Get your paws on it: Uberkate giveaway

As if the sheets weren’t enough last week I have another surprise in store for you guys this week! A very special treat from the beautiful and clever Kate from Uberkate. Check out what’s on offer…can you see my assistant Frank’s paw trying to get to it? And who can blame him?


I have one gorgeous Uberbanner to giveaway to you guys! A fab new design from Kate – just waiting for some personalised wording and one lucky BabyMac reader’s neck to adorn. Worth a cool $295 these are simply gorgeous.


All I need to know is what would you write on your banner? Kate wanted to send mine with words on it, but I just couldn’t for the life of me work it out! Tell me what you would engrave and we’ll choose one lucky winner and have it sent to you.

All the T&C’s can be found here. And again, no need to muck around with this…let’s announce the winner after the long weekend (closes Sunday night 9pm AEST) with winner announced on Monday.

Good luck!


  1. Carolyn Ryder says

    Hi Beth, I’d engrave “Love Your Lawyer” because it’s the new motto of my small home-based legal practice.

  2. Jade Williams says

    I would have mine and my husband’s name, my two year old daugther and the bub baking away who is due on Australia Day!

  3. The present
    is a

  4. While I love VeggieMama’s ‘Be Excellent to Each Other’, I’d probably go with the lyric that my husband most loves from our wedding song ‘All your perfect imperfections’

  5. Live, love, laugh xxx

  6. I would have special dates inscribed on mine,
    It’s been a big few years for our family with lots of ups and downs, but it’s most important to focus on our blessings… For all of the events good and bad there are more things to be grateful for then anything else. Feeling blessed.
    Great competition Beth, and very generous Kate!

  7. Leeanne Boyson says

    i would put Leeanne & Justin on the top one, Molly on the second and Benjamin on the third – my family close to my heart – BLISS

  8. mon monde

  9. Super Sarah says

    I would be desperately tempted to inscribe:
    “Not my circus, not my monkeys!”
    Its become a bit of a catch phrase between my husband and I lately as I struggle to balance going back to work part time with all the others things I have going on in my life!

  10. Lisa Wilson says

    I would LOVE to win this for my sons first grade teacher as a end of year thank you present – she has loved him and taught him with such patience and enthusiasm. She praises him and encourages him. She has helped him blossom and I will be eternally grateful to her as you dont get to do these young years again.
    I would love it to say “To teach is to touch a life forever”

  11. Imagine. Hope. Believe.

  12. Amor
    This is my life motto the last few months after some problems that seemed to massive to overcome. It is love that always helps overcome them though.

  13. I love names, but until my family is complete I would go with

    These are so fabulous!

  14. Yesterday – Today

    Mum passed away in May and she had these words inscribed on her own necklace. I’d love my own version to keep her memory especially close to my heart.

  15. I would get the below inscribed,

    Alan & Julie
    Zoe & Jared

    and then give it to my mother for Christmas, my mother has had a very tough year this year with numerous deaths in her circle of friends. she needs to know her family is always there for her xx

  16. Great competition and very generous! would put
    make it
    To remind me my success is in my hands and to take steps towards my goals each day.

  17. Oh mate!
    This is exactly what I have been looking for.

    You remember my mate Hayley, the one of the Jamie Oliver and teapot fame?

    Well, I used to say that I only had room in my life for five friends (give or take) and once I was full I wasn’t taking any more ‘applications’…
    After a while (and a sherbet or two), Hayls and I decided to rank our friends: Number One, Number Two etc…

    When Hayls died and Carlsy, Jo and I delivered our eulogies we (accidentally) spoke in order Number One, Two and Three. I started my speech “Hi, I’m Alison and I was Hayley’s third best friend.”

    It was my intention to get all three of us a keepsake for the first anniversary of her death (two weeks ago) with our numbers engraved, but I couldn’t find anything I liked.

    This would be perfect.

    Imagine Carlsy getting Number One on hers (in the top position), Jo with her Number Two on the second rung and my Number Three on the third.

