…to take photos of Frank, which is nearly impossible. He is growing SO much. Yesterday we had our first FULL day where there were NO weed or poos inside. That is a victory I will take, although having written that, I have just witnessed him poo on the front door rug, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much shall we? He is a happy boy, very much loved by all of us. Before too long we will wonder what we ever did before Frank.

IMG_3555 IMG_3564 IMG_3569


…about these stupid My little Pony spin off’s. I mean REALLY have you ever seen something so entirely ridiculous? Why on earth would my little Pony need to even make them look like some slutty teenagers? Heaven help us all. And don’t get me started on Dora.

Equestria-Girls2 dora-and-friends-into-the-city-daf-itc-nick-jr-uk-website-header-nickelodeon-preschool-junior-the-explorer_with-logo

…and while I am STILL angry I hope I never hear this girl/woman’s voice ever again (Cat I think she is called)? Why does she speak like that? WHY? Why do I hear it? It’s enough to make me actually go postal. It’s banned in our house.



…to Norah Jones this beautiful Sunday morning.


…breakfast of crumpets with vegemite and butter. I had never tried it before and now I’m hooked. I can easily roll 4 without any problems at all. Wishing I was eating this instead….a corn fritter/haloumi, avocado salsa and maybe even some salmon situation from Christmas a few years ago. Anyone else think back to meals of times past and dream about them or is that just me?



…to hockey presentation today. It’s going to be hot. There will be water fights, and cold sausages and best of all for Harps, her very first medal for sports. It was the first thing she said when she opened her eyes this morning. Hoping to see Gone Girl this week too – have you been?

Checking out

…the Down that Little Lane Pop up Store sale that ends today. Look at these adorable swimmers for $25!


What are you up to today? Hope you can enjoy some sunshine, spend time with people you love, eat some good food, drink something with bubbles in it.


  1. Emily Furlong says

    Today I’m sad. My Superman flew to Brussels without me. For a good cause. He goes to rescue a friend who’s had surgery and needs a carer while he waits for medical clearance to come home. But I’m a control freak and apparently WAY too dependant on him for my sanity. Less than 24 hours and I’m loopy. So today is about me getting my shit together so I can face the next 3 weeks.

    • Oh good luck! I hope it all goes smoothly for you 🙂

      • Emily Furlong says

        Nope. Still loopy but am able to contact him thanks to free wifi on the plane! My sanity may yet be saved! It is slightly disgusting how much I crave his presence… This might be a good thing. Remind me I’m a strong independent woman and can (and have done in the past) cope without him.

  2. Hate that show with a passion, I have been known to go slightly postal when I hear that voice so I’ve blocked the entire channel

  3. I had the best salad ever in one of the restaurants in MGM Las Vegas, it had rocket, prawns, strawberries, pistachios and a white balsamic dressing. Sounds strange I know but it was probably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my 35 years

  4. I love your posts BabyMac. Always make me giggle. Something with bubbles is absolutely mandatory this weekend!!

  5. Omg I Fucking hate yes I used that word “Hate” that show and her stange voice. Sam is no better they are brats and when she was on icarley I banded that show. Neither are aloud when the granddaughter are here. Oh and they make iphone/iPad/windows whatever games that are called “dress princess up” ok she’s a slut. My son deleted a bunch. There’s even a todler that you dress up like a teen. Omg I could go on and on.

  6. I don’t think slutty is fair, crap and unnecessary sure.I’m totally not a fan of the MLP movie but the shows (where they aren’t anthropomorphic) are pretty good, at least until Lauren Faust left the creative team.
    I’m baking cakes and off to my little brothers to talk nerdy stuff.

    • You’re right Lila…I hadn’t had my breakfast yet when I wrote that. It just seems such strange thing to do with My Little Ponies…making them look like teenagers with makeup? Crackers.

  7. I am off to get the remaining shellac off my talons. I might roll a pork bun. And then back to the quagmire to get ready for the week x

  8. Beth! How have you only just discovered vegemite crumpets at your age? My fave! Hers a tip… Have at least one sweet one with your vegemite ones, and soak up a bit of the sweet melted butter on your vegemite one. Heavenly. Also Gone Girl was good, a bit long so take extra snacks! And yes I have read the book too.

