – love it all! I want to drive up to have that brekky too – and I’m in Melbs!! Note to self: plan “family” road trip to NSW!

  10. Oh – and your daffs might be feeling a bit crowded. That is one reason for lack of flowers, as the bulbs multiply. Lift and divide at the end of the season 🙂

  11. I hope this weekend is a fabulous success Beth.
    As for the cumquats, I suggest you transport yourself right back to 1974 and make brandied cumquats, then dip them in dark chocolate, eat lots of them and get spectacularly drunk. x

  12. This weekend will be a hit BECAUSE of the team behind it! I wish I/we as a family could be a part of it.

    You always look fabulous – you know I love the fashion shoots. Go Harper!

  13. Oh good luck darling heart! I’m sure it will go swimmingly! I consisently get people gasping at how tall I am when they meet me. Like I’m purposefully trying to decieve them on my blog by acting short. It’s bizarre.

  14. Good luck this weekend – but I’ll doubt you’ll need it – it’ll be a huge success!
    Harper off to school next year – what the fuck? Wasn’t she JUST born???? Gosh time flies!
    C x

  15. I’m super behind in making my hair ‘natural blonde’ but will try to fix that tonight. Love the card. My baby went to kindergarten this September-more than a few sniffles.

  16. You are a deadset spunkrat. The end. x

  17. That photobombing photo just cracks me up! Wishing you and Rob all the best for the last day of the festival tomorrow!

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