    It’s the perfect keepsake for us all.

    So of course I’d love to win one, but regardless, I’m going to get us one each, for our next anniversary.

    UberKate, you rock.

  18. Hm still thinking on that one. Either our family names if they will fit. (Six of us) or “Embrace the simple joys”.

  19. Laughter

  20. All You Need

  21. Debbie Englefield says

    Yesterday has been
    Tomorrow never comes
    Its all about today

  22. Riana Hirst says


    3 things to remember every day. 🙂 I adore all things Uberkate. She sure knows how to put a sparkle in my day.

  23. Caroline Coady says

    Not very original I’m afraid but I would just love this with the names of the three most important people in my life, my husband and two sons.

  24. I was just browsing uberkate’s site and decided on the ruby rose bangle for my new baby girl, Mabel, for Christmas!
    I would love to win my own piece of uberkate bling – and I’d love this special piece to be inscribed with ‘especially in Tokyo’.
    The captain and I were married in Tokyo and this is our own secret code for ‘I love you’.

  25. Amelia Wynn says

    I would get my kids names or birthdays. Or something inspirational…not sure what yet 🙂

  26. Beth you are TOO much, too much lovely. Thank you for this giveaway.

    Sentimental me would write: luca. leo. grace.
    Overwhelmed me b/c it’s school hols and I’m trying to work with three kids around: breathe. just. breathe.
    or how about: I choose happy

  27. I would engrave “with all My heart” and squeeze in my husband and B-rats names! I do love them!

  28. Being the only girl in our house, (5 sons and hubby) I would engrave it with:

    Cheers Beth! Good luck picking a winner .

  29. katie clews says

    Mine would be “Live, Love, Life”

  30. You
    My Sunshine

  31. Adele Bonadeo says

    Hi Beth
    My choice would be ‘well for him who knows whom he can trust’.

  32. Hi Beth,
    What a great competition!
    I am a little fond of the latin quotes and like the strong message in this one ‘audaces fortuna iuvat’ – fortune favours the brave. I think it would be lovely to be reminded of that quote when wearing it and for my little boys to see me wear it.
    Thanks, Tamara

  33. Alex Sewell says

    I love UberKate and there are many things on my birthday and Xmas wish list. This prize I would love to nominate my inspiring sister in law, Annabel.

    Annabel recently celebrated her five year free from the big C anniversary. Five years ago she defied all the experts. After being diagnosed with breast cancer and having a mastectomy, (aged 36) Annabel survived her first year post op, fell pregnant and somehow managed to breastfeed her daughter with one breast (and we all know how challenging it can be for some of us with two!).

    She is an inspiration to me and many other people. She has said goodbye to many friends during this journey but she is so stoic. She has a wicked sense of humour and even in the darkest days refers to the whole experience as ”a right TIT!”

    We are going to visit Annabel at Xmas and I would love to surprise her with some uberKate sparkle, inscribed with her husband and beautiful children’s names.

    Thanks Beth for a great giveaway.

  34. Count

    ’cause sometimes I need a little wake-up call to remind me to do just that

  35. Some beautiful ideas here. I bought my uberbanner recently at the Layne Beachley Aim for the stars fundraiser in the silent auction. I’d been wanting to add to my uber collection for ages and hubby wasnt getting the hint so i knew id have to buy it for myself. So glad my money went to such a great cause… so thanks uberkate!!
    Took me weeks to decide what to engrave and I just had it done last week with “Breathe it all in, love it all out.” Absolutely love it! There’s a pic of it here

    Ps. If I win, I’d post it to Eden for Fucktober. I’d love to see what she would choose to engrave! Xx

  36. I would put Live Laugh Love on mine. Cause I need reminders sometimes.
    Love the uberkate range.

  37. Peace
    I would choose these three words as it’s our 20th wedding anniversary in December and without these we wouldn’t be celebrating.
    What a beautiful gift to give. Thank you Beth

  38. lindsey clare says

    this is stunning. much much nicer than most of those stamped jewellery bits i’ve spotted over the years (just quietly).
    my answer is pretty standard: the names of my husband, and my two girls (one of whom is called Daisy!).