    It’s Bathurst day at our house, so hubby on the couch. Missing my Dad who was here with us to watch it last year from over east.

    Happy Sunday.

  9. Crumpets with vegimite are my fave! If only I could get them to cook juuuuuust right….

    Do you know what I wish I was doing today? Sleeping. I’m moments away from insanity because I’m so tired. I’m actually considering looking into sleep school for the toddler. I just can’t do it any more. What I’ll actually be doing is packing my 11 year olds things because he’s off to camp this week. I’m going to try really hard to not be the mum who cries.

  10. Fiona Guglielmi says

    I love crumpets with Vegemite and then honey yum…. It’s warm in Melbourne today so I hope to get some gardening done and enjoy the sunshine. Love reading about you life… Very enjoyable and funny. I look forward each day to your post. Have a great Sunday.

  11. Frank just get gorgeous-er and gorgeous-er (I know that’s not a real word, but Frank is so cute, he merits his own Frank-oh-vocab.) I’m pleased I’m not the only one who dreams of meals gone by, I do that all the time. What did they do to My Little Pony?! That is totally gross! I am being a domestic goddess today, enjoying the joys of laundering, navigating the supermarket and getting up close and personal with the ironing board! Have a beautiful day!

  12. I am eating your Anna cake and it is so good!!

  13. You are a super good egg lady.. Thank you!!

    MLP, Dora and any other crap American show have now exited our house, I cancelled Foxtel.. it was a big call as it meant loosing my housewives but I must say the void they have left is filled with silence and more magazine time and as for the lack of children’s insane crap TV?! Holy Mother of Bliss I wish I had doe it sooner.

    Frank looks like a cuddle monster.. they say it takes until 5/6 months until they can truly hold it in until they need to go.. do you have a dog door? best things ever for giving them no excuse unless he can get to the road etc with free access..

  14. Thankfully, my daughter is a teenager so I have missed Dora and My Little Pony was only just starting to come out. Though I did see a girl the other day that had her long her layer dyed with pink and purple and reminded me of MLP. We banned the Teletubbies at our house. There was nothing nice about them they were horrible. The Hooley Dooleys used to annoy the #@&* out of me so it was always out of sight until she remembered them.

    Frank is as cute as ever. It’s like toilet training a toddler, you don’t think they will ever get the hang of it and all of a sudden it clicks.

  15. Golden syrup on crumpets…mmmmnnnn! Particularly as I now can’t have them being a coeliac. Grrrh!

  16. I’ve just dropped the kids at school. I’m attempting to toilet train a certain little boy who keeps screaming at me “I want nappies!” I have to visit the ENT about my sinuses. I have to write an article that’s due today. I’ve put the husband on plane to another country. I have a really bad case of Sundayitis as this is the first five-day week we’ve had for a while and it’s stretching out faaaaaaaaaaar in front of me.

    Whodda thunk that Dora could get any worse?!

    Have a good Sunday. x

  17. Had to laugh, we’ve banned that girl and her voice at our house too!!! Drives me mad!

  18. Gone Girl was a ripper – but, you know, it’s still the book… Enjoy your week, Beth and well done to Harper. x

  19. Oooh crumpets with vegemite – winning!! One of my fave treats.

  20. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Frank is gorgeous and it seems I’m lucky not to know about not very nice children’s toys Beth Xx

  21. Amalfi used to be such a fabulous poser for photos when he was little(r). Nowadays I pull out my iPhone and he runs off. Cheeky chops. The key to a perfect puppy photo is a piece of chicken held just above the camera…works every time!

  22. YOU are seriously the best. Thank you soooooo much for sharing the DTLL sale you fabulous woman you. MWAH xxx

  23. Right, next time I am in town (maybe in 67 days or something….) I am getting crumpets… I love lashings of butter and honey…..but will definitely be giving the vegemite a whirl. Yum. I can’t wait to go to town and get some.

  24. Where did you get your yellow rug?

  25. Finally catching up on some blog reading today! Oh yes Sam & Cat banned in our house too, although I used to like Sam in ICarly, sad when you have fav kids shows! I only discovered Cat is Ariana Grande the singer and I also can’t stand that song ‘One less problem without cha’

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