  39. WIN

    My daily goal!

  40. Virginia Mason says

    Just the names of my three little loves would be wonderful – Jack, Scarlett and Hunter. Beautiful piece to wear and adore every day.

  41. I would have ‘Don’t overreact to my overreaction’.
    Completely sums up my life at the moment! X

  42. Kaye Harris says

    Thank you Uberkate
    Thank you Babymac
    I WON THIS!!!!

  43. Sarah Aberdein says

    I’m not a big fan of names, dates, quotes on anything personal – I’m more of a photo album kinda gal.

    However… My pop bought me a gold locket on my first birthday and gave it to me on my 18th. I carry it everywhere. I’d like to do something similar for my kiddo who turns one soon…

    Poppy sadly never got to give me the present but he did surprise me on my 18th when mum gave me the details of an account that he had opened for me before he passed away… In it was the necklace, an 18th birthday card, and a few dollars. A priceless, treasured gift.

    With that said, I would have “Love, Mumma.” stamped on the underside of the necklace and tuck it away for her until her 18th birthday.

    Thanks Beth and Kate x

  44. Hi as im living with a chronic lung condition on oxygen 24/7 I would have “one breath at a time”

  45. Alicia Mackay says

    Fashions fade, style is eternal. (Yves Saint Laurent) Because an uber stylish necklace deserves an uber stylish quote!!

  46. Wow Beth, it just keeps coming from you at the mo! Things are not so happy here right now with two critical illnesses going down (1family, 1friend). So I think I would write
    Love and Light
    to remind me of what is truly important when everything just keeps going wrong. Like the parking ticket I just got despite reporting the fault and leaving a note on my windscreen with said reference number. Straw. Camel. Back.

  47. It’s like flipping Christmas Beth!! You are a wonderful soul along with Uberkate!! I would have engraved my nanny Fay’s favourite saying ‘Don’t worry BE happy’ it has stuck with me my entire life! She used to write that saying in everyone’s birthday or Christmas cards every year until she passed away when I was in grade 7. So 20 years ago this year!! Man time flies but I remember her & the love she had for me like I saw her yesterday! She was a great woman & I carry her tradition of writing that saying in all my family & friends cards each year because worrying less & being happy is an important thing!!

  48. Elke Watmore says

    What a wonderful gift thank you for giving your readers the chance to win this gorgeous prize. I would put ‘Remember to Love Yourself’ (I would have it backwards, though , so every time I looked in a mirror (which I hate doing) it would read the right way round). Kinda of like a ‘note to self’. 🙂

  49. I know six bajillion people will enter this comp because, duh, UBERKATE, but I’m going to have a crack anyway. Didn’t have a go with the sheets, but this, I need this.
    I’ve wanted to get a piece of jewellery for all three of my children for a long time, and have always eyed off these pieces but have never had the spare cash lying around (or a significant enough birthday or anniversary for someone to buy me one as a gift).
    So while I know it is terribly predictable I would get:
    My three kids, all born within three years with Hope, my first as you know, stillborn five days past her due date in August 2008. She’s my invisible child and this gorgeous piece of jewellery would make her that tiny bit more real and visible to others, because six years on I feel as though she’s fading a bit, and that it is easy for some to forget. But her mum never does.
    Thanks Beth, great comp xo

  50. Jenni Eyles says

    It’s my 20th wedding anniversary on the 15th oct, my mister has always been crazy wonderful but was a freakin star during my treatment so…

    Or maybe…Zipadee Do Dah

  51. Hi 🙂

    Without doubt, I would get “She believed she could, so she did” on mine. Not only because it has been my mantra as I have followed my dream in building my business, but because this is one of the key things we want to raise our one year old daughter to believe – that she is capable of achieving absolutely anything she dreams of, if she believes in herself, and works for it – she deserves it.

  52. What a gorgeous giveaway. I would engrave our brand new baby boys name ‘Oliver Flynn’ and his date of birth in the swedish version of dates…followed by our wedding date.

  53. always wear
    wild flowers
    In your hair

  54. Louise Taylor says

    My babies, in order from birth. Would love nothing more than to wear this lovely piece with their names close to my heart.

  55. Kelly Easton says

    I would inscribe it with “it is never too much” – tired of being told me that my over the topness, reflected in my personality and the way I dress, are too much, particularly when I see ipthese qualities in my eldest girl. She should know they she is never too much!!!

  56. Yvonne Duke says


    In honour of my daughter who passed away aged 13 days x

  57. May contain traces of nuts.

    Sometimes i try to deny it but truly one ditzy,crazy,witty,lunatic of a women here but love that my kids now have developed that little bit left of the middle humour like their mama.

  58. I have been drooling over this piece, it’s so beautiful. I’d have “Everything has beauty” or “Family my heart my home”

  59. Sarah Thomas says

    “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you,
    And everything you do,
    Yeah, they were all yellow”

    Fell in love to my hubby to this little beauty of a song! Words close to my heart, worn close to my heart x

  60. Tracey Cook says

    For my friend who has just had the most immense courage and spoken up in Court about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child with the words “braver than you believe, stronger than you seem” which are part of the words of an AA Milne quote of Winnie the Pooh. This lovely lady is truly a hero and she is speaking up for all those unspoken voices who have not yet found their courage, strength and voice yet.

  61. Heard this recently and love it…

    Means a lot in my life at the moment.

    Thanks for having such a fabulous gift prize…stunning!

  62. Vida

  63. My mum always told my eldest son….” I love you to the moon and back”….he always replied…”but not in the water”. I would put that on it if I was lucky enough to win.

  64. Wow I have been drooling over her pieces for so long! I would have my three children’s names engraved (third – long awaited – is due in January) 🙂

  65. These are the first words that came to me:
    and they even fit the size of the banners as well.
    It’s a truly beautiful piece and I would be very proud to wear it xx

  66. OMG what a stunning prize Beth! I was eyeing these off when I bought a Uberkate gift voucher recently for my SIL’s 40th. I know CLEAR as DAY what I would have on mine:

    & SHINE!

    Fingers & toes crossed, love Kimmi x

  67. I think Frank needs some uberkate bling!

    I would inscribe…
    “Fortune favours the brave”


  68. I would use
    Live well
    Laugh often
    Love much
    Words used on a plaque on a seat by the river to remember my husbands father, definitely words to live by 🙂

  69. ~ Que Sera Sera ~

    What will be, will be.

  70. I have been stalking these! Another beautiful piece from the uber talented Kate. See what I did there! Hehe. I would put the tag line, Live, Love, Shine, from my brand spanking new blog, She Writes. I just hit publish for the first post this morning, Eek!
    I’m very nerfous! 😉 My first post was inspired by none other than Nikki from Styling You.

  71. Christina Howes says

    Wow what a great give away! I would have my two beautiful son’s names engraved. Joseph Real and Thomas Patrick.

  72. Mhorag griffin says

    Love lasts a lifetime

  73. I’d have

    Life whispers, listen carefully.

    Lovely giveaway, thank you Beth.

  74. Heidi Sewell says

    I would give this to my mother, with the names if us 3 ( her daughters) inscribed.
    J lives in America, A lives in England, and I’m in Australia. It’s not often we all get together, but this way we’d always be together. 🙂 x

  75. I would have love, hope and patience on mine to remind me of the things important to me. Everyday is a battle at the moment so sometimes I need reminding

  76. I’m going to hedge my bets with “Yes, you can” or “Live well, laugh often, love much.” Not that I’m indecisive or anything.

  77. Inspire. Love. Trust

    Instead of getting my kids names, I would get the things that they have taught me.
    They inspire me every day, to try to be a better person, to do the very best that I can.
    They have taught me to love, move than I ever thought possible.
    They are teaching me to trust, in myself and in them. To trust that I have taught them the best I can and to let go of my control freak tendencies and trust them to make their own decisions.

  78. Angela davutovic says

    It is stunning on it’s own…but even more special to me with my 4 children’s names:
    Harvey and
    Camille !!!

  79. Renee Samoluk says

    Great giveaway! I’ve been lusting over Uberkate’s pieces forever!
    If I won an uberbanner I would have it inscribed with a quote from ee Cummings, which perfectly sums up how I feel about my husband and children- “I want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)”.

  80. Juanita Lee says


    I’ve sung this to both my kids at bedtime since day dot

  81. Bring me valium. OK, maybe not appropriate for every day wear… I’d have the names of my three loves: Wayne, Mia and Eva

  82. This is a great giveaway. I would personalise with “Thatcher Family Rock”

  83. All you need is love

  84. Rach aka stinkb0mb says

    You and Me
    Us Two

    Six simple words, that sum up Guv and I’s life so far together, all 15 years of it and *DEEP BREATH* the rest of our lives together, as I come to terms with the fact that children aren’t a possibility for us.

    I *know* we can have a happy fulfilled life just us two BUT it’s not the life I dreamed or hoped for and it’s something I will always struggle with.

    I remember seeing these words engraved on the vintage Rolex that Carrie gave Big in Sex & the City 2 and thinking, IF it turns out, this journey won’t end with the prize, those words I want somewhere to remind me everyday, that yes life as just us two will be just as good, as full because it NEEDS to be.

  85. Just take one step at a time.

    something i need to remember to get me through the days at the moment.

  86. Love it! Would have to have my 3 babies names:
    If Zadada would fit I’d have him on there too.

  87. Winners

  88. Love the design of this new Uberkate piece, what another wonderful prize!

    If lucky enough to win, I would have inscribed:

    Kindness is always fashionable

    Fingers Crossed xx

  89. Natalie C. says

    I would have


    inscribed on mine! 🙂

  90. I would love to have the quote

    “She will move mountains”

    A quote about my strong willed little girl, knowing that everything that is hard about her strong mind as a toddler will be the EXACT things I love about her as a woman.

  91. Love is everything

  92. workingwomenaus says

    I’ve had a shitter of a year, but I live by this creed so I’d hang it around my neck (in an Uberkate way ;)): “Life is better when you’re laughing”

  93. I really ADORE this necklace, I would have::
    Written on mine as I love these words and they inspire me to keep working for what I want in our life and also remind me to take 5 with the kiddies and celebrate and have fun… Xxxx

  94. Nicole Roberts says

    In my life
    I love you more
    Mark, Emily, Cameron

  95. Wowsers this is an awesome giveaway. I’d have my favourite life motto engraved:
    Be kinder
    than you
    need to be

  96. Inca Lyons-Guthrie says

    Squeeeee! It’s gorgeous!
    I’d put “just breathe” on it. Something simple and
    Something I am constantly saying! To friends and family and it’s my mantra during my own anxiety episodes. It is such a simple statement but it feels so comfortable, reassuring and full of love 🙂

  97. Danya Breman says

    uberkate jewellery is just stunning! I’d um and ah over the engraving for ages if I was lucky enough to win! I’m sure I’d choose my daughters names, Tulley, Eliza and our new daughter due at Christmas 🙂 thanks Beth and Kate x

  98. Shauna McMillin says

    Living the dream.

    I have a great husband, happy healthy kids, & lots of caravan holidays! My husband is always saying this about our life!!!

  99. Donna Fuller says

    If You Can Read This
    Take Two Steps Back !

  100. My choice would be….
    No Rain,
    No Rainbow

  101. Toni Wright says

    What a beautiful necklace! I would put – “You make my heart go giddy up” on it. A special song that my mum has sung to me since I was a little girl and that I now sing (badly) to my girls!

  102. Neither follow the sheep
    Devour them

    It’s my reminder to myself to follow my own path with accepting the differences of others.
    There are days I definitely need reminding.

  103. i would have on mine “sometimes you just need to let things go”
    my mantra for trying to stay sane …. to remind myself that i cannot possible do everything or be a perfect wife and perfect mother and to lower the expectations that i have …. AMEN lol

  104. I think I would put.

    in the

    There are so many lovely quotes and stories above. How wonderful for whom ever is the lucky one. Thanks for the opportunity. xx

  105. “Don’t be a dick” OR “Fuck this shit”

    Words to live by. So many worthier suggestions but this would always makes me giggle and so much love from the other preschool mums.

  106. Lisa Ekert says

    I love the simplicity of this design so I would simply put initials of my beautiful family, one on each bar, W, J and D. Perfect.

  107. Hi Beth,

    Great Comp! Love Uberkates stuff too!

    I think I’d go with

    “Be Brave”

    That way I could never forget!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  108. I’d like to keep my three children close to my heart forever, so I’d have their names.


    Thanks for this great comp, Uberkate and BabyMac, all the jewellery is so beautiful.

  109. Wow, gorgeous Necklace thanks Beth and Kate for the opportunity.

    If I won I would get inscribed:
    Thanks Kylie

  110. Nicole Lannoy says

    I would have:

    All four of us
    You and me

    The stages of my life as just me, which was a most enjoyable time; to being part of a partnership with my husband, a new journey; to being a mummy to 2 boys, the most amazing (and freaking exhausting) ride yet.

  111. Natasha Andrews says

    Wow – this is stunning – such a clever lady!!

    I would have

    I like Piña Coladas
    getting caught
    in the rain.

  112. Tanya Clarke says

    “All I need is love” or “Love” or “Love often” (whichever fits first line)
    “Liam” (second line)
    “27.3.12” (third line)

    I’d put the above on the banner pendant. I’m a single mum of my son Liam. He means the world to me. 🙂

  113. Allira Roberts says

    I would get Let it be written on it. Or alternatively “Feed me wine & Vodka”

  114. Gorgeous! I love uberkate!

    I’d get mine and hubby’s name… our daughter’s name and Attila the bun’s name when he’s done baking in a few weeks

  115. What a fabulous giveaway and I just love the strong friendships u have between you creative, gorgeous souls – Beth, Kate, Nikki, Eden, Chantelle etc – follow u all. You build each other up as we all should and don’t tear down. Great community that I love insights into via you all sharing via your blogs!

    Anyways – if I was the lucky duck:

    Carpe Diem (high school motto and only really resonates the older u get and the more u see your own and precious ones frailty and humanness!)
    Symbol of a heart (for my dad)
    Cherubs (what I call my babies)

    Thanks again – mwah!

  116. Beautiful necklace!
    I’d have “She works hard for the money” engraved on it. It’s become an anthem to my best friend and I, and we always dance like crazy people when we hear it. Plus, it’s the truth. I work bloody hard for it 🙂

  117. May the Fourth
    be with

    Yup, we accidentally got married on Star Wars Day!

    Fingers well and truly crossed! X

  118. I carried a watermelon

  119. Lisa Mckenzie says

    It’s lovely and so hard to choose what to write but I think this is what I’d write
    “Do all things with love” and inscribe my children’s names on the other two banners ,thanks for the chance Beth xx

  120. “Paris is always a good idea”
    Hope it fits! Completely inspired by Stacey’s brilliant Wayne’s World one, but a quote I love from an actress I love (Audrey Hepburn) from a movie I love (Sabrina).

  121. Isla & Bronte
    My girls, my world!

  122. michelle Wendels says

    patience persistance and perserverance

  123. Katherine Bishop says


    The perfect sizes for my darling boys names. Just about to go back to work so this would be a beautiful keepsake for me to carry my boys with me when I’m not with them. Xxx

  124. Uberkate bangs out such amazing pieces and I so admire your growing collection BABYMAC!

    I’d inscribe the Uberbanner with some Dr Seuss. Read it with my mum; adore reading it my children; and know they will do the same one day. Giggling tongue-tied silliness, ahh the memories!

    Fox in socks
    on box on

  125. Always and forever…Two words I say to my children every day ♡

  126. I would have:
    Be brave
    Be klind
    Be love

  127. “Not all those who wander are lost”

  128. Carli Beaver says

    Calvin & Grant
    To the moon
    and back

  129. Jennifer Bexon says

    My whole heart

    (London is my daughters name)

  130. in April 2013 I lost my big brother to suicide , I have 2 brothers left now. I’m the only sister and the youngest. I’d love to be able to keep their names close to my heart so I’d have their names engraved., against my eldest brothers name I’d have an angel symbol and then my other brothers in age order underneath.
    Thank you for a lovely opportunity

  131. Heather Cole says

    I would engrave ‘never give up’. It is my mantra for health and fitness and when life gets tough at times. It always reminds me that I am stronger than I think! I’ve always wanted this saying tattooed on my wrist, but it would be so precious on this überkate bracelet.

  132. Madonna Dunn says

    I would put:
    the life
    you’ve imagined

    Hope that the Karma train is tooting at your door this month Miss Beth. You’re putting out some awesome sauce vibes into the internet world. That makes my heart happy. xoxoxoo

  133. Two years ago my husband bought me two über circles with my two sons names on which I ordered, one large and one medium. At the time I didn’t even think of getting another ring for both our names and regret that decision every day as he often comments that he feels left out. We’ve been married 16 years in Feb 2015 and I’d really like to make amends for my mistake then. I would love the large banner to say ‘John & Ainsley’, middle banner with our first sons name, ‘Miller’ and third banner with our second son, ‘Casey’.
    Thank you!

  134. You Them Us

  135. Archie Lane says

    Hi Beth,

    As beautiful as this necklace is I would love to win this give away so I could pay it forward to a dear friend I have formed a bond with of late and one who has also lost a loved one recently. Without her saying I sense she is struggling and I would love her to have this necklace with the message ‘love leaves a memory no one can steal’ or ‘be open to angels around you’.

    Much love
    Archie Lane

    So much goodluck to whoever is the lucky winner xx

  136. Omg I love this design. Thank you for the opportunity to own it. Here’s my suggestion (as actually proposed by my 8yr old daughter).

    Love yes.
    Pain no.
    Blah blah blah.

  137. It would have to be “In with anger out with love”, a favourite quote from Ab Fab many moons ago. Never fails to raise a smile when I hear it, plus, words to live by don’t you think?!

  138. Fiona Arthur says

    It’s the journey, not the destination.

  139. Tamara Agnew says

    If I do not love you,
    I shall not love.
    Samuel Beckett, 1961

  140. I would simply choose

    “Nosy little fucker aren’t you?”

  141. Helen Corboy says

    I would put Love , Family , Forever . My Life .

  142. Sunshine
    on a
    Cloudy Day

  143. Gah, I’ve lusted after these for ages.

    I’ll be frank with you Bev, and tell you I could put a gazillion gushy, sweet things on the banner.

    But I think I’ve landed on this:


    xo xo

  144. It’s gorgeous!

    I would have to write

    Lily 08/08/07
    Rosie 19/09/12

  145. ffhousemouse says

    Oh I adore the uberkate goodies. I expect I would have


    Even though they know they are very special! Thanks.

  146. ‘Dance when you are perfectly free’. Favourite line by Rumi.
    Awesome giveaway.

  147. It is beautiful! After much thought I would have

    you have my heart

    so that those who are around me know how much I love them. We don’t say it often enough..

  148. After coming through surgery & treatment for breast cancer, I would have engraved,
    ‘Tom & Ethan, I always keep you close to my heart’

  149. I would have special dates

  150. I’d post “Don’t Get Caught”.

  151. Isobel Clarke says

    i would put Love You More on the top banner then Love You on the second then Most on the third
    Love You More
    Love You

  152. Isobel Clarke says

    Lol just realised how much writing the banners fit so I would put
    Love You Love You More
    Love You Most
    Zac and Sam

  153. June Davis says

    Wow! it would be wonderful to be a proud owner of an Uberkate original. You have so many thoughtful, inspiring entries.
    Mine would be something very dear to my heart as I live these words everyday looking after our older generation in the community which I feel is an ‘honour’

  154. Adam, Katie, Angus

  155. While I love Janey’s “don’t get caught”, mine would be:
    The Smyth Family
    Established 2007
    Population 4

  156. Hi Beth, I would love this and leave it blank – 3 bars representing 3 failed ivf attempts this year, nameless but never forgotten. Thanks

  157. I think I’d get –

    “Follow your fucking dreams”

  158. Hi Beth

    Lay down your hurt
    Lay down your heart
    Come as you are

  159. Not overly original but I would have my family’s name. Dougal + Bells and then my twin girls names Stella & Daisy xx

  160. Love this one!
    Fly high
    Live strong

  161. Marion Claridge says

    Such a fantastic and very generous giveaway .

    I would have :

    Like Nobody’s

    A reminder to enjoy every moment in life, and not give a shiz about what other people may think.

    Thanks Beth and Uberkate.

  162. Beth,
    Love this one
    Thanks v much for another giveaway.
    Lovely one this one.

    For me, it would be either;



    Stop and
    smell the


  163. Beautiful piece! I’d have my mantra, Happy, Healthy and Blessed. It helped me through a really challenging time last year

  164. “Forty two point two”
    To remind myself that if I can run a marathon, I can do anything.

  165. Traci Sacco says

    Absolutely gorgeous giveaway – I would definitely have my beautiful furkids names – Pepsi, Pepper & Charlie

  166. Oooh it’s lovely Beth! Kate is a clever cookie! It’s not very original, but I’d have the names of my 3 little men engraved if I were to win this gorgeous necklace. Jack Lucas Flynn. I spent ages trying to think of something else, but at the end of the day, came back to the names of my little men 🙂

  167. After giving up my career while not well myself to care for my kids one of whom has autism and ex partner who has been in hospital on life support twice this year I would have ….

    ‘Wherever you go, may people recognise that you have a beautiful heart’ x

    Cheers Babymac and Kate

  168. Either – Come What May – or our names, Alastair and Mary, Genevieve, Tobias. Though really I want to put our names on the russian wedding rings style of Uberkate beautiful-ness!

  169. Love, Hope, Strength. There is so much happening right now I need all three.

  170. On Monday 6th October 1997, my beautiful father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly due to an unknown medical condition. In the years since I have married and had 5 beautiful children, but it always feels like a piece of the puzzle is missing. I strive to raise my children to know and love a grandfather they will never meet, he would have adored his grandchildren and relished the role of poppy. The October long weekend being the anniversary of his passing directs my thoughts to my dad and the beautiful memories of him. His nickname was Gobe and as kids he would jokingly tell us it meant Greatest Or Best Ever. So this being the case, if I were the fortunate recipient of the beautiful uberkate banner necklace, I would have it inscribed with “Greatest or best ever” as a testament to my beloved father, and the way I strive to live my life to make him proud 🙂

  171. I would have mine, my brother, and my sister’s name engraved on it, and then give it to my mum for her birthday. She’s had a really tough few years with her relationship, struggling to find employment, and struggling with her mental health. She loves us so much and she’s always been worried that with her mental health issues, she hasn’t been enough of a mum for us. But we all love her so much and know how important we are to her, and something like this would be a perfect reminder of how much we love her- not to mention, she LOVES gold!

  172. SHIT missed the giveaway as was in NZ. But just because I would have written
    “What’s the worst thing that can happen?”

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